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#013 - The Investor Couple Mel & Dave Dupuis: Real Estate Investor Mini-Series - EPISODE 004

The GROW GIVE EXPAND PodcastNov 27, 2019

#020 - Grow Give Expand Podcast 1 Year Anniversary Edition: Bret Macdonald - Round 2 on The Entrepreneurial Journey, Maximizing Opportunities, and Pursuing Greatness

#020 - Grow Give Expand Podcast 1 Year Anniversary Edition: Bret Macdonald - Round 2 on The Entrepreneurial Journey, Maximizing Opportunities, and Pursuing Greatness

The Grow Give Expand Podcast celebrates its 1 year anniversary by bringing back the first guest AND still the most played episode of the podcast, Bret Macdonald!

Before getting into introductions, from the studio directly to you, a sincere thank you for listening to the show. 

When the podcast started back in March of 2019 with the release of the first interview with Bret, I had no idea what kind of uptake and following the show would capture...

Now, 12 months later and with 20 long-form interviews completed, I've had the pleasure of sharing with you conversations with exceptional guests including sales superstars, numerous real estate investors, entrepreneurs, former university athletes, clinical counsellors, executive coaches, and more, as well as my own personal monologues and stories from the time spent transitioning from employee to entrepreneur / business owner. A big thank you to all the guests who have taken the time to join me on this show and for openly sharing your stories, experience, and knowledge for all to learn from. 

It's been an amazing journey and I am grateful for your support, feedback, and continued interested in the show - thank you for listening!

Now...for introductions..or in this case a re-introduction.

Bret Macdonald is first and foremost a close friend of mine. A former University level basketball player at the University of British Columbia (OKanagan and Vancouver programs), Bret knows what it's like to chase and achieve athletic excellence. Taking the transferable components of being a high-level athlete on the court, Bret has coached at the NCAA level for Simon Fraser University, and off the court has taken big strides in business on his own entrepreneurial journey.

Our conversation in this episode is as natural and unplanned as it can be, and really reflects some of the actual kinds of conversation we would have if we were just hanging out (though in this case I get to ask all the questions)! What results is a free-flowing, engaging, and educational chat in which Bret fills us in on the last 12 months of his life with a focus on his involvement in a cannabis start-up business and some of the transitions he's made along the way. 

In addition to the update, Bret shares his thoughts and perspective for how to handle self-isolation amidst the current COVID-19 pandemic, which has in some way affected us all. As the new normal sets in, Bret highlights:

- A perspective of gratitude, thankfulness, and appreciation as a habit 

- Taking advantage of the opportunities available to you RIGHT NOW to learn, develop, and get better

- Making big decisions, in life and in business, and how to simplify the decision making process

We conclude with a back-and-forth discussion around improvement based on the life of Kobe Bryant. What would he do if he were here right now - and what can we learn about focus, appreciating the process instead of just the outcomes, and about sacrifice from the life of one of the greatest basketball players to ever live?

This leads to powerful insights about greatness and super-success. We discuss the pursuit of greatness, and share our closing remarks on why we believe EVERYONE should, at least once in their life, try to pursue greatness in an area of interest to them. The rewards of doing so are immense in terms of character development and better understanding yourself.

Let's GROW, GIVE, and EXPAND, with this episode's guest: Bret Macdonald

Apr 08, 202001:13:44
#019 - Graeme Bouvier: Entrepreneurship and Understanding How The Mind Works

#019 - Graeme Bouvier: Entrepreneurship and Understanding How The Mind Works

Welcome to another edition of the Grow Give Expand Podcast and in this episode, I am speaking with entrepreneur, business owner, and now business consultant, Graeme Bouvier.

Graeme is the co-founder of The Bow Group, a trades company specializing in drywall and painting services in the Saskatoon area, and the owner and co-founder of RSLTS Club, a business consulting and personal development company committed to helping entrepreneurs, both operating and aspiring, to grow and scale their businesses. In addition to his businesses, Graeme has tested the methods taught in RSLTS Club to become an in-action real estate investor in the past couple of years.

In our conversation we discuss the following points related to Graeme’s entrepreneurial journey, his businesses, and the processes of how the mind works:
- Who is Graeme Bouvier?
- Setting the foundation for success – from University to Trades to Business
- The entrepreneurial journey and how Graeme knew he needed to get better as a business owner
- How entrepreneurship led to personal development and mindset consulting
- Understanding the importance of asking for help
- Recognizing pain points to align with those who can offer you and your business help
- Building systems and processes to manage your life and business
- Finding a mentor
- “What you think about is what you become”
- Testing the mindset training for results in real estate investing
- Big Goals + Discomfort = GROWTH
- What it means to “plant the seed and then let nature do its part”
- Deconstructing setting big goals and why they are a key component of growth
- What are Graeme’s current big goals?
- How to lead people who are older and/or more experienced than you by understanding how the mind works
- The power of visualizing your success and your goals
- What is RSLTS Club and who is it for?
- The Grow Give Expand Final 3

I hope you enjoy this in-depth conversation with one of the most cool, calm, and collected young entrepreneurs I have come to know.

Let’s grow, give, and expand, with this episode’s guest: Graeme Bouvier

Connect with Graeme
Facebook: Graeme Bouvier

Connect with RSLTS Club
Facebook: GROW Don’t GRIND – Advanced Scaling Strategies for Biz Owners w/RSLTS Club

Song for Visualization:
Ludovico Einaudi - Night
Mar 17, 202001:10:09
#018 - Alan Cahn: Life, Intentions, Coaching, and Relationships with A Man of Wisdom

#018 - Alan Cahn: Life, Intentions, Coaching, and Relationships with A Man of Wisdom

In this episode of The Grow Give Expand Podcast I am joined by evolutionary accelerator and status quo disruptor, Alan Cahn.

Alan has over 35 years of experience in senior management positions in a global enterprise, being an executive coach, a trainer and a consultant.  He has a demonstrated track record of success coaching leaders to realize breakthrough results, utilizing his unique talent for disruptive/context shifting interactions. Alan brings a commitment to optimizing leadership performance and realizing professional fulfillment to each of his coaching clients. He can be counted on to bring joy to the client and the coaching process!

Alan holds a Bachelor in Science from Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Social Inquiry.  He  has post-graduate training and expertise in strategic design, business management and practical philosophy. He is also a trained individual and group counsilor. While Alan has deep expertise in business, he is also passionate about serving international non-profits. He gets great joy from helping them realize their missions and elevating the culture of the organization.

In our conversation, Alan shares his wisdom on a variety of subjects from living an intentional life, to how to be a great coach, to creating fulfilling relationships. Topics include:

- Who is Alan Cahn?

- Understanding intention: What is an intention? What is YOUR intention and why must you have one - Alan's preamble for creating your intention

- Awareness at every moment (are we fulfilling our desired intention, or some other intention, at any given time)

- What is default mode?

- The neuroscience behind how we end up establishing default modes

- "There's a party called life taking place here on Earth. What are you bringing to the party?" A great question for shifting perspective

- What the result has been in Alan's life of setting an intention

- How Alan measures his success in regard to living in alignment with his intention

- How to elegantly disrupt the patterns and identify blind spots (as a coach) in those you are coaching & the 3 things you need to have before coaching someone or offering feedback

- How to engage in a coaching relationship with others

- Questions for coaches to ask within the coach / student framework

- Quantifying your value as a coach or consultant: 3 ways to determine what to ask for in terms of compensation

- Alan's 6 keys to a fulfilling life

- Why quiet time to listen inwards is vital for personal & professional growth

- 10 day silent retreats, meditation, flotation tanks, and ayahuasca

- How at age 69 Alan stays curious about life and learning at an age when a lot of people start slowing down / winding back the gears

- Refiring vs. Retiring

- Are you a consumer or a creator?

- Relationships: defining what works personally based on the way we are designed / principals for being a good partner

- How to have a conversation with a partner about choosing to improve the quality of your relationship

- Developing depth in relationships in a world where people seem to always be looking for the next best thing

- Understanding the "seasons of life"

- How to position yourself when working with, or developing relationships with, high value / high performing individuals

- The Grow Give Expand Final 3

A truly wide-ranging episode packed with great insights from one of the wisest souls I have had the pleasure of getting to know.

Let's Grow, Give, and Expand, with this episode's guest: Alan Cahn 

Connect with Alan:

Jan 28, 202001:20:42
#017 - Nick Findler: An Introduction to Small-Cap Investing and Lessons in Entrepreneurship

#017 - Nick Findler: An Introduction to Small-Cap Investing and Lessons in Entrepreneurship

Welcome to a new decade of the Grow Give Expand Podcast. In this episode I am speaking with a long-time connection, fellow entrepreneur and investor, Nick Findler. For the past 5 years, Nick has been situated at the intersection of building businesses, angel investing, raising capital, and helping small cap companies tell their story. He has since started a couple of his own ventures, including candle apparel which is working on bringing heated clothing to the market, beginning with their heated gloves, and Edge Investments, an investment/education company focused on the world of small, high growth, publicly traded stocks – also known as small-cap investing, whose aim is to provide quality information and knowledge for investors seeking to learn more about the world of small-cap investing. After introductions, our conversation effectively covers two areas. For the first half we dive in to Nick’s background in the business world and how he got started in business, entrepreneurship, and specifically, the venture capital and small-cap investing space. Nick shares his knowledge on small-cap investing, who it is suitable for, and why people should be looking at these kinds of investments, while providing some education on how people can get started. For the second half of our conversation we discuss both business and life, everything from tips for becoming great at networking, advice for new entrepreneurs or business owners looking to raise money to fund their businesses, key things to consider and set up before taking the leap to entrepreneurship, and a number of strategies for improving self-awareness and mindfulness. Let’s grow, give, and expand, with this episode’s guest: Nick Findler Show Notes: 00:32 – Intro: Who is Nick Findler? 06:33 – How Nick got started in business, entrepreneurship, and investing, highlighting the impact of having a few key mentors to learn from in the beginning and for continued growth 08:59 – Discussion of Edge Investments – a small-cap investing education company – helping bridge the gap for millennials to get into small-cap investing 11:40 – What is small-cap investing, who is it suitable for, and why should people be looking at these kinds of investments? 13:58 – Nick’s suggested distribution for investors wanting to get started in small-cap investing 15:24 – Suggestions for how to identify opportunity and establish trends for potential future success of a small-cap investment 16:40 – Some small-cap industries currently warranting a deeper look 18:50 – A quick primer on contrarian investing 20:50 – Strategies and insights for when, and how, to exit (sell) an investment 24:58 – What a typical day looks like for people in the venture capital world 28:30 – What Nick’s typical day looks like: reviewing the day’s activities the night before, studying successful people, and structuring time to develop his businesses 31:00 – Two key themes for being a great networker & building relationship 32:58 – Advice for new entrepreneurs or business owners looking to raise money to fund their business 38:15 – What betting on himself did for Nick’s mentality, self-awareness, business habits, and lifestyle 41:25 – The key things that allowed Nick to take the leap from having a job to going after his entrepreneurial ventures 46:00 – Strategies for reframing your perspective around business losses and failures 46:45 – Systematizing time for mind resets and self-awareness / mindfulness practices 50:30 – Discussion around practices for improving self-awareness and using trusted sources to help identify personal blind spots 54:52 – The Grow Give Expand Final 3 Questions 59:23 – The “one-degree shift” approach to goal setting for moving in the general direction of where you want to go Links to resources and topics touched on during the show: - Eric Termuende – One Degree Shift (Podcast) - How 1% Improvement Led to Olympic Golds for the British Cycling Program
Jan 14, 202001:05:38
#016 - Zeb & Colleen Tsikira, The Tsikiras: Real Estate Investor Mini-Series - EPISODE 006

#016 - Zeb & Colleen Tsikira, The Tsikiras: Real Estate Investor Mini-Series - EPISODE 006

Welcome to another edition of The Real Estate Investor Mini-Series on The Grow Give Expand Podcast. In this episode I am speaking with Zeb and Colleen Tsikira, otherwise known as The Tsikiras!

The Tsikiras decided back in 2014 to grab the bull by the horns, move to Yellowknife in the Northwest Territories, and create the lifestyle of their choosing by making a living through real estate investing. Since that time they have effectively built a real estate investment portfolio that includes investments in Yellowknife and Edmonton, as well as in the United States in Arizona and Ohio. They are now property millionaires and entrepreneurs that stick by the method of investing where returns are best, and have begun to help others through education and empowerment to become financially free as well.

In our conversation, The Tsikiras share their story and experiences which include:
- How they got started in real estate investing
- What drew them to move to Yellowknife, Northwest Territories to pursue careers and the start of their real estate investment portfolio
- How they were able to retire themselves from traditional jobs in only one-and-a-half years
- Explaining their “why”, and reiterating the importance of having a strong why for getting into real estate investing
- Discussion around the real estate market and local economy in Yellowknife, NWT
- How to create a real estate investment focused team of service providers in places where resources are limited
- How they broke through the barriers in their investing careers by joining a real estate investing community and getting connected with like-minded people
- How to enter into new real estate investment markets while minimizing risks, building relationships, and completing due diligence
- What The Tsikiras do to go the extra mile in terms of due diligence before making an investment
- What generating success in real estate has meant and led to in terms of the quality of their lifestyle
- What they do to foster and fortify a quality mindset
- 3 things they recommend every aspiring investor do to get started in real estate
- And a number of amazing tips, strategies, skills, and perspectives for running and growing a real estate investing business

You are going to learn an incredible amount from The Tsikiras – these two are the real deal! Full of passion, energy, and excitement, it was a pleasure having them on the show.

Get your pen and paper out for some extensive note taking as these experienced real estate investors share their story, wisdom, and experiences for all to improve.

Let’s grow, give, and expand, with this episode’s guests: Zeb and Colleen Tsikira

Want to connect with The Tsikiras? Find them online and on social media!
Learn how to invest with The Tsikiras:
Instagram: @thetsikiras
Facebook: The Tsikiras
YouTube: The Tsikiras

Suggested resources mentioned on the show:
- Income Property – TV show on HGTV
- The Cash-Flow Game – Board game for improving financial intelligence
- Keyspire – Real Estate Investment Community
Dec 24, 201901:00:28
#015 - Nadiya Manji: TedX Speaker, Author, and Alignment Consultant on Energy & Connection

#015 - Nadiya Manji: TedX Speaker, Author, and Alignment Consultant on Energy & Connection

Welcome friends, followers, and first-time listeners alike, this is The Grow Give Expand Podcast and on this edition I am joined by the lovely Nadiya Manji.

Nadiya has an incredible background, from growing up in Pakistan with her entrepreneurial parents, to living and working in Kenya, to now residing and operating her business and consultancy in Calgary, Alberta.

Nadiya is a TEDx speaker, author, and alignment consultant. She is also certified in NLP, a Certified Hypnotherapist, and a Corporate Quantum Change Process Practitioner. Her extensive background in physiology and biochemistry makes her a leading authority in human communication, influence, and persuasion at the quantum level. For over a decade, Nadiya studied extensively with leading practitioners in three continents to decode quantum energy and how it effects alignment. Nadiya is a sought-out expert in energy, intuition and communication, bringing together the four areas of mind, soul, thoughts, and feelings, and their imminent effects on performance.

She has spoken on many stages including for TEDx in Calgary where her talk, Aligned Living, discusses the idea of work-life balance and explores her belief of prioritizing alignment over balance.

Out of her TEDx experience she discovered that she wanted to share her story in greater detail by authoring a book. Searching For Balance, What A Near-Death Experience Taught Me About The Secret Formula For Life And Business, is currently available on Amazon (link at the bottom) with an updated second edition due to be released in 2020.

Our conversation touches many corners, but as a theme centers around energy and connection. Topics we discuss include:
- What is energy and what are the 4 categories of energy?
- The importance of asking why in the context of “why does something matter in our life?”
- Making sense of the esoteric world for logically minded people
- Nadiya’s consistent theme of “fitting-in” and how this has helped her stand out
- The most common things that high-performing business executives and entrepreneurs are struggling with and what needs to be done to correct these struggles
- The “pair of socks” analogy for personal and professional life
- The importance of environment as a defining factor in creating success
- Discussion on work-life balance and why Nadiya believes you need to prioritize your commitments, sacrifices, and compromises (this is shared further in her TEDx talk, link at the bottom)
- The difference between ignorance versus being aware of negative energy, and making the choice for how to deal with it
- The critical need for choosing to positively manage, handle, and respond to stress and anxiety
- The importance of intentionality in everything you do and why self-awareness is the key to growth

We also spend time learning about the coaching relationship with Nadiya, in which she pulls back the curtain on what the initial consultation looks like by identifying which areas in a person’s life are most important to them and assessing self-awareness. Let’s grow, give, and expand, with this episode’s guest: Nadiya Manji

Links to items mentioned in the show:

Searching For Balance: What A Near-Death Experience Taught Me About The Secret Formula For Success In Life And Business:

Nadiya’s TEDx Talk – Aligned Living:

Follow Nadiya on Facebook @rewireyourlifebynadiyamanji
Dec 17, 201901:17:21
#014 - Kelly Caldwell, Elevated Wealth Creations: Real Estate Investor Mini-Series - EPISODE 005

#014 - Kelly Caldwell, Elevated Wealth Creations: Real Estate Investor Mini-Series - EPISODE 005

Welcome to another edition of the real estate investor mini-series here on The Grow Give Expand Podcast. In this episode I am speaking with the founder, creator, and co-owner of Elevated Wealth Creations, Kelly Caldwell. Kelly is a real estate investor, a mom, a wife, and a writer, who aspires to inspire others to gain the courage to follow their dreams, even when the going gets tough, through the telling of her story of overcoming some incredible personal obstacles.

Kelly began her journey investing in real estate as a part-time “side hustle” in 2012 and by 2019 had acquired enough real estate to “retire” from her 9-5 and turn her real estate passion into her full-time career. She is a big believer that you have to work harder on yourself than you do on your business and is a huge advocate of personal development.

Over the last 4 years, Kelly has personally done over 20 real estate transactions and collectively between her and her business partner now owns over 35 doors.

As a real estate investor her primary focus is currently on conversions of single family dwellings into legal duplexes using the BRRRR method (Buy, Reno, Rent, Refinance, Repeat). Her aim is to acquire suitable properties to maximize returns for her investors.

In our conversation, Kelly and I dive into the details of her story in which she overcame the drastic changes that took place in her family life throughout her teenage years and into early adulthood. Using this as ground zero for the motivation and inspiration to never have to experience such hardships again, Kelly describes, as other guests on the podcast have similarly stated, the importance of having a strong why for getting into real estate investing. From there we get into details, strategies, and tactics of her real estate investing activities, in which you’ll learn:

· The ins-and-outs of the BRRRR method (Buy, Reno, Rent, Refinance, Repeat)
· How to mitigate the risks of the BRRRR method
· How to find off-market properties for below market value
· What Kelly asks for from her capital partner investors
· The lifestyle results of establishing a sustainable, cash-flowing real estate investment portfolio using the BRRRR method
· The importance of not just getting educated, but actually USING the education received to achieve results
· Why the best teacher is experience and how to learn from mistakes and failures
· …And much more!

It was a pleasure speaking with and learning from Kelly in this conversation. I am certain you will not only pick up a number of real estate investing gems through her knowledge and insights, but will also be incredibly inspired by the details and outcomes of her powerful, personal story.

Let’s GROW, GIVE, and EXPAND, with this episode’s guest: Kelly Caldwell.

If you want to connect with Kelly and find out more about her investing activities you can do so by visiting, or by following her company on Facebook and Instagram @elevatedwealthcreations.

Instagram @elevatedwealthcreations
Facebook @elevatedwealthcreations
Dec 08, 201954:20
#013 - The Investor Couple Mel & Dave Dupuis: Real Estate Investor Mini-Series - EPISODE 004

#013 - The Investor Couple Mel & Dave Dupuis: Real Estate Investor Mini-Series - EPISODE 004

The Investor Couple Mel & Dave Dupuis join The Grow Give Expand Podcast for this edition of the ongoing real estate investor mini-series! Mel & Dave are proof that as long as you don't let anything stop you, success can be yours. On their way to a real estate investing conference they experienced one of life’s crucible moments as a car accident nearly ended their life. Despite the shock, they continued on to the conference as scheduled and have since taken their portfolio and business to new heights. Now with over 100 rental units to their name and 17+ years of experience in real estate investing, property ownership and management, this self-made couple understands the ins and outs of building a business, and wealth, through real estate. In our conversation, Mel & Dave dive into the details of their story and how they came to be known as The Investor Couple. From their early start as individual investors, to their most recent small business of the year award in North Bay, ON, you’ll learn: · How Mel & Dave got started investing in real estate · How they built their portfolio to over 100 rental units and counting · What real estate investing strategies they use to grow their portfolio · Where they invest in real estate · Why they invest in real estate and what the result of their success has allowed them to do from a lifestyle standpoint · The importance of working with coaches and mentors who have walked the path you want to walk · The importance of being involved in communities of like-minded peer groups that help you rise and grow · How to turn your real estate investing activities into an active business In addition to these topics, we discuss the details of their coaching and mentorship programs, as well as their best-selling book, Real Estate Investing Secrets: A No B.S. Guide to Creating Wealth & Freedom. Mel & Dave were an absolute pleasure to speak with. They bring a fun and relaxing energy to the show as they share their stories, wisdom, and experience. Let’s GROW, GIVE, and EXPAND, with this episode’s guests: The Investor Couple Mel & Dave Dupuis! Want to connect with Mel & Dave, or find out more about their coaching and mentorship programs? Find Mel & Dave online at: Instagram @investormeldave Facebook @investormeldave If you are interested in ordering Mel & Dave’s book, Real Estate Investing Secrets: A No B.S. Guide To Creating Wealth & Freedom, you can purchase it on Amazon by following the link below:
Nov 27, 201901:04:21
#012 - Mike Sheret: Real Estate Investor Mini-Series - EPISODE 003

#012 - Mike Sheret: Real Estate Investor Mini-Series - EPISODE 003

Mike Sheret is an entrepreneur and real estate Investor from Calgary, AB. As a native of the area, Mike provides his industry aptitude to the communities in Alberta where he serves and invests, and through the course of over a decade, his resourcefulness, expertise, and unwavering drive have earned him a reputation as a sought-after resource in the real estate investing space. After purchasing his first property at the age of 17 and selling it for a substantial profit just two years later, Mike decided to turn his love of flipping properties into his lifelong vocation. Since the outset of his career, he has garnered a number of single-family and multiplex homes in the creation of a multi-million dollar portfolio.

Currently, Mike serves as the Founder of multiple companies, including the real estate firm Point Properties Inc. and the private lending firm Best Capital Corp., where he and his partner have funded numerous projects and mortgages. He is also a proud part of REIN (Real Estate Investment Network), a prominent real estate investing community comprised of 3000+ members who have collectively transacted 37,000+ properties.

Outside of flipping, lending, and renovating, Mike enjoys spending quality time with his loved ones. He is also an avid outdoorsman and adventurer who has traveled to over 25 different countries and counting.

In our conversation, we first discuss the process of how Mike built his real estate investment portfolio, before turning our attention to another form of real estate investing: private lending. We dive into what private lending is, how it works, what to look for, and who may be interested in this type of investing. This leads us into finding out a little bit more about Best Capital Bond, Mike’s private lending firm, which provides private lending options for both investors and borrowers. And yes, a phone rings near the end of this episode, it wasn’t your phone!

If you want to get in touch with Mike Sheret and the Best Capital Bond, you can check them out here:


Thank you for listening.
Nov 19, 201901:01:44
#011 - Mandy Branham, The JV Queen: Real Estate Investor Mini-Series - EPISODE 002

#011 - Mandy Branham, The JV Queen: Real Estate Investor Mini-Series - EPISODE 002

Show notes coming shortly!
Nov 13, 201901:05:48
#010 - Julia Pereira: Real Estate Investor Mini-Series - EPISODE 001

#010 - Julia Pereira: Real Estate Investor Mini-Series - EPISODE 001

Welcome to the Real Estate Investor Mini-Series! Over the coming weeks on The Grow Give Expand Podcast we will be conducting interviews with successful Real Estate Investors from across Canada. Our line-up of guests includes individuals, business partners, married couples, and skilled professionals who have all demonstrated proven success in the area of real estate investing. You can expect to learn from these leaders a variety of tips, tools, and strategies you can put to use in your own investing activities. Our first guest on the mini-series is Julia Pereira. Julia is originally from Toronto, ON, but currently resides on the west coast in Vancouver, BC. As a regulated health care professional for 19 years, Julia began building a real estate portfolio while working full-time and has since scaled back to part-time consulting work of her choosing as her portfolio and real estate activity has increased. Julia began her real estate investing career by getting educated. Becoming a member of the Real Estate Investment Network (REIN) in 2015, she began studying the subject and getting active. In 2018 she achieved her Bronze Pin Award for her first 3 properties purchased, then in the past year has scaled up significantly, earning a Top Player Award from REIN in BC for 2019. Her portfolio includes a number of residential multi-family homes, multi-family apartments, and private lending investments. In addition to being a health care professional, Julia co-hosts events with the Women’s Real Estate Network (WREN) and help others in their financial and investing journeys as a Financial Life Professionals with the LEGACY Council of Canada. A self-professed learning addict, Julia is always learning and growing. As part of our conversation this becomes clear as we cover a number of topics including: - The importance of building a team - Protecting the downside in any investment opportunity by having multiple exit strategies - The criticality of identifying what role you play in your investing journey (identifying your investor profile) - The details of Julia’s investment portfolio – what works for her and why - The SWAN (Sleep Well At Night) Rule and why you must follow it - And much more… I hope you enjoy this high energy conversation with Julia Pereira! If you would like to get in touch with Julia you can contact her at, and you can check out her Making A Daily Difference Facebook Group at Books mentioned in the show: - The Power of Focus – Jack Canfield & Les Hewitt - Big Leap – Gay Hendrix - Don Campbell – The Little Book of Real Estate Investing in Canada A Note on the Real Estate Investor Mini-Series: With a number of the prior guests on the show having experience in the real estate investing sector, I thought it would be beneficial to do a series of shows that focus specifically on the topic. Personally, real estate investing has been the key piece in setting myself up financially for the creation of the next chapter of my life, part of which includes the continued production and growth of this podcast. Similar stories can be heard from countless people who have used real estate to achieve their income and wealth-building goals. With that in mind I feel there will be an incredible value in bringing these focused conversations to you and sharing the experience, stories, and strategies that successful real estate investors are putting into practice to achieve extraordinary results.
Oct 21, 201901:24:01
#009 - Jay Dhahan: Inspiring the Next Generation of Entrepreneurs through NextGen Group of Companies

#009 - Jay Dhahan: Inspiring the Next Generation of Entrepreneurs through NextGen Group of Companies

Jay Dhahan is the visionary behind NextGen Wealthy, an investment management company that specializes in the development industry, building commercial and residential real estate, and supporting entrepreneurs with their business ventures. He has a wide-ranging executive coaching and consulting approach, with an emphasis on team-effectiveness, to promote and empower the Next Generation of entrepreneurs. Jay utilizes his unique personal expertise, along with his determination, skills and strong interpersonal connections, to create synergies between business communities. His drive and enthusiasm delivers lasting results through the practice of maximizing leadership potential, building superior team performance and creating organizational initiatives that transform companies. Through culture change and motivation, Jay inspires individuals to reach their full potential and guide organizations to profitability and success. This approach to award winning leadership has successfully resulted in aligning strategy, leadership, culture, organizational design and performance management for executives.

Throughout this wide-ranging conversation we touch on the importance of mindset, self-study, personal development, and the critical component of having coaches/mentors. We also dive into some of the fundamentals of real estate specific to commercial development and the things people need to know before getting involved.

Let's grow, give, and expand, with Jay Dhahan!

IG: @jaydhahan
IG: @nextgenwealthy
Sep 23, 201952:23
Life Launch Mini-Series: 6 MORE DAYS! A Brief Fireside Chat About Identity & The Changing of Seasons

Life Launch Mini-Series: 6 MORE DAYS! A Brief Fireside Chat About Identity & The Changing of Seasons

In this edition of the Life Launch Mini-Series, I’m sharing a brief story of the identity I ended up with as an engineer. Despite the fact that I ended up in the position I found myself, I worked hard to keep it, grow it, and live with it. Many of us can relate to working hard at something we don’t really enjoy only because we don’t know what else it is we could possibly be doing. This is the scary trap of adulthood - getting stuck due to the feeling that you need to keep doing something you used to identify with just to keep the flow of money coming in. This is nothing new, and it is not sustainable. As I share with you in short order how I lived with that identity and now in 6 days I will leave that identity behind, I’ll explain how this leads into a changing of the seasons. As the Fall and Winter come, my next step will be getting very clear on the details of what’s coming next. Currently it’s a general view of where I’m going - but as I mentioned through conversations with Parker Lazeski and through my own study on the subject - one who aims at nothing will be lost at sea. May this short talk inspire at the very least a thought or idea in your mind: what is your identity? Do you like who you are? Did you create this person, or is this just who you ended up being? The quality of your questions will determine the quality of your life. May these questions guide you on your journey, they’ll serve as a great starting point. If you want further guidance, send me a message @dougwmeyers on Instagram. Keep growing, giving, and expanding!
Aug 22, 201911:55
#008 - Jas Takhar: Partner @ Toronto’s Top Real Estate Brokerage & Host @ The REC Experience

#008 - Jas Takhar: Partner @ Toronto’s Top Real Estate Brokerage & Host @ The REC Experience

Business, social media, podcasting, real estate, and an inside look at Gary Vaynerchuk, this conversation with the Managing Partner of Royal LePage Signature Realty and Host of The REC Experience Podcast, Jas Takhar, is sure to provide you with education, entertainment, and a whole bundle of energy! Full episode show notes coming soon!
Aug 19, 201901:16:44
Life Launch Mini-Series: Giving Notice, Reviewing Tony Robbins’ Event in Calgary, and a $500 Offer!

Life Launch Mini-Series: Giving Notice, Reviewing Tony Robbins’ Event in Calgary, and a $500 Offer!

Welcome to this edition of the Life Launch Mini-Series! This episode features a combination of topics for your educational enjoyment: - The final domino has fallen… On August 7th I had the personal joy of handing in my notice of resignation from my current job. This has been 2 years in the making in concept, and 5 months of tangible, executable action steps, and I made it! Many accomplishments and lessons along the way to take stock in with bright lights and exciting times ahead. - Tony Robbins and The Power of Success Event Review On August 1st I had the privilege of attending The Power of Success Event with Tony Robbins & Friends. Big thank you to LEGACY CEO Richard Dolan for bringing me out to take part in the event, which was an amazing experience. A room of 8,000 like-minded individuals all learning, growing, and expanding together is something to behold. Enjoy my review of the event and my key takeaways from Tony Robbins 4-hour non-stop session. - Roger Love, The Power of Voice, and an Enticing Offer for One Lucky Listener Roger Love was presenting at The Power of Success Event. He’s dubbed the world’s No. 1 vocal coach, and his brief presentation had me sold on attending his upcoming event in Calgary on September 20-21, 2019. I share some brief take-aways from his short talk as well as provide an offer for one inspired listener to take action on… - The offer The FIRST listener of this episode to send me a message on Instagram @dougwmeyers will have the opportunity to join me at the Power of Influence event with Roger Love and Guests in Calgary, September 20-21. Your ticket as my guest is FREE, just cover your travel and accommodation expenses. Come learn how to use your voice to be a better influencer, leader, and steward of the message you want to share with others. I’m really looking forward to this event, it’s going to be great! - Brief Personal Finance Tips I provide a breakdown of how I budget my finances to allocate percentages of my take home pay towards 2-items before anything else. 1. Personal & Professional Development 2. My Dream Bucket I explain why I do this, and exactly how, so that you can implement something similar for yourself to ensure that when those opportunities to GROW, GIVE, and EXPAND, you’re financially prepared to take advantage of the prospect. Thank you for listening, Keep GROWING, GIVING, and EXPANDING
Aug 13, 201932:37
#007 - Darcy & Deanna Boyden: 14 Real Estate Deals in 14 Months & The Investor Lifestyle by Design

#007 - Darcy & Deanna Boyden: 14 Real Estate Deals in 14 Months & The Investor Lifestyle by Design

Darcy and Deanna Boyden are high school sweethearts who grew up in small town Alberta and share a passion for real estate investing while living a life full of family, friends and travel. Having raised their 2 boys, they have now turned their real estate hobby into a multi-faceted portfolio of active and passive investments across Canada and the US. Both continue to work full-time in jobs they enjoy while focusing on real estate in their spare time. Actively traveling the world and splitting time between two homes, Darcy and Deanna believe in “building for tomorrow while living for today”. They have utilized various investment strategies, including Buy and Hold, Flip to Yourself, Agreement for Sale, Rent To Own, Joint Ventures, land development, syndicate mortgages, private lending, purchases of short sales and courthouse auctions. Darcy and Deanna are a testament to the success that's possible when you take action in real estate investing. The strong partnership that transcends their business is something all couples can look to and learn from, as they've successfully taken control of their financial freedom while crafting a lifestyle that has them fulfilled. Let's grow, give, and expand, with this episode’s guests: Darcy & Deanna Boyden
Aug 05, 201901:07:21
Life Launch Mini-Series - How I Used Real Estate Investing to Create Financial Independence

Life Launch Mini-Series - How I Used Real Estate Investing to Create Financial Independence

In this edition of the ongoing Life Launch Mini-Series, I dive into the details of how over the course of a year I was able to double my real estate investment portfolio, then use the experience and education I had established during that time, to develop multiple streams of income and set aside the required capital to leave my job and start living life on my terms. May my journey inspire you to take action on a similar path of exploration and self-improvement in search of financial independence and a greater sense of purpose in your life’s work!
Jul 31, 201901:00:36
#006 - Kevin Kokoska: Conversations With A Clinical Counsellor

#006 - Kevin Kokoska: Conversations With A Clinical Counsellor

Hello and welcome to another episode the Grow Give Expand Podcast - thank you for tuning in. If this is your first time listening to the show a special welcome to you, and for all the return listeners welcome back! I’m happy you are listening and continuing to provide words of encouragement, as well as sharing the show with others. In this episode I’m speaking with Kevin Kokoska. Kevin is a counsellor, performer and a teacher. Through his private practice, Kokoska & Co., he offers clinical counselling and creative consulting services, performs one-person plays about mental health, and teaches in the Family & Community Counselling program at The Native Education College in Vancouver. Little fun fact for those of you prepping for a shot on Jeopardy – Kokoska, loosely translated, means “broody hen”. We recorded this episode from Kevin’s unique office and studio space where I got the privilege of taking the counselor’s chair and putting the man himself in the client’s chair, which I think lends itself well as a visual for the conversation we weaved our way through. What we touch on is going to open your eyes to the world of counselling psychology: - Kevin pulls back the curtain for all of us who may be wondering what therapy looks like, and what it’s not - Understanding how Kevin’s familial background and upbringing shaped an openness towards mental health - How combining therapy and theatre can improve both mental health and theatrical ability for budding actors and artists - Clarification of a number of misconceptions and beliefs about what a successful therapeutic alliance looks like - Discussion on the world of life coaching, discussing both the differences and similarities between the practice of life coaching and counseling psychology - Sharing of personal stories of current and past events from our lives, wrapping a psychological context around them, including decisions to walk away from competitive sports, career changes, and the introduction of “shadow Doug” - And much, much more What I found really valuable about this conversation, and what I think you will find valuable too, is that as the conversation goes deeper, there is a similarity to what a therapy session may look like. This is something that Kevin discusses at points during the show. Therapy is, in many cases, a conversation in which two people in the context of wanting to get a deeper understanding of an event, issue, feeling, or experience, come together to explore, and it’s the role of the clinical counselling psychologist to help guide that conversation in the most beneficial way for the advancement of the client. The show starts off in medias res as we got into a natural flow and decided to keep the vibe going. I hope you enjoy and learn from this conversation as much as I did. If you want to get in touch with Kevin to find out more about his private practice, Kokoska & Co. you can do so on Instagram @kevkokoska, that’s k-e-v-k-o-k-o-s-k-a. Lastly as always, a big thank you to you the listener for tuning in. If you enjoyed what you heard on the show please let us know by leaving a review, and if you really liked the show we’d be grateful if you were to share it on your social media platforms, with your friends, family, or anyone else you feel could gain from the content contained within. In doing so, you’ll be growing the connections you have with others, giving the gift of knowledge and inspiration, and expanding your reach as a positive action taker in the communities that you are a part of. Until next time keep growing, giving, and expanding!
Jul 22, 201901:24:28
Life Launch Mini-Series: Decision Making Tools for the Jump to a Life of Impact - July 16, 2019

Life Launch Mini-Series: Decision Making Tools for the Jump to a Life of Impact - July 16, 2019

In the 3rd installment of the Life Launch Mini-Series, I discuss a number of tools I put to use that helped guide my decision making process for the choice to leave my job. Among these tools include asking “Why do I deserve to acheive my dreams?” defining what my personal hell looks like, completing an exercise known as fear setting, building an empowering, inspiring vision of personal glory, and creating the have-be-do ladder.
Jul 16, 201924:00
Life Launch Mini-Series: How The Decision to Jump from my Job has Empowered My Life - July 9, 2019

Life Launch Mini-Series: How The Decision to Jump from my Job has Empowered My Life - July 9, 2019

In this 2nd installment of the Life Launch Mini-Series, I share how the decision to jump from the limiting fence of employment has empowered my life. Recorded from the top of the Coquitlam Crunch after a solid 5AM workout as the sun rises... Enjoy, and keep growing, giving, and expanding.
Jul 12, 201912:57
#005 - Tyler Hassman: The Young Gun Real Estate Entreprenuer

#005 - Tyler Hassman: The Young Gun Real Estate Entreprenuer

In this episode we are growing, giving, and expanding with Tyler Hassman, otherwise known as Young Gun Tyler @youngguntyler!

Tyler hails from small town Saskatchewan Canada, but he is a big time visionary and big time action taker. He knew from a young age that he wanted to be in business and hit the ground running once he figured out that real estate was calling his name. He got his start buying multi-family apartment buildings in small towns across Saskatchewan, raising capital on his way to an 8-figure portfolio. This earned him finalist honours in Canadian Real Estate Wealth Magazine’s Young Gun of the Year award in 2017, and a nomination for Saskatchewan Entrepreneur of the year in 2018.

Citing that he was getting too comfortable, to start 2019 he decided to pack up his bags, hop in his car, and drive down to Arizona to start an AirBNB rental business. After a few months of success came the creation of an AirBNB online course, the creation of a new company, SIR Global, which specializes in short-term luxury rentals, and coaching and mentoring new investors through his group, The Young Guns Academy. And the coolest part? He’s only 22 years old – so you know he’s just getting started.

Buckle up for this incredibly energetic conversation my friends because there is a TONNE of value coming up. We discuss the early days for Tyler figuring out what he was going to do, and how he spent, and continues to spend, a lot of time alone – there are some especially valuable take aways from this part of our conversation as Tyler explains how to eliminate digital distraction so you can focus on yourself. We talk about keeping a tight environment for success by protecting your time and attention, the importance of morning routines and one of my personal favourites – cold showers, why discomfort is the ultimate sign of growth, and how Tyler deals with anxiety and doubt so he doesn’t lose focus on the attainment of his big vision.

We also touch on a number of operational points specific to business and coaching and mentoring others. Why he likes AirBNB for new real estate entreprenuers and a business strategy for quickly producing cash-flow, the importance of having long-term impact as opposed to chasing short-term rewards, why he prefers to partner with people on his ventures as opposed to going it alone, and how he changes states by ‘flicking the switch’.

Once again thank you to Tyler Hassman for coming on the show! If you want to get in touch with Tyler you can do so on Instagram @youngguntyler, or you can find him via the Young Guns Academy, simply search Young Guns Academy on Facebook.

Until next time keep growing, giving, and expanding!
Jul 09, 201901:25:36
Life Launch Mini-series: Introduction - July 1, 2019

Life Launch Mini-series: Introduction - July 1, 2019

“Remember: we all get what we tolerate. So stop tolerating excuses within yourself, limiting beliefs of the past, or half-assed or fearful states. Use your body as a tool to snap yourself into a place of sheer will, determination, and commitment. Face your challenges head on with the core belief that problems are just speed bumps on the road to your dreams. And from that place, when you take massive action—with an effective and proven strategy—you will rewrite your history.”

– Tony Robbins

Join me as I share with you my journey from full-time employment to full-time creator and developer of the life I want to live. This has been a work in progress over the past 2 years and I can now confidently say, after years of holding back, letting fears, insecurities and doubts limit my thinking and the realization of my full potential, that the time has come for me to step into a new chapter of possibilities.

In LIFE LAUNCH, a mini-series within The GROW GIVE EXPAND Podcast, I will be sharing with you how I got to this point, where I am headed (and why), and provide open and honest insights into the thoughts, feelings, and actions that I am working through as I inch closer and closer to leaving the throes of an unfulfilling job and the censorship of the true me. It is my goal that through sharing this process with you that you will be INSPIRED to take similar actions of your own to move your life forward in the direction of empowering fulfillment.

To launching a life well lived,

Grow. Give. Expand.

Jul 01, 201908:30
#004 - Corrie Elieff: Sales Master & Keyholder of Grant Cardone Canada

#004 - Corrie Elieff: Sales Master & Keyholder of Grant Cardone Canada

In this episode I had the joy of sitting down with the Owner of The Young Entrepreneurs Sales Academy (YESA) and Cardone Training Technologies Canada, Corrie Elieff.

Corrie is truly a master at the art of selling. Having honed his sales skills working a “don’t try this at home” 3,700 hours in 8 months as a manager of a door-to-door sales company, to becoming the turn-around guy at that very same company, to being recruited by Ledcor, one of Canada’s largest diversified construction company, and building a new sales company with over 160 sales associates in 2 years, Corrie is the epitome of a young man who doesn’t take no for an answer and his success thus far is proof.

In two years Corrie has now grown his current companies to over 4 million in revenue, and to get to this point has not come without its challenges. In my first face-to-face recording of the podcast, Corrie and I have a no-holds barred conversation – talking about going through the trenches to get here. From getting fired from his first job, to studying the super successful, from overcoming a drug problem, to sleeping in a warehouse, from living in an oceanside mansion and navigating the waters of the corporate world, to leaping into the world of entrepreneurship, and most recently overcoming an almost fatal health concern, Corrie’s story is sure to captivate you and provide you with many key learning points about what it takes to make it.

Some of the key topics that we talk about include the importance of sales in all aspects of life, choosing to listen to the right people at the right times – Corrie has a great grasp of this which we get into quite deeply, chunking out goals to make them achievable, and some great insights on what misguided millennials should do to get on track.

One thing I love about Corrie is that he’s incredibly consistent in the manner in which he speaks. That being said, there’s some explicit language ahead and opinionated stances on a variety of subjects. As Corrie would say, you may not agree with him, but you have to appreciate his honesty.

As this was the first episode I’ve done in person I did struggle with some of my audio levels in the recording, so I apologize in advance for that. We’ve done our best to cut down on some of the cracks and pops along the way to make this as easy to listen to as possible but some of them were unavoidable so just a heads up on that.

Recorded from the offices of YESA and Grant Cardone in my beautiful hometown of Port Moody British Columbia, let’s grow, give, and expand, with this episode’s guest – Corrie Elieff

If you would like to get in touch with Corrie, or find out more about Young Entrepreneurs Sales Academy, you can head over to .

A big thank you to you, the listener, for tuning in to The Grow Give Expand Podcast. I hope you’ve found value in this episode and at least one or two take aways, if not more, that you can apply to your own life. If you enjoyed the show please let us know your thoughts by giving us a review and subscribing to the show on the podcast platform of your liking. Should you have friends, family, or anyone else you know that could learn something from this show we’d be honoured if you shared it with them as well.

Keep growing, giving, and expanding!
Jun 19, 201901:49:15
#003 - Alfonso Cuadra: Leader of Leaders & Inspirational Entrepreneur

#003 - Alfonso Cuadra: Leader of Leaders & Inspirational Entrepreneur

Welcome to another episode of The GROW GIVE EXPAND Podcast! Thank you for listening and I hope you enjoy the show!

This episode features the exceptional, inspirational, Alfonso Cuadra. Alfonso is the President of The Cuadra Group of companies which consists of 11 businesses operating in retail, media, home improvements, real estate, and public speaking. At 42 years young, Alfonso still has that “just getting started” energy. His story is one of inspiration, from fleeing the war torn nation of Ecuador as a young child, coming to Canada and then having to flee Canada, to dropping out of high-school and living on the streets, to running a multi-million dollar clothing company before the ago of 20. His story puts in perspective the struggles that we go through, and is proof that you can turn things around if you’re willing to take responsibility for your life, look in the mirror and say “I have to change”.

In our conversation, Alfonso explains why he had to change, how he had to take responsibility for his life, and how that decision led him down a much different journey than the one he was on. We speak at length about mindset, the power of having a strong why (or intention) and why it’s critical to have one to power you through the tough times that will inevitably come your way. We then get into a ton of excellent operation tools and practices as Alfonso shares with us the ways that allow him to be a leader of leaders. Alfonso shares how to position yourself and others to do the things that they (and you) most enjoy, looking at every interaction from a “what’s in it for them” mentality, investing in one’s self, creating urgency in goal-setting to multiply time, and soaring with eagles aka surrounding yourself with quality people. Alfonso is sure to leave you with some incredibly valuable knowledge and experience that you can immediately apply in your personal life and in your business.

If you’d like to get in touch with Alfonso you can do so by visiting his website at

I also highly encourage you to check out the Cuadra Youth Foundation, a great initiative that Alfonso pours his heart into. You can search that on Facebook by typing Cuadra Youth Foundation.

If you liked the show please leave us a review, or one step better, subscribe to the show on the podcast platform of your liking and share the show with your friends, family, or anyone you feel could benefit from the conversations contained within.

To connect with Doug you can do so on Instagram @dougwmeyers.

May 20, 201901:21:47
#002 - Parker Lazeski: Founder of YouX on Developing Real Estate to Developing Personally

#002 - Parker Lazeski: Founder of YouX on Developing Real Estate to Developing Personally

Welcome back to another episode of The GROW GIVE EXPAND Podcast! Today on the show we have Parker Lazeski.

Parker is a real estate investor, developer, personal development coach, and entrepreneur from Saskatoon, Canada. Parker’s real estate development company, Cascatta Developments, builds commercial real estate in the Saskatoon area, and through the course of being involved in development he has established a residential rental portfolio as well. While he has been very successful in his real estate ventures, Parker has many other passions, one of which is personal development. Just recently Parker and a business partner started their personal development company, You X, where they coach and mentor students who are looking to take the quality of their lives to the next level.

After a rather humorous Freudian slip of mine in welcoming Parker onto the show, our conversation is absolutely jam packed. We start off speaking about real estate and how through his commercial developments and rental properties he’s built up the passive income that has allowed him to take on the other passions in his life, which is where we start getting deeper into a lot of concepts and techniques that can be used to assess ones own situation. Some of these concepts include GOOP – the good opinion of other people, finding your unique ability, the levels of consciousness, personality zones and being prolific, the seasons of life, and much much more. And while all Parker’s knowledge and experience in digging in to these concepts is impressive, it hasn’t come without it’s tests and challenges. Parker opens up about the path he was on only a few years back, one filled with partying and the other unhealthy activities that go along with it, which helps provide some perspective on how quickly things can change if you shift your focus. He also opens up about how a recent break-up was the catalyst for taking the jump into developing his new personal development company which I alluded to early, called YouX.

Full disclosure in advance that we did have a few audio issues while recording this show, so we’ve done our best to bring the levels in alignment and keep the conversation as clear as possible. That being said, I found this to be a thoroughly enjoyable and valuable conversation, and I sincerely hope you enjoy it as well.

Thank you once again to my guest Parker Lazeski for coming on to the show. If you want to get in touch with Parker, reach out to him on Instagram @Parkerjayx

If you’d like to get in touch with myself you can find me on Instagram @dougwmeyers. We are in the process of building out The GROW GIVE EXPAND website and facebook page so we’ll have a greater presence on the web in the near future. I look forward to hearing your thoughts and being a part of your journey – and until the next episode of the show, keep growing, giving, and expanding!
May 05, 201901:38:22
#001 - Bret Macdonald: Co-Founder of Cannabis Start-up Klimit & Former NCAA Basketball Asst. Coach

#001 - Bret Macdonald: Co-Founder of Cannabis Start-up Klimit & Former NCAA Basketball Asst. Coach

Welcome to the first edisode of The GROW GIVE EXPAND Podcast! To start off the show I’m welcoming in a long time friend and all-around great person, Bret Macdonald. Bret is a former university basketball player at the University of British Columbia, and a former assistant coach at Simon Fraser University, Canada’s only NCAA Division II school. He has since carved out a path in the business world, currently serving as the COO of a cannabis start-up company called Klimit. Our expansive conversation includes topics such as forced decisions versus choices, a guiding principal for how to network effectively, understanding how perspective is crucial to appreciate life, and why building a personal definition of successs is so important for living a fulfilling, happy life. The son of local sportcasting legend Barry Macdonald, Bret has done, and is poised to continue to do, massive things in this world and have a positive impact on the many communities he is a part of. I’m excited to welcome you in to our conversation! Let’s GROW GIVE and EXPAND with this episode’s guest: Bret Macdonald
Mar 26, 201901:12:06