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Deliberate Family

Deliberate Family

By Katrina Seamons

Empowering you to raise your family in light and truth while living in a dark world.

Learn how to build your home on the foundation of Jesus Christ. Learn how to have meaningful relationships in your home, an intentional mindset for everything you do, and a firm foundation of faith for when life gets rocky.
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Ep. 6 Power of Vision

Deliberate FamilyJan 17, 2022

Ep. 6 Power of Vision

Ep. 6 Power of Vision

This episode explores the power of vision in our families. Does it really matter if we know who we are and where we are going? Does it matter if we as parents know what we want and talk about what we want? Learn how to have vision in your family and the tools God gives us to help us when our vision is cloudy.

Some resources used for this episode:

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Dallin H Oaks "Desire" April 2011 General Conference

Moses 1

Bible Dictionary, Prayer 

Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll

The Holy Covenants by Anthony Sweat

Jan 17, 202213:41
Ep. 5 Establish a Family of Gratitude

Ep. 5 Establish a Family of Gratitude

Holidays are so busy! What can we do to help keep the spirit of gratitude and not get sucked into the spirit of entitlement? Here are a few ideas you could try at home.

Episode notes:

New! Your Deliberate Family Christmas course is live and ready for you! Start planning an intentional and meaningful Christmas today!

President Nelson's Give Thanks Challenge--Healing Power of Gratitude

Example of a study on the benefits of Gratitude:

Nov 11, 202112:37
Ep. 4 Establish a Family of Revelation

Ep. 4 Establish a Family of Revelation

Learn more about how revelation works and how to help our families live in a spirit of revelation. We can hear Heavenly Father's voice and feel his strength in our daily lives with our families. 

Resources from this episode:

Elder Bednar's book: The Spirit of Revelation

President Nelson's talk: Revelation for the church; Revelation for our lives

**At the end of the episode, I announced my new course! I'm so excited to show you! Check out the Christmas Course at

Oct 17, 202120:29
Ep. 3 Establish Home Centered Families

Ep. 3 Establish Home Centered Families

This episode welcomes guest host, Cassie Shepherd (@Homecenteredlearning). Using both my and Cassie's experience in education and in raising our own families, we discuss what it means to be home-centered, why it is important to be home-centered, and how to establish a family who is home-centered. 

Resources for you from this episode:

"Teach them to Understand" by David A Bednar

Home-centered references from Russell M Nelson

Follow Cassie on Instagram @homecenteredlearning

Explore all her talented work in the home at

Oct 04, 202145:25
Ep. 2 Establish Families of Perspective

Ep. 2 Establish Families of Perspective

In this episode, Ryan & I discuss what it means to have perspective in family life and parenting. Learn how to recognize when you are living in fear and when you are living with faith. Learn how to change fear into faith and teach your children to be faithful as well. 

Resources from this episode:

Dressing up as a superhero might actually give your kid grit

President Nelson, Airplane Experience

Oct 04, 202139:05
Ep. 1 Establish Families of Light

Ep. 1 Establish Families of Light

Welcome to the first episode of the Deliberate Family Podcast. In this episode we explore what it means to be a family of light and how you can better build your family on light no matter the darkness that comes. Jesus Christ is a sure foundation of light.

Resources used in this episode:

Jeremiah 29

Helaman 5:12

Learn how to use the 3 A's in your home: Awareness, Alignment, Action

Oct 04, 202111:22
Trailer: Deliberate Family Intro

Trailer: Deliberate Family Intro

A short trailer/intro for my upcoming podcast!

Sep 27, 202101:09