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devmap podcast

devmap podcast

By DevMap

The podcast for junior developers and the cure for imposter syndrome.
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202- Career Accelerator Graduates Interview

devmap podcastApr 11, 2021

202- Career Accelerator Graduates Interview
Apr 11, 202158:51
201- Season 2 Premier! C Sharp Bootcamp
Feb 06, 202001:12:56
108 - Open Source Software

108 - Open Source Software

Ben, Jason, and Omar tackle the elephant in the room: open source software. We talk about what makes something open source, how licenses work, and work really hard to prevent Ben from using acronyms and jargon. If you have questions or feedback, hit us up on Twitter @devmappodcast!

Below is a link to the video Ben mentions in the episode:

Jul 30, 201955:42
107 - Getting Learned After Dark
Jun 17, 201958:54
106 - Learning How to Learn. (60% of the Time it works All the Time)
Apr 02, 201950:58
105 - Junior VS Senior Developers. Whats the DIFF?
Feb 18, 201948:05
104 - The Big Big Jon Interview -- now without gluten!
Dec 02, 201801:15:58
103 - New hair, new job

103 - New hair, new job

Sukari, Jason, and Omar talk about what you should do when starting a new job. We're working on a way to deliver better show notes to you all, so be on the lookout for a new website coming out soon!
Nov 04, 201846:45
102 - The Technical Interview

102 - The Technical Interview

Sukari, Jason, and Omar talk about how to master the technical interview and share some techniques on how to prepare. Also, Omar really likes Python, and Sukari has a loud cat.
Oct 21, 201846:40
101 - Getting a Brown Taco
Oct 07, 201850:17
100 - Pilot
Sep 30, 201802:59