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Down To Chat

Down To Chat

By Cody Plofker and Eli Weiss

Down To Chat is a collection of conversations with operators and friends in the Direct to Consumer space.

As avid podcast listeners and DTC fanatics, Cody and Eli have been searching for a podcast that is casual and conversational, while at the same time useful and insightful. A podcast that covers all things DTC from operators who are building the next generation of CPG brands.

This is that.
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S1 E9: Drops, Community, and Collabs with Peiman Raf

Down To ChatAug 19, 2022

S3 E7: The Future of VC in DTC with Ben Lerer of Lerer Hippeau
May 24, 202350:28
S3 E6: All The Google Hot Takes with Ex Googler Ben Kruger
May 15, 202349:29
S3 E5: Measuring Incrementality and Retaining Customers with Lessons from Fine Dining
Apr 26, 202338:51
S3 E4: Paid Ads MasterClass and Retention Team Building
Apr 18, 202356:02
S3 E3: How to Fix Your Retention with Val Geisler
Apr 11, 202342:59
S3 E2: Social & Influencer Masterclass With Kendall Dickieson: Seeding, Content Creation, and TikTok vs. Instagram
Mar 28, 202301:00:34
S3 E1: Testing Twitter Ads, Fixing Retention Problems, and Advantage + For The Win
Mar 16, 202357:23
S2 E12: A Landing Page Masterclass with Nik Sharma
Feb 20, 202346:06
S2 E11: The Death of Hypergrowth, VC in DTC, and Holistic Retention
Feb 13, 202356:05
S2 E10: How to Properly Test Ad Creative and Tips for Retaining Customers
Jan 27, 202301:05:42
S2 E9: What’s Currently Working on Facebook Ads and Over-Optimizing Websites
Jan 18, 202355:47
S2 E8: Eli interviews Gina Parrelli: A Subscription and Retention Deep Dive
Jan 11, 202355:53
S2 E7: Eli Interviews Wallet-Man: Building Ridge to 9-figures, Brand vs. Performance, and Attribution hot takes with Sean Frank
Jan 04, 202342:18
S2 E6: Black Friday: Huge mistakes, Record Days, and Lessons
Dec 17, 202201:02:35
S2 E5: Our Biggest Mistakes & Learnings, Why Founders Fail, and Squirrelly Data
Dec 05, 202201:04:00
S2 E4: DTC vs Retail and Billion Dollar Biz Ideas
Nov 29, 202257:26
S2 E3: Easy Ways to Increase AOV and Direct Response Tactics in DTC
Nov 16, 202243:50
S2 E2: New Growth Channels, Shipping Insurance, and The Cody Subtweet
Nov 09, 202201:01:09
S2 E1: Black Friday Strategies, Testing Direct Mail, and a New Landing Page Tool to Change the Game
Nov 03, 202201:08:05
S1 E12: Community Building, Team Building, and an Amazing Acquisition
Sep 10, 202253:50
S1 E11: What's Working For Us On Facebook + Our Take on "Is DTC Dead?"
Sep 01, 202257:30
S1 E10: CX as a Career, Surprise & Delight, & Calculating ROI on CX with Michael Bair
Aug 23, 202201:19:53
S1 E9: Drops, Community, and Collabs with Peiman Raf
Aug 19, 202250:02
S1 E8: The Future of Marketing and Growing Omnichannel Brands with Shray Joshi
Aug 11, 202201:04:26
S1 E7: How Lomi Does 9 Figures in Revenue by Putting Brand First with Matt Bertulli
Aug 04, 202201:06:10
S1 E6: On Killer Landing Page Tests, Building a Community, and Brands to Watch
Jul 28, 202201:00:32
S1 E5: The Death of Hustle Culture, Building Community, and 4-Day Workweek with Amanda Goetz

S1 E5: The Death of Hustle Culture, Building Community, and 4-Day Workweek with Amanda Goetz

In episode five of Down To Chat DTC, Amanda chats with us about hustle culture, how House of Wise builds community like no other, and how to get the most of your work day (and week).  

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Jul 21, 202252:40
S1 E4: Unconventional Retention Strategies, Segmentation, and Shooting Your Shot with Joanne Coffey
Jul 14, 202201:11:58
S1 E3: On The TikTok Ban, RadioShack's Thirst, & Customer Service Disasters
Jul 07, 202258:35
S1 E2: On Building Brand, Playing the Long Game, and Scammy Retention Tactics
Jun 23, 202201:16:19
S1 E1: Buying Companies and Leveraging Personal Brand with Nik Sharma
Jun 16, 202201:30:08