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Holy Sh!t We're Alive

Holy Sh!t We're Alive

By Doug Cartwright

Every week I'll be sharing my ideas, thoughts, and insights that will inspire you to look at the world differently and possibly change some old paradigms, holding you back. Hopefully, by sharing my stories with you, you will be able to step into the highest, most authentic version of yourself. So you can fully maximize your life and your human experience.
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Eating disorders, heartbreak, breakups, and breakdowns. Navigating the inner storm with Erin Monson.

Eating disorders, heartbreak, breakups, and breakdowns. Navigating the inner storm with Erin Monson.

This week on Holy Sh!t We’re Alive we’re talking to Erin Monson.

Now here’s the thing about Erin… Erin and I used to date and we were almost engaged. If you know my story, you know that when my relationship with Erin ended, that was the start of some major self-work in my world…

In this episode, Erin shares her journey of battling an eating disorder for a good part of her life.

It started when her college tennis career ended and she found herself in the middle of a good old-fashioned identity crisis.

“Who am I? What makes me happy? What should I be doing to make a living?”

All of these feelings of uncertainty and LACK of control drove Erin to find control in her life.

She learned that she could have control over how she ate.

This turned into an eating disorder and body dysmorphia that came and went through different relationships and life events…

This is when our stories collide and we found ourselves BOTH seeking external validation from the other person and that turned into a beautiful mess.

Erin shares her story of hitting rock bottom and realizing that she didn’t need to have complete control to live a happy life.

I love Erin’s approach to finding balance and happiness because she is REALLY good at the little things. She talks about finding happiness through breathwork, and journaling, and just BEING.

Erin has an amazing business coaching men and women to feel better physically and learn to love themselves along the way.

If you want more information on working with Erin, you can visit her site here and follow her on Instagram here: @erinmonson.

Questions, Comments? Thank you for listening!

Email me at or hit me up in my DM’s on Instagram @doug_cartwright.

Feb 24, 202101:00:23
Trying to fit in, teen pregnancy, murder, anger, and a self-love spiritual awakening. Playing the cards life deals you with Sierra Schubach.

Trying to fit in, teen pregnancy, murder, anger, and a self-love spiritual awakening. Playing the cards life deals you with Sierra Schubach.

Welcome back to Holy Sh!t We’re Alive!

I’m excited to let you in on a conversation this week with a great friend of mind, Sierra Schubach.

(Follow her on Instagram here: @siayonce)

I’ve known Sierra for a long time and her story has always been so incredible to me…

Sierra had a lot of cards dealt to her that seem unfair — from growing up without a father figure in a highly religious community, giving her first child up for adoption at 19 years old, to hearing her mom had been murdered in her mid 20’s.

Sierra shares how the events that had unfolded in her life left her angry and independent — like she didn’t want or need help from anyone.

A few years ago her awakening began…

It started with reading the Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz. Sierra shares how she started moving from a place of anger to a place of love.

“I carried around my anger, like, like it was my job. I wanted everyone to feel it and if I wasn't angry enough and I wasn't doing good enough. When I finally looked at that pattern, I realized that I didn’t have to be angry — I could feel love because I AM love.”

Sierra became a huge advocate for self-love and teaches others through her newsletter to stop worrying so much about the cards they have been dealt and to just focus on walking the path.

She also talks about how self-love has nothing to do with how you look or how others see and how she realized that vulnerability helped her let go of her anger.

I loved this conversation with Sierra — her story is amazing and I think you’ll love hearing about her journey.

Questions, Comments? Thank you for listening!

Email me at or hit me up in my DM’s on Instagram @doug_cartwright.

Feb 17, 202155:13
The purpose of life is life.

The purpose of life is life.

First off, thank you so much for your love and engagement on this podcast! The response so far has been amazing and I appreciate your messages and DM’s.

Let’s tackle a big question today: What is the purpose of life?

I have spent so much time in my life trying to “figure it all out” and solve all the problems in my life. But is that really our purpose?

Elon Musk did a Clubhouse last night and he said something really cool:

“Life cannot just be about solving one miserable problem after another. That can't be the only thing. There needs to be things that inspire you that make you glad to wake up in the morning and be a part of humanity.”

Even the most “successful” people I have met feel like there is always a thing — there’s always something to solve, some problem that needs fixing…

What if there is no finish line?

What if the purpose of life ISN’T to figure it all out?

For a long time in my life, I didn’t have this perspective. I needed to figure it out, get the success, and receive the recognition. I had this burning desire to achieve more and more and more.

Where did this land me?

I call it the “Success Void.” I was chasing solutions, chasing success, and chasing happiness and it just felt like I would never find it.

This all changed for me one night during an ayahuasca ceremony. I remember writing this note in my journal:

“I'm always trying to solve the problem from dating to finances and everything in between. I'm always looking for the solution, in reality, there is no solution and there is so much beauty in the present moment. The present moment is where we learn the most. This has given me an entirely new outlook on life. I see the world completely different. Now I can notice the small details and a sense of awe and everything. It's like, I have a new set of eyes. There is so much freedom and actually letting go and realizing there is no formula or no solution to life. This is so liberating and free. It's the equivalent of discovering an entirely new world. Just let it happen. The universe is in charge.”

The purpose of life is to better ourselves and experience what it feels like to be human.

I think we don’t live like this because we are trained to live in a problem/solution mindset and we think, “I’ll be happy when _____.” The problem is that feeling never comes.

What’s the solution? Surrender to the flow of life!

This doesn’t mean we give up. This means that we let go of our desires and preferences.

When we get SO riled up about what we want — which team we want to win, how we want the meeting to go, what we expect out of circumstances… we end up with an expectation for our life that we are always comparing the ACTUAL events against.

And if anything is different, we are unhappy!

The reason you suffer is because there is something you want and you're afraid it's not going to happen. Or there's something you don't want and you’re afraid it's going to happen. That's it. That's why we suffer.

Just remember this: You have no control over the price of gas. You have no control over how fast the person in front of you drives. You have no control over the weather.

If we can just accept these things for what they are, we won’t feel so much emotion and anger inside.

The purpose of life is life.

Questions, Comments? Thank you for listening!

Email me at or hit me up in my DM’s on Instagram @doug_cartwright.

Feb 03, 202123:15
What’s your story?

What’s your story?

We are back! This week I’m going to share a story with you… TWO stories actually.

I’m going to share two stories that I had been carrying around. These stories affected how I showed up in the world, what I prioritized, and how I acted around other people.

All of us carry these beliefs or “stories” we tell ourselves about ourselves and without even knowing it, these beliefs limit the entire trajectory of our lives.

Today we’ll talk about the two categories that these stories fall in:


A conscious story is the one we are aware of… It’s the “I’m not pretty enough, I don’t have enough money, I’m not as smart as everyone else…” type of beliefs.

So what was my conscious story? I was always the fat kid. That meant something was wrong with me and I wasn’t worthy of love and validation.

I carried that story well into my 20’s and it impacted my relationships, my actions, and my sense of self-worth.

Don’t think you have a conscious story?

Ask yourself this question, “What is the thing you are MOST embarrassed about and try to hide when you meet new people?”

In this episode, I’ll break down the simple question you can ask to identify the source of your story and I’ll tell you about a story I told myself for over 20 years.

And here’s the thing, most of time our stories come from a comment that someone else made and this comment likely came from them projecting their own insecurity on you!

So what’s an UNCONSCIOUS story?

This is a belief you have that you’re not even aware of!

I’ll tell you the emotional start of my unconscious story

When I had the awareness of my unconscious story and the realization that I could let it go, my life started on a new track.

Unconscious stories guide our lives without us even being aware of them.

I love this quote from Carl Jung, “Until you make the unconscious conscious

it will direct your life and you will call it fate.”

So what happens when we unearth our stories? Our entire lives are freed up to make new decisions!

I can’t wait for you to listen. Also, if you haven’t already, head over and download The Daily Shifts app on the Apple App store. It will help you bring awareness into your life through simple prompts.

Questions, Comments?

Email me at or hit me up in my DM’s on Instagram @doug_cartwright.

Jan 27, 202130:08
What is “personal work” and what does it look like?

What is “personal work” and what does it look like?

Jan 20, 202124:33