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For Justice's Sake

For Justice's Sake

By The Dixon Firm

Trial and injury case stories, legal definitions, and tips on how to prevent a lawsuit, featuring Attorney SK Rod Dixon and the attorneys of The Dixon Firm, P.C., a personal injury law firm in Atlanta, GA. Hosted and produced by Renee Cooper. Inquiries:
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Episode 2: Champlain Towers and Structural Collapse Cases

For Justice's SakeJul 20, 2021

Legal Rights for Bikers in Georgia

Legal Rights for Bikers in Georgia

Biking is a great way to exercise and explore Metro Atlanta. But anyone who’s shared the road with other vehicles knows that driver negligence can lead to a costly or tragic accident. Attorney Daniel Adamson, who’s an avid Georgia biker himself, talks about legal options for cyclists, and safety precautions to avoid an accident.

Backstory: Parts of Downtown Atlanta have seen a 27% increase in pedestrian traffic and about an 11% decrease in car traffic–if you can believe it! Part of this is due to an initiative called the Peachtree Shared Space program that started in June 2021, but is soon coming to an end. 

In July of last year, Georgia passed a law that required cars to slow down or change lanes with at least 3 feet of space if they are trying to pass a biker. It would be nice if more areas were as friendly to cyclists as the Beltline and local parts, but there is always the possibility of an accident caused by distracted or negligent drivers, walkers, or bikers.


  • When should a biker consider taking legal action against a driver if they’re in an accident?
  • What factors are considered if a biker has a lawsuit against a driver in an accident?
  • Can cyclists take legal action if they’re injured from hazardous roadways or walkways?
  • Are there instances when the cyclist may be considered legally responsible for an accident, either with a vehicle or a pedestrian?
  • What should cyclists do if they’ve been in an accident or affected by a road hazard or in an accident?
  • How can cyclists practice safe riding?
  • Attorney Adamson's previous cases securing justice for bikers.




"Beginning this Thursday, July 1 [2021], a new bicycle safety traffic law goes into effect in Georgia. When passing a bicyclist, a driver must move over into the adjacent lane if it is safe and legal to do so. If unable to move over, the driver must slow down to a speed that is either ten miles below the posted speed limit or 25mph, whichever is higher. As currently required by law, drivers must also allow at least 3 feet of room between their vehicle and a bicyclist when passing."

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Intro/outro music: "Fresh Start" by Joakim Karud

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Episode 3: The Uber Eats Shooting Case & Fighting Arbitration

Episode 3: The Uber Eats Shooting Case & Fighting Arbitration

(Podcast name updated to "For Justice's Sake".)

Rod discusses how rideshare companies try to avoid going to court.

Backstory: In 2018, an Uber Eats delivery driver shot and killed a man outside of his own home. The victim of the 2018 case is now our client. In June 2021, an Uber driver shot multiple passengers of his vehicle, killing one, after a dispute in an Atlanta gas station.

With a surprising and tragic rise in violent incidents involving rideshare drivers, it's important to be aware of your responsibilities and rights as a passenger. Even without completely reading the terms and conditions of a rideshare company, by checking the box and using their services you are tied to their arbitration clause.

We'll discuss why big companies favor arbitration over a juried court, and why that may not always be in their favor. Rod also breaks down details of our client's case that explain why victims of rideshare driver assault, battery, or accidents may be able to have their cases judged by a jury of their peers.

We hope you'll NEVER  be involved in a rideshare accident or assault victim, and encourage you to stay informed about the legalities of rideshare violence. We'll continue to seek justice for those who are tragically affected by these incidents, anywhere in Georgia!

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