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Beautiful Behavior

Beautiful Behavior

By Diane Sorensen

BREAK generational patterns and outdated cultural beliefs, CULTIVATE deeply connected relationships and LEAD your life with more confidence and clarity.
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#140 “Breaking Up With Diet Culture and Finding a new Soulmate” w/ Leah Hortin

Beautiful BehaviorJun 26, 2023

162. Co-Parenting w/Mikki Gardner

162. Co-Parenting w/Mikki Gardner

Today’s episode is with guest Mikki Gardner. Our conversation was all about how to co-parent well, how people pleasing gets in the way of our peace, triggers, and more. This was a very informative conversation.

Mikki is a Certified Life + Conscious Parenting Coach, a mom, speaker, and host of the Co-Parenting with Confidence Podcast and author of the People Pleaser’s Guide to Co-Parenting Well.

Mikki’s personal struggles with divorce motivated her to become a “better mom” so that she could better help her son overcome the challenges of their new family dynamic. Drawing on her academic background, professional training and personal experience, she empowers other moms to move beyond the overwhelming obstacles of co-parenting and thrive after divorce.

Mikki strives to guide moms to navigate the divorce & co-parenting drama by becoming calm, confident co-parents, even without their ex’s participation.

Mikki is on a mission to help children by helping their moms learn to handle the emotional and practical difficulties of divorce and co-parenting while creating an intentional, joyful, and ease-filled life for both themselves and their children.

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Dec 04, 202329:23
161. Becoming the Change w/ Megan Rempel
Nov 27, 202351:20
160. A Different Version of Motherhood
Nov 20, 202322:49
The Need to Be Right
Nov 13, 202324:11
158. Time Freedom w/K. Margaret Solorio

158. Time Freedom w/K. Margaret Solorio

Nov 06, 202336:17
157. Welcome to Season 3
Oct 30, 202319:02
156. The Missing Link That Took Me From Being the Mother I Thought I Was Supposed To Be, To Becoming the Mother I Really Wanted to Be
Oct 23, 202322:33
155. Perfection & The Power of Noticing

155. Perfection & The Power of Noticing

Do you relate to perfection? The need to be a certain way or do things a certain way so as to not feel judged by the world? I have been known to say (quite often) that I am a recovering perfectionist. I now realize that when I can notice where perfection shows up, acknowledge it and work with it I can continue to move the needle in the direction of my truth. In this episode I talk about how perfection showed up for me last week and how I am working with it.

Oct 16, 202322:30
154. Working With Emotions In The Body
Oct 09, 202330:38
153. Discovering Boundaries through Reinvention
Oct 02, 202348:60
152. I Have This New Awareness Now What?
Sep 25, 202326:46
151. "CHORES"
Sep 19, 202334:39
150. Worry as a Means of Control

150. Worry as a Means of Control

Are you a worrier? Do you worry about what other people are going to think? Do you find yourself constantly thinking up the worse case scenarios?

I was a chronic worrier. On today's episode we will dive into chronic worrying and how healthy boundaries freed me from this negative, automatic pattern that kept me stuck for decades.

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Sep 11, 202319:42
149. Understanding Grief with Alison Marshall
Sep 04, 202333:28
148. Daring to Step Out of the Performance

148. Daring to Step Out of the Performance

Become more genuine. Show up rested and real. Embrace your authentic self.

In this episode we break down what keeps us driven to stay busy. Busy offers validation and a sense that we are important and matter. It’s rival is Boundaries. What keeps us leaning into busy and away from boundaries?

In this episode, we are diving into our relationship with Busy, Boundaries and Ourselves.

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Aug 28, 202328:46
147. Dating Boundaries
Aug 21, 202322:34
#146 Breaking Up with Busy
Aug 14, 202325:58
#145. Two Key Ingredients for Solving Any Problem
Aug 07, 202327:49
#144 How Do I Help My Child Be More Confident?
Jul 31, 202322:05
#143. 3 Gifts We All Have

#143. 3 Gifts We All Have

As humans we all have 3 jobs. These are the gifts we all innately have – To THINK, to FEEL, To DO.

We live in a culture that values thinking and doing but falls short when it comes to feeling. We tend to leave out the feeling and do anything to keep it at bay.  Rejecting this deep, intimate part of ourselves leads us to over-thinking and over-doing to compensate for avoiding feeling. Feeling is Uncomfortable. However, if we are honest with ourselves, how many of us are truly comfortable in our current life?

Over-thinking often has us in decision fatigue. Can you relate to not wanting to make another decision? Or feeling agitated every time your child asks you something?

Over-doing has us exhausted. Do you feel the urge to look “busy” whenever someone is near? Do you have the feeling of “being in trouble” or feeling “guilty” if you don’t have all those things checked off your to do list by the end of the day or week?

Do you define success in how much you achieve, produce, accomplish or how much you do for others?

On today’s episode we are bridging the gap between thinking and doing and stepping into becoming WHOLE humans. This is where fulfillment is experienced.


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Book – 90 Seconds to a Life You Love


Jul 24, 202326:59
#143 Becoming the Parent You Want to BE
Jul 17, 202329:46
Healthy Boundaries Are the Path to Respect and Responsibility
Jul 10, 202340:30
141. The Fantasy of Should, Shouldn't and Supposed To
Jul 03, 202328:15
#140 “Breaking Up With Diet Culture and Finding a new Soulmate” w/ Leah Hortin
Jun 26, 202338:47
Boundaries Pave the Path to Compassion
Jun 19, 202323:51
Who is Regulating You?
Jun 12, 202323:25
137. Triggers as Teachers
Jun 05, 202327:05
How to Not Mess Up Your Kids
May 29, 202330:42
135. "They Need to Learn Right from Wrong" (Is it true?)

135. "They Need to Learn Right from Wrong" (Is it true?)

When I talk about conscious parenting or connected relationships parents and teachers alike repeat this statement with conviction, “But they need to learn right from wrong.” I totally get it. I too was quite attached to this belief. And of course, we want our children to be accepted into society. We want our children to take ownership of their own behaviors. We all want to live in safe, compassionate environments. My question is what is EFFECTIVE in accomplishing those goals?

On this episode I challenge this popular belief and offer a SHIFT in perspective.

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May 22, 202332:10
The Power of Vulnerability (A personally vulnerable episode)

The Power of Vulnerability (A personally vulnerable episode)

Most of us grew up around the message or some version of vulnerability being a weakness. We tend to see weakness as something bad or wrong, something we don’t want to be. We cover these so-called weaknesses up and hide behind what we think we’re supposed to be in order to be accepted. It forms shame around the parts of us that are deemed as bad or wrong. These are the parts of us that got us in trouble. It forms shame.

This is a generational pattern. In today’s episode I share my story of generational shame and the hurtful patterns it created and were passed from generation to generation UNTIL I got a wakeup call. My children are my greatest blessings and my catalyst for growth. They rocked my world so I could open up to a new more authentic self.  I FINALLY LISTENED TO THEM.

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May 15, 202354:27
Bridging the Gap Between Anger & Compassion
May 08, 202333:56
132. The Bridge

132. The Bridge

Do you often gain information and then wonder, "How do I integrate this into my life?" I mean, it all makes sense but then what?

Yes, it all starts with new information but there is a difference between having a new mindset and integrating new skills into daily living.

In today's episode we are exploring how to BRIDGE the gap:

*From drama to empowerment

* From the old model (of blame and defense) to the new model (of ownership and connection)

* From power struggles to collaboration

*From "I'm not good enough" to "I am worthy."

* From anger to compassion

*From dysregulation to self-regulation

On today's episode we will discuss how reinvention coaching is the bridge. So, POWERFUL!

Reinvention allows you to see yourself, others and the world from a new lens AND supports you in integrating AND embodying new skills. So you not only know them, you live them. POSSIBILITY is just a call away.

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May 01, 202317:55
131. Reclaiming My Voice
Apr 17, 202321:29
130. Parenting is an Inside Job
Apr 10, 202330:42
129. What I learned from "pop"
Apr 03, 202339:14
128. Leading Your Life with Confidence
Mar 27, 202337:26
127. Get out of the Drama
Mar 20, 202333:54
Body Confidence with Krysti Beckett
Mar 13, 202337:52
Making Friends with Fear
Mar 06, 202326:18
Creating Safe Environments

Creating Safe Environments

Creating safe environments? What does that mean? This goes beyond physical safety.

In this week’s episode we delve into emotional safety. When we live our life believing some version of, “I’m not good enough,” we are living in a constant state of threat. This is problematic because threat works against the brain putting us into a survival state unable to access logical thinking skills. Without our logical thinking skills online we are apt to react in ways that do not feel good and don’t feel safe to those around us.

Takeaways to creating safe environments:

· Emotional awareness and regulation

· The Practice of going inward through deep breathing (which can be done anywhere, anytime), meditation, just sitting quietly and noticing what your body feels like.  

· Noticing your thoughts without getting lost in them. Or noticing when you get lost in them and coming back to the present moment.

· Noticing your internal state when others express emotion or when something upsetting happens. 

· Self-compassion. Talking kindly to yourself and all your emotions and internal parts, such as the inner critic, shame, anger and other feelings, as well as joy, excitement, etc.

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Feb 27, 202338:34
From Failure to Freedom
Feb 20, 202323:20
Choosing Joy [interview w/ Connie Monroe]

Choosing Joy [interview w/ Connie Monroe]

In today’s episode I’m chatting with Transformational Coach and Author, Connie Monroe. Connie experienced abandonment and divorce. Today, we talk about how she overcame both to experience joy. Connie shares her journey from childhood abandonment and the similarities that followed in her marriage. She is breaking generational patterns, cultivating deep connections and leading her life with a renewed confidence. Tune in to hear how Connie overcame these adversities and is now living an authentic life.

About Connie:

Connie worked as a director at Merrill Lynch before she decided in 2008 to pursue her ultimate dream of writing and transformational coaching, she is the author of Holding onto Joy Through Abandonment & Divorce where she wrote about her experiences of abandonment and divorce which lead her into the authentic and fulfilling life she enjoys now in Costa Rica with her life partner Martin.

She is the CEO of Monroe Coaching which helps women after their divorce, and when they either cannot or do not want to have children - enabling women to achieve living their ultimate dream life even after these adversities. Moreover, she runs women's renewal retreats in Costa Rica facilitating a lasting new mindset of joy and happiness while surrounded by nature, peace, and tranquility.

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Feb 13, 202342:13
The Power of Love
Feb 06, 202329:45
120. Navigation Sibling Relationships part 2
Jan 30, 202335:27
119.Navigating Sibling Relationships (Part 1)
Jan 23, 202342:09
 Infidelity [Interview with Shannon Brown]

Infidelity [Interview with Shannon Brown]

Today we are discussing a topic not often talked about. Beautiful Behavior is all about bringing the not-so-beautiful out in the open and the willingness to become the change we seek. Transformation starts with awareness and honest conversations about the sticky things.  My guest, Shannon Brown, is a licensed therapist and relationships coach with over 20 years of experience. Her passion is working with couples who have experienced infidelity. Shannon’s desire is to bring this topic into the open and engage in honest conversations that create healing. Tune in to hear what Shannon has to say about this intimate topic.

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 Instagram @Reconnected_Relationship

Website -

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Jan 16, 202342:27
117. Am I Good Enough? Part 2
Jan 09, 202324:12
116. Am I Good Enough?
Jan 02, 202334:14
115. Self Talk

115. Self Talk

What kind of self talk do you use inside your head? If your like me you may have a critic living in your head ready to judge you and punish you every time you make a mistake. This critic makes sure you stay small and don't shine too bright so you can dodge any criticism or disapproval the world has to deal out.  How does this voice develop and is there something we can do about it? 

On today's episode you will learn how this voice gets developed and what we can do to shift to more positive self talk and how it impacts our life and those around us. 

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Dec 19, 202221:58
Kids and the Holidays

Kids and the Holidays

On the last episode we talked about distressing the holidays for ourselves. On this episode I wanted to talk about destressing the holidays for our children. 

Yes, the holidays can be stressful for children too. From threats of Santa not coming to an elf who focuses on watching out for negative behavior, all play into child holiday stress. In this episode we discuss some ways to reframe from the language of fear to the language of safety. 

What children want and need most from us is our engagement with them. Being present in the moment free from distractions. They want to know we are proud of them. As we validate their goodness they internalize it forming a positive sense of self. This is key in the ability to express helpful behavior. 

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Yes, the holidays can be stressful for children too. From threats of Santa not coming to an elf who focuses on watching out for negative behavior all play in to child holiday stress. In this episode we discuss some ways to reframe from the language of fear to the language of safety. 


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Dec 12, 202217:48