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Bolster Risk Management

Bolster Risk Management

By Dominic Bish

Dom Bish likes making life insurance and finance easy for you. At Bolster Risk Management, we take a down-to-earth approach, trying to take a dry topic like personal money, and making it more accessible for you.
If there is a topic that you would like Dominic to discuss, or maybe you have a question about life insurance, money and personal finance that is bugging you, please let us know.
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Bonus Minute 3: Q&A

Bolster Risk ManagementJun 11, 2022

Bonus Minute 3: Q&A

Bonus Minute 3: Q&A

"Do I need to declare that I smoke?"

Whether you smoke cigarettes, cigars, pipes, vape, or use nicotine replacement patches (or chew nicotine gum), you need to declare this to the insurance company.

Jun 11, 202200:60
Bonus Minute 2 - Q&A

Bonus Minute 2 - Q&A

If you don't have insurance, you'll need a full risk review to understand your current situation.

If you currently have cover, then doing a full review should be done every 2-3 years, or whenever there are major 'life changes'.

Jun 04, 202201:01
Episode 70 - Compounding Interest - Why it is of interest...
May 29, 202211:57
Bonus Minute 1: Q&A

Bonus Minute 1: Q&A

Personal insurance: The policyholder versus the beneficiary.

The policyholder can make decisions about the policy, and need to authorise any changes.

The beneficiary receives the benefit (for example, the life insurance amount)

May 28, 202200:58
Episode 69 - Women and Money
Apr 11, 202210:38
Episode 68 - Income Protection Made Easy
Apr 11, 202214:32
Episode 67 - Inflation, Savings and Life Insurance
Mar 03, 202211:12
Episode 66 - KiwiSaver Confusion

Episode 66 - KiwiSaver Confusion

We have all heard about KiwiSaver and despite having over 3 million members it would appear that confusion and lack of understanding of how it works is the most common talking point.

By the end of the March 2021 financial year, New Zealanders had invested $81.6 billion dollars into KiwiSaver, with $26,410 being the average amount invested. Not bad going for a scheme which started in 2007. However, given such a large amount of money has been invested into KiwiSaver it is hard to believe that there is still widespread confusion.

Key Ideas:

  • What is KiwiSaver?
  • What is the purpose of KiwiSaver?
  • When can or should you get the money?
  • Choosing the right scheme for you


Feb 21, 202211:39
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Dec 08, 202111:37
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Jun 02, 202110:59
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Jun 02, 202107:11
Episode 55 BMI - What It Is & How It Changes Your Insurance
Apr 19, 202109:08
Episode 54 - Protect Your Biggest Asset
Apr 06, 202108:09
Episode 53 - I’m too young for insurance; you are not actually bullet-proof
Apr 06, 202107:07
Episode 52 ACC – Do you really know what they do?
Feb 07, 202112:32
Episode 51 - Save for a house or do something else?
Feb 07, 202109:40
Episode 50 - Financial Capability, teach and be taught
Nov 23, 202011:41
Episode 49 - Trauma Cover, it is a Smörgåsbord
Nov 23, 202010:27
Episode 48 - Your Health & yet another COVID-19 article
Nov 01, 202008:32
Episode 47 - KiwiSaver: Low fees, yet you still want advice with that...?

Episode 47 - KiwiSaver: Low fees, yet you still want advice with that...?

We hear a lot in media sources about high fees for KiwiSaver. We also hear how people are not getting enough advice about financial products like KiwiSaver. Who is correct?

Key Points:

  • What do your pay for?
  • What the Regulators (and industry) want
  • Who decides?

Nov 01, 202008:36
Episode 46 - “What is the Risk of Losing?”
Oct 14, 202007:39
Episode 45 - Indemnity versus Agreed Value (& ACC for self-employed)
Oct 14, 202009:39
Episode 44 - How Distressing is Financial Distress?

Episode 44 - How Distressing is Financial Distress?

Mental health awareness week was here in NZ recently. Money stress affects 22% of people every day. A further 25% worry about money weekly. Anxiety comes from looking at the future and being uncertain, of not being able to clearly see the way ahead. It is easier to ‘stick the head in the ground’ and do nothing. Do you worry about money? If you do, you are like 61% of New Zealanders who worry about it with different frequencies, but at least monthly.

Key points:

  • What is distressing?
  • What the numbers say
  • What can be done?

Oct 06, 202005:48
Episode 43 - How much do Financial Advisers Make?
Oct 06, 202011:08
Episode - 42 - Can someone else flick the lights off on your behalf?
Sep 24, 202005:50
Episode 41 - How ‘Permanent’ is Total & Permanent Disability?
Sep 24, 202008:03
Episode 40 - What is a ‘wealth’ mindset?
Sep 14, 202009:29
Episode 39 - Life Insurance, it is pretty boring
Sep 14, 202007:13
Episode 38 - How Long Before Insurance Companies Pay Up?
Aug 30, 202007:49
Episode 37 - Unlocked KiwiSaver – what is it?

Episode 37 - Unlocked KiwiSaver – what is it?

In a recent article I mentioned ‘unlocked KiwiSaver’ products. It would be remiss of me to not explain what these are. For people outside of New Zealand, KiwiSaver is similar to Australia’s Superannuation or perhaps the 401K in the US. For KiwiSaver, members are not allowed to make a withdrawal on these funds until they are 65. There are exceptions of note here: first home buyers, and those under “extreme hardship” (with various conditions attached).

However, the idea of investing in a managed fund that is easily accessible and available to the public should be appealing to people who want to spread their eggs into different baskets. Remember that diversification is good basic risk management tool for long term investing.


  • Two examples
  • Is it for you?
  • Get advice

Aug 30, 202007:18
Episode 36 - KiwiSaver: Passive/ Active & fees?

Episode 36 - KiwiSaver: Passive/ Active & fees?

Recently I put my nose into the debate around passive versus active investing. In my comment on the article pondered why the choice should be so binary, one or the other? In my observation of investments, the prudent path always seems to be one of diversification. The old euphemism of not having ‘all your eggs in one basket’ is well understood. So, diversification can be across asset classes, specialised investment products and geographical markets.

How does this affect your choice of KiwiSaver? We can only choose one fund. As far as KiwiSaver is concerned, we must put all our eggs in the one-fund-basket.


  • The birth of KiwiSaver
  • How do you diversify your risk within the one fund of your KiwiSaver?
  • Passive vs Active & fees
  • Is your 3+3 contribution enough?

Aug 05, 202011:34
Episode 35 - I use marijuana, can I get insurance?
Aug 02, 202007:04
Episode 34 - What Is The Best Age To Get Life Insurance?
Jul 31, 202008:47
Episode 33 - Recession is the time to sort your $

Episode 33 - Recession is the time to sort your $

In a recession, nearly everyone is worried about money. We know that 23% of kiwi’s worry about money daily. In fact, 62% worry about money at least monthly or less. That is in normal times.

Now is the time to sort your money and insurance.

For more go to


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Jul 29, 202009:50
Episode 32 Compound Interest - is it interesting?
Jul 19, 202006:08
Episode 31 - How realistic is Monopoly?
Jul 06, 202007:10
Episode 30 - Pre-existing health conditions - "Companies will run a mile...!"
Jul 03, 202007:06
Episode 29 - FSC research report - kiwis need help

Episode 29 - FSC research report - kiwis need help

It's not just me saying it, there is research to back up what I am saying...the Financial Services Council with their latest report. It is all about New Zealanders, and our thoughts and attitudes towards money, insurance and investing.

If you are Generation X Y or Z, therefore anyone who is under 53 years of age, have a listen. This is all about you.

Massive under-insurance issue in NZ:

- 1/3 have life insurance

- Just 1/5 have critical illness (trauma)

- Just 15% have income protection

A New Zealand Company

Jun 22, 202007:20
Episode 28 - For the Good of Your Health…Insurance!
Jun 19, 202006:17
Episode 27 - "Can I keep my cover if I plan to live& work overseas?
Jun 18, 202005:10
Episode 26 - "Can I still get insurance if I am planning on getting pregnant?"
Jun 17, 202004:41
Episode 25 - CPI – A major reason for your policy going up in price so drastically
Jun 16, 202007:41
Episode 24 - Insurance Stack and the Budget Pizza
Jun 15, 202006:17
Episode 23 - Not another insurance podcast. Money 101 in 5 minutes
Jun 03, 202007:13