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Wisdom Comes With Wrinkles

Wisdom Comes With Wrinkles

By Deborah Brown-Volkman

Getting older in the workplace isn’t something to be afraid of. It’s a time of celebration. Battle wounds and scars; you've earned every one. You've seen and done a lot. All of your experiences have led you to this moment. Contribution and giving back.

This career-focused podcast was hosted by Deborah Brown-Volkman who recorded 34 episodes over a 6-month period. She talked with guests who shared their workplace experiences and lessons learned so they could pay it forward to the next generation.
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Episode #25: The business of business is people.

Wisdom Comes With WrinklesNov 07, 2022

Episode #34: Being true to yourself is the inner revolution that changes everything.

Episode #34: Being true to yourself is the inner revolution that changes everything.

Jan 30, 202327:44
Episode #33: Your customers work inside your company as well.

Episode #33: Your customers work inside your company as well.

Sybil Stershic is a believer in internal marketing to engage employees and customers as explained in her quote: “The way your employees feel is the way your customers will feel. And if your employees don’t feel valued, neither will your customers.” Employees need to be considered "internal" customers who deserve as much attention as actual "external" customers.

She has a point. During our conversation, Sybil spoke to me about the earlier years of her career when she watched her employer wait until the last moment to let co-workers know about new initiatives. It never made sense to her why the people who needed to know the most were told the least and often last. She considered it a lack of respect for employees.

This led Sybil to start Quality Service Marketing, an internal marketing company she has owned for 35 years. As her business evolved, a connection framework to address this problem emerged.

  • Connect employees to the organization - to know where they fit in and what's expected of them.
  • Connect employees to the customer - the more they know about their customers, the better they can take care of them.
  • Connect employees to other employees - to better understand how their work is interrelated and how together they impact the bottom line.

Simple to grasp. Easy to overlook.

Sybil Stershic’s Web-Site:

Sybil Stershic’s LinkedIn Page:

Deborah Brown-Volkman’s web-site:

Jan 30, 202323:45
Episode #32: It is NOT OK to check in and touch base.

Episode #32: It is NOT OK to check in and touch base.

“I can’t do this job.” Adrian was a mom with 2 young children who needed flexibility at a time when there was no work from home. So, she started a business. She knew she was good at sales. 34 years later, the rest is history.

Adrian is a believer in building relationships. In the beginning of her career, she had people call her to “check-in.” She didn’t know what they meant. Thus, she didn’t know what to say. Those conversations were awkward.

She said to herself: there has to be a better way to interact with people. Thus, a formula was born: The 3 I’s.

The first I: Introductions. Take the time to introduce people with similar synergies to each other. You don’t know where it will end up, but the introduction will be appreciated.

The second I: Invitations. We all get invited to something. Spread the word and invite someone else who you think would also be interested.

The third I: Information. Did a web-site link or newsletter grab your attention? Send it to someone who you think could benefit.

My interview with Adrian was interesting. Her approach is high touch with low pressure. When you listen, you will learn ways to build relationships that you don’t usually hear of. Or, think of.

Adrian Miller is the President of Adrian Miller Sales Training, a sales training and consulting agency with a very simple goal, to help you accomplish, exceed, and then blow-away your sales objectives. They provide customized sales training solutions, one-to-one coaching and group sessions to impart tips, techniques and tactics that generate sales results, sales consulting that will help to create sales processes and materials that will drive your sales endeavors, and sales management for ongoing sales direction and leadership.

Adrian Miller’s web-site:

Adrian Miller’s LinkedIn page:

Deborah Brown-Volkman’s web-site:

Jan 24, 202324:28
Episode #31: Move on.
Jan 24, 202323:51
Episode #30: Be independent.
Dec 05, 202222:11
Episode #29: Being in the wrong place keeps you from being happy.

Episode #29: Being in the wrong place keeps you from being happy.

As a teenager, Nicole realized singing was her passion and it led to a career as an opera singer that spanned over two decades. Although performing made her happy, the lifestyle of a singer involving so-called “survival jobs” led her to be unhappy. There were many sacrifices to that life. Craft came first, self-care second. Ultimately, this led Nicole to ask the question: “Are my needs being met?” The answer was NO.

After a journey of self-discovery and being around people who believed in and supported her, Nicole made her leap. She became a True Self Love coach. She teaches her clients the importance of being true to themselves and that includes self-forgiveness and self-compassion for past choices and mistakes.

She told me that realizing her worth led to her career pivot. “I deserve more.” Her advice for you: If something is not working, be decisive. Look within, listen to your gut, and make a decision as soon as you can to change your current situation for the better.

Nicole Guberman is the Founder & CEO of True Self Love™ Mindset & Transformational Coaching. After 20+ years in opera performance, 15+ years in private vocal instruction, and 10+ years of hands-on experience in the coaching industry, she officially formalized her coaching company. She is a mission-driven personal and professional development coach, board-certified alternative healing arts practitioner, and voice specialist. As a Self-Love Sorceress, she liberates corporate professionals, business owners, experts, coaches, consultants, speakers, leaders, and healers into fearless, confident speakers, on the stage, screen, and anywhere in between.

Nicole Guberman’s web-site:

Nicole Guberman’s LinkedIn page:

Deborah Brown-Volkman’s web-site:

Dec 02, 202220:44
Episode #28: They did the best they could.

Episode #28: They did the best they could.

Triggers in the workplace. They get all of us at some time in our careers. But imagine not being triggered even when faced with a toxic boss? My guest Marnie Vincolisi shows people how to adapt and has made it her life work to teach you how to re-wire your response, so you no longer react. This doesn’t mean you don’t feel the pain of what’s happening. It’s that you have a way to neutralize the negativity so it does not define you or limit your ability to do your best work.

“Compassion is key; for both you and your boss,” says Marnie. “Keep in mind that you are looking at their wounded inner child. Rather than being a sponge and absorbing their negativity, be the glass that lets their toxicity run right through you. They will stop pushing your buttons at a certain point because you no longer react, which disarms them.” In this podcast, you will gain knowledge of how it is done.

Marnie Vincolisi, founder and CEO of Light Internal, has been an entrepreneur for her adult life, always changing and creating businesses that bring her joy and align with her spiritual focus. For the last three decades, she has devoted her time to developing a unique way of transforming people’s lives through past life regression, energy clearing, classes, meditations, and the authoring of books.

She is an enthusiastic and well-informed speaker traveling internationally, conducting tours, seminars, and energy treatments. Marnie draws upon her business experience, extensive knowledge in the field of holistic health, and refined innate healing abilities to guide others to clearly understand how to balance their mental, physical, and spiritual presence. Marnie does not teach anyone anything they don’t already know; she merely awakens the inherent knowledge within them.

Marnie Vincolisi’s web-site:

Marnie Vincolisi’s LinkedIn page:

The book: “They did the best they could”

Marnie Vincolisi’s YouTube channel:

Deborah Brown-Volkman’s web-site:

Nov 29, 202223:40
Episode #27: It's ok to have boundaries.

Episode #27: It's ok to have boundaries.

After working and being available to her clients 24/7 for years, Shelly drew a line in the sand. “I’ve had enough. Working all the time has to stop.”  She put boundaries in place. At first, she was afraid she would lose clients. But, the opposite occurred. They respected her more.

Strong  boundaries helped Shelly give guilt-free time to both her kids and clients. Making clear boundaries allowed Shelly to be present with her kids when it was time to be a mom and present with her clients when it was time to get work done.

“Stand strong when you set your boundaries,” Shelly says. “And, don’t get wishy-washy.”

Shelly Slocum is a retired 21 year real-estate broker, author, speaker and mom. She wrote a book "Love  and Inspiration from Mom" which came as a result of Shelly loving her daughter back to health after living through a traumatic experience. When her daughter got strong enough to go back to work, Shelly would text her an inspirational quote every morning and add a couple of tips on how she could apply that in her day, and ended each text with "Love  Mom" It worked! 

After months of sending her quotes and "love mom's," her daughter got better and stronger than she was before.  She encouraged  Shelly to put this into a book to help others who might be going through a tough time or who want more positivity in their life.  Shelly's book gives daily tips on how to turn life's lemons into lemonade.

Shelly Slocum’s web-site:

Love and Inspiration from Mom Paperback book:

Deborah Brown-Volkman’s web-site:

Nov 23, 202219:04
Episode #26: Everything is meant to help even the bad stuff.
Nov 14, 202220:22
Episode #25: The business of business is people.
Nov 07, 202219:35
Episode #24: Pay attention.
Nov 03, 202222:26
Episode #23: Teach kids how to think on their own.

Episode #23: Teach kids how to think on their own.

30% of grandparents are remote from their grandkids. Gramps Jeffrey is on a mission to change that and have grandparents spend more time with their grandkids. These kids will be entering the workplace one day and they will be lacking the listening, language development, and collaboration skills that are needed to be successful.

Gramps has 6 grandkids and he spent quite a bit of time with them during lockdown. He read numerous books to them and realized when you read a book to a child, you build connection. They are sitting on your lap and you are bonding. You can stop and ask questions, “What did you think?” Questions get kids thinking. Without this, kids are still thinking, but it’s one-sided because they only have their perspective. They are missing out on your real-life contribution.

This led him to write a book, :“I Don’t Want To Turn 3” which looks at how kids are growing up versus how he grew up as a kid. The world has evolved since Gramps was 3 years old.

Gramps' commentary is quite timely in the challenging world we live in today. Thinking on your own is important. It increases your attention span and self-discipline; skill-sets that are crucial to thrive in today’s workplace.

Gramps Jeffrey’s web-site:

Gramps Jeffrey’s LinkedIn profile:

Amazon link: “I Don’t Want To Turn 3”

Deborah Brown-Volkman’s web-site:

Nov 03, 202220:47
Episode #22: Adapt, go with the flow, and keep on a smile on your face.

Episode #22: Adapt, go with the flow, and keep on a smile on your face.

Manny is a man on a mission. Today, he is an entrepreneur who operates a small business making vegan energy bars that taste great and are good for you. That’s not where he started. Manny was a top-of-his-class CPA as well as a crypto news business owner with 20 interns working for him. He walked away from both. Manny was meant to do something else.

Manny is the co-owner of Heaven’s Pantry, part of a team of three guys that started a food company from nothing.

The company was started with the premise that you don’t need years of executive experience, or an MBA, or billions of dollars in venture capital to start a business. If you know how to do or make something that’s useful to other people, and you’ve got a passion for doing or making that thing, then you’ve got everything you need to start a company.

Manny’s smile is contagious. He is high-energy person who works 70 hours a week, while having a positive spirit and perspective.

He doesn't believe in failure; pivoting instead. He has pivoted several times and it is how he has learned, kept grounded, and brought a unique outlook to every one of his roles.

“Don’t be discouraged by the trials of life." Manny told me. "Dream big today so tomorrow can be better.”

Manny was one of my younger guests. I am starting to see that you can have wrinkles at any age.

Heaven’s Pantry Amazon Store. Use HPFRIEND10 for 10% off:



Deborah Brown-Volkman’s web-site:

Oct 29, 202221:16
Episode #21: It's not what you look at it’s what see.

Episode #21: It's not what you look at it’s what see.

Ralph started traveling when he was in high school. He liked to take pictures during his trips. He found out he was really good at it. Fast forward  to today, Ralph runs several travel brands where he's organized and led more than 200 truly incredible travel/photography experiences for  clients with one-of-a-kind itineraries.

“The right place at the right time.” Ralph takes people to beautiful places  with less crowds; mostly to places he has visited himself. They're off the beaten path so you can get out of your comfort zone, but also stay in comfortable accommodations with great food.

Ralph believes that your eyes can be your best camera. Pictures are great for  sharing but memories are made when you put down the camera and take in  these experiences with your brain. It’s important to have a mix of both.

Ralph Velasco runs a travel blog and hosts a YouTube channel called The Continental DRIFTER.  He's an international tour creator and travel photography instructor. He has studied photography, won awards for photography, and has taught students how to not only look at the world  but to see it from a different perspective (lens).

Find Ralph's Continental DRIFTER YouTube channel:

Ralph Velasco’s PhotoEnrichment Adventures web-site:

Ralph Velasco’s Alla Campagna Experiences web-site:

You can also find several of Ralph's books on Amazon:

52 Categories of a Shot List: Create Images that Tell a Story ($9.99)

Travel Journal for a Continental DRIFTER ($7.99 - blank inside)

Deborah Brown-Volkman’s web-site:

Oct 26, 202221:06
Episode #20: Your reality is a manifestation of your choices.

Episode #20: Your reality is a manifestation of your choices.

Josh got his first BMX bike from his father when he was a kid and it almost immediately consumed his life. At 17 years, he became a Pro BMX Athlete and was riding Dew Tours, X-Games and competing internationally at the highest possible level. At that point, he was 21 years old and felt like he had everything. But, after a nasty crash, his life was threatened.

Josh hit his head and went to a local urgent care to make sure something more serious wasn't happening. He had no damage from the crash, but there was a brain tumor taking up the left half of his brain. Immediate surgical removal was necessary.

After two more brain tumor diagnosis, he began researching health and nutrition. He was determined to prioritize his health and take the longevity of his life and the vitality of his brain into his own hands. As he progressed, he became passionate about helping others optimize their health and performance in all areas of life including career, relationships, and physical health.

As the passion to support others grew, and after a third brain tumor diagnosis, Josh got really clear on his higher purpose in life and left BMX competition to start his business speaking around the world and coaching entrepreneurs, athletes, executives, and organizations. Josh became certified through the Institute of Integrative Nutrition as a health coach, became certified through as a Keto Specialist, has become well versed in Neuro Linguistic Programming, read countless research articles, stacks of books and communicated with every expert he could.

Josh's goal in life is to impact the world in the most positive way and leave it better, stronger and healthier than when he came into it. He says, “No matter how long you have to live, find meaning.”

Josh Perry is an Optimization Expert & Performance Coach. Former Pro BMX Athlete & Brain Tumor Survivor. He helps people increase their personal & professional performance.

Josh Perry’s web site:

Deborah Brown-Volkman’s web-site:

Oct 26, 202227:39
Episode #19: You are not done yet.
Oct 24, 202219:39
Episode #18: Be comfortable with the uncomfortable.
Oct 21, 202227:05
Episode #17: Look for the elders and not the boomers.

Episode #17: Look for the elders and not the boomers.

Want to get the younger generations’ attention? Talk to them and not at them. Corbie Mitlied, a former recruiter turned Reverend and Intuitive Consultant, thinks we can do a better job communicating with the younger generation in the workplace. We all want the same thing; to do great work that makes an impact.

Her advice to Boomers: think first before responding and listen without judgement. Move away from the stage and let the next generation take it. Push them out of their comfort zone; let them lead projects. They have tremendous potential. And, they will surprise you.

Corbie Mitleid is a Certified Tarot Master, Certified Professional Tarot Reader, professional Psychic Medium, past life specialist and ordained minister. At age 9 ,she discovered she had physic abilities. As she grew older and learned more about herself, her gifts got stronger. One day the Universe said to Corbie, “Hello, you’re working for Us.” That was it. She knew then what she was supposed to be doing with her life.

Before Corbie became a full-time intuitive counselor, she was an executive recruiter in a boutique headhunting firm, placing people in six-figure jobs for major corporations.  She offers: “Business Brainstorming” sessions to answer the question: “How can I make my side hustle or new venture work?” Corbie can help you come up with the name, the branding, and the core of your business vision, and share her take on marketing, client relations, money sanity and everything that makes the difference between surviving and thriving in today’s economy.

Corbie Mitleid's web-site:

Deborah Brown-Volkman’s web-site:

Oct 20, 202217:40
Episode#16: You cannot lead people if they don't trust you.
Oct 03, 202220:60
Episode #15: Life doesn't always go as planned.
Sep 30, 202215:14
Episode #14: Don't play it safe.
Sep 30, 202224:19
Episode #13: Without accountability you stop.

Episode #13: Without accountability you stop.

At 6 years old, Ashley already had a bad body image.  She remembers crying to her mom when asked to put a leotard on. “I don’t look as good as the other girls.” Ashley dieted her way through life into her 20’s. She felt out of control when it came to food.

Ashley was a tax accountant, a profession that demanded long hours at specified times throughout the year. Eating poorly was part of the job. “It’s ok” Ashley would tell herself. “I’ll start my diet again on Monday.”

Monday came and went.

In order to gain control of her eating, Ashley started an Instagram account detailing her journey to lose weight. Her account gained in popularity and the questions/comments rolled in. This was a sign to change her life and her profession.

Today Ashley is a Certified Holistic Health Coach and coaches women from all over the world. She believes it is absolutely possible to lose weight without being on a diet. Daily accountability and support are key to reaching your health and wellness goals.

Ashley is a mom with 3 kids. One of her greatest passions is helping others succeed in finding confidence in their bodies because for so long, she hated her own.  She knows all too well how awful it feels to be stuck in a vicious cycle of yo-yo dieting and how freeing it feels to be on the other side.

Ashley Carlotta’s Website:

Ashley Carlotta’s Linkedin:

Deborah Brown-Volkman’s web-site:

Sep 30, 202224:03
Episode #12: Listen to your heart, follow your passion & don't let anyone stop you.
Sep 19, 202219:09
Episode #11: People need to be led well.
Aug 09, 202224:37
Episode #10: Show up for yourself everyday.

Episode #10: Show up for yourself everyday.

Heather's gut was screaming, but she wasn't listening. She was hiding at work and flying under the radar. "I was invisible." Until an internal switch went off. Then, her career was forever changed.

Heather Pilgrim is an accomplished professional. She holds 2 masters degrees and always strives to do the right thing. But, in the midst of taking care of other's feelings, she forgot about her own. Heather was not listening to herself.

Today, Heather focuses on future. She shares her story of how she went from "I should" to "I must take action" and how that was key to her blossoming into the strong, powerful woman and professional she is today.

Jul 23, 202217:37
Episode #9: Always be open to learning something new.
Jul 18, 202223:21
Episode #8: Flip the script of your self-talk from negative to positive.

Episode #8: Flip the script of your self-talk from negative to positive.

Jul 15, 202225:27
Episode #7: Treat your children like they are the CEO of thier career.
Jul 13, 202223:16
Episode #6: Let it go & Go with the flow.
Jul 13, 202227:21
Episode #5: Trust yourself & think on your feet when faced with unexpected disruptions.
Jul 12, 202224:09
Eposode #4: Find What You Really Love To Do.
Jul 08, 202221:29
Episode #3: You Can Do Anything You Want.
Jul 06, 202220:28
Episode #2: Never Give Up. Keep Getting Up.
Jul 06, 202224:35
Episode #1: Action over analysis can profoundly alter the direction your career takes next.
Jul 01, 202220:31