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Divorce for Wealthy Women

Divorce for Wealthy Women

By Olivia Summerhill, CDS™

This podcast invites highly sought-after divorce professionals to share their guidance to all women listening. The intent is to share tips that affluent women can use to maintain their lifestyle during and post-divorce.

Hosted by Olivia Summerhill, a Certified Financial Planner, Divorce Specialist, and Money Coach who discreetly helps high-net-worth women in divorce with their financial questions.
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Financial Do's & Don'ts in Divorce

Divorce for Wealthy Women Jul 27, 2022

Addressing Body Image Issues and Emotional Distress After Divorce

Addressing Body Image Issues and Emotional Distress After Divorce

Divorce can be a challenging and life-changing event for women who may struggle with unique issues like emotional distress and body image concerns.


In this episode, Marcella Dodge Webster, a health and wellness coach and life coach, shares her expertise in supporting women during the transition from divorce. Marcella offers practical advice on addressing body image issues and patterns that affect overall well-being, drawing from her extensive experience working with women in similar situations. Her book, "Does This Divorce Make Me Look Fat?" guides women to heal and build a new beginning after divorce.

Tune in now to gain insights and guidance for a better post-divorce life and to prioritize women's health after divorce.

Topics Discussed

Opportunities for growth and empowerment after divorce Addressing body image issues Patterns that affect overall health and well-being Building a new beginning after divorce

About Marcella Dodge Webster

Meet Marcella, a professional energy worker with over a decade of experience in the health and wellness industry. She started her journey as a 500 ERYT yoga instructor and studio owner in 2012, where she developed a keen ability to read the body and chakras to release stuck energy patterns in her students.

Driven by her innate passion for health and well-being, Marcella expanded her expertise to health coaching, specializing in body image issues. With her extensive knowledge and experience, she now coaches on every aspect of well-being, including grief recovery, love, and family relationships.

Marcella's unique approach to coaching involves blending her innate psychic guidance with spiritually guided insights honed through psychic training under GOOP's Deganit Nuur and Reiki Master Caitlin Marino. This allows her to offer personalized coaching that is both practical and intuitive. With her passion for health and wellness, expertise, and intuition, Marcella is dedicated to helping her clients achieve their optimal well-being. In addition to coaching, Marcella also offers talks and workshops, sharing her knowledge and experience with others. You can find her on her mountain bike, taking a trail run, or spending time with her three teenage children when she's not working.

Connect with Marcella Dodge Webster:

Website | Instagram | @marcella.coaching

Resources Mentioned:

Does This Divorce Make Me Look Fat?: A Heart Warrior's Guide for Healing Body Image, Recovering from Heartbreak & Creating an Amazing Beginning from the Ashes of Your Life 

About The Podcast

This podcast invites highly sought-after divorce professionals to share their guidance to all women listening. The intent is to share tips that affluent women can use to maintain their lifestyle during and post-divorce.

Hosted by Olivia Summerhill, a Certified Financial Planner, Divorce Specialist, and Money Coach who discreetly helps high-net-worth women in divorce with their financial questions.

Website |

LinkedIn | 

May 15, 202312:26
Understand Men from the Divorce Cowboy's Perspective

Understand Men from the Divorce Cowboy's Perspective

It is finally time to have Tamir Berkman on my podcast! Divorce is a painful and emotional experience, and we often fail to acknowledge that it can be incredibly challenging for men. In this episode, who better to have on than Australian Tamir Berkman, the founder of Divorce Cowboy, who explores men's unique difficulties during divorce and separation. Tamir's program offers emotional support and tools for men to navigate the challenging emotions of divorce, including the suppression of emotions, identity crises, and blame games. 

Furthermore, Tamir discusses the importance of empathy in negotiation tactics, which can lead to better outcomes for everyone involved. Lastly, Tamir touches on the troubling trend of labeling ex-partners with personality disorders without proper diagnosis or understanding of mental health issues. 

Today's episode sheds light on men's unique challenges during divorce and provides valuable insights into coping and moving forward during difficult times. This episode is a MUST-LISTEN for women going through a divorce to learn about the other side!

Topics Discussed

Challenges of divorce for men and how it differs from women Emotional aspects of divorce The importance of managing emotions during the separation The three main pain points of divorce for men - emotional roller coasters, the blaming game, and the identity crisis The power of vulnerability and how it can be a strength, especially for men The importance of being authentic and standing for one's truth in all relationships


Tamir Berkman is a divorce coach for men who have been through a separation. Tamir understands firsthand the pain, stress, and confusion of divorce. After his divorce, Tamir received invaluable support that completely transformed his life. That's why he's dedicated to helping men survive and thrive during this difficult time. He's eager to share his roadmap with men of wealth so they can overcome separation obstacles.

Connect with 

Website | LinkedIn | Tamir Berkman  Instagram |@divorce__cowboy

Resources Mentioned:

The Separation Survival Guide |

About The Podcast

This podcast invites highly sought-after divorce professionals to share their guidance to all women listening. The intent is to share tips that affluent women can use to maintain their lifestyle during and post-divorce.

Hosted by Olivia Summerhill, a Certified Financial Planner, Divorce Specialist, and Money Coach who discreetly helps high-net-worth women in divorce with their financial questions.

Website |

LinkedIn | 

May 02, 202315:34
Investigating Grief and Isolation for Affluent Women in Divorce

Investigating Grief and Isolation for Affluent Women in Divorce

Grief is a universal human experience that can arise from losing a loved one or going through a divorce. It can be incredibly challenging and painful, filled with various emotions and complexities.  

Join us in this episode as we welcome Lizzie Pickering, a renowned Speaker, and Grief Investigator. Lizzie shares what she does as a grief investigator and her upcoming trip to the British countryside, a personal journey to find solace and healing in nature. Her favorite part of her work is providing a safe space for individuals to share their thoughts, emotions, and memories of their loved ones without judgment. (This includes your ex and the life you thought you would have!!) She understands the importance of creating a non-judgmental environment for individuals to express their grief openly and without fear of criticism.

Discover the power of grief investigation with Lizzie, and find solace in a judgment-free space.

Topics Discussed

About what Lizzy A trip to the British countryside The best part of being a grief investigator Finding people who will not judge you Importance of finding the right tribe to be around you for your new phase of life (after divorce)

About Lizzie Pickering

Lizzie Pickering is a Speaker, Grief Investigator, and Film and Podcast producer. Her primary work is offering Grief Guidance to companies through presentations, podcasts, and 1:1 sessions. Her unique advantage is that she is not a counselor or therapist (there are so many good ones). Still, she has 20 years of experience investigating responses to shock, trauma, and grief through her films, podcasts, and the years she spent caring for her terminally ill eldest child, Harry. She helps to translate and navigate the confusion around grief with reading lists, self-help practices, and knowledge of how to navigate loss and dramatic change.

Connect with Lizzie Pickering:

Website | Linked In | Lizzie-Pickering Instagram | @lizzie.pickering

To pre-order her upcoming ⁠book ⁠

⁠Soho House ⁠Britsh Countryside (Oxfordshire)

About The Podcast

This podcast invites highly sought-after divorce professionals to share their guidance with all women listening. The intent is to share tips that affluent women can use to maintain their lifestyle during and post-divorce.

Hosted by Olivia Summerhill, a Certified Financial Planner, Divorce Specialist, and Money Coach who discreetly helps high-net-worth women in divorce with their financial questions.

Website |

LinkedIn | 

Apr 18, 202313:57
Achieve Financial Confidence in Divorce

Achieve Financial Confidence in Divorce

Divorce is emotionally draining and challenging, especially for women not used to handling finances in their previous relationships. 

Working with a financial advisor who understands your situation and cares can help you set the right financial objectives in this new season. Not just a plan for the near future, but they can also create a long-term plan for managing your money and growing your wealth. Working with the right financial advisor can be an excellent approach to boosting your financial confidence during divorce and beyond.

In this episode, Jenifer Sapel is a Financial Advisor and the Founder of Utor Wealth, a company on a mission to help women increase their financial confidence and independence. She shares what she is focusing on as a financial advisor and how she creates financial confidence in women who are going through a divorce and don't have the confidence to handle finances. Jenifer also explains what independence means in the financial world. 

Topics Discussed

About Jenifer How Jenifer guides women to financial confidence in divorce What is independence in financial world Reasons Jenifer started Utor The people she is working with as a financial advisor Two tips from Jenifer

About Jenifer Sapel

Jenifer Sapel ChFC®, WMCP®, founder of Utor Wealth, poet, mother, athlete, and begrudging lover of nature, is an accomplished financial advisor and 40-something who uses F bombs frequently. With two kids under 4 and caregiving for an autistic niece, she enjoys learning to love her size 14 body, laughing with tiny humans, and squeezing an audiobook in whenever possible. She is busy crushing the patriarchy by loving herself, creating solid boundaries, and showing more women to own and build wealth at her financial planning firm.

Connect with Jenifer:

Website | Linked In |

About The Podcast

This podcast invites highly sought-after divorce professionals to share their guidance with all women listening. The intent is to share tips that affluent women can use to maintain their lifestyle during and post-divorce.

Hosted by Olivia Summerhill, a Certified Financial Planner, Divorce Specialist, and Money Coach who discreetly helps high-net-worth women in divorce with their financial questions.

Website |

LinkedIn | 

Apr 10, 202315:35
Embracing Technology to Make Divorce Easier and Less Expensive for Affluent Women

Embracing Technology to Make Divorce Easier and Less Expensive for Affluent Women

The current divorce system is broken, and many affluent women cannot afford a lawyer, while those who can fear getting caught up in a long, messy, expensive ordeal. Hello Divorce aims to solve these problems by embracing technology to make the divorce process easier for its customers, providing plain English instructions for its digital tools, and offering expert help for those who need it.

Hello Divorce is a startup founded by family law attorney Erin Levin that provides digital tools combined with expert help from lawyers, financial advisors, and mediators to help people navigate the divorce process. The company's three-step approach aims to make divorce easier, kinder, and less expensive by simplifying the procedural part of the divorce process and offering expert help to negotiate a fair agreement for both spouses.

In addition to divorce-related resources, Hello Divorce provides:

Free co-parenting worksheets. Settlement agreement checklists. A post-divorce checklist to help people navigate the administrative tasks after a divorce.

Erin Levine emphasizes the importance of trusting one's gut during divorce and recommends other divorce resources, including books and podcasts. 

Tune in to this episode to learn more about how technology can help make divorce easier.

Topics Discussed

Erin Levine's background and how she founded Hello Divorce Hello Divorce's three-step process that combines easy-to-use digital tools and integrated expert help Digital tools that make the procedural part of divorce easy How Hello Divorce helps resolve conflict and work toward a fair agreement What is collaborative divorce Resources at the Hello Divorce website Erin's recommended authors and books about divorce (Michelle Dempsey-Multack, Susan Guthrie, and Bill Eddy)

About Erin Levine

Erin was a divorce lawyer for 17 years and a certified family law specialist. She's been a private judge, mediator, and litigator. Erin knows how broken, toxic, wildly inefficient, and unreasonably expensive the family law system is. Erin set out to revolutionize how consumers interact with the law and provide a kinder, more accessible, and cheaper pathway to divorce. Erin's access to justice work has been recognized by the legal industry and beyond, with awards and recognition from Women Founders Network, TechCrunch, Vice, Forbes, and the American Bar Association.

Connect with Erin:

Website | Instagram | @hellodivorce

About The Podcast

This podcast invites highly sought-after divorce professionals to share their guidance with all women listening. The intent is to share tips that affluent women can use to maintain their lifestyle during and post-divorce.

Hosted by Olivia Summerhill, a Certified Financial Planner, Divorce Specialist, and Money Coach who discreetly helps high-net-worth women in divorce with their financial questions.

Website |

LinkedIn | 

Mar 21, 202316:48
Navigating Divorce with Ease through Collaborative Divorce

Navigating Divorce with Ease through Collaborative Divorce

Divorce may be a difficult and stressful experience for anybody. But with the correct strategy, you can manage the process to avoid friction and increase your chances of a good ending. A range of tools and approaches are available to assist you in achieving your objectives and moving ahead in your life, ranging from collaborative divorce to postnuptial agreements. 

Andrea Vacca is the founder of Vacca Family Law Group and a collaborative divorce attorney and mediator. She shares what collaborative divorce is and its importance to people undergoing a divorce—the benefits of mediation and collaborative approaches for wealthy clients, especially with finances. She also talks about her thoughts on positive psychology and how it relates to divorce, which can be a valuable tool for helping individuals cope with the emotional challenges of divorce and move forward positively. 

Tune in to this episode for valuable insights about collaborative divorce! 

Topics Discussed 

Andrea's definition of collaborative divorce and its importance 

Benefits that mediation and collaborative approaches can offer to wealthy clients 

Andrea's thoughts on Positive Psychology and how it relates to divorce 

Should women file quickly for divorce or not 

What is a postnuptial agreement, and can postnuptial hurt a marriage 

Advice if you are considering divorce 

About Andrea Vacca 

Andrea is a collaborative divorce attorney and mediator; she's been practicing law for about 30 years and lives in Manhattan, New York City. She is a founder of a firm called Vacca Family Law Group, which is exclusively a firm that only works with couples who want to stay out of court. They helped them through collaborative divorce, mediation, and negotiation. Their whole goal is to help couples come to agreements that speak to what's important to them and do what's best for their children so they can move on and have the best life they can have on the other side of their marriage. 

Andrea graduated from SUNY College at Buffalo with a B.A. in Journalism and received her J.D. from Albany Law School of Union University. She was admitted to the New York State Bar in 1993 and the Federal Bar, N.D.N.Y. in 1994. She earned a Certificate in Positive Psychology in 2013. 

Connect with Andrea 

Website | 

Instagram | @vacca_familylaw 

Linkedin | and 

About The Podcast 

This podcast invites highly sought-after divorce professionals to share their guidance with all women listening. The intent is to share tips that affluent women can use to maintain their lifestyle during and post-divorce. 

Hosted by Olivia Summerhill, a Certified Financial Planner, Divorce Specialist, and Money Coach who discreetly helps high-net-worth women in divorce with their financial questions. 

Website | 

LinkedIn | 

Keywords: Divorce collaborative divorce mediation collaborative divorce process Attorney Positive psychology Postnuptial

Mar 07, 202321:26
Simplifying Divorce Through Technology

Simplifying Divorce Through Technology

Divorce for Wealthy Women

Simplifying Divorce Through Technology: The Benefits of Using DComply with Marco Munoz

There are a lot of tools that can help women and children go through a divorce with more ease and efficiency. And we’ll talk more about that in this episode.

Joining us is Marco Munoz, the Co-Founder of the DComply app. DComply is the #1 co-parenting app on the market today. Every divorced parent deals with child support and shared expenses, and this app will help minimize divorce conflict over money.

We talk about Marco’s personal experience with co-parenting troubles when it comes to sharing financial responsibilities with his ex-wife. He also shares methods and techniques on how to make co-parenting easier.  We talk about how women going through a divorce can better manage their finances and have a better ex-relationship.

If you want to streamline your finances and how you collect child support, listen to this episode!

Topics Discussed

Disagreement over expenses or finances Strategies for your ex-partner to comply with child support Confidentiality and safety of DComply’s user information and data privacy Why use DeComply for child support Struggles Marco experienced with child support collection How long does it take for the funds to be transferred Autopay features of DeComply

About Marco Munoz

Marco Munoz, co-founder of DComply. Marco has 20 years of experience in technology, but primarily in sales leadership, operations, and account management. 

Connect with Marco:

Website | Instagram | @dcomplyapp Facebook | Twitter | @dcomplyapp

About The Podcast

This podcast invites highly sought-after divorce professionals to share their guidance with all women listening. The intent is to share tips that affluent women can use to maintain their lifestyle during and post-divorce.

Hosted by Olivia Summerhill, a Certified Financial Planner, Divorce Specialist, and Money Coach who discreetly helps high-net-worth women in divorce with their financial questions.

Website |

LinkedIn |


Divorce Child Support Expenses/ Finance Dcomply App
Feb 23, 202320:15
Numbing, Ignoring, and then Speaking Out in UHNW Relationship
Feb 09, 202321:12
Financial Abuse, Restricted Stock, and Other Hard Divorce Topics

Financial Abuse, Restricted Stock, and Other Hard Divorce Topics

Lisa Zeiderman is Managing Partner at Miller Zeiderman LLP. A Matrimonial Attorney, CFL, and Certified Divorce Financial Analyst, she regularly handles complex financial and custody divorce matters for high-net-worth individuals. Named to the Crain’s New York list of Notable Women Attorneys for 2022, a Hudson Valley Best Lawyer in 2022, and a 2021 Best Family Law Attorney for Client Satisfaction by the American Institute of Family Law Attorneys, among other awards, Ms. Zeiderman is also a founding member of the American Academy of Certified Financial Litigators and a member of the panel for Attorneys for Children. 

In addition to authoring a well-read blog on Psychology Today, “Legal Matters: Understanding Mental Health Issues as They Apply to Divorce and Child Custody,” Ms. Zeiderman is regularly published in Financial Advisor Magazine, the New York Law Journal, and various other publications, quoted on issues ranging from financial empowerment to tax matters to child custody. Ms. Zeiderman, a Fordham University of Law graduate, also serves as the Vice President of the Board of Savvy Ladies, Inc., and on the board of LIFT, Legal Information for Families Today.

Today we discuss a range of topics: 

• Setting up a divorce financial checklist

• Figuring out executive compensation, tax issues, stocks, RSUs, bonuses, etc.

• Financial abuse: how to spot it and what to do

• Separation of property: when one spouse owns a business or the two built a business together

• Prenuptial agreements

Visit her site here, if you are in New York and need to consult with an attorney who understands your complex situation.

Feb 02, 202321:06
Crypto and Divorce
Jan 11, 202329:40
Celebrity Attorney talks Money and Divorce
Jan 04, 202320:46
Betrayal Trauma and Sexy Comebacks
Dec 23, 202220:02
The Myth of Happiness and Wealth
Nov 28, 202230:17
Celebrity Cosmetic Dentist Talks Health and Divorce
Nov 21, 202213:39
Dispute Resolution Answers
Oct 25, 202224:45
Divorce-Related Sale of Art

Divorce-Related Sale of Art

Today's guest is Ronald Varney, who, with his team, assists clients internationally with their specialized needs for the valuation, sale, acquisition, and management of art. 

The firm advises families, private collectors, estate lawyers, trust companies, private wealth management firms, business advisors, accountants, museums, foundations, and other non-profit institutions on all aspects of the art market. They act solely in the best interests of their clients, with complete transparency, and are skilled in resolving complex issues related to the valuation, authentication, and sale of artwork. 

Ronald Varney has over twenty-five years of experience in the international art market, working first at Sotheby's for twelve years before beginning his own specialist art advisory firm in 2002. He is exceptionally skilled in serving the complex art-related needs of families and private collectors. He wrote for numerous Sotheby's publications and also founded Sotheby's Books. 

His objective in starting an independent art advisory firm was to be an advocate for private clients in navigating the challenges of an increasingly complex global art market. Mr. Varney has written widely on the arts for such publications as Esquire, the Smithsonian, House & Garden, and The Harvard Business Review. His personal collecting interests include rare books, drawings, photographs, English furniture, and Japanese art. 

Our podcast conversation is tailored around numerous aspects of divorce and art, including topics such as: -Is the art insured and secure during divorce proceedings?  

-Sales at auction houses. 

-Buyout of the art from one party in a divorce. 

-Philanthropic aspects to the distribution of art in a divorce. 

-Remember to look everywhere for works of value! Things that can be overlooked. 

A recent article Ron composed regarding divorce and art:  At Least Diamonds are Forever 

Learn more about Ron's work: Homepage - Ronald Varney

Oct 10, 202227:11
Financial Abuse in Ultra-High-Net-Worth Cases
Oct 06, 202221:13
Tools for a Clean Divorce

Tools for a Clean Divorce

After over a decade as a divorce consultant in the San Francisco Bay area, Storey Jones has leveraged that experience to build the first holistic end-to-end platform for divorce to bring innovation and technology to an outdated system. She is determined to change the experience by providing education and brilliant efficiency with expansive daily tools designed so clients and professionals can seamlessly work on and understand the same financial and other case-related data. Storey will discuss and how it is designed from the ground up to fundamentally redefine this life transition for both spouses and professionals.

Storey believes that a lot of the fighting in divorce is partly due to the lack of a framework for how to think about it, along with a lack of access to information, guidance, and tools. That is where's philosophy comes into play!

Old Thought: I am so angry. I am devastated. I am scared. This is going to be a fight. I need a shark. I am so afraid of what I will have to give away or that I won’t get enough. What do I do? How am I going to survive it? (Complete and utter chaos of the mind.)

New Thought: I am so angry. I am devastated. I am scared. I know this emotional pain makes it difficult to be rational, so I will work on it and separate it from the process. I need to learn as much as possible about my options. I want to prepare so that I can make wise, informed decisions about how to move forward. We will always have a past together, and now we have to chart a new future for both of us.

Visit Storey's site here! Our Divorce Philosophy —

Sep 15, 202217:44
The Path to a Good Divorce for Women
Aug 25, 202235:20
Rich Women's Guide to Divorce Coaching
Aug 02, 202230:37
Financial Do's & Don'ts in Divorce

Financial Do's & Don'ts in Divorce

Stacy Francis is the President and CEO of Francis Financial: a fee-only boutique, wealth management, and financial planning firm dedicated to improving women's lives through economic and personal empowerment. The firm provides ongoing comprehensive advice for individuals and couples and specializes in helping divorcing or divorced women. Stacy is also the founder of the nonprofit Savvy Ladies, which supports and provides resources to all women. Stacy is a Certified Financial Planner, Certified Divorce Financial Analyst®, and Certified Estate and Trust Specialist with over 20 years of experience in the financial industry. 

She is the host of the Financially Ever After podcast and the author of The Financial Challenges Women Face During and After Divorce. She is a nationally recognized financial expert, one of twenty of the nation's leading wealth managers on CNBC's Digital Financial Advisor Council, a member of the Forbes Finance Council, and an expert contributor for The Wall Street Journal. She has appeared in hundreds of media outlets and has received numerous industry awards, among them, Forbes Top Women Wealth Advisors, Investopedia's 100 Top Wealth Advisors, Investment News Top 20 Women to Watch in the United States, and Financial Planning Magazine's Pro Bono Award.

Today we cover questions including:

• What financial aspect of divorce do most wealthy women forget about?

• Should you sell the homes and receive more in settlement or keep the houses?

• When is the best time to start working with a financial advisor (who actually understands the complexity of divorce and Ultra-High-Net-Worth lifestyles?)

• Do you have recommendations for getting educated once beginning a divorce?

• What should be my first step in investing after receiving a settlement?

Learn more about Stacy and her powerful work:


And to learn about Savvy Ladies, Stacy's nonprofit:

Free Financial Education & Advice | Free Financial Advisors | Savvy Ladies

Jul 27, 202215:44
The Power of Acceptance
Jul 12, 202225:28
Desperate Housewife of Dallas Star Kary Brittingham on Business and Divorce
Jun 30, 202213:22
Communication, Connection and Conflict

Communication, Connection and Conflict

With over 30 years of experience in the mental health field, Joe Butler MA, LMHC, has a slogan that has become the foundation of his practice with emotionally distant couples. 'Learn to Create a Life That Matters and a Love That Inspires.'

Know that if you have conflict in your relationship, that is normal. Joe is joining us on the podcast to discuss the conflict in couples and what is behind the hurt, sadness, fear, and shame in divorce. This conversation applies to those going through a divorce or in another relationship post-divorce.

You will learn:
-How to sail the 3 C's: Communication, Connection, and Conflict
-Gain ideas on increasing positive connections and decreasing the bad ones in your relationship
-How to protect the integrity of your new relationship post-divorce

To learn more about Joe's courses, programs, and other resources:
Real Love Made Real Simple
May 16, 202225:22
World's Most Exclusive Dating Service

World's Most Exclusive Dating Service

Our next guest comes from the esteemed number one globally run matchmaking service, Kelleher International. It is important to remember that life is short; we learn from our past and to make sure you know that divorce is only a tiny part of your life. You will find love again, especially if you have the right team around you, like my favored guest Kristine Givas from Kelleher. As Kelleher knows, time is valuable, and finding a genuine connection can be exhausting, especially in today’s dating landscape. Kristine and her team bring over 30 years of experience in upscale professional matchmaking for celebrities, athletes, business visionaries, CEOs, and more.

And let's be honest. Nobody (including myself) who lives in the affluent world wants to settle for less once they are divorced, as they want someone who compliments them while having a comfortable lifestyle. Today's episode discusses all things about dating in the elite sphere. Kristine discusses how it begins with the self-reflection piece and knowing who you are. It is imperative to be able to answer: what does your ideal lifestyle look like in the years to come? And what are your values around money? And what do you expect your future partner to bring to the table? From my personal experience, I know how intimidating and challenging it is to answer these questions without lots of thought! You will learn a lot and find confidence in this discussion.

Professional Matchmaking Services | Kelleher International (

Apr 19, 202220:45
The Privilege of Attracting the One
Apr 04, 202240:19
Family Heirlooms, Legacy and Inheritance in Affluent Divorces
Mar 23, 202225:36
Stepparenting and Family Chaos
Feb 28, 202222:44
Archetypes, Money Shame and the Meaning of Life Post-Divorce
Feb 16, 202227:40
The Importance of Prenups

The Importance of Prenups

Sabrina Shaheen Cronin is a nationally recognized motivational and public speaker, life and business strategist coach, writer, mentor, successful Businesswoman, "Top Attorney," visionary, and television personality. Today Sabrina will discuss her work and the importance of prenups, spousal support, and many other topics on divorce and marriage. 

Her expertise and legal background have her uniquely qualified to meld her knowledge of human nature, 20 years as a family law specialist, and experience as a prosecutor to create and develop her own specialized, proprietary curriculum in the form of weekly workshops. Sabrina is known as the "Shared Parenting Expert" for her workshops helping families cope with co-parenting dilemmas in today's challenging environment. Sabrina's goal is to get acrimonious parents out of the courtroom and into her workshops, so they can develop the tools necessary to achieve happy and healthy homes for their families.

Sabrina has been featured in Business Insider, Yahoo, Forbes, Real Simple,, just to name a few. "It is possible to blend peaceful co-parenting with healthy and respectful boundaries in a safe environment for yourself and your children." Sabrina Shaheen Cronin

You can visit her site:

Jan 03, 202227:23
Hydro Flask Founder Talks Divorce and Entrepreneurship

Hydro Flask Founder Talks Divorce and Entrepreneurship

Please be warned that this episode is going to get you thinking creatively... And will inspire you to start that business venture, even if in the middle of a divorce!

Our guest on today's episode is Travis Rosbach, who has had plenty of successful business ventures over the years. (Travis is the Founder of Hydro Flask, have you heard of him?!) He shares his wisdom with anyone thinking of starting a business during or post-divorce and believes in 'doing the right thing for the right price for the right reasons and with good intentions.'  I cannot help but wonder if his positive attitude and solid values have led him to succeed in business? Listen in for numerous robust insights, as the amount of business advice packed into this brief episode is astonishing.

For example, can challenges and obstacles be good? His answer is yes; you can enjoy the difficulty! Challenges and obstacles can be good things and help you get things done.

Some questions answered:

-How did you turn $11k into a Billion-Dollar Brand?

-Are degrees not needed for business?

-How does the Tumalo Group help start-ups launch?

Other key takeaways:

-Align your values with your work as an entrepreneur.

-Do people feel better? That is a win-win for businesses and consumers.

-Hard work and persistence can pay off. So can customer feedback.

-There is no one blueprint for starting a business.

-Have the right team around you.

-Enhancing people's lives will propel you forward in business.

-You will face obstacles easier if your intentions are pure.

-Women who don't have business experience can do better than others as they are more likely to try new things!

-Push the boundary.

Another unique and pure-hearted thing is that Travis wants you to reach out directly to him for consulting needs. So here is his website and PERSONAL email address.

Tumalo Group consulting - helps women with all aspects of starting a business.


Dec 14, 202117:01
Seeking Empowerment in Divorce
Nov 19, 202113:33
Art Collections, Divorce and the Uber Wealthy

Art Collections, Divorce and the Uber Wealthy

When needing an expert to help curate, revamp or spark new ideas in your collection, we turn to the one and only Marci Kroft. 

Today Marci is here to discuss her extensive knowledge around art, divorce, and the process of integrating new pieces into your life. 

Macklowe's divorce shows us that you do not want to leave it up to the court system to make decisions for you...having a team of experts guide and help protect you is key. 

You will learn all about: 

-Art, Divorce, high profile cases and what to do in divorce with your art collection, how to thrive post-divorce and how to build your new art collection, the process of buying art, and what is a Private Art Consultant's role in the process.

Reach out directly for a private conversation via her email at

Nov 19, 202126:17
Are Valuations and Forensic Services Intertwined in Divorce?

Are Valuations and Forensic Services Intertwined in Divorce?

You might be wondering what are Valuations and Forensic Services? In simple to follow terms, these 'sexy' financial issues in high-net-worth divorce cases are addressed by the one and only Karolina Calhoun, CPA/ABV/CFF, Vice President at Mercer Capital. Karolina has been involved with hundreds of valuation and litigation support engagements in various industries on local, national, and international levels. She also provides forensic and valuation services for family law matters.

So, in a nutshell, she is one of the most qualified people to turn to if your spouse has a successful business. And you are divorcing. And you are scared and uncertain of where to turn or what to do.

She also provides expertise in the following:

-Lifestyle Analyses

-Alimony and division scenario analyses at a point in time and over life accumulation (Alimony Pay & Need Analyses)

-Division of marital estate and understanding liquidity of underlying assets

-Pension valuations

-Other forensic services like tracing, income determination, searching for hidden assets

-Business valuations

-Economic and financial damages studies

Some examples of situations Karolina explains:

1) Although the underlying facts and circumstances vary so much from client to client, it is great to have an expert overview of the more common issues that arise in High-Net-Worth divorces. For example, think about if the husband is a business owner and happens to pay himself through the business. How then do you determine actual income for alimony and child support?

2) If the business has an asset worth or merely a vehicle of compensation? (Think about an LLC, which is a flow-through entity for an MD's medical directorship pay. Is that worth anything, or is it just a vehicle by which the doctor gets compensated?)

3) Another significant consideration in divorce is the liquidity aspect, as many business assets are a majority of the total marital estate. Karolina discusses potentially creating equalizations of all other assets and, in turn, raising the question of liquidity while considering potential alimony needs and abilities too.

To learn more about her firm:

Valuation | Forensic Services | Litigation Support | M&A Advisory

Oct 13, 202120:32
Resilience for Children in Divorce
Oct 06, 202125:34
Tax Ramifications when the Superwealthy Split
Jul 23, 202112:28
Financial Survival and Money Anxiety in Divorce

Financial Survival and Money Anxiety in Divorce

It is not very often that we can have a conversation or listen in on a conversation with an expert in Behavioral Economics and money anxiety. Luckily, we have the pleasure of welcoming Dr. Dan Geller to the podcast stage to discuss not only Money Anxiety, Financial survival in divorce, what our brain is doing in divorce, but also how we deal with finances differently in divorce and the different systems in the brain.

He will answer a few questions, including:
What is money anxiety?
Is money anxiety common, or something only some people experience?
How does money anxiety impact our financial decisions when it comes to divorce?

Find his book by clicking on the Amazon link: Money Anxiety
Jul 23, 202114:00
Structuring College for Ultrawealthy Divorcées
Jul 13, 202116:04
Plastic Surgery Post- Divorce
May 27, 202108:55
Brain Triggers in Divorce
May 18, 202113:26
Concierge Matchmaking Post- Divorce
May 14, 202109:09
Difficult Conversations and Emotional Competency in Divorce
Apr 03, 202124:42
Pets in High Stake Divorces
Mar 24, 202114:20
The Philanthropic Approach for Affluent Divorcing Women

The Philanthropic Approach for Affluent Divorcing Women

Belle Bocal is our honored guest who brings us clarity on the discussion of philanthropic giving in divorce. She diligently focuses her day to day on paying forward her knowledge through her work as a Gift Officer on the Institutional Advancement team at the University of New England and has over a decade of experience working in the nonprofit sector. 

She will share with us about giving back in and after divorce as a woman and what it means to give from the heart. Belle is multilingual in English, French, and Vietnamese interpreting for refugee and immigration services; currently sits on board committees for Goodwill Northern New England and the Portland Public Library. Belle also remains involved volunteering with the Junior League, which is where we met.

Mar 19, 202117:33
Ending Your Marriage on a Positive Note
Mar 19, 202113:55
Affairs, Digital Forensics and Benefits Private Investigators Bring to Divorce Cases
Mar 19, 202107:37
European Artisans, Luxury and Circular Fashion for Women
Mar 19, 202109:08
Behavioral Finance and Divorce for Ultra High Net Worth Women

Behavioral Finance and Divorce for Ultra High Net Worth Women

Everything in divorce is emotional. And when it comes to money, behavioral finance plays a key role. We have the pleasure of having an exclusive conversation with Eben Burr, the Managing Director at Toews. He is also a lecturer and coach of applied behavioral finance as part of the Toews Managing Investor Behavior™ program. He will describe in detail how women going through a divorce can use behavioral finance to their advantage. 

Eben has a vast knowledge of finance and used to consult for private equity and high net worth individuals in New York City. He is currently pursuing a graduate certificate to become a Certified Financial Therapist, expanding his experience to learn to train professionals who want to improve clients’ financial health by integrating relational, behavioral, cognitive, and emotional elements with personal finance.

Mar 03, 202110:13
The Family Business in Divorce
Mar 03, 202109:55
Educational Strategies for the Affluent in Divorce
Mar 03, 202116:54
Psychotherapy and Affluent Women
Mar 02, 202117:04
Intimate Betrayal and Emotional Abuse Recovery

Intimate Betrayal and Emotional Abuse Recovery

We have the luxury of getting someone who specializes in the field of therapy, transition, and divorce in today's episode. Join me in the conversation with Michelle Lechnyr as we discuss the heavy topics of divorce, betrayal, abuse, and supporting women through life transitions.  

Michelle's powerful work and learning more about what she does to help women is found here: (Should I Stay or Should I Go?)

Mar 02, 202107:06
Financial Therapy, Emotional Conflict, and Wealthy Money Behaviors for Women

Financial Therapy, Emotional Conflict, and Wealthy Money Behaviors for Women

Want to think, feel and behave differently with your money during and after your divorce? The Founder of Relational Money, Nate Astle, is joining us today to discuss his work as a Couples Therapist with a Financial Therapy specialization. He is a Board Member of the Financial Therapy Association and sheds light on all the emotional money decisions that impact women's divorce. Nate dedicates his time to treating the emotional, behavioral, relational, and financial aspects of well-being. 

This robust conversation includes what he does in his practice, including the therapeutic and financial competencies that help wealthy women with money improve overall well-being through evidence-based practices and interventions. 

To learn more about financial therapy and Nate's work:

Mar 02, 202113:27
How Affluent Women Can Thrive In Mediation

How Affluent Women Can Thrive In Mediation

If you are looking for positive support through the divorce process, listen in and discover how it is possible. Winter Wheeler, best-selling author, and the most fun and passionate attorney you may ever meet, is here to discuss mediation for the affluent couple. She is not only an experienced mediator and arbitrator. 

Winter is also a social butterfly, extrovert, lover of life, wife, mother, serial volunteer, writer, public speaker. In today's episode, she will also talk about building the bridge between you and your spouse and answering other questions: What is something that affluent women should know about mediation in family law? How should women find a mediator if they are thinking about divorce? 

Get to know more about Winter Wheeler:

Mar 02, 202112:32
Identifying Calm and Confidence in Women

Identifying Calm and Confidence in Women

Caviar and Champagne help when you are going through a divorce, but having a coach work to find your inner guidance and create a calm environment works even better. In this episode, Claudia-Sam Cataford Sauvé shows us how to become clear-headed and take care of ourselves with breathwork, and other techniques via her proven Tune-In Method, which she does with her private client's across the globe.

You can find Claudia-Sam and all of her delightful resources for women at

Claudia-Sam's signature program is called Tune-In: Your Confident Self Awaits. It's a 3-month soul coaching initiative for inner guidance. Visit for more information.

The call-to-action that Claudia-Sam speaks about in our interview is for her Slow Down and De-Stress free 5-day self-care challenge to help women put themselves first, taking baby steps, even if you've never done that...until now!

Here's the direct link to the challenge:

Feb 17, 202111:54
Luxury Travel Planning for Post-Divorce Celebration
Feb 06, 202114:21
Simplifying Ultra-Rich Insurance Needs in Divorce

Simplifying Ultra-Rich Insurance Needs in Divorce

Lisa Sawoya is an expert life and health professional who is always a client advocate first and foremost and is here to make the insurance topic easier to understand. She is an excellent communicator, responsive, and gives women the best ideas and options for one of the most challenging times in their life. 

Some critical questions that she addresses about women and divorce and insurance:

When is the ideal time to go to you to plan for insurance needs?

What can wealthy women learn about insurance when it comes to taxes and vehicle transfers?

What is COBRA, and in post-divorce, are there other insurance options?

Feb 02, 202121:26
Bloom a Business Post-Divorce

Bloom a Business Post-Divorce

Beth Ritter Nydick is a world-renowned business consultant and author. One of her favorite sayings to clients is 'make potential possible,' and she will uplift us in her discussion about all things business post-divorce. Some topics include:

-Shattering negative beliefs

-Importance of working with a team

-Business ideas post-divorce

-Clean lifestyle and how to move forward 

You can learn more about Beth:

Feb 01, 202108:29
Financial Clarity for Wealthy Women

Financial Clarity for Wealthy Women

Dimitry Neyshtadt ChFC is a nationally recognized Money Expert and author. He firmly believes that you can Optimize Your Money and enjoy more of your life by living with Financial Clarity no matter your past or current situation. In this episode, we have a conversation about the affluent and rich lifestyles and if the wealthy have more problems and successfully organize their financial life, among other comprehensive financial topics.

Visit Dimitry and get to know more about what he does and who he helps:

Feb 01, 202118:25
Women and Wealth Management
Feb 01, 202111:40
High Asset Divorce and Complex Financial Issues for Women
Jan 21, 202128:09
Mothers, Transitions and Divorce
Jan 19, 202112:36
Ultra Rich Women and Feng Shui within Divorce

Ultra Rich Women and Feng Shui within Divorce

Listen in on my conversation with New York's expert in Feng Shui, Betty Wang. She shares about how to improve wealth, health, and relationships and how women in complex high-asset divorces need to set themselves up for success and a better tomorrow with the correct energies in their life. 

Betty Wang is a classical feng shui consultant from New York. She helps her clients to achieve peak balance by optimizing the positive energy and subduing the negative energy. Her goal is to help you understand your space's energy map to gain momentum towards achieving your goals - whether it is related to money, relationship, career, or overall health. 

Visit her site to learn more: Feng Shui Canary at or on Instagram:

Jan 15, 202109:45
Values and Financial Planning in Divorce

Values and Financial Planning in Divorce

Most women do not know who they are without their spouses. Affluent women have been in a unit for years with a spouse; it is hard to know who you are during and post-divorce. 

Understanding your values and doing the exercise in this episode will help you get to where you want to be after the divorce is final. Once you know your values, you can match them to your financial goals.

Jan 04, 202117:54
Hidden and Easily Forgotten Assets in Divorce

Hidden and Easily Forgotten Assets in Divorce

Do not settle for less by forgetting to check in on assets that could be hiding during your divorce. 

Working with your professional divorce team, you could find that you have hundreds of thousands sitting around online or in plain sight; everywhere from airline miles to undervalued hobby items.

Dec 30, 202019:08
Why I Do What I Do

Why I Do What I Do

Olivia Summerhill is a Divorce Financial Planner and Analyst helping high net worth women maintain their lifestyle and build wealth during and post-divorce.
Dec 22, 202008:59