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Dungeons & Degrees

Dungeons & Degrees

By Adrian C Lawrence

A conversation with friends talking about the game we love and the life we live around it. If you wish to send us any questions or be a part of our Community go to our twitter: @DnDegreesPod
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Ep. 50: The Other Half of Double Proficiency (w/Jakub Wisz)

Dungeons & DegreesDec 16, 2021

Ep. 93: Small Town Creatives (w/ TW Clawson)
Oct 22, 202301:11:30
Ep. 92: Fantasy Game, Dystopian Life (w/ Val from Corkboards & Curiosities)
Oct 15, 202301:13:40
Ep. 91: Now in Video (w/ Niko from Dice Brain)

Ep. 91: Now in Video (w/ Niko from Dice Brain)

The first video episode and surely not the last. We talk about the Dice Brain Youtube channel and Niko's creative process. Adrian starts comparing size and girth with Niko. Trying this out for the first time so let us know how you like it!

Dice Brain Socials:

Youtube -

Patreon -

Dungeons & Degrees Socials

Twitter: @dungeonndegrees


Instagram: @dungeonndegrees

TikTok: @dungeonndegrees



Oct 11, 202301:11:07
Ep. 90: A Generation Ago
Sep 29, 202301:08:17
Ep. 89: Just Us in January
Sep 23, 202301:02:02
Ep. 88: Finales, Food, & Fear w/Connie Chang

Ep. 88: Finales, Food, & Fear w/Connie Chang

Adrian and Alex talk with Connie Chang about their Actual Play Transplanar and what they learned from it and what she would do differently. Adrian fears that his campaign ending won't be as good and gets some advice. Connie gets food and we get distracted by the topic as a whole. Classic POD things. Connie Chang’s Social twitter & tiktok- @byconniechang Twitch/twitter/Youtube - Transplanarrpg Website - Dungeons & Degrees Socials: Twitter: @dungeonndegrees E-mail: Instagram: @dungeonndegrees TikTok: @dungeonndegrees Discord:
Sep 16, 202301:07:59
Ep. 87: Best Laid Plans w/ Craig

Ep. 87: Best Laid Plans w/ Craig

A talk about how players are the most unpredictable and how it doesn't matter if you've GM'd before the player will still mess up your shizz. Another in the backlog done. Will Adrian ever finish them all?! Craig’s Social twitter & tiktok & twitch- @craiggumz Dungeons & Degrees Socials: Twitter: @dungeonndegrees E-mail: Instagram: @dungeonndegrees TikTok: @dungeonndegrees Discord:
Sep 09, 202301:07:00
Ep. 86: OMG OGL w/ RUN DMG

Ep. 86: OMG OGL w/ RUN DMG

A six month old episode that has been lying in wait for another Wizard of the Coast controversy. We talk about the OGL how Ryan started playing, and the troubles of moving and making new friends. Dungeons & Degrees Socials: Twitter: @dungeonndegrees E-mail: Instagram: @dungeonndegrees TikTok: @dungeonndegrees Discord:
Aug 07, 202301:05:02
Ep. 85: El Silvero

Ep. 85: El Silvero

We talk with Eric Silver back in December about the then OGL troubles, broing down, and what it means to be good for your table.

Aug 02, 202301:18:41
Ep. 84: Unbalanced Podcast (w/Patrick Perini)
Feb 26, 202301:12:28
Ep. 83: A 2022 Check In
Feb 17, 202359:04
Ep. 82: Fantasy Lubbock (w/ TheGoldenGorgon)

Ep. 82: Fantasy Lubbock (w/ TheGoldenGorgon)

A wonderful insight into dice making and how Mich got her job. Adrian talks about creating fantasy cities from existing cities. Alex talks about the orgins of her dice hoard. They all try to figure out what class is the mormon church. It's quite the journey.

Mich's Social:
Instagram: @TheGoldenGorgon
TikTok: @TheGoldenGorgon
Twitter: @TheGoldenGorgon

Feb 05, 202301:02:21
Ep. 81: Doggos, Death, Disney, and Die Hard (w/ Lucy)
Jan 29, 202301:14:14
Ep. 80: Adrian and Alex Have a Little Conversation with VJ Harris
Jan 22, 202355:34
Ep. 79: After Class Session (w/ ProfessorDnD)
Jan 15, 202301:01:27
Ep. 78: The Crossover No One Asked For (w/ Zach B)
Jan 08, 202301:04:56
Ep. 77: Chaos & Flirting (w/ ScholasticDragn)
Jan 03, 202301:07:29
Ep. 76: Champion Advice
Dec 14, 202201:07:31
Ep. 75: Grey Theory
Dec 01, 202201:07:09
Ep. 74: Building Minis with Big Value (w/ Shane Brockway)
Oct 19, 202254:43
Ep. 73: Who you calling a Punk? Punk! (w/ Chris Pramas)
Oct 13, 202259:49
Ep. 72: Revolutionary D&D (w/Pat Mooney of Flagbearer Games)
Oct 11, 202201:07:36
Ep. 71: Capitalism Sucks! (w/ David L. Puga)
Oct 02, 202243:21
Ep. 70: Humaning is Hard (w/ David L. Puga)
Sep 30, 202201:07:13
Ep. 69: Nice!
Sep 16, 202201:02:59
Ep. 68: Dark Dice! (but say it spookily)
Sep 04, 202201:06:19
Ep. 67: Going Rogue w/ InquisitiveRogue
Aug 30, 202201:01:40
Ep. 66: Transformers (w/ Tony)
Jul 29, 202201:00:56
Dungeons & Degrees Trailer

Dungeons & Degrees Trailer

Just a short trailer about what we do in this podcast.

Jul 14, 202201:36
Ep. 65: A Small Tour of the Island of Sina Una (w/ Seersword)
Jul 14, 202201:00:06
Ep. 64: A Paige from the Book of Ithaka
Jun 30, 202201:09:21
Ep. 63: Super Barovia Bros.
Jun 19, 202257:52
Ep. 62: Compliments with Catieosaurus
Jun 15, 202201:06:02
Ep. 61: Let's Play with Some Roleplay...Not Like That (w/ ATinyHorse)...Not Like That
Jun 05, 202201:01:34
Ep. 60: Praxis makes Pedagogy (w/ Eric Silver)
May 29, 202201:15:07
Ep. 59: Testing the Memory of a Rules Lawyer (w/Joseph & Dave)
May 22, 202201:07:12
Ep. 58: Everything is Something (w/Magnus)
May 15, 202256:44
Ep. 57: Let's be Influencers (w/ Sabrina O)
May 08, 202201:09:57
Ep. 56: This Time with More Class (w/ Mason)
May 03, 202201:02:05
Ep. 55: Hen
Apr 25, 202201:01:14
Ep. 54: Pay to Play (w/Robin)
Apr 21, 202259:03
Ep. 53: Back and Forth (w/ Dave of RunesandFumesCrafts)
Apr 03, 202201:02:01
Ep. 52: Once More into the Arcane Library
Mar 27, 202201:04:40
Ep. 51: Aiming for Diamond (w/ Noah Diamond)
Dec 22, 202101:10:07
Ep. 50: The Other Half of Double Proficiency (w/Jakub Wisz)
Dec 16, 202151:47
Ep. 49: Dynamic Team-Up (w/ Skyler The ADHDM)
Dec 08, 202101:05:51
Ep. 48: A Look Back
Nov 10, 202101:11:09
Ep. 47: Preparing for the Beginning (w/ Sly Flourish)
Aug 29, 202101:08:52
Ep. 46: Budding Inspiration (w/Anna)
Aug 22, 202155:24
Ep. 45: Let's Talk About the Vampire in the Room (w/ DragnaCarta)
Aug 15, 202101:13:08