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Didn't Ask | Answering Reddit's Questions

Didn't Ask | Answering Reddit's Questions

By Tete Creative

In Didn't Ask I, Djimon, answer Reddit's most popular questions. Every week I search through Reddit to find the best questions and give my honest opinion on them.
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The Most Powerful Sex Symbol, The Rapture and Waking Up As My Crush

Didn't Ask | Answering Reddit's QuestionsFeb 15, 2023

The Most Powerful Sex Symbol, The Rapture and Waking Up As My Crush
Feb 15, 202336:15
Witnessing An Historic Event, Overrated Musicians and Becoming A Baker
Feb 08, 202329:10
My Favorite Non-alcoholic Beverage, Red Flags and Black & White Movies
Feb 01, 202331:22
The Thing I don't Understand About America, Naked As The Norm & A Gay Homie
Jan 25, 202330:50
Moving To The U.S., Declining Birth Rates & The Best Video Game Lore
Jan 18, 202331:31
20 Minute Bathroom Breaks, The American Nightmare & Tattoo Turn-Offs
Jan 11, 202330:42
Becoming A Porn Star, YouTube Channels Worth Watching & 10/10 Women
Jan 04, 202332:30
Rating My Dick, The Things Rich People Ruined And Unwanted Dick Pics
Dec 28, 202231:33
How Attractive Am I, Banning TikTok and The Most Overrated Band
Dec 21, 202230:49
The Female Morgan Freeman, My X-Mas Wishlist & Tracking Your Sister's Car
Dec 07, 202231:34
The Greatest Film Trilogy, Stuck On A 12-Hour Flight And 'in God We Trust'
Nov 30, 202233:06
Twitter Shutting Down, Waking Up As Joe Biden & Free Women Hygiene Products
Nov 23, 202233:34
Deciding The Next U.S. President, Mint Ice Cream And Cheating Partners
Nov 16, 202229:35
Girls with OnlyFans accounts, Favorite Storytelling songs and Period Pads
Nov 09, 202231:08
Voting Out One U.S. State, My Favorite X-Mas Movie & Sucking Dick For $
Nov 02, 202231:38
The Best Sitcom Character, Naming A Planet and Equally Paying Rent
Oct 26, 202232:16
Must Watch Anime, Foods With Terrible Textures And A Semi-Nude Roommate | Didn't Ask Podcast #84
Oct 19, 202229:60
Old Horror Movies, Laughing At Your Mother-In-Law And Freeing The Nipple
Oct 12, 202230:54
Nearing Nuclear War, Getting Circumcised & Making Something 5% Bigger
Oct 05, 202232:44
My Comfort YouTuber, Good Fucked Up Movies & Returning A Wedding Dress
Sep 28, 202236:22
Proving God Isn't Real, Caring about Breast Sizes & Refusing To Split Rent
Sep 21, 202229:02
Queen Elizabeth's Passing, Dating A Sex Worker & Picking The Same Baby Name
Sep 14, 202231:35
Popular Foods That Just Suck, Doing The Impossible & Annoying People For $
Sep 07, 202230:16
Celebrities That Stayed Normal, My Rap Name & Dying Your Daughter's Hair
Aug 31, 202229:21
Why I Don't Eat Certain Meats, My Role In An Orgy & A 4-Day Work Week
Aug 24, 202232:29
Sleeping Too Little, FBI Raid on Trump & Removing a Dead Name Tattoo
Aug 17, 202231:35
The Worst Place To Lose Your Virginity, An American Thing To Try & Cancelling Vegan Food
Aug 10, 202232:52
Addictions That Are Normalized, Early Days Of The Internet & The Best Anime
Aug 03, 202236:38
The Worst Weapon In A Zombie Apocalypse, A Masterpiece Video Game And Working In The Nude
Jul 27, 202231:00
Weird Things To Do At 3 AM, The Song I Am Obsessed With and Break-up Lines
Jul 20, 202230:48
Taking Your Date To The Museum, Dumb Lyrics and Removing Dog Pictures
Jul 13, 202230:48
Sex Special: Why I like boobs, Sex In a Porta-Pottie & Ruining The Mood
Jul 06, 202228:19
Fuck The Supreme Court, A Sexless Relationship and My Gravestone Text
Jun 29, 202229:34
The Best American Foods, What I Hate About Star Wars & The Game I Recommend
Jun 22, 202235:44
Being Stuck In A Game World, Loud Sex In A Hotel Room And Pausing Time
Jun 15, 202227:20
A Different Word For Cumming, Being Frightened And Things That Take Too Long
Jun 08, 202231:53
A non-American show to binge, My Gaming Hot Take And An Obscure Animal Fact
Jun 01, 202231:26
The Dumbest Way I Injured Myself & Tourist Destinations You Won't Find Me
May 25, 202229:15
Dying Dads, The Best Cartoon Ever & Female Voices That Make You Eargasm
May 18, 202231:00
Why I Don't Want Kids, Waiting To Be Murdered & Selling My Pet For $50.000
May 11, 202229:32
Talking Animals, My favorite Thing From Japan and Elon Musk Buying Twitter
May 04, 202228:19
Talking To My Younger Self, Why I'm On Reddit & Comedic Actors In Dramas
Apr 27, 202230:53
The Most WTF Film I’ve EVER Seen, Sexualized Slogans And Legal Prostitution
Apr 20, 202228:12
Joining the Spice Girls, Ruining Religion And Ransacking Your Boyfriend's Apartment
Apr 13, 202230:19
Thinking About Australia, Canceled Shows And A Man's Worst Enemy
Apr 06, 202229:12
Getting Slapped By Will Smith, The Next U.S. President & A Tattooed Mom
Mar 30, 202229:57
Screamable Song Lyrics, Underpaid Jobs And My Favorite Fictional Dog
Mar 23, 202229:44
The Actual Size Of Things, Disgusting Foods & Video Game Adaptations
Mar 17, 202228:39
Reincarnating As An Animal, Reviving A Dead Video Game Series And Things In The Junk Drawer
Mar 09, 202229:08
Picking A Pokémon In Real Life, Becoming Immortal And Stealing A Credit Card
Mar 02, 202227:25
Am I The Asshole Special: New Glasses, Weddings and More Family Drama
Feb 23, 202231:36
Unattractive Male Names, Sleeping Naked And The Best Spices
Feb 17, 202226:43
Why We Eat McDonald's, Post-Apocaplyptic Currency and My Favorite Pokémon
Feb 09, 202227:28
Renaming Earth, Owning Disney And Movies That Blow Your Mind
Feb 02, 202228:49
The Male Equivalent To Flowers And Adding Razzle Dazzle To A Grilled Cheese Sandwich
Jan 26, 202226:42
Getting Footage Of An Historic Event, Earning Easy Money And Eating Pokémon
Jan 19, 202228:11
The Game I Regret Buying, An App I'll Never Touch And Calling The Police On Your Fiancé
Jan 12, 202227:50
One Wish To Help The World, Fighting A Petite Woman And A Fake House Key
Jan 05, 202229:01
The anti-work movement, learning things too late & a misleading co-worker?
Dec 29, 202133:17
Recommending 3 movies you've NEVER seen and a radio message from space
Dec 22, 202127:59
New Zealand's new tobacco law, benefits of wearing a mask and the first thing I EVER cooked
Dec 15, 202130:09
What celebrity I would marry if they'd asked & the most recognizable voices
Dec 08, 202133:49
Being the top 1%, Cheating in Single Player games and Unnecessary purchases
Dec 01, 202130:30
What my country brings to the party, a useful website and no gays at the wedding
Nov 24, 202128:01
Triggering an entire fan base, singers with irritating voices and the most disgusting ice cream flavor
Nov 17, 202127:50
Befriending a YouTuber, singing for a kidnapper and an unattractive celebrity
Nov 10, 202128:54
Typical American things, killing off religion and a penis shaped cake
Nov 03, 202130:42
Naming the first city on Mars, Conspiracy theories and Satanic symbols
Oct 27, 202130:02
The worst thing about being a guy, what I collect and annoying online trends
Oct 20, 202129:45
Should abortions be legal, Who's the real Alpha Male and dipping French fries
Oct 13, 202129:48
Getting resurrected in 1000 years, spending $10,000 at one store and arresting a 16 y/o
Oct 07, 202128:58
How I got these scars, the funniest stand-up comedy set and doing a heist
Sep 29, 202128:10
My teenage celebrity crush, surviving 24 hours in a game and paying for a friend's EpiPen
Sep 22, 202129:02
What kids movie has no right to be this good, a celebrity death that hit me hard and breaking taboos
Sep 15, 202127:51
Problems of 90's gamers, making a terrible movie and building an unamusement park
Sep 08, 202129:44
The downside of wearing glasses, my favorite anime and not selling a flat to the highest bidder
Sep 01, 202131:30
The most elaborate scam I fell for, how I messed with computers at school and an Alien invasion?
Aug 25, 202130:13
The appropriate response to seeing boobs, why I like potatoes and what everyone should have in their home
Aug 18, 202128:29
Beautiful songs with disturbing lyrics, what to say to a murderer and my vaccination story
Aug 11, 202129:56
Spending Jeff Bezos' money, why I'm single and the best insult
Aug 04, 202130:41
What never to do on a first date, new Olympic sports and the best trash tv
Jul 28, 202127:50
My country's Black Panther, why I got vaccinated and my favorite video game
Jul 21, 202129:59
The best movie soundtrack, banger intros to shows and the must-watch documentary
Jul 14, 202130:17
My go-to comfort food, my favorite smell and the sequel that was an embarrassment to the original
Jul 07, 202133:56
Stuck in an elevator, going into hiding and a famous cover song
Jun 30, 202136:48
What movie I could watch on repeat, depressing video games and refusing to lie
Jun 23, 202131:33
Skinny people problems, tacky tattoos and deleting Facebook posts
Jun 16, 202128:47
The cruelest prank ever, the weirdest black market in school and the book of life
Jun 09, 202129:42
A famous person at my funeral, the loneliest thing I've ever done and my favorite cartoon
Jun 02, 202133:34
What fictional universe would I live in, my TED talk topic and the TV-show I've watched the most
May 26, 202134:07
The bad movie I love, the dumbest thing I got paid for and my favorite comedian
May 19, 202127:54
Cave drawings, real life video game HUDs and an unprofessional doctor
May 12, 202127:19
People thinking I'm stupid, getting into trouble at school and tattoo artists with a small bladder
May 05, 202129:21
A skill definitely worth learning, suddenly becoming a billionaire and the best mobile game
Apr 28, 202129:17
Cybernetic implants, worst movie sequel ever and video games that made quarantine better
Apr 21, 202128:28
Why I don't drink alcohol, do I like my name and babies destroying guitars
Apr 14, 202131:37
Crushes, being alone and weird local customs
Apr 07, 202131:29
Making new friends, unwatchable TV-shows and getting stressed during presentations
Mar 31, 202130:42
The most attractive person I've met, life pre covid and the book that changed my life

The most attractive person I've met, life pre covid and the book that changed my life

Another week, another podcast.

Today I went back to Reddit to find the most popular questions of the past week. With that, I answered questions about the most attractive person I've met, the thing I miss the most about life pre covid and the book that changed my life.

Thanks for listening!

Do you have a question you want answered? Go to

Mar 24, 202132:41
Meeting famous people, eating strange things and pets with drama

Meeting famous people, eating strange things and pets with drama

In the first-ever episode of the Didn't Ask podcast, I take on multiple questions from the AskReddit sub-Reddit. I dive into questions about meeting famous people, strange things that are safe for human consumption and my favorite British term.

Let's answer some questions you didn't ask me!

Mar 17, 202132:11