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Modern Health with Dr. Jane

Modern Health with Dr. Jane

By Dr. Jane Levesque

My name is Dr Jane and my mission is to raise a healthy generation of parents and kids. I believe that 90% of illnesses are preventable and the health of the person actually starts at conception. If couples get healthy before they get pregnant, conception and pregnancy will be smooth and the baby will be healthy and happy. As a naturopathic doctor and a mother, I am excited to share my knowledge, the latest research and health tips to listeners around the world. New episodes released every Monday, and please rate and review the podcast if you enjoy it.
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Testing You Can Do at Home to Learn More About Your Body

Modern Health with Dr. JaneMay 19, 2023

Testing You Can Do at Home to Learn More About Your Body
May 19, 202301:20:34
Your Checklist Before IVF Procedure
May 18, 202334:23
What You Need To Know About Autoimmune Disease and Infertility
May 18, 202327:59
Infertility is Unfair
May 18, 202329:53
Unexplained Infertility Explained
May 18, 202322:29
How to Manage Mother's Day While Going Through Infertility
May 12, 202328:31
Four Reasons You Can't Get Pregnant Even Though You're Ovulating
Apr 21, 202328:34
How to Approach Pregnancy When You're Over 40

How to Approach Pregnancy When You're Over 40

Apr 07, 202332:31
Finding the Root Cause of your Health Problems Through Lab Testing | With Shalin Dominique
Mar 31, 202342:38
Understanding Your Sperm Analysis And Why it's Not Normal
Mar 24, 202328:46
Why the Supplements You're Taking Aren't Helping You Get Pregnant
Mar 17, 202323:55
Why Brain Health is Important for Fertility & the Health of your Future Child | With Michael Pendleton
Mar 10, 202340:38
How to Heal After Loss With Melissa Dlugolecki
Mar 03, 202335:51
How Sleep Impacts Your Health with Annika Carroll
Feb 24, 202356:12
How to Optimize Your Nutrition For Fertility
Feb 16, 202324:51
The Four Mistakes You're Making When Exercising For Fertility
Feb 09, 202330:10
Ovulation 101 + Stress And Ovulation
Feb 02, 202325:34
24 Ways to Stay Infertile in 2023!
Jan 26, 202326:29
How To Know You're Working With A Practitioner Who Won't Get You Results
Jan 19, 202327:58
How to Approach Fertility in the New Year
Jan 12, 202321:06
Holiday Self-care Tips
Jan 01, 202320:34
Navigating The Holidays And Infertility
Dec 20, 202219:21
Male Infertility Is A Thing!
Dec 08, 202219:39
Vibrant Wellness | With National Sales Director Kristina Banister
Dec 01, 202253:42
Endometriosis And Fertility
Nov 17, 202227:14
Radon Testing | With Dorothy Bewernick
Nov 12, 202255:34
How to Get Your Partner Onboard With Supporting You Through Your Fertility Journey
Nov 03, 202221:36
How to Get Pregnant With PCOS
Oct 27, 202226:07
Health is a Spectrum
Oct 20, 202217:08
Gluten Free Made Easy | With Julie Walton
Oct 01, 202249:13
Why cleaning up your environment didn’t result in a pregnancy
Sep 29, 202220:42
Nutritional Deficiencies & Fertility
Sep 22, 202223:45
Theta Healing | With Emily Miotto
Sep 17, 202238:02
Taking Control of Your Health Through Mindset | With Erin Tennant
Sep 08, 202201:03:14
What Your Mood Can Tell You About Your Fertility
Sep 03, 202216:50
Michelle's Journey in Overcoming Weight Loss Resistance
Aug 25, 202236:16
Exercise And Fertility
Aug 19, 202216:08
How to Help Your Skin Thrive | With Founder of NuVsio Dr. Elena Brei
Aug 11, 202201:07:47
Clean Hair Care | With Owner and Operator of Vocare Hair Studio Monique Chernecki
Jul 28, 202241:48
Ann Ladouceur's Journey Back To Health And Into Motherhood
Jul 07, 202249:10
Why A 21 Day Detox Isn't Enough To Optimize Your Fertility
Jun 30, 202223:04
Why You Should Trust Your Gut With Dr. Jasmina
Jun 16, 202201:13:54
The Top 3 Mistakes Women Make When It Comes To Family Planning
Jun 09, 202230:26
The Dynamic Model of Aging | With Dr. Jarom Ipson
Jun 02, 202258:32
Here's What You Need To Know About Male Infertility
May 26, 202223:01
How To Train As A High Endurance Athlete Without Breaking Down | With Dr. Chris and Dr. Emilea
May 19, 202201:10:14
How To Eat For Your Menstrual Cycle
May 12, 202222:18
What You Need To Know About Weight Resistance With Shalin Vitez
Apr 28, 202248:22
Why You Should Deal With Your Anxiety Before Getting Pregnant
Apr 21, 202217:13
Your financial health with Senior Advisor Julie Shipley-Strickland
Apr 11, 202257:51
Why You Should Optimize Your Weight Before Pregnancy
Apr 04, 202220:04
How to combat brain fog and reverse cognitive decline with Dr. Scott and Amy Noorda
Mar 28, 202201:01:01
Why you should deal with constipation and digestive issues before getting pregnant.
Mar 21, 202223:56
How to heal your brain and optimize nervous system function with Dr. Michael Pendelton
Mar 17, 202201:12:34
How long before starting a family should I stop birth control?
Mar 07, 202219:05
The 3 reasons why you should take some time to prepare for pregnancy
Jan 25, 202220:18
The 9 markers of health you should check on a regular basis
Jan 17, 202233:19
The first episode of Modern Health!
Jan 11, 202223:56