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Women, Wine & Leadership

Women, Wine & Leadership

By Donna Carlson

Success strategists say you become like the five people you hang out with most. Join Donna Carlson, Women's Leadership & Life Strategy Coach, having a glass of wine with women like YOU talking about strategies to live the most abundant version of your whole life -- at work, at home and at play.
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Episode 27: Jessica Sidener

Women, Wine & LeadershipJul 24, 2019

#102 Rachel Braun Scherl on Orgasmic Leadership

#102 Rachel Braun Scherl on Orgasmic Leadership

Rachel Braun Scherl has passionately focused on driving the conversation on the business of women’s sexual and reproductive health. She spends a lot of time speaking publicly, loudly and passionately in an effort to drive the conversation around the business of female health in all of its complexity. Her bestselling book called Orgasmic Leadership reflects a wellspring of deep personal experience in pharmaceuticals, consumer products, women’s health as well as in depth interviews with leaders in the sexual wellness field. 

Rachel doesn't like to drink wine, in fact her favorite beverage is Stewart's Diet Root Beer, which I believe can be consumed from a wine glass to make it more festive. I love what Rachel is doing to accelerate women's health. If you have a business that needs a spark, I hope you'll give her a call.

Contact Rachel at or

Aug 26, 202021:30
#101 Debra Valentina on turning chaos to freedom and joy
Aug 05, 202026:40
#100 Erin Ardleigh on the pandemic in Manhattan and escapes with wine

#100 Erin Ardleigh on the pandemic in Manhattan and escapes with wine

Erin Ardleigh is the founder and president of Dynama Insurance. She has worked in the insurance industry since 2002 and founded Dynama Insurance in 2014 to make the insurance planning process more transparent and more accessible for her clients. Erin personally oversees each client’s plan design and says that the best part of her job is meeting smart, successful people. She lives in Manhattan, where she tries to keep up with the city’s culinary and artistic happenings. 

Erin shares in our interview a bit about her work on the Advisory Board of the World Music Institute where they continue to enjoy music through wmi+ at home. Check it out at

A lifelong passion for travel has led Erin across all seven continents. She finds that traveling and running a successful business have much in common – planning well, listening, continual learning and last minute problem solving when the unexpected happens! In fact, Erin runs a weekly virtual networking group for entrepreneurs. If you want to stay in touch with her, contact Erin at or 212-933-9456.

We talked a bit about the pandemic experience in New York. Where she lives in Manhattan, she has observed the pandemic up close and in living color, from the makeshift hospital in Central Park to the temporary morgue on the street below. So many of us have a limited view of the pandemic, gratefully, and it's important to make ourselves aware of what's happening globally so we can walk this out in emotional support of the world. She suggested we check out the stories in the NY TImes stories, to get a clear picture of the pandemic.

On a more cheerful note, talking about getting out of our own experience to understand a bit of the world, Erin describes her experience with Susanna Balbo, the first woman winemaker in Argentina, and I am seeing myself there. Maybe a women's wine retreat in the future. Find yourself there now:

Or bring the wine tasting home. Navarro winery is providing COVD-friendly wine tasting at home. I can't wait to give this a try. If you want to join this tasting event, contact and we'll put you on the list.

Jul 28, 202023:33
#99 Kristen Denzer with Tierra Encantada on early education

#99 Kristen Denzer with Tierra Encantada on early education

Kristen Denzer is the Chief Executive Officer and Founder of Tierra Encantada, a Leader in Spanish Immersion Early Education® for children ages six weeks through six years of age, focusing on the growth of the whole child. The program utilizes proprietary language-immersion curriculum focused on teaching a respect for diversity, and includes fresh-cooked, organic meals designed to expand children’s young palates.

Kristen started her first entrepreneurial endeavor in 2008 – an event rental company. She grew that company from 20 events to 500 events annually in just six years. While operating the successful event rental company, she started a second business in 2010 with a childhood friend called The Woof Room – a dog daycare and boarding facility. She managed to grow both into profitable companies serving thousands of clients annually. In 2013, while searching for quality early education for her young child, she founded Tierra Encantada’s first location in Eagan, Minnesota. She continued to operate all three businesses until 2016 when she sold her event rental company and dog daycare facility to focus solely on Tierra Encantada’s growth. In Spring of 2019, she launched Tierra Encantada’s franchising expansion to provide access to language immersion education to families across the country. Today, Tierra Encantada is an Inc 5000 company with four corporate locations in Minnesota, almost a dozen franchise centers in site development, and over 100 full-time employees. Learn more at

Her choice wine comes from Croatia! Go to Stina wines, inspired by stone, here at

Jul 15, 202023:28
#98 Jacqueline Nagle on speaking-centric strategies in crisis

#98 Jacqueline Nagle on speaking-centric strategies in crisis

Everything you need to rocket out of this pandemic with success is within you. I've always talked about turning tragedy into strategy. That's exactly what Jacqueline Nagle does. She helps people craft their story into a purpose. You must listen to this conversation in creating your crisis strategy. More on Jacqueline at

Jul 11, 202022:43
#97 Karen Brown on velocity for your life and leadership

#97 Karen Brown on velocity for your life and leadership

Karen Brown sat in front of the TV in 1982 in tears, jarred emotionally by the performance of a woman in the Ironman triathalon. Why the tears? "Wasted potential," she told me. She had convinced herself this level of achievement was outside of her grasp. For 28 years she repeated the same pattern, talking herself out of realizing a future that was already hers if she would just own it. 

It was in a business class where she learned about human behavior patterns that the clouds parted and the angels sang. In her 40s, she learned how to transform limiting beliefs to unlimited beliefs. Our unconscious beliefs run 150,000 mph, processing 2 billion bits per day. We think that we're making sound conscious decisions, but the conscious mind contributes .006%.

Karen did hire a coach and train for the Ironman at 48, then she entered the Ultraman. I asked her how much of her life she had to reorder to train for these events. "Everything," she said. Training transformed how she planned her day, how she handled e-mail, how she ran her team as a CEO. It impacted everything and she was already operating at a pretty high index. This experience led her to create a coaching experience that would add the same velocity for you and me.

“On my journey to the Ironman World Championships as an amateur athlete,” explains Karen Brown, “I discovered that the key to greater performance and effectiveness lies in identifying and addressing blind spots – repeated behavioral patterns that impede success. Using a professional coach and neurolinguistics as a tool, I achieved astounding results.” The scientifically proven Velocity Power Pathways™ approach uses ground-breaking neuroscience techniques to help executives become more effective and impactful leaders, opening unconscious blocks in order to create new and lasting neural pathways to success.

You can access more resources at a special page she created for you:

When she's not training, she does enjoy a good red wine, especially a Barolo from Italy, but she's formed a new taste for a high quality, lower calorie tequila these days. Hey, we're all about strategies! Grab a friend and enjoy this conversation with Karen.

Jul 03, 202041:58
#98 Annie Scranton on strategies for moving from unemployed to unstoppable

#98 Annie Scranton on strategies for moving from unemployed to unstoppable

It's never easy to lose your job, but for Annie Scranton it was the gateway to a totally new career. She was 28 when she lost a coveted role as a TV producer and started calling friends to see if anyone knew of any work. One offer to place a personality on a TV show, led to another and another. This year Pace Public Relations celebrates its tenth anniversary, booking geniuses and business leaders on CNBC, Fox News, HLN, MSNBC, Fox Business Network, Bloomberg TV, and many other networks. One of her clients wrote a book that turned into a made-for-TV movie starring Rob Lowe. (Wish I could have been a fly on that wall. I'm not sure whether I want to quote West Wing here or Parks and Rec, so I'll just move on .... )

As a leader in her field, Annie is committed to raising up women of influence, so it isn't surprising that she was invited at the inaugural  Women Impact Tech Conference to introduce Arianna Huffington (you've heard of Huffington Post, which is affiliated with Thrive Global, where I happen to have a women's leadership column). In this interview she tells a story about her encounter with Huffington that every one of us needs to embrace.

In support of women, her firm is offering a free PR consultation to any small business navigating these uncharted waters. Contact them online at or reach out to Annie directly, at

Annie and her husband Michael live in Manhattan raising their adorable young daughter Rose. In her free time (which isn't much) Annie enjoys puzzles, audio books and riding her Peloton. Her favorite wine tonight is Whispering Angel Rose, in honor of her sweet daughter, but she typically goes to a buttery Chardonnay. It's clear in the white wine category we can drink together.

Please grab a friend and get to know Annie with me. Look for a summary of this and a few other recent podcasts on Thrive Global.

Jun 24, 202022:59
#97 Nikki Brown, Co-Founder of Altwell CBD

#97 Nikki Brown, Co-Founder of Altwell CBD

Nikki began her career in 1997 with Champion Nutrition. In 1998, she joined her father  and  brother  to  add  her  expertise  to the successful start-up of CytoSport / Muscle Milk, where she  was  instrumental  in creating the  infrastructure  of  their  operation  which became a 200,000 square foot headquarters housing business operations, marketing and a  state-of-the-art manufacturing facility.  She began to direct the Brandin early 2001 and was named Chief Marketing Officer in 2009. She led all brand activity including innovation, packaging, advertising, sports marketing, collegiate programming, lifestyle marketing, national events and sampling. The  family  sold  the  award-winning business  to  Hormel  Food  Company,  where  Nikki stayed in her role. In 2016, she joined her father and brother at another startup, then fast forward to  2019, when the entrepreneurial family launched the ALTWELL line of CBD products where she again leads the brand and marketing  efforts.  

Nikki lives  in Alamo  with  her  husband  and  four  children. When  not  running  from  sports  to  dance, they love to travel. Get to know more about the business at

Jun 13, 202028:14
#96 Mia Hewett on aligned intelligence, living the life you were made for
May 23, 202051:50
#95 Being your Best Self with Dr. Marla

#95 Being your Best Self with Dr. Marla

Dr. Marla Richard incorporates the latest in neuroscience, evidence-based practices of psychopharmacology and western medicine, interpersonal neurobiology, and the Enneagram to help individuals, groups and professionals to become their “best self”. She's a board-certified, Stanford-trained psychiatrist with a specialization in an integrated health paradigm using, traditional psychopharmacology, equine rehabilitative therapy, and interpersonal neurobiology practices.

"Integration is a key factor to health. I help balance all centers from your physical health exploring diet, exercise/movement, stress and disease management. Mental health focusing on building flexibility and mindfulness. Spiritually to honor the differences of those we love, live and work with to offer kindness and compassion. All so that we can rest peacefully, play with joy and work with gusto!"

She currently practices clinical geriatric psychiatry at UC San Diego and is building a program to take her wisdom to the world. You can contact Dr. Marla at

May 22, 202026:43
#76 Randi McCallian on women and politics and getting stuff done
May 20, 202033:47
#94 Sonja Wasden on life at the brink of suicide and back

#94 Sonja Wasden on life at the brink of suicide and back

Five years ago Sonja tried to end her life by taking 200 pills. "I didn't want to leave my life," Sonja told me in our interview. "I wanted to leave the pain."

Suicide rates have increased 30% since 2000. I asked why. Sonja talks about the stigma, the embarrassment, being told in her own ER that she and her husband might want to seek a hospital where they won't be noticed.

Depression is the leading cause of disability in the world, yet there are not many groups for mental health in schools, businesses and communities. The Suicide Prevention Lifeline reports that the FCC recommended that 988 be designated as a national crisis hotline, but 988 is NOT CURRENTLY ACTIVE and will not connect callers to the Lifeline. Please continue to share 800-273-TALK (8255) and our chat page with anyone wishing to connect to the Lifeline.

In her book, "An Impossible Life," Wasden takes you into her story. "If you are holding this book in your hands, you are holding my life in your hands." This comes at a time when many people are at the end of their rope in a global health crisis. I hope Sonja's story brings you back to why you're here so you can design a forward-focused recovery plan.

I hope you will join us for this interview and checkout for articles this month providing you strategies to navigate mental wellness.

May 14, 202030:04
#93 Intro to Mental Wellness Month with Simply Full

#93 Intro to Mental Wellness Month with Simply Full

Here's a switch. I had so much fun with Heather Aardema on my podcast, I joined her podcast and NOW I want to share that with you. We had so much fun! Heather is an Aspiring Minimalist and Host of Simply Full — a Whole-Body Wellness and Weight-Loss Sisterhood. She's a National Board Certified Health & Wellness Coach (NBC-HWC) and Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach (FMCHC), but don't tune out if weight loss is not your thing.

We talked about whole body health, from the inside out, and strategies for turning stress into energy in these crazy times. It was a really deep conversation filled with strategies YOU need as we enter this recovery phase of COVID 19.

Join us! And share it with a friend.

May 07, 202054:38
#92 Suzanne Carpenter on peace with food
Apr 28, 202028:56
#85 Dr. Gina Johnson on things you need to know about total health management in COVID 19

#85 Dr. Gina Johnson on things you need to know about total health management in COVID 19

I met Dr. Gina Johnson at an Ellevate Network happy hour in Bellevue, Washington. We bonded over Pinot Noir before we bonded over integrative health. Gina provides personalized lifestyle / functional medicine on the phone. Her virtual telemedicine clinic and concierge service helps people optimize and manage their total health. This interview comes at a perfect time to provide strategies during the stay-home mandate. 

Here's the short list:

#1 Avoid the virus. Stay home.

#2 Wash hands, don't touch your face.

#3 Recognize the word vulnerable encompasses more than just elders

Here are a few signs your immune system is not well

  • You get sick frequently.
  • You can say "yes" on lifestyle factors like smoking, drinking, vaping, poor diet.
  • You have a medical condition like diabetes, hypertension, obesity, even sinus infections.

Gina shares how to be the curator of your own health and what to watch for before you call the doctor during this pandemic. Most importantly, if you have symptoms, call your doc. If you have difficulty breathing, call 911.

Listen for more details and Gina's own strategies for staying sane in the shut in. If you want to contact Gina, go to connect on Facebook. If you live in Bellevue and you want to support a local business, order dinner from tonight.

Mar 27, 202032:34
#86 Mikaela Kiner and her book: Female Firebrands

#86 Mikaela Kiner and her book: Female Firebrands

MIKAELA KINER is an experienced HR / People Operations professional, founder/CEO, and executive coach. In 2015, Kiner founded Reverb, creating a healthy, inclusive culture in startups and growing companies in the Pacific Northwest.

In Female Firebrands, Kiner shares stories of 13 successful professional women from diverse backgrounds (including women of color, immigrants, and LGBTQIA+) and industries as they recount the challenges they've faced in their careers and how they have overcome bias, sexism, and the power imbalance. Chapter checklists provide invaluable to-do lists for women, men who want to be their advocates, as well as HR and business leaders.

I just had to close our our March series of women making history with this podcast. We are unstoppable, ladies. Remember that.

Mar 27, 202024:52
#84 Peace in the Pandemic Special Feature: Stacy Sherman on customer experience in a pandemic

#84 Peace in the Pandemic Special Feature: Stacy Sherman on customer experience in a pandemic

Boy, what a time in the world to talk about customer experience. I've spent hours this week cancelling flights and rental cars because of forced closures and I'm so surprised to hear the lack of human connection in the voices on the phone. I asked Stacy Sherman, a Cx (customer experience) leader to comment on why companies allow this human disconnect in the call center and what we can do about it.

Stacy is a Cx leader, strategist and blogger. When she's not running Cx for Schindler Elevator Corp, she's running a blog, Doing Cx Right, all about humanizing business and leading with a heart. I can tell that comes naturally to her. When I asked how she connects with her team during this lock down, she told me that part has actually been easier than connecting with her teenagers home from college.

Her approach begins with listening, connecting, being conscious of the context and intentional to connect. She's modeling what they need to do to help customers feel safe and cared for right now. I'm a big fan of inspiring more companies to train their people to lead from the inside out, care for customers from the heart and be fully present as humans in the workplace.

That's why I'm so happy to share this podcast with you. You can learn more about the Vivino wine app she talked about here. If you are interested in one of the meditation apps she mentioned, here they are: Calm and Simple Habit. You can find a link to the label of her Kim Crawford Sauvignon Blanc on my Wine Palace.

Mar 27, 202027:19
Peace in the Pandemic Special Feature: Emilie Perz with online yoga
Mar 19, 202020:45
#91 Kimberly Braun and spiritual wellness

#91 Kimberly Braun and spiritual wellness

I love the picture on her web site of Kimberly Braun sitting on a rock, laughing, arms open. That's exactly what you'll find in this podcast interview. She's a minister, a teachner, a Reike master and now… a friend. I came away from this conversation feeling more relaxed and at peace with my full life. I hope you do too. You can learn more about her on LinkedIn or on her web site:

Mar 18, 202034:28
#90 Angie Tebbe providing girl power in a jar

#90 Angie Tebbe providing girl power in a jar

Self love is not the same thing as self care. We're not just about taking a bubble bath. 93% of women experienced some level of burnout this past year. Conquering the world has produced an insatiable desire to succeed but also a huge toll on body and soul.

Angie Tebbe had me at, "It's the sum of all the parts." To live well spirit, soul and body, we need to curate a regimen of self love that is more grace than effort. She provides a line of  affordable, evidence-based women’s wellness products that launched online last year and in Target stores nationwide.

Some of their top products include:

  • In the Mood      Capsules: In the Mood is here with      a blend of powerful and pure adaptogenic herbs and vitamins that support      and fuel sexual well-being.
  • Beauty Drops: These drops      pack a daily dose of pure biotin to nourish the body and promote strong      skin, nails and hair growth.
  • Sleep Capsules: These      capsules use pure and powerful ingredients and botanicals to calm body and      mind to help you get a restful night’s sleep.

I've already purchased the probiotic and a little birthday present for my husband to boost libido. Because Angie favors the cab grape, I've posted a little lesson on knowing your cabernet in my Wine Palace on Pinterest. Check it out and let us know your fave cab. Maybe pick up Angie's fave wine from the Celia Walsh collection and join the conversation.

*Worth mentioning, Angie supports an organization called Girls Inc. that you might want to know about - Inspiring all girls to be strong, smart, and bold. I'm the mother of three girls, so I'm a big supporter of causes like this.

Mar 18, 202028:08
#89 Jeanette Schneider and the LIV: Pocket Coach

#89 Jeanette Schneider and the LIV: Pocket Coach

This month is all about strategies to live your life 360º - spirit, soul and body. Jeanette Schneider delivers with LIV Media’s first app, LIV: Pocket Coach. She's a working girl from the tech world like me, using her tech expertise to dish out wellness in a mobile app for iPhone's. You can get the app through Apple Store or LIV Media’s website at

“Through mindfulness and accountability offerings including lifestyle coaching; meditation; breath work, and intentional living routines and challenges, LIV provides you with the tools, community and support you need to live your very best life, leveling up in every aspect.”

Enjoy this conversation with my fellow Cabernet lover. Get the whole list in my Wine Palace on Pinterest. If you are interested in more than just the app, a company or a coach interested in white labeling the content, contact Jeanette at

Mar 17, 202022:41
#87 Lynda Cloud with Integrative Nutrition

#87 Lynda Cloud with Integrative Nutrition

Kicking off food and nutrition month, I have Lynda Cloud, CEO of Integrative Nutrition. It all started in Joshua's kitchen -- the discovery about bioindividuality. Since the month of April is dedicated to food, talking about how our bodies respond to food in a different way is important. Lynda teaches the same philosophy as Michelle May in our Mindful Eating Retreat that we need to take the rules out of food and understand what's right for MY body.

Contact Lynda at or check out her Lincoln Center May 2 at Rolling Greens in LA at Integrative Nutrition. Follow @nutritionschool on Instagram or Twitter and join her conversation on Facebook.

The Mindful Eating and Yoga Retreat in Colorado Springs April 19-23 has been postponed, but stay in touch with me at 360º Life Strategies to find out when we'll reschedule it.

Mar 17, 202025:50
#88 Nicole Wilder, a KPWE scholar and mentor

#88 Nicole Wilder, a KPWE scholar and mentor

Nicole Wilder is an unstoppable woman and a graduate from UCCS under The KPWE Scholarship program, endowed in 1998 by Karen and Jim Possehl. The program provides financial assistance and mentor support for nontraditional UCCS students who are starting or returning to college after having overcome significant personal adversity. As a single mom of three, Nicole was an ideal candidate when she interviewed for the program.

With children in pre-school, first and second grade, Nicole started college at 36. She graduated in 2012 in mechanical engineering and stayed two years for a master's degree. She's now working as an engineer and serving the KPWE program as a mentor.

She tells her story in full color, including the tragic loss of one child and the blessing of a new baby who's now two. Nicole is a woman of distinction and I'm so proud to have the honor of this interview.

If you are interested in joining in the support of the KPWE Scholarship Program, you can purchase tickets to the Unstoppable Women's Luncheon on May 20 in Colorado Springs here.

Mar 17, 202020:55
#83 Rania Zayyat, founder of Wonder Women of Wine

#83 Rania Zayyat, founder of Wonder Women of Wine

Rania Zayyat is the Founder of Wonder Women of Wine (W.W.O.W.) -- a non-profit organization advocating gender equality in the wine industry. Her inspiration? Joining an all male team in her first wine job. Women in the wine industry face a lot of the same challenges we see in financial services, high-tech and other male dominated fields. The W.W.O.W.annual conference focuses on solution-based discussions, networking, and scholarship opportunities to equip women to rise in their expertise.

Rania says, "We empower women to adopt leadership roles in all facets of the wine industry, and advocate men to be equal voices for, and activators of, gender equality in wine in both professional and social settings. We foster mentorship between men and women alike in order to change the status quo."

Her own business as a wonder woman is called Vintel -- a multi-faceted wine education company driven by creating unique and affordable experiences for our clients through customized wine programs, package design, and focused educational classes. They provide consumers tools needed to further their wine knowledge and help businesses maximize profits in a modern marketplace; all the while, supporting quality-conscious and sustainably produced wines.

Curious about the Loire Valley Gamay she talked about? Read up here. Or were you captivated by the light, pepper Spanish Barbera wines she described? Wine-Searcher.comoffers a little education for you…or for me I should say. Read up on how Rania is changing the world of wine for women in the Austin Chronicle. Naturally, the Wonder Women of Wine annual event is postponed to keep us safe from the pandemic, but stay tuned at to find out when it will happen.

Mar 17, 202027:20
#82 Sandra Thebaud on getting ahead of stress before it derails you

#82 Sandra Thebaud on getting ahead of stress before it derails you

This gal is badass. Former Navy, former Marines, Sandra Thebaud did her time at Kaiser Permanente before she started taking stress head on. This is a great time to hear Sandra's strategies for navigating stress, burnout and resiliency.

She said the three most common signs of anxiety are

  1. Sleep (not enough)
  2. Self care (like not eating or eating junk food)
  3. Physical problems, like stomach pain. 

Most docs, she says, will not diagnose anxiety. They'll treat the neck pain, the headaches, the stomach aches with medication before they suggest the lifestyle changes that Sandra helps with.

If you are stressed, you are depleting resources and you will hit rock bottom. Do you have a car? If you keep putting off getting gas, eventually the car will just stop running. If you are ready for some more gas in your life, contact Sandra at or

Mar 17, 202024:21
#81 Janel Dyan on what to wear to bring who you are to your brand

#81 Janel Dyan on what to wear to bring who you are to your brand

Executive brand strategist, speaker and author Janel Dyan is empowering women's brand authenticity by aligning their core values with how they present themselves on the outside. She has worked with an incredible group of executives including Ebony Frelix Beckwith EVP and Chief Philanthropy Officer at Salesforce; Board Member at Hamilton Families and Women’s Funding Network.
In 2017, Dyan launched an amazing nonprofit initiative called BEYOND US, ™ providing opportunities to build confidence in women through a platform for sharing clothes with other women who are ready to take the next step in their professional lives. Janel strives to ensure that, in the eyes of her clients and Beyond Us recipients, the pieces are not viewed as charity. These are simply clothes and accessories that have served to tell one woman's story and are now being repurposed to tell a new story for a different woman because nothing is lost and so much is gained.
“It’s not about the clothes, it's about the women who wear them and the stories they tell - for stories have the power to connect us, inspire us and, above all else, remind us that we are not alone,” says Janel.
Grab her book on Amazon: Story .Style. Brand.: Why Corporate Results are a Matter of Personal Style. Or connect with Janel on her web site.
Mar 16, 202028:51
#80 Meghann Conter on creating a global network of six-digit dames

#80 Meghann Conter on creating a global network of six-digit dames

Meghann Conter is a powerhouse of a woman who has stepped in to fill a need that many women experience - the need for a more elevated community. After years of providing marketing services to six figure income earners to reach seven figures, Meghann created a place where women at that level can gather, laugh, share stories and not get bombarded with business cards in their face
Don't get me wrong. Networking happens at The Dames, but it happens naturally, organically…in a trusted community. And the network is growing all over the world. Meghann tells the story in this interview of why she created The Dames and the critical factor that launched her into explosive growth. The year that Meghann stopped drinking alcohol was the year things took of for this venture. Sure, they serve wine at Dames events, but Meghann stopped taking anything that would impair her ability to think clearly, sleep well and be ready to greet the morning.
If you listen to her story and you're curious about the books that inspired her journey, check out
Quit Like a Woman, Holly Whitaker
This Naked Mind, Controlling Alcohol, Annie Grace
Sober Curious, Ruby Warrington
Mar 16, 202031:37
#79 Gail Flander Jones with Faith Enterprises and The Masters Program for Women

#79 Gail Flander Jones with Faith Enterprises and The Masters Program for Women

Gail Jones is a serial entrepreneur and executive coach who is passionate about kingdom leadership development and bridging the sacred-secular divide. Her firm Faith Enterprises LLC does investments, consulting and coaching with leaders, teams and organizations, and she especially loves leading The Master’s Program for Women. In addition to her extensive marketplace experience, Gail serves on several non-profit boards and advisory teams, including New Horizons Foundation, Resource Exchange International, Dream Centers of Colorado Springs, Friends of the International Executive Team of The Navigators, and World Vision’s National Leadership Council.
With four grown children and five grandchildren, Gail understands what leadership means to your whole life. With all the important roles she plays in the world, she maintains an impressive state of harmony. I love that she talks about being in the "wisdom seat" in this phase of life. If her story makes you curious about The Master's Program for Women, you can find more details here.
Mar 16, 202020:34
#78 Cindy Berry helping you recalibrate your emotions
Mar 16, 202032:21
#77 Dawn Hopkins talks about her journey getting free from rules about food

#77 Dawn Hopkins talks about her journey getting free from rules about food

"Throw away the scale," Dawn says.

Understanding your body is the key to having peace with food. After battling her own eating disorder, Dawn Hopkins learned how to make friends with food again when she attended one of D. Michelle May's first mindful eat events. She has since become a licensed instructor under Michelle's Am I Hungry™ program and teaches eating with intention and attention at her own yoga retreats. 

Even though we've had to cancel the Mindful Eating and Yoga Retreat in Colorado April 19-23 because of travel restrictions, I want to equip you with this powerful information for your own health and freedom. Watch for more retreats. Meanwhile Dawn is keeping busy with

Dawn was one of my yoga instructors in teacher training and she is truly gifted. If you feel inspired to pursue teacher training with all your heart, soul and mind, this is where you should be.

Oh, and Dawn's fave wine is from Page Springs Cellars in Arizona. You can also find this in my Wine Palace on Pinterest.

Mar 13, 202033:30
#75 Ryhaan Williams on being mom and being awesome at work

#75 Ryhaan Williams on being mom and being awesome at work

This working girl, Ryhaan Williams, has an impressive resume and it was a privilege to interview her, which is where I found we are soul sisters. We are both working moms who are passionate in our work and passionate about our kids. She responded to my post about the naked Christmas tree in kind: I cried like someone died when I did the airport drop off yesterday. I have one home but he leaves soon. For all my success, my Sons are my greatest joy. My kryptonite. You are not alone, there are many of us out there. Growing responsible kids is one of the great joys of the workplace, but it's hard to keep all the balls in the air. That's why it's important to tell our stories.

I knew we would be fast friends when she came on the zoom call opening up her bottle of wine. That's why I decided to post this sister from another mister on my birthday week. We're kindred souls, so I know you will love her too. Grab your glass of wine and enjoy!

Mar 11, 202020:00
#73 Fran Berrick, reinventing careers from the heart

#73 Fran Berrick, reinventing careers from the heart

Fran Berrick, global business leader, certified career coach and CEO of Spearmint Coaching is a knowledge powerhouse for just about anything related to careers and occupations, interviewing, building a brand and more.

She has a proven track record helping clients map a career path that reflects their skills and strengths and delivers career results. Like me, she loves outplacement coaching - helping people celebrate the next season and discover their best path.

We had a great time talking about wine and the metaphor, so make sure it's happy hour when you listen to this podcast.

And if you're curious about her favorite biodynamic vineyard, meet Ceritas.

Mar 09, 202030:07
 #72 Lauren Shakes giving out scholarships for UCCS

#72 Lauren Shakes giving out scholarships for UCCS

Lauren Shakes is the Scholarship Program Manager, overseeing all community funded scholarships, for UCCS. The one I love is the Karen Possehl Women's Endowment, because I was one of those young gals without a blueprint or the connections to navigate life. This program provides scholarships and mentors for non-traditional students. They help 26 women every year and ten of them will graduate this spring, which is why you need to put the 2020 Unstoppable Women's Luncheon on your calendar.
Grab your glass of wine and hold it high for 10 unstoppable women as you hear more about their stories from Lauren.
Mar 06, 202020:26
#70 Daria Dmytrenko on influencer marketing
Mar 02, 202021:59
#71 Lisa Manyon on marketing with integrity and passion

#71 Lisa Manyon on marketing with integrity and passion

I knew we would be friends when Lisa Manyon posted on her LinkedIn profile that she's a marketing strategist focused on passion, a writer, a speaker and she loves wine. We talk about lots of things in this podcast and if you are inspired by her marketing genius, look her up at

Mar 02, 202031:26
#69 Cristine Vieira helping business owners find your influence

#69 Cristine Vieira helping business owners find your influence

Our second episode of women-making-history month features a woman helping YOU make history in your business.

Find Your Influence (FYI) was Co-founded by Jamie Reardon and Cristine Vieira of Phoenix, AZ, seven years ago. They have since helped major national brands like LifeLock, Ping and Pizza Hut connect with more than 100,000 influencers to create brand awareness and drive followers to engage on social media.

I've asked Vieira to weigh in on the top marketing trends small businesses need to be aware of for 2020, and how new social platforms are shaping and evolving the influencer marketing space. As always, we talk about the whole life - balancing entrepreneurship with motherhood and keeping all the balls in the air.

Learn more about FYI at Find Your Influence.

And don't forget, our special focus this week is supporting the growth of one woman in business to help you succeed. If you want to say yes to the Women's Leadership for Life Neurosculpting® Class in Denver on March 7, sign up here and I'll see you there with some life strategies.

Mar 02, 202021:06
#68 Tasha Beckman kicking glass in the real estate industry

#68 Tasha Beckman kicking glass in the real estate industry

Tasha Beckman and I met at The Dames last year and I am not surprised that her million dollar real estate business runs on customer love. When you meet this mama bear of a team leader with her giant heart, you will know why she means business.

Our special focus this week is supporting the growth of one woman in business to help you succeed. If you want to say yes to the Women's Leadership for Life Neurosculpting® Class in Denver on March 7, sign up here and I'll see you there with some life strategies.

Mar 01, 202021:50
#67 Noelle Dilts Day - a story on NeuroSculpting®
Feb 29, 202017:12
#65 Mariah Ehlert overcoming trauma with NeuroSculpting(R) at The Rebel Brain
Feb 21, 202021:38
#64 Chris Chapman on healing through the eyes of a horse
Feb 17, 202033:46
#63 Dr. Michelle May talking about freedom with Food

#63 Dr. Michelle May talking about freedom with Food

Dr. Michelle May founded a unique approach to the issues we have with food. Mindful eating—eating with intention and attention—provides a practical, universal approach to decision-making without restriction, deprivation, or guilt. Yoga is a wonderful complement to the practice of mindful eating because simply put, practicing yoga is the art of listening to yourself.

This retreat weaves together the Am I Hungry? mindful eating approach with yoga techniques to give participants a greater connection to their body, mind, heart, and spirit. You're going to hear more about this fantastic resource over the next few weeks, but you can also find out more right now. If you want to register or just get more information go to

Feb 17, 202029:48
#66 Susan Golicic and Uninhibited Wellness

#66 Susan Golicic and Uninhibited Wellness

It's wine week at Women, Wine & Leadership...and we're talking about wellness? Yes. I met Susan Golicic at a Women of Denver event and we bonded over wellness and coaching, then I learned she's a licensed sommelier. She didn't work hard for that certification just because she runs the Belmar chapter of Women, Wine & Wellness, she got the certification because she did a research study on marketing and supply chain management in the wine industry and she wanted to speak the language. That's the heart of a true researcher.

Susan puts her whole heart into all her endeavors, which, in addition to being a business professor at CSU, includes an adventure coaching business called Uninhibited Wellness. So, if you want to drink wine with Susan in Costa Rica, you might find yourself zip-lining down a canyon. It's all part of the neurological experiment to get the most out of life.

Her favorite wine so far, because there are so many regions and so many wines to taste, is Quintarelli's Amarone. I looked it up and since it's $275 a bottle, I'll be waiting for a special occasion. But in the spirit of inspiration, pick up whatever wine you're with and join us for a great conversation.

Feb 13, 202032:53
#62 Melinda Poland on how to love yourself: sex, wine and sleep for women over 50

#62 Melinda Poland on how to love yourself: sex, wine and sleep for women over 50

Back again to the podcast after teaching an extraordinary workshop on women's health at our Life Strategy Retreat last fall, my Valentine's gift to you: Melinda Poland on women's health. Why do we have a hard time sleeping? When do the hot flashes end? Why can't I enjoy wine anymore? How come I have to manufacture the desire for sex? Yes, we've packed a lot of good into this conversation.

Are you already asking, "Where's Melinda's number?" Find more on the Strata Integrated Wellness Center here or get in touch with Melinda  on LinkedIN.

Feb 13, 202029:52
#61 Krystal Covington, Women of Denver

#61 Krystal Covington, Women of Denver

I was walking through Costco the other day and there it was, Krystal's favorite Meiomi Pinot Noir. Now you know where to get it. And when you listen to this podcast, you will know how one mover and shaker is making history for the Women of Denver with this amazing organization. Krystal is a dynamic working woman and a mom creating a stage for women to influence leadership in our town.

There are different membership levels, so you have no excuse not to take a look at upcoming WOD events and sign up now.

Feb 12, 202023:37
 #60 Special Episode on Unstoppable Women

#60 Special Episode on Unstoppable Women

Today's episode kicks off a special series in support of Unstoppable Women. I have Brett Garman, Asst Director of Development at Univ of Colorado at Colo Springs. This week UCCS opened registration for the Unstoppable Women's Luncheon, a celebration of scholars benefitting from the Karen Possehl Women's Endowment.

This year's luncheon on May 20 features Margaret Sabin, Southern Region president for Children’s Colorado, who truly is an unstoppable woman. I can't wait to be a part of this.

I'm a fan of the Unstoppable Women's luncheon and the scholar program because I was a young girl without direction in college and it was the mentors in my life who gave me direction. This program sets up women without the advantages so many of us enjoy with the connections and inner leadership to thrive. That's why I'd like to fill a table. You can buy a ticket for $65 here or you can help me fill a table and raise $2,500 for scholarships.

Feb 07, 202017:20
#59 Diana Hall on how to startup strong in your business

#59 Diana Hall on how to startup strong in your business

Feb 04, 202023:30
#58 Jessica Shook with Vino Salida Winery

#58 Jessica Shook with Vino Salida Winery

This year I'm introducing a new element to the podcast, interviewing women in the wine industry the fourth week of every month. Kicking off this new direction, I was inspired on a recent road trip home from Durango, Colorado, by the Vino Salida Winery perched atop a hill off of 285. Their tasting room takes you to a different world, especially when you've been driving for four hours (don't worry, I tasted very little, just enough to whet my soul).
Jessica shares why she joined the wine industry and her insights as the only female member of the leadership team. Grab a friend and a glass of wine and join us.
Jan 29, 202017:26
#57 Marie-Elizabeth Mali
Jan 22, 202027:37
#56 Workplace Strategies with Paula Martin talking about collaboration
Jan 15, 202028:38
#55 Cat Campbell helping women live debt free
Jan 07, 202025:19