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The Freediving Journal

The Freediving Journal

By Donny

The Freediving Journal is the ultimate source of knowledge and entertainment for the breath-hold divers of the world. Deep dives into freediving technique, science and lifestyle. Monthly news dispatches from the freediving universe. Live streams with elite freedivers and breath-hold beginners. From the maker of The Freedive Café Podcast.
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#7 | News Dispatch | June 2022

The Freediving JournalJul 05, 2022

#17 | News Dispatch | Winter Break and April 2023

#17 | News Dispatch | Winter Break and April 2023

All the latest news from around the freediving world, and lots more!

This episode covers the winter break and April 2023.

We discuss:

Donny has settled in Dahab and is happy as a pig in mud Jordy is going to the AIDA Pool World Championships 2023 in South Korea in June. Vertical Blue is going ahead again in 2023! New locations announced for Deep Week, including Deep Dive Dubai and Xiaoliuqiu, Taiwan Pipin Ferreras is suing Netflix over the freediving film 'No Limit' which Ferreras claims depicts him as a murderer. New CMAS event - Speed 4x50m - to debut at the CMAS Indoor World Championships in Kuwait in May. Due to illness, two current world record holders will be absent from the pool world championships 2023 - Mirela Kardasevich (Croatia) and Matt Malina (Poland). Why I Freedive finally kicks off with responses from Natalia Wilk (Poland), Ante and Ana (Croatia), Evan Walther (USA), Patricia Ong (Singapore), Bas Mensonides (Netherlands) and Tom Way (United Kingdom). Competition highlights, including several elite depth freedivers trading the ocean for pool comps. First depth comp held at Camotes Freediving in Cebu, Philippines. Comp organised by Thibault Guignes who completed a successful 110m FIM dive after a couple of years away from the competition scene Several world records set in 2023 already! - David Vencl (Czech) - Guinness World Record 52.1m deep in 1-4 degrees without a wetsuit - Alessia Zecchini (Italy) - AIDA CWTB World Record 109m - Alexey Molchanov (Russia) - AIDA Variable Weight (Monofin) World Record 156m - Goran Colak (Croatia) - CMAS DYNB World Record 275.9m (pending doping test) - Mirela Kardasevich (Croatia) - CMAS DYNB World Record 258.5m (pending doping test) - Magdalena Solich-Talanda (Poland) - CMAS DYNB World Record 257.1m (pending doping test) - Julia Kozerska (Poland) - AIDA DNF World Record 210m Upcoming major competitions - CMAS Indoor (Pool) World Championships 2023: 8-13 May, Kuwait - AIDA Pool World Championships 2023: 10-16 June, Jeju, South Korea - Vertical Blue 2023: 20-30 July, Dean's Blue Hole, Long Island, Bahamas - CMAS Outdoor (Depth) World Championships 2023: 19-27 August, Roatan, Honduras - AIDA Depth World Championships: 20-30 Spetember, Limassol, Cyprus Shout-outs to Mat Grech (Australia), Sheena McNally (Canada) and Fabio Tunno. Next episode to be released end of May/early June, including results from the CMAS Indoor World Championships

Send PB shout outs and ‘Why I Freedive’ in text form to We would love to hear from you about freediving news, competitions, new products or anything else freediving-related! Send us an email to

May 04, 202357:01
#16 | News Dispatch | Christmas Special 2022 | November & December

#16 | News Dispatch | Christmas Special 2022 | November & December

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

All the latest news, gossip, ups and downs (pun intended), product launches and competition results from around the freediving universe! With Donny Mac and Jordy Duncan.

This month, we discuss :

Donny is back for one episode only! Then he’s off to Thailand for a couple of months before making the move back to Dahab
This is the last Freediving Journal episode for 2022. The next episode will be released in early March 2023.
Donny and Jordy share why they freedive.
Will Trubridge completed an underwater marathon, swimming 2023 x 25m no fins laps in 24 hours to raise awareness about mental health. Will has released a program called the Mental Immune System which uses freediving techniques to deal with stress and anxiety in everyday life.
Russian and Belarussian athletes can now compete in AIDA competitions under “international” for their nationality. What about the Taiwanese, and other persons who wish to compete under international?
Alenka Artnik was honoured for her freediving achievements.
Two major blockbuster films released, Wakanda Forever and Avatar 2. Cast members undertook months of freedive training to enable them to hold their breath for minutes at a time while acting scenes underwater.
Bizo Silvo to deliver a presentation on pulmonary barotrauma aka lung squeeze at the 321 Freedive Conference.
The latest freediving documentary, The Deepest Breath will have its world premiere at the 2023 Sundance Film Festival
Octopus Freediving uses crowd-funding to develop a new aluminium nose clip with natural leather pads.
Jordy spoke to Alex Llinas, Nenad Pavkovich and Kathryn Nevatt for the Where Are They segment?
Jordy shares how different countries select their national teams for the world championships and which countries provide financial assistance to their athletes.
Competition results for November and December, including a pool world record for the women.
Donny and Jordy’s PB shout-outs go to Ted Manasa and Mai Norimura.
Merry Christmas and see all our lovely listeners in 2023!

Dec 29, 202201:23:39
#15 | Freediver Stories | Ranalina Alim
Dec 24, 202219:15
#14 | News Dispatch | October 2022
Nov 09, 202201:10:39
#13 | News Dispatch | September 2022
Oct 06, 202253:24
#12 | News Dispatch | August 2022
Sep 10, 202201:40:54
#11 | Michael Board | Training Talk | Freedive Café Special Archives
Sep 01, 202249:32
#10 | Freediver Stories | Vera Giampietro
Aug 06, 202219:02
#9 | News Dispatch | July 2022
Aug 02, 202201:12:12
#8 | Deep Dive | Pre-dive Relaxation & Breathing

#8 | Deep Dive | Pre-dive Relaxation & Breathing

We all know the importance of maximising physical relaxation in the body, calm in the nervous system and peace in the mind of the diver, as we prepare for that deep dive. 

Today we'll look at some key principles and practices that can help us during our pre-dive relaxation and breathing phase.

Joining us today: Alessia Zecchini, Stefan Randig, Alexey Molchanov, William Trubridge, Walid Boudhiaf, Rami Bladlav, Thibault Guignes, Mirela Kardasevic, Miguel Lozano and Tom Peled.

Jul 27, 202201:18:24
#7 | News Dispatch | June 2022

#7 | News Dispatch | June 2022

All the latest news, gossip, ups and downs (pun intended, product launches and competitions results from around the freediving universe!
With Donny Mac and Jordy Duncan.

This month, two Pool World Championships!

Jul 05, 202201:03:36
#6 | Freediving Science | Lung Ultrasound Study in Freedivers | Andy Chi 齊英仁

#6 | Freediving Science | Lung Ultrasound Study in Freedivers | Andy Chi 齊英仁

In this episode I chat with Andy Chi 齊英仁 about the preliminary findings of research he conducted during the Taiwanese Cup freediving competition into the prevalence of pulmonary oedema in freedivers before and after their dives. Very interesting stuff!

Jun 18, 202236:31
#5 | News Dispatch | May 2022

#5 | News Dispatch | May 2022

All the latest news, gossip, ups and downs (pun intended, product launches and competitions results from around the freediving universe!
With Donny Mac and Jordy Duncan.

Jun 03, 202201:22:07
#4 | Freediving Science | fMRI of World Champion Freediver's Brain | Juani Valdivia
May 10, 202257:04
#3 | News Dispatch | April 2022

#3 | News Dispatch | April 2022

All the latest news from around the freediving world in April 2022, with Donny Mac and Jordy Duncan.

May 03, 202201:11:29
#2 | Deep Dive | Mouthfill Equalisation

#2 | Deep Dive | Mouthfill Equalisation

The mouthfill technique is an advanced method of equalisation that allows the freediver to dive much deeper than they might be able to achieve without it.

On today's episode we invite some leading freediving athletes, coaches and educators to share their experiences on using and teaching the mouthfill technique. We explore the nuances of this complex technique and the different approaches to its utilisation.

Joining us today: Aharon Solomons, Federico Mana, Andrea Zuccari, Sara Campbell, Marco Nones, Julia Mouce and Enchante Gallardo.

Apr 26, 202201:40:18
#1 | News Dispatch | March 2022

#1 | News Dispatch | March 2022

The news and events and happenings from around the freediving universe for March, 2022. With Donny Mac & Jordy Duncan.

Apr 10, 202201:10:15
Episode #0 | Welcome to The Freediving Journal

Episode #0 | Welcome to The Freediving Journal


Apr 10, 202211:17