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Go Stalking!

Go Stalking!

By Fidela Ghassani

We all like and expect a real conversation especially for everyone who struggles to find your direction in daily life. This podcast covers it all! talk about how we overcome fear, relationships, mental health, cultural barrier, travelling experience. This is for you who shake for grow mentally, It also shares tips & experienced for people who wanted to move to Asia, it's a great way for you to find out the truth first how it looks like to live in another continent, pop culture vs traditional can those 2 things blend into modern life?
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A Blind traveller: Seeing The World My Way!

Go Stalking!Oct 03, 2020

A Message for Mother, Happy Mother's Day!

A Message for Mother, Happy Mother's Day!

22nd of December is A Mothers day in Indonesia. Here's a message for "my mom", your mom, all the mothers out there. I'd Like to give a small but special gift for every mom's as they can cheers this moment anytime whenever "mom" needs it and appreciate how much we love them. 

Much love 

Fidela. G

Dec 21, 202004:40
A Blind traveller: Seeing The World My Way!

A Blind traveller: Seeing The World My Way!

On this episode, I had an interview with Tony Gilles, A blind traveller from the UK. His been travel the world for the last 22 years by himself, despite he is blind and partially deaf he encouraged himself to explore the world and doing what his passion in life with so many adventures through, he's been captured on BBC Travel Show. After travelled for 140 countries he also has written 2 books about his travel experienced and selling on Amazon, he also trying to help others by raising money for blind people in his community to give a message to the world although someone disables they still can live their dreams and do whatever they want in life. Listen to Tony story how he starts his journey, how he made a connection with another culture and how much he knows about Indonesia! 

For Tony details:

Tony Giles blind solo traveller and public speaker.

Fund raising for Galloways Society for the Blind, northwest England.

Challenge: to raise £3,850 or more to send me to hike the Inca Trail

to Machu Picchu, Peru in April 2021.

Go fund me page:

Author of Ebooks:

*Seeing The Americas My Way*
An emotional journey (2016)
Available from
Amazon -
Kobo -

*Seeing The World My Way*
A totally blind and partially deaf guy's global adventures (2010, repub 2016)

Second edition is available from all Ebook sites.
Amazon -


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Oct 03, 202037:19
Unique Lessons You Can Get From Travelling

Unique Lessons You Can Get From Travelling

Travelling not only brings so many joys but it also has so much hidden lesson which we can't learn at school, with travelling we can learn so many life skills & taught us about life. People who travelled a lot tends to be more humble, creative and improve the brain works. How does it happen? This episode will explain the benefit you can get from travelling, how it makes you happier and improve your body health. let's play this podcast and earn more knowledge you can get from Travelling! Enjoy...

Jul 31, 202014:43
Covid-19 Moment is Time of Reflection, Use it to explore your true potential!

Covid-19 Moment is Time of Reflection, Use it to explore your true potential!

In this first episode, I put a brief story about one of a famous victim of Holocaust history "Anne Frank" who kept lockdown for 2 years during World War II. Anne situation can be a real example for us how we can be creative and positively using our imagination. If you feel panic and stress under lockdown situation let's put those feelings on the table first then train your mind toward a positive attitude.      

May 29, 202010:10
Go Stalking Introduction

Go Stalking Introduction

A small introduction, Everyone has a valuable story to tell, it the most practical way for anyone to grow. In this modern life, stalking becomes popular in our daily life with stalking we can learn so many things even from someone we don't know. That's the idea behind Go Stalking show...

May 18, 202001:00