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Divine Beauty Podcast

Divine Beauty Podcast

By Leanne Marie

Calling all spiritual souls... Learn to love and accept your inner beast, embrace the beauty within and create magic & miracles in your life!
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How to create the life you want

Divine Beauty PodcastDec 10, 2022

How to create the life you want
Dec 10, 202224:57
Lessons and Blessings
Sep 04, 202217:19
Embracing the storm
Aug 02, 202234:48
Redundancy ~ A Meaningful Experience
May 31, 202210:37
Why you aren’t getting (or keeping) what you want or need in life (PLEASE LISTEN!)
May 27, 202222:15
Distractions, Presence & Self-Abandonment
Dec 08, 202118:02
Keeping the peace
Sep 07, 202115:36
No more playing “small” ~ My magical, powerful meditation message!
Jul 07, 202119:10
Tale as old as time
Jun 25, 202114:26
Feeling “Not Good Enough”
Jun 09, 202118:58
Shadow Work ~ Embracing your dark side
Jun 02, 202124:49
Getting “Grounded”

Getting “Grounded”

This episode is all about getting “grounded” (and not the punishment type!) .. I talk about what it is, what feeling ungrounded is like, ways you can help yourself to ground more into your body and come back “down to Earth”

The link to my grounding meditation is

I also have an optional grounding meditation for balancing the lower chakras too .. link below

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Join our “Lighthouse Family” in the BE THE LIGHT ~ SHINE BRIGHT COMMUNITY for INTUITIVE, COMPASSIONATE FEMININE SOULS who feel like they are destined to live a more MEANINGFUL, PURPOSEFUL, AUTHENTIC and ALIGNED life
May 28, 202117:52
Making tough life decisions
May 24, 202115:28
If you believe.. you will achieve
May 19, 202108:34