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Visual Liberation

Visual Liberation


Visual Liberation is a way of seeing films through a Marxist/Fanonian lens, championing the fight against the tropes that Hollywood creates in their goal of enabling racism, misogyny, and all other talismans of Capitalism. Through intimate "sermons" & oral essays Dennis Leroy Kangalee (DLK) reminds Leftist artists what it means to imbue their ideologies in narrative films, positing that "protest cinema" should be on par with American protest music and to help enable the battle against the Left's cultural quandary and the damage done by American mainstream movies.
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The Black Russians and Notes for a Wobbly Cinema

Visual LiberationNov 24, 2021

The Black Russians and Notes for a Wobbly Cinema

The Black Russians and Notes for a Wobbly Cinema

Slowly continuing the pedagogical punch of Dennis Leroy Kangalee's midnight meditations on "Visual Liberation" citing: Paul Robeson, Moscow, the morality of photography, and the makings of a wobbly cinema. Stepping back into the spiritual etymology of "protest cinema" and suggesting musical parallels while dusting off the architecture of radical art and its vigilant humanism, this episode plunges further into the cobweb of what a "revolutionary cinema" could actually be and slowly begins to reference examples and artists who deserve a radical re-assessment if not appreciation in order to understand what has already been done, what's always worth trying...and what is the constant struggle with dramatic cinematic art that aims to free us like a good rock song or a jazz excursion into the unknown. 

Nov 24, 202116:09
Visual Liberation: Introduction

Visual Liberation: Introduction

In this introductory podcast, we are introduced to writer and guerrilla filmmaker Dennis Leroy Kangalee's ("As an Act of Protest") concept of "visual liberation," its connection to artistic radicalism,  Leftwing politics, human mysteries and how they inform a healthy media ecology.  Or lack thereof.  The first of bi-weekly dispatches, this is a lo-fi midnight ramble that's illuminating, raw, and personal. Forever attempting to be the conscience and advocate for the Left's protest artists and cultural visionaries, this jazz-like meditation is a challenge and therapy for socially conscious artists, Leftist filmmakers, and those clamoring for revolutionary energy in the dramatic arts and motion pictures. Visit 

Sep 30, 202122:08