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Digital Society

Digital Society

By Travis Holland

A hybrid podcast-lecture exploration into our digital society. The podcast serves as lectures for the class Envisioning the Digital Society at Charles Sturt University but also aims to engage the listener out there beyond the classroom.

The series is produced by Senior Lecturer in Communication, Travis Holland:
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Artificial Intelligence: Applications and Trajectories - Special Episode for the Big Rhetorical Podcast Carnival

Digital SocietyAug 21, 2023

Artificial Intelligence: Applications and Trajectories - Special Episode for the Big Rhetorical Podcast Carnival
Aug 21, 202331:49
Social Media and Cyberpunk

Social Media and Cyberpunk

From Instagram to Snapchat and Facebook, social media has come to dominate how we communicate. For many, social media is the internet. Using these platforms subjects us to the whims of the huge social corporations. And occasionally, we push back. What’s more cyberpunk than that?

Aug 21, 202333:20
Internet communities

Internet communities

Four student-produced segments attack aspects of community building in participatory media.

Jun 06, 202319:56
Everything you never wanted to know about selfies

Everything you never wanted to know about selfies

Flynn, Ruby, Luna, Charlotte, Annabelle and Gemma studied selfies this week, and now they're here to tell you all about it.

May 23, 202330:08


Students discuss challenges with internet regulation via perspectives thrown up from two major case studies.

May 14, 202323:19
Georgia ats Dril

Georgia ats Dril

This is the first episode in Digital Society in which the mic is fully turned over to students. They're asked to produce segments up to around five minutes in length examining internet topics from their own perspectives and ideas. This week, it’s the history of the internet, which Georgia Fisher has covered with a segment looking at Dril and his relationship with the rise, and now fall, of Twitter. Then, through interviews with internet users, Georgia Lewis-Minogue gives us a social history of the net.

May 08, 202311:42
How to make a podcast
Mar 22, 202330:21
Persona and the Selfie
Mar 03, 202348:35
WTF is social media? With bonus AI and Cyberpunk chat
Feb 28, 202359:57
Regulation of the Internet

Regulation of the Internet

Featuring a look at whether the internet can and should be regulated, and three case studies of regulation from around the world: the 'Great Firewall of China', the Christchurch Call, and Australian Mandatory Data Retention. The episode also engages with JP Barlow's thirty-year-old Declaration of the Independence of Cyberspace


Sources discussed: 

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Feb 23, 202318:42
The Business of Participatory Media

The Business of Participatory Media

As much as it might seem natural to participate in the creation of media and culture through uploading photos to Instagram, slapping text on an image to create a meme, setting video to a trending song on TikTok, or producing a podcast and sending it out onto the web, this mode of media production is unusual by recent historical standards. This episode discusses participatory media and the way it has been used by businesses, with a special case study of LEGO Ideas.

Sources, etc:

LEGO Ideas:
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Feb 15, 202318:35
A History of the Internet
Feb 02, 202326:19