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Depth Psychotherapy and Astrology Podcast

Depth Psychotherapy and Astrology Podcast

By Shawna McGrath, AMFT

Explore how we can bring healing, deeper meaning, and connection by working with astrology as a psychotherapeutic approach with depth psychotherapist and astrologer Shawna McGrath, AMFT. Find out more:
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Welcome: Introduction to Depth Psychotherapy & Astrology

Depth Psychotherapy and Astrology PodcastSep 07, 2023

Saturn Transits: Cycles of Psychological Maturation & Self-Development
Nov 08, 202348:59
Virgo-Pisces as a Symbol of Healing

Virgo-Pisces as a Symbol of Healing

In episode 2 we explore the astrological signs of Virgo and Pisces as symbols of healing and of traveling through the otherworld. These signs viewed symbolically from a depth psychological perspective inform our understanding of healing, helping, and caregiving.

I'm offering a 2-hour workshop on Thursday 9/21 at 6pm PT called "Workshop for Healers: the Psychopomp Function" where we will move deeper into the themes discussed in this Virgo-Pisces talk. This workshop will be held live and recorded for you to listen back later. It offers a new pathway for therapists, counselors, astrologers, spiritual practitioners, caregivers, teachers, and anyone doing helping healing work or holding space for others. I'm excited to offer this workshop to those in a helping healing profession who want to find a sustainable way to channel your healing gifts (without burnout or financial lack!)

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Shawna McGrath, AMFT is a depth psychotherapist and astrologer. She offers depth psychotherapy and astrology sessions via zoom to those seeking healing, insight, new possibilities, and deep meaning in life.

Find out more about Shawna and her work on her website, listen to her weekly astrology forecast podcast on your favorite podcast platform, subscribe to her monthly newsletter to receive updates on her latests videos, publications, and upcoming events, and connect with her on Instagram.

Sep 07, 202344:37
Welcome: Introduction to Depth Psychotherapy & Astrology
Sep 07, 202352:39