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Digi Com Chats

Digi Com Chats

By Damion T. & Gabriel S.

Life is full of choices. Some are scarier than others and sometimes understanding the reason for making a choice is just as important as the actual choice. All of our choices shape us and those around us. We spend so much time talking or thinking about good or bad choices, but rarely take the time to understand how those choices came to be or why it even matters.

Well, not any more. Join us as we discuss what life can be when you ask yourself these two questions every morning:

What would I do if I wasn't afraid?


Why does this (whatever it is) matter?
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Episode 103 - Conversations That Matter w/ Dan Faill

Digi Com ChatsDec 28, 2020

Episode 107 - Dope People Who: Overcome Fear to Have Dope AF Relationships
Feb 17, 202139:32
Episode 106 - Interview w/ Caitlyn Martin: Singer & Voice of the Tech Witch Podcast
Jan 30, 202154:02
Episode 105 - Interview with Virginia Duan (a.k.a. Mandarin Mama)

Episode 105 - Interview with Virginia Duan (a.k.a. Mandarin Mama)

In episode, I sit down with editor/writer/entrepreneur Virginia Duan about overcoming fear in your career (and life overall). I have known Virginia for over 20 years! We started our careers together in science and gradually over time seem to take the same path from science into more creative endeavors. 

Virginia Duan is the entertainment editor for Mochi Magazine and the Living Justice Editor for Diverging Magazine. She’s written for sites like Scary Mommy,, and Mochi Magazine. She has profiled and written features of K-pop stars like Ailee and actors like Dustin Nguyen and David Lim. She is also the founder of BrAzn AZN, an intimate series for Asian Pacific Islander Desi American (APIDA) creatives and influencers.

Her first book, So You Want Your Kid to Learn Chinese, hit #1 in Amazon‘s Chinese Language Instruction section in one day. This book is for every parent who wants their kid to learn Chinese and is willing to supplement and provide the necessary support that their child will need.

Virginia is a writer incapable of writing in brief. She swears. . . a lot. She finds it impossible to refrain from commenting online for the sole purpose of making people admit they are idiots. Fatal flaw is fatal. She discusses deeply uncomfortable and humiliating topics with biting humor and glimpses of grace; loves the injudicious use of ALLCAPS; is #teamoxfordcomma; and always stans BTS.

If you want to check out more of her work here are her deets:

Website -

Instagram - @themandarinmama

Jan 19, 202101:20:55
Episode 104 - Interview with Lenzy Ruffin

Episode 104 - Interview with Lenzy Ruffin

Shortly before the new year, Damion sat down to talk to Lenzy Ruffin. Lenzy is the owner of Park Road Studio, the producer of the Working While Black podcast and the founder of both The Black Women's Video Empowerment Academy and The 2020 Collective. 

Lenzy has been a strong voice for equity and representation whose work has been focused on making an impact starting at the local level. Lenzy exemplifies how we can all make a positive impact just using what we already have. 

Follow Lenzy on LinkedIn or check out his work:

Jan 06, 202156:57
Episode 103 - Conversations That Matter w/ Dan Faill

Episode 103 - Conversations That Matter w/ Dan Faill

This week Damion sat down and chatted with speaker and educator Dan Faill of Conversations That Matter. 

Initially we intended the conversation to be about the reasons men are so uncomfortable being vulnerable, but to be honest we drifted quite a bit. We kept coming back to the topic, but apparently neither of us have ever met a tangent we didn't like. 

Dan is an incredible speaker, motivator and educator who is great at getting people to talk about hard topics like diversity and imposter syndrome. Give the guy a follow and some likes. 


Instagram: @danfaill

Dec 28, 202001:08:41
Episode 102 - Are Work Zoom Calls An Invasion of Privacy?

Episode 102 - Are Work Zoom Calls An Invasion of Privacy?

By now we are all probably experiencing some level Zoom fatigue - especially at work. It seems like these days employers and co-workers feel the need to have a video call to discuss every thought that crosses their minds instead of using other, arguably more appropriate means of communication. 

After some....well, interesting Zoom calls, Damion and Gabriel are asking: Are video calls for work an invasion of privacy? Does your employer have the right to "require" workers to have their videos on during calls?

WARNING: This conversation take a left turn and goes off the rails about halfway through and becomes incredibly fun and ridiculous. Hopefully it will make you smile. Oh yeah! There's also some swearing.

Dec 21, 202059:57
Episode 101 - Why does diversity matter?

Episode 101 - Why does diversity matter?

With all of the talk about diversity and how important it is, it seems like people spend way too much time fighting about what is diversity, but rarely talk about why diversity matters. So, on Wednesday (December 9, 2020) Gabriel and Damion went love on the Stereo App to ask, Why does diversity matter?

We had some amazing answers and a great conversation from our listeners. BTW - we had some technical difficulties with the sound for some reason, so there's an echo and some digital noise that wouldn't go away! We apologize. 

If you want to catch Damion and Gabriel's chats live, download the free Stereo app from the app store and follow us:

@LowellTaylor and @Gadrel

Dec 15, 202059:27