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Devine Love - Ask, Believe & Receive

Devine Love - Ask, Believe & Receive

By Devine Love

My name is Sheena Diane, I am a law of attraction life coach at Devine Love Coaching. In this podcast, I give you nuggets to help raise your vibrations to manifest the things you desire in life. Ask, Believe, and Recieve!

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Merry Christmas

Devine Love - Ask, Believe & Receive Dec 23, 2020

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas

Thank you for tuning in to this station. I will no longer be posting on here however I'm not gone as I will not be on 

I only have 1 station now that I am focused on so if you'd like to continue hearing from me, join me at WAHM Radio. 

Merry Christmas. Love and Light to you all. 

Dec 23, 202004:48
Corona Virus....

Corona Virus....

Today's episode is about how you can make this situation into a positive one. 

I believe this is the Universe's way of giving us all a break. Nature is thriving. When you can't go outside, go inside...inside your self.

Now is your time! Do the things you haven't had time to do. 

Also, I'd like to invite you to my new classes starting very soon.

1. The 7 essential laws class - 7 Modules broken down so you can pay as you go. 

2. Transform your relationship with money - 3-day class 

3. Meditation for beginners - 1-week class. 

If you are feeling a lot of panic or anxiety please contact me for life coaching. I am a life coach specializing in the Law of Attraction. Allow me to assist you to raise your vibrations during this difficult time.

Mar 22, 202012:58
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Dec 03, 201911:27
~Learning to heal after loss~

~Learning to heal after loss~

This podcast is the true story of the loss and heartache I have faced after losing both my mom and dad to massive heart attacks. I also lost 2 children from miscarriages.  I had the honor of being published in a book, after writing an article about losing my father. If you'd like to read the article here is a link. If you'd like to purchase the book, here is the link. I do not get any royalties for the sale of this book. If you'd like to book a session with me I am offering 1 FREE mini coaching call and a 1 time discount to my podcast listeners only. Here is my website, please contact me if you'd like to book your session. Also, find me on social media as well as TikTok: DevineLoveCoaching Love and light  Sheena Matos. 
Nov 14, 201959:53
Your angels have a message for you!
Nov 11, 201927:12
Have you been experiencing energy shifts?
Nov 04, 201923:13
Give yourself permission
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What exactly is a life coach?
Sep 26, 201909:42
There is no limit to what we can create!
Jul 17, 201917:01
Singing Yakolihuny ni

Singing Yakolihuny ni

This is a song that really grounds me and makes me feel so much comfort. I hope it does the same for you. 

Jun 23, 201903:11
Working moms are expected to be Wonder Woman!
Jun 19, 201907:01
Be careful what you wish for you just might get it!

Be careful what you wish for you just might get it!

In today's episode I give you a real life example of a situation that happened with my husband because he didn't want to do something.
When your vibrations are negative, you get more negative in return!
Jun 01, 201903:13
How to stay in a high vibration to manifest the things you desire!

How to stay in a high vibration to manifest the things you desire!

In this episode I give you 2 really easy ways to help you stay positive!

1. It takes just a few seconds - Anytime a bad or negative thought crosses your mind, ask yourself... What am I manifesting? Then picture the things you want to manifest into your life. Focus on an image, person, place or whatever you desire and see that in your mind. You will have to do this many times throughout the day, but each time you shift your focus to the things you want it will send those vibrations out into the universe to boomerang it back to you! 

2. Listen to a song that makes you smile - We are emotional beings, therefore listening to a song that makes you happy will also raise your vibrations. Sing it all day long if you have too. Play it on repeat or just hum it in your head. It should be a song that gives you positive emotions and not one that might make you things of sad or unhappy thoughts. 

Here is an example of the song I sing when I need to raise my vibrations - Pure Imagination by  Jackie Evancho. I actually listen to any version of this song I can but the original Willie Wonka one is my favorite!

Jun 01, 201915:35
Hello you beautiful souls!
May 29, 201900:22