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Local Marketing for Dentists

Local Marketing for Dentists

By Charles Makarewicz

A brand new show for the entrepreneurial dentist, who is actively searching for better ways to attract more new patients.

A place where we uncover what is and what isn’t working for new dental patient acquisition online.
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3 Costly Blind Spots

Local Marketing for DentistsAug 02, 2018

3 Costly Blind Spots
Aug 02, 201813:41
Digital Assets, Email, Web Hosting & Online Security
Aug 01, 201813:05
Social Media for Dentists
Jul 31, 201810:32
Tracking, ROI & User Experience
Jul 30, 201810:39
Competitor Analysis & Your Reputation Online

Competitor Analysis & Your Reputation Online

Scott and Charles discuss Competitor Analysis & Managing Your Reputation Online and how both form an integral part of your local marketing strategy blueprint. Charles yet again has provided some great information and given a lot of ideas about how dentists can keep an eye on what their competition is doing and how they can monitor and manage their reputation online. Learn more:
Jul 27, 201815:41
Local Community (mixing online with offline)
Jul 26, 201812:28
Citation Directories
Jul 25, 201814:51
Content Marketing
Jul 24, 201815:25
Dental Website
Jul 20, 201816:06
Mobile First
Jul 19, 201813:14
Google Local
Jul 18, 201830:01
Top 3 Online Challenges Demystified
Jul 17, 201819:13