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Divorcing Well

Divorcing Well

By Leanne Townsend

Divorce sucks, but it doesn’t have to be all bad. I am Leanne Townsend, a family law lawyer, and I want to help you divorce well.

Divorcing Well aims to help provide listeners with the tools and knowledge they need to support themselves legally, financially, mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually.

I want listeners to tune into Divorcing Well because they are looking for the knowledge and inspiration to get them through the rough days, and on the positive days, they will gain the tools that they need to heal and move through the various stages of grief that divorce can bring.
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Tax Issues To Be Aware Of During Divorce With Tax Lawyer, Sabina Mexis

Divorcing WellFeb 09, 2022

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Sep 26, 202325:20
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Sep 19, 202338:03
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Aug 15, 202330:31
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Aug 01, 202341:49
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Jul 25, 202358:09
High Conflict Parenting With Patricia Nelson
Jun 27, 202327:29
A New Approach To Business Valuations With Rim Grewal

A New Approach To Business Valuations With Rim Grewal

In this week’s episode of Divorcing Well, I chat with expert business valuator, Rim Grewal, about his company Valu8er and its innovative software that has automated expert business valuation reports. This is a software-as-a-service platform that will bring the most comprehensive, objective and data driven valuation reports to date. This is a disruptive technology that relies on deep coding and algorithms to automatically recommend appropriate multiples for companies, thereby taking personal opinion out of the equation when calculating EBITDA multiples to value private companies. More to come soon. Rim specializes in business valuations and quantification of damages, and has practiced exclusively in these areas for over 11 years (as of 2023). Rim has provided expert reports in business valuations pursuant to shareholder disputes, purchase price allocations, corporate acquisitions and for tax and estate planning. Rim also have provided expert damage quantification reports for expropriation proceedings, and breach of contract. Rim’s damages quantification and business valuation experience ranges across various industries including manufacturing, technology, software, pharmaceuticals, financial services, real estate, retail, construction and others. Rim has also prepared or assisted in the preparation of numerous expert reports and affidavits. Rim has participated in various arbitrations and has appeared as an expert witness at trial and at mediation proceedings. Specialties: Business Valuations and Damages Quantification.

If your family law matter involves a business valuation, you won’t want to miss this episode.

To contact Rim Grewal, visit:

Jun 20, 202326:47
Releasing Trauma From Divorce With Winnie Chan Wang
Jun 13, 202330:24
Coparenting in the Family Home After Divorce with Beth Behrendt
May 30, 202335:09
Rebuilding Your Wealth After Divorce
May 16, 202332:35
Reinventing Yourself After Divorce With Alison Hall
May 09, 202330:45
Divorce By Design With Suzanne Vickberg
May 02, 202338:57
Getting Your Post Divorce Revenge Body with Maverick Willett
Apr 18, 202336:31
How To Empower Yourself Through Your Divorce with Jennifer Warren Medwin
Apr 11, 202340:18
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Apr 04, 202335:27
Divorce And Separation Mortgage Solutions With John Panagakos
Jan 17, 202330:42
The Power of Mindset in Overcoming Divorce with Hasana Elamin
Dec 20, 202230:25
Lessons Learned on Relationships, Marriage and Divorce From a Divorce Attorney with Meghan Freed
Dec 13, 202234:17
Wills, Estate Planning And The Role Of Executors With David Edey
Dec 06, 202247:28
How To Have An Amicable Divorce With A.J. Grossman
Nov 29, 202234:30
My Divorce Journal: A Guided Path To Moving Forward With Pat Butler
Nov 22, 202236:55
Healing Your Disappointing Love Life With Dr. Thomas Jordan
Nov 15, 202236:35
Coparenting Children With Problematic Behaviours – Part Two With Kimball Lewis

Coparenting Children With Problematic Behaviours – Part Two With Kimball Lewis

In this week’s episode of Divorcing Well I chat with parenting expert, Kimball Lewis, about coparenting children with problematic behaviours.  Kimball is the CEO of, an organization that works with parents to help them develop effective parenting strategies when dealing with behaviour problems in their children.  In our interview, Kimball provides advice on dealing with behaviours such as lying, manipulating and emulating abuse from the other parent.  He discusses what to do and what not to do when your child is acting out.  This is a great episode for all parents to learn some great parenting strategies and tools to manage the most challenging behaviour problems in children ages 5 to 25.


To contact Kimball Lewis, please visit:

Nov 08, 202243:48
The Intersection Between Criminal Law & Family Law With Sheldon Wisener

The Intersection Between Criminal Law & Family Law With Sheldon Wisener

In this week’s episode of Divorcing Well, I chat with criminal lawyer Sheldon Wisener about the many ways that criminal law and family law intersect.  We discuss cases of domestic violence, false allegations, child abduction, breaches of court orders and much more.  We also discuss the differences between restraining orders, peace bonds and bail recognizances which is something that many people confuse or don’t understand. Sheldon also acts for the Office of the Children’s Lawyer in family protection cases and he discusses how he performs this role.  If your partner is engaging in criminal behaviour this is an important episode to download.

To contact Sheldon Wisener, please visit:

Nov 01, 202237:28
Tips On How to Detect And Stop Financial Abuse With Lisa Zeiderman
Oct 25, 202226:49
Finding Humour And Community Through Divorce With Erin Keaney
Oct 18, 202239:41
How To Let Go Of Your Past And Embrace Your Now With Jaime Morgan
Oct 04, 202233:16
The New Tort of Domestic Violence With Darlene Rites

The New Tort of Domestic Violence With Darlene Rites

In this week’s episode of Divorcing Well, I chat with fellow family law lawyer, Darlene Rites, about the new tort of domestic violence that was found by an Ontario court recently in the case of  Ahluwalia v. Ahluwalia, 2022 ONSC 1303 (CanLII),

Darlene and I discuss the importance of the Ahluwalia case and the repercussions for victims of domestic violence who want to obtain compensation from their abuser for their years of abuse.  Victims finally have a financial remedy that recognizes the damage of domestic violence on a victim.  Both Darlene and I are working with victims of abuse who want to make a claim for damages under this new tort. In addition, to practicing family law, Darlene is also a well respected mediator.

If you would like to contact Darlene Rites, please visit:

Sep 27, 202233:50
Attracting Lasting Love After Divorce With Roy Biancalaba
Sep 20, 202236:08
5 Financial Points That Everyone Should Know About Before Separation With Wayne Rudson
Sep 13, 202230:02
Your Husband Left. Now What? With Life Coach Julie Starr
Sep 06, 202232:16
The 12 Step Divorce Recovery Approach with Karen McMahon
Jul 12, 202231:07
Should I Stay Or Should I Go With Beth Miller

Should I Stay Or Should I Go With Beth Miller

In this week’s episode of Divorcing Well, I chat with marriage coach, Beth Miller about the three things you should do before officially deciding to end your marriage.  Leaving a marriage is a tough decision and Beth discusses important things that you should think about before making that decision.  If you are on the fence about leaving, you won’t want to miss this episode.


Jul 05, 202226:26
Mistakes Divorcing Couples Make When Selling the Matrimonial Home with Michael Shuster
Jun 21, 202239:54
Abuse, Resilience, Strength and Healing with Shannelle Vogt

Abuse, Resilience, Strength and Healing with Shannelle Vogt

In the first episode of season 4 of the Divorcing Well podcast, I chat with the inspiring Shannelle Vogt who is the subject of the short documentary called Fault Lines.  Shannelle shares her story of being a promising figure skater, and then Miss Canada, only to become involved in an abusive relationship that alienated her from her family and friends, and put her into a life of struggle and hardship.  Shannelle shares how she overcame her challenges, left the relationship as a young mother, and began her journey of healing.  You won’t want to miss this beautiful and inspiring story.

Jun 14, 202251:17
Introspection, Divorce and Maintaining Your Ability to Love With Juan Lee
Mar 30, 202230:58
Financial Independence with Millen Livis
Mar 23, 202239:23
Tips For Navigating The High Conflict Divorce With Ayesha Hussain
Mar 16, 202227:03
Healing After Narcissistic Abuse With Bonnie Duarte
Mar 09, 202238:32
Nutrition & Healthy Gut Tips To Help You Maintain Your Health Through Divorce With Bonnie Wisener
Mar 02, 202231:02
The Do’s and Don’ts of Family Nesting Arrangements With Beth Behrendt
Feb 23, 202233:30
Tax Issues To Be Aware Of During Divorce With Tax Lawyer, Sabina Mexis
Feb 09, 202243:46
Benefits Of Treating Your Divorce Like A Business Transaction with Zelena van der Leeden and Jake Purdy

Benefits Of Treating Your Divorce Like A Business Transaction with Zelena van der Leeden and Jake Purdy

In this week’s episode, I am joined by divorce coaches Zelena van der Leeden and Jake Purdy.  We discuss their business, the social enterprise, and how they empower clients to become their best selves and treat their divorce like a business transaction.  They provide tips on saving time and money.  Their coaching business is also unique in that Jake is the only male divorce coach in Canada, and they are also the only multilingual coaching practice in North America.  In addition, they offer pro-bono services and subsidies to racialized groups, low income families and victims of abuse.  You won’t want to miss this episode and if you are in need of a divorce coach, I can’t recommend these two enough.

Feb 02, 202236:55
Dads and Coparenting With Tracy Poizner
Dec 08, 202135:02