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By Saurish Srivastava

A podcast dedicated to promoting philosophical education and deep reflection. We invite philosophers from around the globe to discuss philosophy in the context of contemporary injustices – all at an easy-to-understand and digestible level. New episodes weekly on Friday.
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The Philosophy and Politics of Race and Reparations with Professor Joseph Frigault

DialexiconJul 09, 2022

How to Fix a Democracy: Making Margins Matter with Professor Daniel Wodak
Mar 27, 202354:49
Ethics in Social Epistemology: “Insidious Ignorance” with Professor Bailey Thomas
Mar 17, 202352:14
Fake News and Misinformation with Professor Eliot Michaelson
Mar 10, 202355:12
The Necessity of Philosophy for the Youth: PLATO with Professor Jana Mohr Lone
Mar 04, 202343:19
Consciousness: Experience and Time with Professor Geoffrey Lee
Feb 24, 202351:05
The Non-Linguistic Mind: the Approximate Number System with Dr. Sam Clarke
Feb 17, 202347:58
Computation and the Philosophy of Cognitive Science with Dr. Andrew Richmond
Feb 10, 202345:02
Cognition and Social Philosophy: Resistant Social Beliefs with Dr. Carolina Flores
Feb 05, 202345:28
Race and Epistemology: Information Flow and Racist AI? with Dr. Eric Bayruns García
Jan 27, 202352:51
Legal Philosophy and "Reasonable Moral Doubt" with Professor Emad Atiq
Nov 07, 202248:12
Justice in Health and Philosophy at Northwestern with Professor Chad Horne
Oct 03, 202246:31
Animal Rights and Ethics with Professor Jeff Sebo
Sep 28, 202248:41
Group Formation and Social Ontology with Professor Katherine Ritchie
Sep 20, 202246:32
Idealism: Consciousness and Ethics with Professor Robert Smithson
Sep 12, 202248:51
Virtue Ethics and its Limits with Professor Travis Timmerman
Sep 06, 202246:23
Bioethics and Autonomy with Professor Samuel Reis-Dennis
Aug 29, 202250:10
Metaphysics and Identity with Professor Erica Shumener
Aug 22, 202247:37
Social Indeterminacy and Ontological Erasure with Professor Kevin Richardson
Aug 15, 202250:26
Aristotelian Education and Ethics in Computer Science with Dr. William Cochran
Aug 08, 202246:39
Moral Philosophy and Ethics with Professor Vida Yao
Aug 01, 202249:29
Education, Trust, and the Ethics of Computer Science with Dr. Trystan Goetze
Jul 25, 202249:49
Metaphysics, Chances, Time Travel, and Philosophy Education with Professor Katie Elliott
Jul 18, 202248:16
Feminist Philosophy and Ethics in Society with Dr. Sophia Dandelet
Jul 11, 202254:31
The Philosophy and Politics of Race and Reparations with Professor Joseph Frigault
Jul 09, 202255:00
W. E. B. Du Bois and the Philosophy of Critical Theory with Dr. Yarran Hominh
Jun 27, 202247:16
The Philosophy of Emotions and Anxiety with Professor Charlie Kurth
Jun 20, 202252:31
The Philosophy and Ethics of Artificial Intelligence with Dr. Raphaël Millière
Jun 13, 202254:57
Roe v. Wade and the Philosophy of Abortions with Dr. Dustin Crummett
Jun 06, 202252:27
Law, Legal Epistemology, and Legal Burdens of Proof with Professor Georgi Gardiner
May 30, 202201:01:33
Competitive Debate, Thought, and Surety with Dr. Ben Holguín
May 23, 202201:01:24
Animal Consciousness and Prison Philosophy Outreach with Dr. Simon Brown
May 16, 202201:03:12
Epistemology: Belief, Credence, and Evidence with Dr. Liz Jackson
May 09, 202201:09:38
The Philosophy of Depression with Dr. Ian Tully
May 02, 202201:05:50
The Philosophy and Power of Transformative Experiences with Dr. Rebecca Chan
Apr 25, 202243:56
Consciousness, Artificial Consciousness, and Artificial General Intelligence with Dr. Anand Vaidya
Apr 19, 202256:29
Narcissism, Comedy, and Psychotherapy with Eva Virc
Apr 11, 202252:21