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Day Zero Podcast with Johnny Buck

Day Zero Podcast with Johnny Buck

By Johnny Buck

From the mats to millionaire (in the making.)

D1 Wrestler, Retired Pro MMA fighter and BJJ World Champion Johnny Buck’s journey from brawling to business coach and everything in between.

With nothing but big dream, a lot of mistakes and a daily dose of discipline, Johnny has been able to take the lessons from the mat to the free market to run one of the most successful MMA Gyms in the country. Listen to see how his lessons can help change your life for the better.
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Business Experts are (Probably) Wrong.

Day Zero Podcast with Johnny BuckMay 09, 2023

Business Experts are (Probably) Wrong.

Business Experts are (Probably) Wrong.

“Those who can, do; those who can't, teach.” - George Bernard Shaw

In a world filled with coaches, there's ONE thing that I look for in a coach... Its not client reviews, (most are lies) It's not their IG pics or ads, its none of that. It's this...

Were they where I am now and are they where I want to be?

Listen to hear my thoughts and if you want to give me yours, email me at

May 09, 202326:23
Don't Fake It 'Til You Make It.

Don't Fake It 'Til You Make It.

So how do you make it?

You find out who you want to be, and act like they would.

A few more tips on the podcast. Give it a listen

May 02, 202314:31
You're (Probably) Not Broken

You're (Probably) Not Broken

Trust me...

I get to sit in rooms with some of the most put together, successful people I have ever seen and the stories they tell.. Shit man. It's unbelievable.

What one man can do, so can another!

So you're not broken... Probably. So keep pushing

Apr 29, 202310:31
You're (Probably) Not Failing as a Leader

You're (Probably) Not Failing as a Leader

Self doubt, Imposter Syndrome and fear are all parts of being a leader.

Whether its of a Fortune 500 company, a mom and pop shop, or just the CEO of your life, no one goes from zero to hero without feeling like their a zero...

Heres a few things that I found help me deal with some of these things.

Apr 20, 202318:12
Motivation is a Lie

Motivation is a Lie

I recorded this a few days before WinCon, The WinRate Consulting groups first event, which ill cover later but man this was timed perfectly. Give it a listen

Apr 14, 202307:31
Sympathy isn't Soft

Sympathy isn't Soft

Sympathy, Empathy, and The Hero.

Want to help people? STOP SHOWING SYMPATHY!!

If you want to help someone don't help them. Show them.

Apr 04, 202317:55
Failing Forward

Failing Forward

I missed my goal by about 75%... and I Couldn't be happier.

On this podcast I talk about how I failed and why, for the first time in ever I wasn't disappointed. Give this a quick listen and let me know what you think.

Mar 28, 202321:31
Looking Backwards to Move Forwards
Feb 26, 202309:49
Ask Me Anything Episode 1

Ask Me Anything Episode 1

You have questions, I have answers!!

When do I start my LLC? When do I go LLC to S Corp? What percent of my money should be reinvested into the business?

I go over all of these today in the podcast.

Have questions?

Feb 17, 202313:03
Week in Review Out. Building a better world IN!

Week in Review Out. Building a better world IN!

Wrapping up this week with some insight and pivoting to help deliver what I know best.

Winning on and off the mats.

Business, BJJ or whatever it is, I will do my best to help deliver the best info I can to you so you can deliver the best to your community.

Reach out.

Feb 05, 202307:44
Speak or Work into Existence?

Speak or Work into Existence?

So if god made man in his likeness, and god spoke things into existence, does that mean man can speak things into existence too? 


This episode I talk about a few thing I find really interesting on what it takes to become successful.

Talking? Doing? Both?

Jan 31, 202313:57
Week in Review 1/29/23

Week in Review 1/29/23

What a GREAT week!

I have FINALLY found clarity for what I am here for!

The actual purpose of why I do the things I do. It's been a great week. 

Do you know your purpose? 

Jan 29, 202325:17
Positivity vs Pessimism

Positivity vs Pessimism

REALLY cool read from The Psychology of Money by Morgan Housel. Even if you hate the idea of investing, this book has some REALLY good insight on a lot of different things that easily transfer outside of investing.

But this is something I am VERY adamant about for improving your life.

"Taking out the Trash" so to speak. Why removing the negativity is SO hard, and what it helps you accomplish when you do. 

Jan 24, 202317:46
Week in Review 1/22/23

Week in Review 1/22/23

Looonngggg productive week. Short podcast. The brain is fried. Haha
Jan 22, 202308:25
Where did I Hate Johnny Buck go?
Jan 20, 202334:11
Week in Review 1/15/23
Jan 15, 202325:04
Success doesn't come from Happenstance
Jan 13, 202308:22
Fear of Success is a Lie

Fear of Success is a Lie

You're not afraid of success.

You're not afraid to do the work.

The reason you haven't "won" is simple...

Listen to the show to find out what you're afraid of.

Jan 10, 202310:35
Week in Review - Jan 8 2023

Week in Review - Jan 8 2023

"I wouldn't want to spend even 10 minutes in your head... its a complete $hit show in there."

You have been warned!

So this was an impromptu recording idea I had on the fly right before recording this so bear with me. I promise it will get better!

That being said... Here we go!

Jan 09, 202329:59
Advice from Strangers
Jan 05, 202307:22
New Year New... Podcast?!
Jan 01, 202326:22
Here is Why You're Mad about Dad bods
Apr 14, 202214:33
Dad Bods are Not attractive.

Dad Bods are Not attractive.

If I were going to rate a dad bod it would be a C. C’s are average and average is failing. “But C’s get degrees Johnny!” Yeah… But A’s give out more D.
Apr 12, 202207:13
It's Lonely On The Climb
Apr 12, 202212:01
Building the Perfect Week
Apr 10, 202218:59
Bring Back Meritocracy
Apr 08, 202207:47
An Overnight Success Takes Time
Apr 06, 202211:29
Building YOUR Brand
Mar 19, 202227:47
Johnny Hates The Internet IRL Version!
Feb 22, 202220:02
Convictions Over Convenience
Feb 20, 202215:10
Personal Assessments, Leveling up, and Success with Mike Caulo
Feb 08, 202201:04:31
Rebuilding The American Dream
Jan 31, 202227:53
Embrace and Enjoy Failure
Jan 17, 202216:35
New Year (creating the) New You Formula Part 2
Jan 14, 202217:24
Johnny Hates the Internet - Body Positivity Will Kill You.
Jan 13, 202217:03
New Year (creating the) New You Formula (Part 1)
Jan 10, 202226:12
Johnny Hates The Internet - Mandate Freedom
Jan 05, 202216:29
Johnny Hates The Internet - Baby It's Cold Outside.
Dec 27, 202120:21
Johnny Hates The Internet - Intro
Dec 27, 202106:48
Why now, not New Years and a little bit of insight to #75Hard
Dec 27, 202131:21
Peeing on Electric Fences, and 75 Hard
Dec 13, 202108:43
Success is really simple.
Dec 02, 202121:20
Freedom of Speech? BLM? Treason?
Nov 23, 202131:10
Toxic Tribalism
Sep 17, 202125:19
Jiu Jitsu didn’t save your life.
Sep 14, 202109:02
Learning From Losers: Persistence and Patience
Sep 08, 202123:16
Learning From Losers: Intro
Sep 07, 202110:23
Covid by the numbers

Covid by the numbers

Well... This is probably (definitely) gonna ruffle a few feathers. 

This is purely data presentation and analysis until the end. Do what you wish with it. 

For more info.... look into it. 

Aug 31, 202133:09
Don't Get Outworked By a Methhead
Aug 17, 202109:37
Growing a Growth Mindset

Growing a Growth Mindset

As I have been leveling up different areas of my life, the ONE THING I have found to be consistent across the board with people I meet who are on the same journey is that they have a growth mindset, and the people I am passing have a fixed mindset.

What the fuck is a growth or fixed mindset?

A growth mindset means that you believe your intelligence and talents can be developed over time. A fixed mindset means that you believe intelligence is fixed—so if you're not good at something, you might believe you'll never be good at it. Basically, a growth mindset means you believe that hard work, studying, consistency and dedication will lead you to level up. A fixed mindset believes that things are predetermined, and you can only be as good as what god gave you.  Having a growth mindset means you’re always open to learning more and developing throughout your lifetime.

So what's the difference? In one word, EFFORT. With a growth mindset, you see that you will constantly need to put in the effort to improve. While Fixed mindset you feel that if you need to put in effort then you've failed.

Check out this podcast to see how you can help cultivate a growth mindset to help you improve your life in every way imaginable.

Reach out to me. 

Aug 10, 202129:02
Another key to success.

Another key to success.

You are what you eat, and you are who you meet. It may be cliché but it’s true. You are the sum of the five people you spend the most time around. Here’s a quick lesson on how my life changed recently, how my goals have shifted, and how my priorities I have to to keep up.
Jul 27, 202113:23
The First F is For Fraud

The First F is For Fraud

So if you don't know, I run a group on Facebook called Kill the Day (Click here to access for free). In it I talk about the "5 F's" for success... Today, I talk about why its bullshit. Check it out.

This is the podcast I recorded with my friends Mike and Chuck Lifestyle of Fitness Podcast. Definitely give it a listen too.

But without further ado....


Email me at

Jul 20, 202126:22
It's Lonely at the Top is Bull$hit
Jul 06, 202119:35
You Can't be in Two Places at Once.

You Can't be in Two Places at Once.

Mentally, physically and emotionally. listen and learn

Jul 01, 202108:48
Average is Failing.

Average is Failing.

Facebook live/podcast recording. Yes I was drinking Four Roses. Yes i got a little ramblie, but here is the deal.

Average is failing. 

2/3 of the country is is overweight or obese

Median income is $61,000

The vast majority of Married couples have sex less than 4x a month. 

That sounds miserable. 

Jun 07, 202122:48
I Hate Johnny Buck Show is Back
Jun 03, 202115:18
Stop making stupid people famous

Stop making stupid people famous

Gorilla glue hair lady, “theybies” and the fucking kardashians.
Mar 02, 202104:27
Success Shaming

Success Shaming

I’ve gotten to the point today where we tell obese people they are healthy, lazy people it’s not their fault, and successful people are really cool and made to feel guilty. In this episode and talk about a few examples of this, and a few ways I think we can improve
Jan 19, 202115:09
9/12/2001 Was the most patriotic day since July 4th 1776

9/12/2001 Was the most patriotic day since July 4th 1776

United we stand, divided we fall. Let us not split into factions which must destroy that union upon which our existence hangs. - Patrick Henry 1799.

Sept 11 2001 our main land was attacked for the first time in American history.

Sept 12 2001 police, firemen, EMS first responders were gods.

In under 20 years the narrative has shifted from this, to cops are hitmen paid to kill black people. 

The problem is, everyone wants someone else to fix the problem for them. Check out this podcast on my thoughts and reflections of 9/11/2001 vs 9/11/2020.

Sep 14, 202027:43
Setting Yourself Up For Success
Sep 03, 202014:05
Catch Wrestling in the Modern Grappling world
Sep 01, 202023:11