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Down To Luck

Down To Luck


An actual play 5th Edition Dungeons & Dragons podcast. Just a bunch of pals having a good time weaving a story of dastardly deeds. Follow the adventures of the band called "Dragonhorse" made up of; Tiru the Half-orc barbarian(Camille Vincent), Lucious the Human bard (Nicolae Constantin), Aster the Water Genasi druid played by (Emma Lancaster Allen), Jago the Fire Genasi ranger (Scott Sowter) and the Dungeon Master (Sebastian Palmer @SebtheDM). Cover art by Camille Vincent
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Episode 19- Dino gone wild

Down To LuckDec 30, 2020

Episode 19- Dino gone wild

Episode 19- Dino gone wild

The group makes a new friend and must defend the village against a rampaging beast. Rhubarb Broom played by Katharine Hopkins, joins the group.

Theme "Brainspin" by Gregory Anderson

"Submerged" by Nicolae Constantin

"Corrupted" by Sebastian Palmer

Some sound effect from

"Mercy" by Kai Engel was from and is licensed under CC BY 4.0

Dec 30, 202001:39:24
Episode 18- Finger Wigs
May 01, 202001:15:42
Episode 17- Ninja Fire Running Away
Apr 16, 202001:19:23
Episode 16- Stomped!
Apr 01, 202051:27
Episode 15- Jago Negotiates
Mar 08, 202001:23:37
Episode 14- A funeral, a meeting, and some loot
Nov 14, 201901:32:54
Episode 13- The Battle of Worcestershire
Sep 24, 201901:43:19
Episode 12- Prince what???
Jul 13, 201901:39:22
Session 0- Part 2

Session 0- Part 2

Plenty more antics at the Cliffwatch Coaching house as the group searches for a missing blacksmith, hits on Tiana Toller, have some strange drinks, and Tiru helps loosen up a sailor.

Jun 15, 201901:57:33
Session 0 - Part 1

Session 0 - Part 1

This episode is a bit of a flashback in time to before the party was shipwrecked. Dragonhorse finds themselves at "Cliffwatch Coaching House" during a stopover on the Island of Drakkar, homeland to the Dragonborn of Aedrill. Naturally the band play a set at the coaching house and awkwardly navigate interacting with the local populace.

Intro/Outro and transition music by Gregory Anderson

Jun 02, 201901:07:20
Episode 10- What did you do?
May 02, 201957:10
Episode 9- What dreams may come?
Apr 20, 201958:30
Episode 8- What A Witch Wants
Apr 13, 201901:31:58
Episode 7- Rumble in the Jungle
Apr 04, 201901:06:30
Episode 6- Elder Council
Mar 29, 201901:19:32
Episode 5- Orb Jockey

Episode 5- Orb Jockey

The adventurers are introduced to the hedgehog folk. Tiru and Jago have an important talk. They help throw a party, shenanigans ensue. 

Intro/outro - "Brainspin" by Greg Anderson

Some music and sound effects obtained from

Mar 23, 201901:43:53
Episode 4- Scorpion Fight

Episode 4- Scorpion Fight

The party takes on a deadly creature of the jungle, meet a new friend and arrive at the village of Hedgehog folk.

Mar 15, 201901:12:57
Episode 3- Done Deal

Episode 3- Done Deal

The group investigates the lair of "The Black Beast", gets some info about the area from Bungo, has another encounter with the blood hawks in the crevasse and begins the journey to meet the Erina, apparently some sort of hedgehog folk.

Mar 08, 201901:27:49
Episode 2- Bungo's Beach

Episode 2- Bungo's Beach

Our band of castaways meet a denizen of the beach named Bungo, they get much needed food, water, and rest and they make a deal with Bungo to clear out a nearby cave in exchange for some supplies and information about the surrounding area.

Music by Greg Anderson

SFX by Sebastian Palmer

Mar 01, 201901:40:30
Episode 1- Castaways

Episode 1- Castaways

Our band of adventurers washes up on an unknown beach after being shipwrecked, they must find food and water and investigate a mysterious sculpture.

Intro/Outro "Brainspin" by Gregory Anderson

"Submerged" by Nicolae Constantin

Sound FX by Sebastian Palmer

Feb 22, 201901:23:31