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Deep CX: A Blue Ocean Podcast

Deep CX: A Blue Ocean Podcast

By Blue Ocean Contact Centers

Welcome to Deep CX, the official podcast of Blue Ocean Contact Centers, made by and for people who care deeply about the customer experience (or CX). Join us for musings on navigating the customer service industry, tips on getting the most from your outsourced CX partner, untold tales of call center heroism and horror, and much more. Let’s dive in!
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Ep 11 - Weighing the Pros and Cons of Cross-Trained Contact Center Agents

Deep CX: A Blue Ocean PodcastMay 19, 2023

Ep 11 - Weighing the Pros and Cons of Cross-Trained Contact Center Agents
May 19, 202308:04
Ep 10 - A Very Special "Interview" with ChatGPT
Mar 31, 202325:48
Ep 9 - Sean Hammerle, Chief Operating Officer, ONQ
Feb 22, 202341:06
Ep 8 - Setting the Scene for a Successful Outsourced Implementation
Jan 31, 202308:29
Ep 7 - Tony Won, Player Support, ProbablyMonsters
Dec 08, 202237:52
Ep 6 - Lucas Fuentes, Vice President of Training & Development, ONQ
Nov 21, 202246:43
Ep 5 - Contact Center Technology in Your RFP | You’re Asking the Wrong Questions
Oct 06, 202208:32
Ep 4 - What You Need to Know About Contact Center BCP When Outsourcing
Aug 12, 202208:25
Ep 3 - Modern Hiring, Blue Ocean Style | A Conversation with Amy Bennet Roach
Jun 15, 202228:31
Ep 2 - The Art of Winning the Contact Center Workforce Management Game
Jun 15, 202210:41
Ep 1 - The Truth About Attrition in the Contact Center
Jun 15, 202209:00