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By Dieku Games

Join me in the exploration of why we love table top games through long form interviews with game designers and industry influencers.

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The World of Myrr with Andrew Cawood

Dieku PodcastNov 29, 2023

The World of Myrr with Andrew Cawood

The World of Myrr with Andrew Cawood

I was once again joined by Andrew Cawood, the creator of the popular Monsters Book Series, which featured Monsters of the Underworld, City, Wilderness, Dungeon and Feyland 1 and 2. Andrew is currently kickstarting the World of Myrr, which is the fantasy setting in which the monster books have been based in. To learn more about Cawood Publishing:

Nov 29, 202326:25
OBSCURE - Game Pitch
Nov 23, 202319:50
Liminal Horror & One Night at the Shelterwood Inn
Nov 21, 202301:03:53
Mythic Bastionland with Chris McDowall
Nov 03, 202341:44
Hallowzine Livestream

Hallowzine Livestream

Happy Hallowzine! Luchador Hero as part of the HallowZine Bundle Liminal Horror: The Haunted Hamlet: Bug Busters Kickstarter: Bug Busters Game Bug Busters Playlist: Ghostbusters PDFs: #OSR #TTRPG

Oct 31, 202326:25
Savage Universe

Savage Universe

I welcome two people, whose names I'm sure will be familiar to many in the TTRPG space. J-M DeFoggi is a long time creator and well-known for the Jackals bronze age game. and now has the role of Savage Universe Community Manager. Chris Landauer is the Director of Marketing for Pinnacle Entertainment Group, the folks that that have brought us the Savage World System that has been described as fast, fun and furious. Learn more:

Oct 27, 202301:00:17
Hyperborea with Jeffrey Talanian

Hyperborea with Jeffrey Talanian

I welcome Jeffrey Talanian, one of the pillars of old school gaming renaissance, and the creative mind behind Astonishing Swordsmen & Sorcerers of Hyperborea which recently completed the 3rd edition of the game earlier this year. For more information: To learn more about Dieku Games:

Oct 27, 202349:59
Bug Busters Pre-Launch Info Session
Oct 04, 202327:10
The Outer Rim: Uprising - Kickstarting Oct 3

The Outer Rim: Uprising - Kickstarting Oct 3

Can you hear it? It’s a roar. It’s a tide rising from the edges of the galaxy. It’s a calling for you to join the fight. Outer Rim: Uprising is a bundle of 15-plus original zines, pamphlets, cards, maps, and player-facing accessories all driven by a strong, riotous spirit.


What Is ORU?
ORU is a massive bundle of adventures and accessories for the tabletop RPG Mothership. It’s brought to you by The Lost Bay Studio, expert tabletop RPG bundlers, and a gang of top-tier international designers and artists.


20+ adventures, pamphlets, and player-facing accessories
Deck of 40 full-color NPC cards by Victor J Merino
Campaign handbook packed with custom classes, factions, hooks, items, and procedures
Sounds of Space audio tape by David Blandy
Faction patches by Alfred Valley
A pool of veteran Mothership designers
Breathtaking art by Evangeline Gallagher, Zach Hazard Vaupen, Holly Jenka, Victor J Merino, Daniel Locke, and Vil
Laid out by the best layout designers of the system: Gontijo, Josh Domanski, Jean Verne
Professional editing by Walton Wood of Līber Lūdōrum, and Samatha Leigh
Oct 01, 202301:05:17
Don't Play This Game with Barney & Charlie Menzies
Sep 29, 202356:45
Aug 28, 202345:04
Don't Tell Mom and Dad
Aug 21, 202301:11:57
Ben Milton from Questing Beast and Knave 2e
Aug 14, 202343:54
Nightmare Over Ragged Hollow
Jul 28, 202331:02
Black Sword Hack with Kobayashi
Jul 10, 202301:03:43
Seth Skorkowsky Talks RPG Philosophy

Seth Skorkowsky Talks RPG Philosophy

Seth Skorkowsky was born beneath the pine trees of East Texas and grew up with a love of camping and outdoors. His teen years were spent ingesting heavy doses of Dungeons & Dragons and Clive Barker novels. At thirteen, while visiting his favorite comic/game shop, he saw the cover for the AD&D “Lankhmar: City of Adventure” campaign book. Seth had no idea who Fritz Leiber or his heroes, Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser, even were, but the imagery captured him. Leiber’s stories became the single greatest influence on the atmosphere of his fantasy writing. Sometime after college, while attempting to write the next great epic horror/fantasy, he penned a short story on the side called ‘The Mist of Lichthafen‘. It was his nod to Fritz. He sold the story to TTA Press who wanted it for their upcoming Black Static magazine. “The Mist of Lichthafen” was praised among readers. It received a longlist nomination for the 2009 British Fantasy Award. Seth would later narrate the story for TTA Press’ ‘Transmissions From Beyond’ podcast. Later, during a moment of writer’s block in his novel, he wrote an origin story for a thief character called The Black Raven. ‘Birth of the Black Raven’ was always intended to be a stand-alone story with a very open ending. A year later, after his first trip to Venice, he wrote ‘Race for the Night Ruby‘, and decided to cast the same character, but now as a master thief. Once that was done, he really had no choice but to fill in the gaps between the two stories and then continue on with more adventures. As of writing this, Black Raven has had over 21 stories. In 2011, after attending a brutal 3-day writing workshop, Seth finally came to grips that his first novel was simply dreadful. Instead of feeling dismayed, it gave him the courage to let it go and actually start work on an Urban Fantasy story that he’d been mulling for several years. DÄMOREN sold to Ragnarok Publications in 2013. It published in 2014 and was a Audie Award finalist for Best Paranormal Audiobook. A week later, lightning struck twice more when he signed to publish not just one, but two collections of Black Raven adventures. MOUNTAIN OF DAGGERS and SEA OF QUILLS. Seth has now published four Valducan novels and a seperate novel Ashes of Onyx. He has many more Black Raven adventures planned. One day he hopes to pen that epic fantasy, as well as a gritty pulp crime novel. In 2016, he started making YouTube videos about table-top role-playing games one day. His channel won the Gold ENnie Award for Best Online Content in 2019. In 2020, his first published RPG scenario ‘A Mother’s Love’ was released in the Call of Cthulhu collection New Tales of the Miskatonic Valley. The collection went on to win the 2020 Gold ENnie Award for Best Electronic Book. When not writing, Seth loves going on walks to clear his head and daydream. He enjoys traveling. His favorite city is Florence. Table-top role-playing is still an enormous part of his life. He loves, going to Renaissance faires, making YouTube videos, and watching bad movies with friends. To learn more: To learn more about Dieku Games:

Jul 03, 202301:14:45
John "Hambone McGuire from 3-2-1 Action

John "Hambone McGuire from 3-2-1 Action

I welcomed John “Hambone" McGuire who is one of the co-creators of 3-2-1 Action system along with Geo Collazo, as well as the co-host of the Vintage RPG podcast with Stu Horvath, and official ambassador for the swamps of New Jersey. To learn more:

Learn more about Dieku Games:

Jun 28, 202359:40
ECO MOFOS - Game Pitch
Jun 19, 202342:26
WHPA Fairhaven and Ninja City with Rev. Joey Royale
Jun 12, 202348:29
Ultraviolet Grasslands 2 by Luka Rejec - Available on June 14
Jun 09, 202352:54
Sandy Petersen - Designer of Call of Cthulhu
Jun 07, 202353:57
DriveThru RPG Pocket Quest 2023 - Space
May 29, 202334:41
Planet X with Levi Combs
May 26, 202354:07
Death In Space from Stockholm Kartell
May 24, 202346:46
Neurocity Kickstarter with Gavriel Quiroga
May 17, 202334:47
Freeform Universal Game Design with Nathan Russell from Peril Planet Games
Apr 03, 202347:59
Zine Quest Wrap-up and Big Changes at the Wobblies & Wizards Podcast
Mar 27, 202331:32
Designing Mothership Sandbox Settings with Joel Hines
Mar 22, 202352:57
The Art of OSR Design with Singing Flame
Feb 23, 202301:03:48
6083 - The game that's been 38 years in the making!
Jan 03, 202354:08
TTRPG Year in Review
Dec 21, 202201:25:03
OSR Holiday Wishlist & Best Games of 2022

OSR Holiday Wishlist & Best Games of 2022

Garry Snow was joined by Logar the Barbarian from Wobblies Wizards as they both share their letters asking Krampus for games they want this holiday season, as well as a list of their top games from 2022!  We are inviting viewers to provide superchats with all proceeds going towards two charities - Schools for Chiapas and Doctors Without Borders, with matching donations up to the total amount of $100!


Schools for Chiapas (Logar) 

Schools for Chiapas is an organization of grassroots activists and communities working to support the autonomous, indigenous Zapatista communities of Chiapas, Mexico. We are neither a traditional NGO (non-governmental organization) nor are we affiliated with any government, religion, or business. Schools for Chiapas was created the mid-1990’s by individuals searching for ways to make the world a better place and working to create a world where all worlds fit.

Donate directly and learn more:


Doctors Without Borders (Garry)

Doctors Without Borders focuses on providing medical care to victims of armed conflict, epidemics, forced migration, and disasters. It runs both immediate humanitarian relief projects and longer-term medical programs that treat diseases such as cholera, HIV/AIDS, and measles. Finally, MSF’s advocacy arm raises awareness on issues relating to human rights abuses and healthcare inequality. MSF Canada provides spending figures by country, not broken down by program area.  In 2020, MSF provided 9,904,200 outpatient consultations, facilitated 1,026,900 emergency room admissions, and assisted 306,800 births. It provided 112,000 outpatient consultations for covid-19 and admitted 15,400 covid-19 patients. It also treated 2,690,600 malaria cases and 8,300 cholera cases. In 2020, the charity’s three largest focus countries, in order of program spending, were the Democratic Republic of the Congo, South Sudan, and Yemen.

Donate directly and learn more: 

Logar's Wishlist:

3. Screams amongst the Stars

2. Forbidden Lands Book of Beasts

1. GURPS 4e

Garry's Wishlist:




Logar's Best of 2022:




Garry's Best of 2022:





Learn more about Dieku Games: 

Learn more about Logar and Wobblies & Wizards at:

Dec 02, 202201:07:53
Art of Game Design with Jesse Schell

Art of Game Design with Jesse Schell

Jesse Schell is the author of the critically acclaimed book "The Art of Game Design: A Book of Lenses," published in 2008. The book captured Game Developer Magazine's coveted "Front Line Award" in 2008. In 2014, he released the second edition of this book. In 2019 the tenth anniversary and third edition of the book was released.  

Jesse is also the founder and CEO of Schell Games. Since starting Schell Games in 2002, Jesse has grown it into the largest and most successful game development company in Pennsylvania. Under his leadership, Schell Games has produced an amazing array of innovative, transformational and award-winning entertainment experiences, including the Disney Fairies MMO, Pixie Hollow, Toy Story Mania TV Game and some of the most popular interactive theme park attractions in the world.   

Jesse also holds a faculty position as Distinguished Professor at the Entertainment Technology Center (ETC) of Carnegie Mellon University. Since 2006, Professor Schell has taught the Building Virtual Worlds class, created by ETC Co-Founder and "The Last Lecture" author, Randy Pausch.   Prior to starting Schell Games, Jesse was the Creative Director of the Disney Imagineering Virtual Reality Studio, where he worked and played for seven years as a designer, programmer, and manager on numerous projects for Disney theme parks and DisneyQuest.  

He is perhaps most celebrated for his design of Disney's Toontown Online, the first massively multiplayer game for kids. Toontown Online won several awards, including the following:

  • Computer Gaming World - "2003 MMORPG Game of the Year"  
  • Webby Awards - "2003 People's Voice Award, Kids Category"  
  • Parents' Choice Foundation - "2003 Silver Honor"  
  • Children's Software Review - "2003 All Star Software Award"  
  • WiredKids - "2005 Safe Gaming Award"  
  • 2005 Webby Awards - "Webby Worthy Selection Award"   

Learn more about Schell Games: 

Learn more about Dieku Games:

Nov 09, 202250:08
OSR Gaming in Lost Dungeons of Tonisborg with Griffith Morgan
Nov 03, 202201:54:37
Quick HallowZine Update
Oct 27, 202203:24
Steve Jackson
Sep 21, 202243:06
Lee Gold of Alarums and Excursions APA RPG Fanzine
Sep 07, 202244:57
Cezar Capacle of Push and What Lies Beneath the Darkness
Aug 31, 202256:45
Andrew Kolb shares design for the new Oz 5e setting!
Aug 26, 202256:01
Dr. Emily Zarka from Monstrum

Dr. Emily Zarka from Monstrum

I was joined by Doctor Emily Zarka the writer and host of Monstrum - an award-winning series featured on PBS's Storied YouTube channel.  Monstrum examines the complex histories and motivations behind some of the world's most famous monsters, and has featured many that would be familiar to D&D players such as the Basilisk and Trolls.   For more information on Monstrum:   Learn more about Dieku Games: 
Aug 17, 202225:27
Logar the Barbarian from Wobblies & Wizards Podcast
Aug 01, 202231:52
Marc Miller, Creator of Traveller RPG
Jul 19, 202201:14:06
Daniel Sell, Creator of Troika! RPG
Jul 12, 202201:08:28
PocketQuest on DriveThruRPG
Jun 28, 202247:11
Nate Treme of Highland Paranormal Society

Nate Treme of Highland Paranormal Society

It was a pleasure to have Nate Treme of Highland Paranormal Society on the show to discuss his design process and the many unique games that he has made over the years, such as Tunnel Goons, Kozmik Objects, and adventures like What Child is This, Barrow of the Elf King and Dogtooth Valley. 

Learn more about Highland Paranormal Society: 

Learn more about Dieku Games: 

Jun 23, 202201:00:50
Adam Vass from World Champ Game Co.
Jun 14, 202258:30
The Solo Game Master's Guide from Geek Gamers
Jun 07, 202257:15
Jim Parkin of Weird North Discusses FKR Game Theory
May 31, 202201:05:01
Lex Mandrake from Dank Dungeons and Azag
May 26, 202258:04
Eric Nieudan from Knock Magazine and Merry Mushmen
May 26, 202245:35