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Prioritized Focus

Prioritized Focus

By Deana Farrell

Encouragement for the time management flunkies, serial goal getters and the entrepreneurial women who have forgotten what Valued Amazing Ladies they are. This is your reminder that the world needs that God-given dream you've been harboring in your heart and how to make it a reality. (while living and dealing with your real reality)
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#128 Self-Nurture Focus vs. Self-Care Chase

Prioritized FocusNov 25, 2023

#128 Self-Nurture Focus vs. Self-Care Chase
Nov 25, 202312:22
#127 Nurturing Your God-Sized Calling with Focus

#127 Nurturing Your God-Sized Calling with Focus

In this episode you'll untangle the MESS often holding you back from answering your God-sized calling.

You'll learn to unmystify what a God-sized calling even is and how it differs from "finding your passion or purpose" plus, the 3 things it takes to answer effectively and confidently! Added resources:

The YouTube Version

The Blog version

Deana's book! You're A Beautiful MESSterpiece

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Nov 18, 202316:44
#126 Mission: Focus on Teaching & Reaching
Nov 10, 202329:31
#125 Prioritizing Your Mission in the Marketplace
Nov 03, 202320:59
#124 5 Focus Strategies for Seizing Opportunity
Oct 20, 202314:16
#123 Focus on Comebacks more than setbacks
Oct 13, 202311:01
#122 A Prioritized Focus Look @ Calendar Chaos!
Sep 22, 202329:04
#121 Focus: Courage Over Clarity
Sep 15, 202330:52
#120 A Focused Spirit: trading burnouts for breakthroughs
Sep 08, 202323:50
#119 Focused & Beautifully Becoming CEO
Sep 01, 202324:58
#118 How LIT is your focus?
Aug 25, 202327:18
#117 Conquer Confusion with Focus

#117 Conquer Confusion with Focus

Getting practical and tactical in what it really takes to prioritize your focus and make serious progress!

Covering 5 main areas as they relate to our responsibility, accountability, and much more exciting…possibility.

Conquering confusion is going to take

  • conviction
  • check-ins
  • confidence
  • a good community
  • counting the cost of it all responsibly.

Deana will walk you through the criteria for each as it relates to conquering confusion.


Other resources mentioned in this episode:

Aug 18, 202328:29
#116 Focusing On Graceful Growth
Aug 11, 202325:58
#115 Powerful Partnerships: How focused are yours?

#115 Powerful Partnerships: How focused are yours?

When it comes to focus, progress and your goals, partnerships matter. In this episode Deana helps you determine just how powerful those partnerships are and could be. You'll assess whether you have distracting or driving partnerships. It doesn't matter if it's your faith, life, or business, powerful partnerships.

Deana will give you thought provoking questions you'll have to answer for yourself. A Partnering Powerfully Checklist, plus the ultimate partnership for growth and progress!

Resources mentioned in this episode:

Detox Self-Doubt & Slay Self-Sabotage --> Blog version or Podcast Episode #88

4-part series of blogs & podcasts on What Steals or Keeps Your Focus --> Go to the Page Here

Here are 3 places I’d love to help you put some power in your partnerships!

  1. My book, You’re A Beautiful MESSterpiece –> Click here to learn more (Chapter 8 is all about right “fits” and a great help to finding your)
  2. The Focus Shop for lots of resources –> Click here to check it out (It’s updated pretty regularly and where you can REGISTER for events)
  3. Work directly with me, have me train or speak at your next event or retreat –> Click here to learn more

Trouble Assessing Your MESS?
Take the QUIZ!

Aug 04, 202318:09
#114 Focus on the Power of Story
Jul 29, 202322:32
#113 Focus on systems or motivation?

#113 Focus on systems or motivation?

How do you know if it's systems or motivation that's going to get you to the goal? Well, Valued, Amazing Lady in business, that's exactly what Deana's going to help you answer for yourself in today's episode. Discover the pros and cons of both systems and motivation. Determine which is best for you and being okay with whatever you choose to use (or not).

Other helpful resources mentioned in this episode:

Busting Mood Mayhem --> CLICK HERE

Building a breezy business means you need to EXPLORE, understand the power of EXPECTANCY, and realize what it takes for you to EXCEL without losing your focus.

Here are 3 places you can go right now to do a little less juggling & a lot more joyful business:

  1. My book, You’re A Beautiful MESSterpiece –> Click here to learn more
  2. The Focus Shop for lots of resources –> Click here to check it out
  3. Work directly with me, have me train or speak at your next event or retreat –> Click here to learn more

Plus the FREE monthly Planning workshop! Learn more HERE

Jul 21, 202321:51
#112 Focused on Success or Satisfaction?
Jul 14, 202319:07
#111 Marketing Her Business
Jul 07, 202324:37
#110 Embrace Your MESSes With Focus
Jun 30, 202314:15
#109 Equip Yourself Toward A Breezier Business
Jun 22, 202320:30
#108 breezy business pt 2: EXPECTATIONS
Jun 16, 202313:29
#107 Breezy Focus in the Midst of a Busy Business
Jun 09, 202324:16
#106 Are You Giving Your Customers A Roadmap?
Jun 01, 202320:59
#105 Wear What Matters For Your Success
May 26, 202326:40
#104 Prioritized F.O.C.U.S. for your everyday
May 18, 202326:41
#103 Relationship Goals
May 12, 202323:40
#102 Set your face like flint!
May 04, 202330:33
#101 Stages, Phases & Crazes
Apr 28, 202324:24
#100 Let's Celebrate!
Apr 21, 202326:36
#99 What's the best approach to your goals?
Mar 09, 202322:54
#98 Planning in color!
Feb 28, 202331:36
#97 Preventing Mood Mayhem from stealing your focus
Feb 24, 202326:27
#96 Creating Your MMM, Good Business
Feb 22, 202322:15
#95 Do you know your greatest superpower?
Feb 22, 202322:47
#94 DIY Goal Getting – is it the best way?
Feb 22, 202318:26
#93 Choosing the right goal getting team PART 2
Jan 14, 202310:50
#92 Choosing the right goal-getting team Pt.1
Jan 06, 202314:40
#91 New Year, New You – Again?
Dec 30, 202217:23
#90 How to Improve Your Decision-Making

#90 How to Improve Your Decision-Making

Once you are able to get some clarity on who you were made to be, beyond titles, labels, and your history – you become a powerful decision-maker. Who doesn’t want that? We are well aware of the time, energy, and focus wasted or misused by the quality or lack of our decision-making.

Yet, what are we actively doing about it? Today's episode will help you answer what you CAN do about it!

Nov 17, 202223:06
Taking Control: Out with the old, in with the new
Nov 10, 202210:32
#88 Detox Doubt & Slay Self-Sabotage
Oct 25, 202221:20
#87 Where's your YES taking you?
Oct 18, 202213:22
#86 How to slay your complacency

#86 How to slay your complacency

It's an important thing to know, how to slay your complacency, but most don't think it's all that big a deal. Do you?

This episode will cover not only what it is, but what you can do about it - if you choose to.

Read the blog version HERE

Read about the Pressure you put on yourself HERE or listen to episode #80

Read the blog about life happening for you HERE or listen to episode #58

Read about JOY HERE or listen to episode #59

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Oct 11, 202225:35
#85 The One Place to Find Clarity - Where to Look
Oct 04, 202215:20
#84 The 3 Shifts You Need to Build Momentum

#84 The 3 Shifts You Need to Build Momentum

We love shortcuts, cheat sheets, and anything that will just cut down our learning curves don't we?

But sometimes they just cannot replace the work that needs to be done on our own part.

This episode digs into what it really takes in order to not only make progress toward your goals, 

but build some serious momentum!

Sep 27, 202219:16
#83 How to bring a mostly dead dream back to life
Sep 20, 202226:22
How to put the P.O.W.E.R. back into your hours

How to put the P.O.W.E.R. back into your hours

It's probably the most used, or at least tried, go-to for the goal-getter. The power hour. But what happens when you need a little more P.O.W.E.R. in your hours? Listen to this episode and find out.

Additional resources & mentions in this episode:

Read the blog version --> CLICK HERE

Prioritized Focus Free Guide --> CLICK HERE

Learn how to productively procrastinate --> HERE

The Sticky Truth about STUCK --> Go Here

Wondering what our ONE Common purpose is? It's episode #1 of this podcast

Find what steals or keeps your focus on episodes #76-79 or --> HERE

My most favoritist, fantabulous tool is found here

Sep 13, 202219:54
#81 The 3-2-1 GOal Method

#81 The 3-2-1 GOal Method

Learn the method that keeps you focused on your main goal, while at the same time giving you flexibility and accountability!  

Additional posts, resources, or mentions:

Sep 10, 202221:14
#80 Is the pressure you put on yourself worth it?
Aug 30, 202209:37
#79 Keep Focused On Your Assignment
Aug 23, 202214:35