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By BriteCore Podcasts

A discussion of software engineering and technology with BriteCore engineers.
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Episode 12: That New New

DevBriteSep 17, 2020

Episode 12: That New New
Sep 17, 202033:31
Episode 11: The Code Review Review
Jul 31, 202032:40
Episode 10: Lambda Party

Episode 10: Lambda Party

Myles & Ben host a Lambda Party! 🎊The two discuss AWS Lambda - what we use it for at BriteCore, what all applications Lambda can support, and the overall pros & cons of the Amazon service. Also this podcast is definitely not sponsored by Swiss Army products. 🙃

Serverless Journey AWS Step Functions in the Wild Zappa Lambda Limits Yumda Finra Case Study (Not Shinra, you nerds)

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Music by Komiku.

Jul 01, 202038:56
Episode 9: BriteCore’s Excellent Adventure
Jun 01, 202044:17
Episode 8: Remote Work 2: Tips for Healthy Living
May 04, 202029:54
Episode 7: Design Thinking with Will Guldin

Episode 7: Design Thinking with Will Guldin

Ben and Grant interview Will Guldin, BriteCore’s Director of Design. Topics include design thinking and design systems, followed by an impromptu CSS quiz.

Lean Startup Lean UX Pendo BriteCore Design System Vue.js Element-UI

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Send Will a carrier pigeon.

Music by Komiku.

Mar 31, 202027:60
Episode 6: Engineering Management
Mar 23, 202029:11
Episode 5: Working Remotely
Mar 02, 202027:37
Episode 4: Application Messaging with Myles Loffler
Feb 21, 202028:44
Episode 3: The Insurance Software Industry with Wes St.Clair
Feb 03, 202021:48
Episode 2: Programming Environment

Episode 2: Programming Environment

Ben and Grant talk at you about setting up the best programming environment, complete with music, coffee, and sparkling water with “those bubbles that make your tongue feel right.”


Celeste Hollow Knight Icelandic neoclassical sad boi music pick of the week: Ólafur Arnalds Grant’s epic Work playlist on Spotify Zelda & Chill / lowfi hiphop Video game music / Chiptunes Metal covers Funk Prog


Coffee Tacky mugs Coffee warmer to burn your coffee Rubber ducky Sonos One Pup Coffee / Water / La Croix Headset with that hardware mute Kinesis Freestyle2 An actual beef stick

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Music by Komiku .

Jan 18, 202032:06
Episode 1: AWS re:Invent 2019 Recap

Episode 1: AWS re:Invent 2019 Recap

Ben, Grant, Myles, and Amanda recap AWS re:Invent 2019!

AWS re:Invent 2019 talks on YouTube Innovation at Speed AWS Well-Architected Automation Safety: How to avoid breaking things at Scale Amazon’s approach to running service-oriented organizations Application integration patterns for microservices Step Functions in the Wild AWS Amplify

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Music by Komiku.

Jan 08, 202033:47
Episode 0: Introduction
Dec 20, 201910:17