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Dragon Quest FM

Dragon Quest FM

By BJ Keeton and Austin King

Let's talk about and obsess over Dragon Quest!
The 35-year-old JRPG series has its hooks in us, and we're okay with that. Austin played through the whole series in a single year and is blogging about it, and Beej is discovering and adoring the series right on his heels. From character spotlights to deep dives into mainline games and more, we hang out each week to rave about Dragon Quest and celebrate the series!

Like all Geek to Geek shows, we try to keep a clean rating. DQ is about fun for us, and if you can play DQ with your kiddos, you can listen to our Dragon Quest podcast with them too!
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S4 E10 - History Of Dragon Quest (Part 1) - Everything Leading Up To Dragon Quest's Creation

Dragon Quest FMMar 18, 2022

S5 E22 - New Dragon Quest Monsters Game, DQ Dai News, & More
Jun 02, 202338:30
S5 E21 - Dragon Quest Day 2023 - New DQ Monsters, Infinity Strash Release Date

S5 E21 - Dragon Quest Day 2023 - New DQ Monsters, Infinity Strash Release Date

This week, it's Dragon Quest Day 2023 so Austin is coming to you live in the early morning with the reveals from this year's official announcements. We have a release date for Infinity Strash: The Adventures of Dai, and we also have a new DQ Monsters game in development! Plus, some merch, DQX news, and info on the upcoming mobile game, DQ Champions.

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May 27, 202317:53
S5 E20 - Dragon Quest Day 2023 Predictions (And Hopes...And Dreams...)
May 19, 202330:18
S5 E19 - Hacking A 3DS To Play Dragon Quest Game Fan Translations (Plus, Fire Emblem and Trinity Trigger Talk)
May 12, 202332:20
S5 E18 - Final Fantasy 5 vs. Dragon Quest 5
May 05, 202337:11
S5 E17 - The Best Dragon Quest Games On Switch
Apr 28, 202332:07
S5 E16 - Dragon Quest Catch-Up Hour 2023 (plus Trails to Azure, Fire Emblem, FF16, and more)
Apr 21, 202345:02
S5 E15 - Dragon Quest Treasures Supercut (All Episodes!)
Apr 14, 202302:12:46
S5 E14 - Dragon Quest Wars & Tactical RPGs
Apr 07, 202335:54
S5 E13 - Slime Mori Mori 3 Early Impressions
Mar 31, 202334:27
S5 E12 - Beej's Guide To Every Dragon Quest Game (Plus Some Hot Takes & Austin Too)
Mar 24, 202350:09
S5 E11 - Replaying Dragon Quest XI (Part Two)
Mar 17, 202333:40
S5 E10 - Slival, Healix, Healie and Our Other Favorite Dragon Quest Slimes (Plus DQ Jokes)
Mar 10, 202335:38
S5 E9 - Replaying Dragon Quest XI (Part One)
Mar 03, 202332:55
S5 E8 - Five Fun Facts About Dragon Quest II
Feb 24, 202330:02
S5 E7 - Dragon Quest Kart Racer? DQ Fighting Game? DQ DDR?!?
Feb 17, 202336:08
S5 E6 - Comfort Food Games: "Dragon Quest Is Like Taking Your Pants Off" (FF9, Chrono Trigger, Tony Hawk, and more)
Feb 10, 202337:42
S5 E5 - Dragon Quest Treasures Part 4 (Last One): The One With All The Spoilers
Feb 03, 202331:20
S5 E4 - Dragon Quest Treasures Part 3 - "I just use Crack Bombs to Crack Bomb 'em to death."
Jan 27, 202332:19
S5 E3 - Dragon Quest Treasures Part 2 - "I can't get rid of him because he's Mech Tyson!"
Jan 20, 202335:34
S5 E2 - Dragon Quest Treasures First Impressions
Jan 13, 202333:33
S5 E1 - Dragon Quest In 2023
Jan 06, 202332:30
S4 E47 - End Of The Year Woohoo Times (2022) - Dragon Quest Treasures, Chained Echoes, Stray, & A Whole Lot More!
Dec 23, 202236:07
S4 E46 - DQFM Classics - Making Dragon Quest Stuff With Elinzia, The Crafting Rogue
Dec 16, 202237:25
S4 E45 - Most Underrated Dragon Quest Games That Need More Love
Dec 02, 202231:29
S4 E44 - The Best Dragon Quest Spin-Offs, Ranked
Nov 25, 202231:27
S4 E43 - Rocket Slime Retrospective - Why We Love This Dragon Quest Spin-Off (& Why You Should Too)
Nov 18, 202231:35
S4 E42 - Why Has Dragon Quest Struggled In The West?
Nov 11, 202226:44
S4 E41 - Will Dragon Quest Fans Like Star Ocean: The Divine Force?
Nov 04, 202235:31
S4 E40 - Dragon Quest FM Halloween Spooktacular 2022
Oct 28, 202239:28
S4 E39 - Dragon Quest Treasures Preview - Draconia Locations, Fun Sidekicks, & Factions, Factions, Factions
Oct 21, 202214:45
E4 S38 - Dragon Quest's Most Annoying Characters
Oct 14, 202233:17
S4 E37 - DQFM Classics - Our First Halloween Episode: Dragon Quest's Best Spooky Moments
Oct 07, 202201:03:28
S4 E36 - Dragon Quest V 30th Anniversary Celebration
Sep 30, 202228:54
S4 E35 - Dragon Quest Dai: Infinity Strash News & Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Final Spoilercast

S4 E35 - Dragon Quest Dai: Infinity Strash News & Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Final Spoilercast

This week, we cover a lot of ground. We kick things off discussing the latest TGS news of the upcoming Dragon Quest Dai: Infinity Strash game releasing next year and also chat about the Suikoden remasters. Then, it's discussing the final parts of XBC 3 (major spoilers). Also, Austin raves about Trails From Zero. Lots of JRPG goodness to go around!

Sep 23, 202240:02
S4 E34 - Dragon Quest Treasures & Other JRPGs We're Pumped For In 2022 (Tokyo Game Show Special)
Sep 16, 202235:29
S4 E33 - Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Part Deux: The Second One
Sep 09, 202243:37
S4 E32 - Xenoblade Chronicles 3 FM (First Impressions)
Sep 02, 202237:60
S4 E31 - Torneko: The Last Hope & Other Dragon Quest Games We'll Never Beat
Aug 26, 202229:44
S4 E30 - History Of Dragon Quest Supercut (Every Episode! AHHHH!)
Aug 12, 202204:19:26
S4 E29 - Good & Evil In Dragon Quest
Aug 05, 202229:32
S4 E28 - Time Travel - Dragon Quest VII, DQ11, Live A Live, and More!
Jul 29, 202230:39
S4 E27 - The History Of Dragon Quest (Part 8 - The Last One) - Dragon Quest XI and a TON of Spin-offs
Jul 22, 202229:09
S4 E26 - History of Dragon Quest (Part 7) - DQ 9, DQ 10, MMOs, and Adam Sandler For Some Reason
Jul 15, 202229:20
S4 E25 - DQFM Classics - Our Favorite Dragon Quest Spin-offs
Jul 01, 202233:18
S4 E24 - How To Get Someone You Love To Love Dragon Quest
Jun 24, 202241:47
S4 E23 - Dragon Quest XI & Symbolism - All About Hendrik & Jasper
Jun 17, 202231:46
S4 E22 - History of Dragon Quest Part 6 - DQ8, Level-5, and Akihiro Hino
Jun 10, 202235:06
S4 E21 - Dragon Quest Day Afterparty - DQ Treasures, DQ Builders On Mobile, and More!
Jun 03, 202227:03
S4 E20 - Dragon Quest Day 2022 - What Are We Gettin'?
May 26, 202230:60
S4 E19 - The History of Dragon Quest Part 5 - Giga Pets, DQ Monsters, & Dragon Warrior VII

S4 E19 - The History of Dragon Quest Part 5 - Giga Pets, DQ Monsters, & Dragon Warrior VII

We're back! This week, we're continuing our look into the history of Dragon Quest, focusing on DQ7 and Enix in the late '90s and early '00s. Plus, a lot about KFC Pokémon merch, Giga Pets, and the Squaresoft/Enix merger.

It's good to be back!

May 20, 202232:12
S4 E18 - DQFM Classics: The Questy Boys and Chrono Trigger (Brought to you by Being Sick and the Letters U, G, and H)
May 13, 202254:04
S4 E17 - DQFM Classics: Dragon Quest XI - Sylvando Character Spotlight
May 06, 202245:47
S4 E16 - DQFM Classics: Dragon Quest & Religion

S4 E16 - DQFM Classics: Dragon Quest & Religion

This week, B.J. is still out of town for work, so we're sharing one of our favorite episodes from 2020 - all about Dragon Quest and religion. We hope you enjoy it and will see y'all next week for more DQ goodness!

Apr 29, 202242:09
S4 E15 - DQFM Classics: Yuji Horii's Life With Dan From Game Apartment 1C
Apr 22, 202239:53
S4 E14 - Dragon Quest FM's 150th Episode Celebration - The Goo-lywed Game!

S4 E14 - Dragon Quest FM's 150th Episode Celebration - The Goo-lywed Game!

This week, we took a small break from our History of DQ episodes because it's our 150th episode! To celebrate, we play a Dragon Quest-y version of The Newlywed Game (which we call the Goo-lywed Game). Thanks to the folks who sent us questions and a big shoutout to all our listeners and Patreon patrons who've helped us reach the big 1-5-0 milestone!

Apr 15, 202228:59
S4 E13 - The History of Dragon Quest (Part Four) - Dragon Quest V & Koichi Nakamura's Departure
Apr 08, 202232:08
S4 E12 - History of Dragon Quest (Part 3) - Dragon Quest III Becomes A Cultural Phenomenon
Apr 01, 202234:12
S4 E11 - History of Dragon Quest (Part 2) - Dragon Quest Is A Hit, But Not In The West
Mar 25, 202234:21
S4 E10 - History Of Dragon Quest (Part 1) - Everything Leading Up To Dragon Quest's Creation
Mar 18, 202232:58
S4 E9 - Dragon Quest Dai Manga Volume 1 Is Out Now!
Mar 11, 202232:30
S4 E8 - Blue Dragon ("Like Sakaguchi wrote Dragon Quest fan fiction")
Mar 04, 202236:01
S4 E7 - Remakes!
Feb 25, 202232:35
S4 E6 - Romance In Dragon Quest ("Gemma is a bowl of fruit.")
Feb 18, 202235:32
S4 E5 - How Long To Beat Every Dragon Quest Game
Feb 11, 202236:23
S4 E4 - Final Fantasy 3 Vs. Dragon Quest 3 (Jobs, Jobs, Jobs!)
Feb 04, 202232:37
S4 E3 - Final Fantasy 2 Vs. Dragon Quest 2 ("Too many behemoths!")
Jan 28, 202232:00
S4 E2 - Final Fantasy 1 Vs. Dragon Quest 1 (We love them both!)
Jan 21, 202239:58
S4 E1 - Dragon Quest In 2022 (Catching Up After The Holidays)

S4 E1 - Dragon Quest In 2022 (Catching Up After The Holidays)

We're back! And it's 2022! So, in this week's episode (and the first episode of Season 4!), we're discussing what fun things we did over the break - including playing FFXIV, D&D, and Pokémon BDSP - as well as the Dragon Quest news that came out while we were away. DQ X Offline delayed! Dragon Quest III Remake updates? Dai manga! As usual, we also chat about plenty of other stuff too. But you'll have to listen to find out what those things are!

Jan 14, 202239:11
S3 E50 - Dragon Quest Christmas & End of Year 2021
Dec 24, 202130:10
S3 E49 - Dragon Quest Protagonists (Part Three: DQ 7 -11)
Dec 17, 202129:08
S3 E48 - Dragon Quest Protagonists (Part Two: The Zenithia Trilogy)

S3 E48 - Dragon Quest Protagonists (Part Two: The Zenithia Trilogy)

This week, we're continuing our discussion over Dragon Quest protagonists. We also pull some of your opinions from Twitter and chat about why DQ V's protagonist is so good, while DQ 4's protagonist looks like a swimsuit model from 1985, and more!

Dec 10, 202131:41
S3 E47 - Dragon Quest Protagonists (Part One: The Erdrick Trilogy)
Dec 03, 202135:46
S3 E46 - DQFM Classics: FFXIV Vs. Dragon Quest X

S3 E46 - DQFM Classics: FFXIV Vs. Dragon Quest X

With FFXIV's Endwalker expansion arriving soon and Version 6 of Dragon Quest X out now, we decided it would be the perfect time to revisit our FFXIV Vs. DQ10 episode. We'll be back next week to start exploring DQ protagonists and talking about Dragon Quest III a bunch. Happy Thanksgiving! 

Nov 26, 202151:10
S3 E45 - SMTFM - "Dragon Quest Monsters Joker 2 Helped Me With SMT V"

S3 E45 - SMTFM - "Dragon Quest Monsters Joker 2 Helped Me With SMT V"

This week, Austin and B.J. are discussing SMT V. Don't worry, there's no spoilers because B.J. hasn't played it yet either. We also talk about ways it's similar to the Dragon Quest series (of course) and why playing Monsters Joker 2 helped Austin in SMT. Plus, some stuff about Squid Game, Tales of Arise, and a Mariah Carey Christmas movie. 

Nov 19, 202137:21
S3 44 - Dungeons & Dragons and Dragon Quest

S3 44 - Dungeons & Dragons and Dragon Quest

This week, Beej is sick so his voice sounds like the dude from Sling Blade, but we recorded an episode anyway! You can listen to us discuss the Dragon Quest-inspired D&D livestream we did last week, as well as some of the history behind D&D and Dragon Quest!

Nov 12, 202131:15
S3 E43 - Dragon Quest Halloween 2021 - Ghost With The Most

S3 E43 - Dragon Quest Halloween 2021 - Ghost With The Most

This week, Austin and B.J. talk about Dragon Quest ghosts for the Halloween episode! Plus, we talk about some real-life spooky stuff like haunted dolls, haunted farms, and more stuff we're getting too scared about to write down here. We also discuss Muppets Haunted Mansion, Breath of Fire 2, and the comfiest undies ever!

Oct 29, 202144:60
S3 E42 - Dragon Quest Mysteries 4: Questy Boys 4 Life
Oct 22, 202140:36
S3 E41 - Dragon Quest Music & Koichi Sugiyama's Legacy
Oct 15, 202138:19
S3 E40 - Dragon Quest Catch-Up: DQ X Offline, Dai Mobile Game, DQ Heroes (& Spider-Man, For Some Reason)

S3 E40 - Dragon Quest Catch-Up: DQ X Offline, Dai Mobile Game, DQ Heroes (& Spider-Man, For Some Reason)

This week, Austin and B.J. catch up on the latest news surrounding Dragon Quest X Offline and the new Dai mobile game. Austin also shares where he's at in his replaying of Dragon Quest Heroes. Plus, we talk about Spider-Man (the PS4 game and the Sam Raimi films) for just a few minutes, cigarette ads from the 1960s, a Fatboy Slim album from the '90s, and a whole lot more. So, sit back and reminisce with us about a whole lotta stuff!

Oct 08, 202137:14
S3 E39 - Dragon Quest The Adventures Of Dai: A Hero's Bonds Mobile Game First Impressions
Oct 01, 202136:40
S3 E38 - Tales of Arise & DQ XI ("Sexy Hoots and Meat Harvests")
Sep 24, 202136:20
S3 E37 - Dragon Quest Erdrick Trilogy Timeline Discussion (Plus: Pinky Rings!)
Sep 17, 202135:58
S3 E36 - Magic In Dragon Quest

S3 E36 - Magic In Dragon Quest

This week, B.J. is back and he and Austin talk about how magic affects the worlds of Dragon Quest. We take a look at magic's role in combat, storytelling, and characters - as well as discussing some of those magical Vocations from games like DQ IX and VII. We also talk about hats for waaaay too long.

Sep 10, 202133:43
S3 E35 - Dragon Quest Heroes - "The slime who delivers my groceries on Wednesdays."
Sep 03, 202126:00
S3 E34 - Dragon Quest VI & Chrono Trigger - Impact & Influence
Aug 27, 202119:06
S3 E33 - Dragon Quest XI: Timelines, Tockles, & Tinfoil Hat Theories
Aug 20, 202129:51
S3 E32 - Dragon Quest Newcomer Q&A With Austin
Aug 13, 202134:33
S3 E31 - Dragon Quest VIII Deep Dive (Episode Four: Bosses & Villains)
Aug 06, 202139:53
S3 E30 - DQFM Classics: Rocket Slime (Which Kinda Connects To Our Dragon Quest VIII Deep Dive)

S3 E30 - DQFM Classics: Rocket Slime (Which Kinda Connects To Our Dragon Quest VIII Deep Dive)

This week, real life happened, so we weren't able to meet up and record together. However, we did record this Rocket Slime episode a couple of weeks ago. It actually ties into our Dragon Quest VIII deep dive episodes in a big way, since there are so many references to DQ8 found in Rocket Slime. So if you've never listened to this episode, or if you want a refresher, you can check it out this week! We'll be back next week to continue our deep dive into Dragon Quest VIII!

Jul 30, 202101:01:42
S3 E29 - Dragon Quest VIII Deep Dive (Episode Three: Favorite People & Places)
Jul 23, 202137:56
S3 E28 - Dragon Quest VIII Deep Dive (Episode Two - Favorite Towns, Locations, & Settings)
Jul 16, 202135:32
S3 E27 - Dragon Quest VIII Deep Dive (Episode One: Playable Characters)
Jul 09, 202145:39
S3 E26 - Kenshin Dragon Quest Playtime ("Treeface!")
Jul 02, 202130:34
S3 E25 - DQFM Classics: "Dragon Quest Swords In A Single Weekend"
Jun 25, 202101:19:05
S3 E24 - Post-E3 Show & Dragon Quest In 2021
Jun 18, 202135:23
S3 E23 - Dragon Quest At E3 2021 (Maybe?)
Jun 11, 202134:12
S3 E22 - Theatrhythm Dragon Quest ("Can you feel the rhythm of the night?")
Jun 04, 202127:08
S3 E21 - Dragon Quest 35th Anniversary Celebration (Thoughts after the livestream)
May 28, 202134:20
S3 E20 - Dragon Quest 35th Anniversary Predictions
May 21, 202133:34
S3 E19 - Dragon Quest Monsters Joker 2 (Part Four: "Thanks, Drake!")
May 14, 202132:30
S3 E18 - Dragon Quest Monsters Joker 2 (Part Three: "A giant slime in a crab mech suit...")
May 07, 202132:31
S3 E17 - Dragon Quest Monsters Joker 2 (Part Two: "I think I just hate snow.")
Apr 30, 202134:26
S3 E16 - Dragon Quest Monsters Joker 2 (Part One: "This game is like pizza...")
Apr 23, 202134:60
S3 E15 - What's Going On With Dragon Quest Mobile Games???
Apr 16, 202128:02
S3 E14 - Our Favorite Dragon Quest Spin-Offs
Apr 09, 202133:18
S3 E13 - Why We Love Dragon Quest VI with Liamland from DQ Slime Time
Apr 02, 202137:58
S3 E12 - Who Wants To Be A Slime-illionaire: DQFM Trivia Night (Part Two)
Mar 26, 202130:30
S3 E11 - Who Wants To Be A Slime-illionaire: DQFM Trivia Night (Part One)
Mar 19, 202128:32
S3 E10 - Yuji Horii & The Creation of Dragon Quest with Dan from Game Apartment 1C
Mar 12, 202139:53
S3 E9 - Torneko Mystery Dungeon 3 On GBA: Fan Translation With Sam Steel
Mar 05, 202137:11
S3 E8 - Young Yangus & The Mysterious Dungeon With Ryan Molina
Feb 26, 202127:27
S3 E7 - Crafting Dragon Quest With Elinzia, The Crafting Rogue!
Feb 19, 202137:25
S3 E6 - Dragon Quest, Podcasting, and Dragon Quest Podcasting with Platty from Slime Time

S3 E6 - Dragon Quest, Podcasting, and Dragon Quest Podcasting with Platty from Slime Time

Since B.J. is out for the next little bit due to his jaw, Platty from the Dragon Quest Slime Time podcast is filling in for co-hosting duties. This week, Austin and Platty discuss Platty's long history with the DQ series, as well as talking about podcasting and how the Dragon Quest fandom has changed over the years.

You can find Platty's guide to all that is Dragon Quest on RPGamer.

Remember, you can chat with us on Twitter @DragonQuestFM

If you'd like to support this podcast, please visit

Feb 12, 202147:41
S3 E5 - Dragon Quest Tact Is Out! (Character Countdown & Is It Better Than DQ Wars?)
Feb 05, 202132:23
S3 E4 - Dragon Quest Mysteries (Part Three): Questy Boys For Life
Jan 28, 202128:41
S3 E3 - Dragon Quest Mysteries (Part Two): The Questy Boys Solve Some More!
Jan 22, 202127:02
S3 E2 - Dragon Quest Mysteries (Part One): "The Questy Boys Are On The Case!"
Jan 15, 202132:02
S3 E1 - Dragon Quest In 2021 ("Hey nah, hey nah, B.J.'s back!)
Jan 08, 202131:27
S2 E51 - Dragon Quest VII Deep Dive (Episode Five): Final Bosses & Final Thoughts + Austin's Favorite Games of 2020
Jan 01, 202122:53
S2 E50 - Dragon Quest VII Deep Dive (Episode Four): Human and Monster Vocations
Dec 24, 202028:33
S2 E49 - Dragon Quest VII Deep Dive (Episode Three): Towns and Townsfolk

S2 E49 - Dragon Quest VII Deep Dive (Episode Three): Towns and Townsfolk

It’s Week Three of our Deep Dive into Dragon Quest VII! This week, we’re talking about the towns (and some of the townsfolk) who make the past and present of Dragon Quest VII so darn memorable. Once again, B.J. is out, so this’ll be another solo episode from Austin.

Now, as usual, we went to Twitter to ask folks about their favorite (or least favorite) towns in DQ 7. Link to Twitter thread is here.

Austin's notable towns include Nottagen, Pilchard Bay, Emberdale, Wilted Heart, and Buccanham. Plus, he discusses some of this (and some of YOUR) favorite NPCs in the game. From a toughie peeing outside to the pirate Sharkeye, there's quite a few memorably NPCs making people's lists. Again, we asked our listeners what their favorite NPCs were in Dragon Quest VII, and we got some pretty memorable responses. Be sure to check out the DQ7 townsfolks thread right here:

Remember, you can follow us on Twitter @DragonQuestFM

You can also help support this podcast by visiting

Dec 18, 202025:16
S2 E48 - Dragon Quest VII Deep Dive (Episode Two): The Legacy of Dragon Warrior VII

S2 E48 - Dragon Quest VII Deep Dive (Episode Two): The Legacy of Dragon Warrior VII

This week on Dragon Quest FM, Austin is taking a close look at Dragon Warrior VII and its legacy. The PS1 game shattered records in Japan but is heavily criticized for its graphics and pacing. Still, the game holds up fairly well in 2020, and Austin takes a look at the differences between the PS1 and 3DS versions of the game.

This episode actually follows the structure of his other podcast, JRPGs and Me, which you can listen to if you like the set up of this week. B.J. should be back next week to discuss towns and vocations and other Dragon Quest VII and Dragon Warrior VII goodness.

As usual, this week we took to Twitter to ask people what they thought of Dragon Warrior VII on PS1. You can view the entire thread right here.

Remember to follow us on Twitter @DragonQuestFM

And please support this podcast by visiting

Dec 11, 202028:54
S2 47 - Dragon Quest VII Deep Dive (Episode One): Main Characters

S2 47 - Dragon Quest VII Deep Dive (Episode One): Main Characters

This week, we start our deep dive into Dragon Quest VII. We’re mostly going to be using names from Dragon Quest VII on 3DS, and if you’re confused as to why - check out our Translations episode or just the fact that this is a deep dive into Dragon Quest VII and NOT Dragon Warrior VII.

Dragon Quest VII has some great characters, and we’re going to be talking about the ones who make up your party today. For one of the longest DQ games, the party keeps expanding almost into the very end of the main story. It's a very interesting way f doing it, and one we talk about at length.

That said, there are definitely SPOILERS IN THIS EPISODE. If you don't want to know some stuff that goes on with characters or the overall story. We try to keep the overall story in check, but it's impossible not to discuss some of it when you're talking about the characters themselves.


Plus, we asked people on Twitter to tell us their favorite Dragon Quest VII characters. And once again, you did not disappoint:

So tell us now...who is your favorite DQ7 character?
Dec 04, 202043:07
S2 E46 - Dragon Quest XI S: Echoes of an Elusive Austin
Nov 27, 202013:05
S2 E45 - Dragon Quest 35th Anniversary Wishlists

S2 E45 - Dragon Quest 35th Anniversary Wishlists

Next year is the 35th anniversary of the series, which means we will hopefully get lots of DQ goodies next year in the West! We know Square Enix and Armor Project have things in store, but we don’t really know what those are yet - and we definitely don’t know if they’re coming West (although some of them probably will, at least).

Since it’s Thanksgiving, we want to thank you all for being such wonderful listeners and supporters. We couldn't do this without you, and we want you to know that your being here is not taken for granted. So thank you. A lot.

Now, back to DQ! We’ve divided this up into three categories: games, toys, and other stuff!


DQ 12 reveal, DQ IX Remake, 4,5, and 6 on Switch (maybe next-gen too), Dai Infinity Strash coming West, Add in the Monsters remakes on Switch, too. They exist, so why not in English? Rivals in English on Switch would be nice, too.



Here is the link to Twitter thread with people’s stores - it’s almost the holidays! Support DQ artists and crafters!


I could totally see some kind of 35th Anniversary figures releasing of all the heroes, probably some good limited edition swag at Luida’s Bar and in Japan, but here in the West, I’m not nearly as hopeful. I’d like some cool inexpensive Dai figures and maybe some good DQ 1 35th Anniversary figures - Bring Arts seems likely.

Other Stuff!

A really cool limited edition Erdrick’s sword and shield set would be amazing! I love art books, so a 35th Anniversary History of Dragon Quest would be really nice too! Maybe even a scaled-down model of the DQ1 hero's armor would be awesome. Just sitting there on a desk, fully metal suit of armor. Oh yeah.

Nov 20, 202035:24
S2 E44 - Yakuza 7: Like A Dragon Quest For Gangsters

S2 E44 - Yakuza 7: Like A Dragon Quest For Gangsters

This week, we’re talking about Yakuza 7 ...which is Like a Dragon (Quest). It’s a video game where players play as a Dragon Quest FAN, Ichiban Kasuga, which makes it fairly unique. It basically feels like Grand Theft Auto and classic arcade beat ‘em ups combined to make a weird gangster RPG baby. 

It's really good, and even though we haven't gotten terribly far ito the game, we wanted to kind of give you an overview of what to expect and whether or not this was worth picking up for DQ fans. (Spoiler alert: it probably is.)

We’re going to try to keep actual story spoilers to a minimum because the game is so new, so this episode is really just focusing on all the ways Yakuza 7 is like DQ, in terms of gameplay. In a way, it feels almost like DQ fan fiction, and we say that with as much love as we can.

The protagonist is Ichiban Kasuga, a huge DQ fan who wants to be a Hero. He thinks about getting into fights like DQ games, so we get turn-based combat. You get cool party members who use an umbrella like a white mage staff, that sort of thing. It's great. 

Over the course of the game, there are Puff-puff references, you can have monster arena-style fights, and there's even a Job System! You can be a Dancer, a Fortune Teller, Riot Police, or even an Idol. It's a lot like DQ 7's vocations, except instead of Alltrades Abbey, you go to the Employment Office. 

For more details and info, just listen, would ya? Hit us up at @professorbeej, @dragonquaustin, or @dragonquestfm on Twitter. We also have a Discord server where you can join us to talk DQ whenever you want!

Nov 13, 202040:19
S2 E43 - Dragon Quest Translation: "Let's Stick Our Hands In That Bear Trap"

S2 E43 - Dragon Quest Translation: "Let's Stick Our Hands In That Bear Trap"

This week, we’re talking about translation and localization in Dragon Quest games. It’s a bit of a touchy subject with some fans. I compared it to putting my hand in a beartrap a while back. It’s like, you can’t please everyone, and no matter, you’re losing a few fingers. So let’s put our hands into that bear trap!

It all goes back to early Dragon Quest games. Everyone talked in Ye Olde English. Which we both kinda hate. Turns out, Yuji Horii does too! Here's the link to Polygon article where he says this

Since then, it’s been a weird contention with a lot of fans. People either think the translators stray too far from a direct translation - or they prefer certain translators over others.

Luckily, Austin got to interview an actual DQ translator. So we talk about Austin’s interview with Nob Ogasawara. Not only did he work on DQ, but he also did most of the Pokemon games that made us love the series.

Then Paul Handelman came around and basically united everything under a new Western translation canon. That’s how you got Torneko Taloon’s full name and differences in Gabo/Ruff and such.

Why do fans get so mad about translation/localization?

I kinda get it. I mean, if I’d played a game for sixteen years and then characters I knew and loved suddenly had new names, I might be a little ticked too. But, honestly, I don’t really care. I’m just know what, it’s clear they’re trying to get more involved with localizations now. Yuji Horii has basically said until DQ8 he wasn’t super involved directly with translation, so it’s kinda a George Lucas/Star Wars scenario. Do you say Greedo shot first, or do you go with the creator’s new vision?

Nov 06, 202041:18
S2 E42 - Dragon Quest FM Halloween Spooktacular: Spooky Monsters & More!
Oct 30, 202036:52
S2 E41 - Dragon Quest Tact Early Access Impressions

S2 E41 - Dragon Quest Tact Early Access Impressions

Austin had some top secret access on iOS and B.J. got selected for it on Google Play Store. So today, we’re talking about it! Austin was able to write about it for work, so read his ScreenRant article here: 

Monsters and Gameplay

It’s like Pokemon meets FF Tactics, but all simplified for a mobile game (for good and bad). Collecting monsters is cool, and it almost makes Austin want a strategy-based combat system in the upcoming Erik and Mia DQM game. Almost.

We love the monster designs. We talk about our favorites. What are yours?

How Long Is the Beta?

Both betas go until Chapter 6, Stage 9. Some minor SPOILERs here. But it's a mobile strategy game, so it's not that much.

What Did we like/hate about DQ Tact?

Like: the monster recruiting mechanics and the cast

Hate: the tactics part is pretty surface level. I wish there was more variety in stages, rather than just “oooh look, a barrel is here now.”

Also, HATE all the in-your-face ads and premium stuff that I’m sure will be even worse in the real game.

After playing the beta, I don’t know that I have it in me to play through ALL of that all over again. But maybe.

And remember, next week, is our annual Dragon Quest Special Halloween episode! It’s gonna be so much it’s...scary!


Oct 23, 202038:14
S2 E40 - Dragon Quest Collecting Goodness (Community Spotlight on EVERYONE'S Collections)

S2 E40 - Dragon Quest Collecting Goodness (Community Spotlight on EVERYONE'S Collections)

This week, we’re talking all about collecting in Dragon Quest. We got to talking about toys so much last week, it seemed like a good time to do a follow-up this week. Also, shoutout to Todd, one of our patrons who gave us this idea while back on Patreon!

Weird doing a podcast about toys, but we can’t show them to people. So how are we doing it? Well, we asked you for your favorites, and we have a thread of them here!

The response was HUGE. And we adored looking through all your stuff!

Why do people like collecting Dragon Quest stuff so much?

Austin: I like toys anyway, but I also like the hunt for them. If it was easy to come by, like I could just swing by Walmart and pick up 400 DQ figures, I wouldn’t like it as much.

Beej: It's like holding a cartoon in my hand. It's awesome.

Shameless Self Promotion Heatman Fabro’s Esty Heatman Fabro’s Facebook

Elizabeth’s etsy store:

Be sure to check out Ryan’s newest Dragon Quest X video, covering Version 2.0 of the game! Link:

What are your favorite items in your Dragon Quest collection?

Oct 16, 202043:23
S2 E39 - Dragon Quest Tact, Adventures of Dai, and Amiibo ("The Funko Pop tastes better.")
Oct 09, 202045:04
S2 E38 - All By Myself: The Orphan Hero Archetype In Dragon Quest

S2 E38 - All By Myself: The Orphan Hero Archetype In Dragon Quest

This week on Dragon Quest FM, we're continuing our discussion on archetypes within the series. For our final episode on the subject, we're talking about the orphan hero! Hero orphan? Orphaned hero? Whatever. You get it. The hero whose parents are either dead or abandoned them. As usual, we walk you through every single mainline Dragon Quest game.

We start off discussing Dragon Quest 1-3, and talk about how once again, these Campbellian archetypes don't really start to kick in until around DQ III. Then we discuss DQ 4 and 5, a little bit about Dragon Quest: Your Story. Warning: There are a few spoilers scattered throughout this episode, but we tried to always let people know before they hit.

We also have some exciting news shared by our friend Ryan Molina regarding Dragon Quest X, so be sure to listen for that! We talk about how DQ 6's complicated story makes for complicated answers when it comes to the orphan hero. After the Shameless Self Promotion break, we're back to discussing the orphan hero archetype in Dragon Quest 7, which totally breaks all the rules!

After that, it's on to DQ 8, mouse in pockets, and what every good grandpa needs to do. Then it's DQ 9, angels, and a short tangent about black-and-white Westerns and wagon chases. And speaking of DQ 10 earlier, we also talk about the prologue of Version 1.0 and how that plays into the orphan hero archetype as well. Then, for our last bit of discussion, we bring up the Luminary's Moses-like origins in Dragon Quest XI.

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S2 E37 - She Don't Need No Man: The Woman Warrior Archetype In Dragon Quest

S2 E37 - She Don't Need No Man: The Woman Warrior Archetype In Dragon Quest

This week, we’re continuing our talks into archetypes in Dragon Quest games. So far, we’ve discussed the old man and best friend archetypes, and today we’re talking all about woman warriors - those tough ladies who can kick all our butts!

Dragon Quest has a pretty good history of strong female characters, and today we’re going to talk about them!

What is the Woman Warrior Archetype?

So the woman warrior is a super old archetype, but it’s been suppressed in most societies over the last few thousand years because, ya know, sexism. Basically, it’s a strong female soldier or knight or warrior who saves her people. Oftentimes, you see this archetype cutting their hair to be more boyish -- Joan of Arc, Mulan, etc.

Woman Warrior Examples in DQ

DQ 1- doesn’t really have one

DQ 2 - Princess of Moonbrooke doesn’t necessarily fit the archetype perfectly, but honestly, she’s the reason you survive in that game. Even though she takes on more of a role of caretaker/nurse, she’s still pretty awesome.

DQ3 - Female Erdrick, of course!

DQ4 - Alena, obviously

DQ 5 - Bianca...Nera is more of a caretaker/nurse.

DQ 6 - Millie and Ashlynn are both fairly tough, but I wouldn’t say either one fits into the archetype. Millie is definitely more of the white mage-type, and Ashlynn is pretty strong with her spells.

DQ7 - Maribel, that girl be tough as nails. The NPC Mauve that you meet early on is also very much one of these archetypes.

DQ8 - Jessica, even though she’s super sexualized she’s super tough. Like, her personality doesn’t match her character design at all.

DQ9 - The player! If you choose to be a lady!

DQ 10 - AnLucia! In Version 2.0. 

DQ 11 - Jade fits the archetype more than Veronica, even though Veronica is super tough.



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S2 E36 - BFFs 4-Eva: Best Friends and Boon Companions in Dragon Quest

S2 E36 - BFFs 4-Eva: Best Friends and Boon Companions in Dragon Quest

This week, we’re returning to our discussion on archetypes in DQ games. For our second episode in the series, we’re focusing on the booniest of all boon companions...the best friend. The BFF. The bro. The chosen family. Basically...Beej and Austin.

But first, we have a brand-new Patreon patron to give a REAL NICE THANK YOU to...Matt Reibach!

What’s a best friend archetype?

Well, you gotta listen to know the full deal. But while it may sound like a side-kick...the boon companion, the BFF, the bestie is a lot more than that.

BFFs in DQ games

DQ - You’re solo. Your sword is your BFF. Without it, you die. With it, you die. But less so.

DQ 2 - Does prince of cannock count? After all, the coffin is always there for you.

DQ 3 - You make your own besties! 

DQ4 - Outside of your BFF in the village, the hero doesn’t really have one here. There isn’t really a party member that takes on that role. However, there are party members who fill that function for each other. Which is a nice twist.

DQ5 - Harry of course! He’s snot-nosed brat royalty who becomes a good guy. You even play as him a bit. There’s also Saber, because a man’s best friend is his sabercat. And then, like happens in real life, your wife becomes your best friend. And Sancho. I mean...Sancho. He's named after the booniest of boon companions, too.

DQ6 - Carver ALL the way. Let’s gooooooo!

DQ 7 - Keifer, plus a spoiler warning!

DQ 8 - Yangus, cor blimey!

DQ 9 - Stella? Oh god, I hope not. Ol' Fatguts?

DQ 10 - Ryan Molina is your best friend in DQX.

DQ 11 - Erik, the best bestie who ever bested a best

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Austin’s new post on slimes - 

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S2 E35 - Who is the Best Dragon Quest NPC? ("It's Much More Fun to Talk to a Cow")

S2 E35 - Who is the Best Dragon Quest NPC? ("It's Much More Fun to Talk to a Cow")

This week, we’re talking all about the unsung NPCs in Dragon Quest games. From our favorites, to icons, to weird oddities we’ve stumbled upon in the games.

We also have a new Patron! Real nice thank you to KevinOnline! 

So...we have two questions. Does Dragon Quest have the best NPCs? And of those, who is the best Dragon Quest NPC?

Other games have good NPCs that feel like real characters.  Trails of Cold Steel has some pretty good NPCs, and so does FF IX. But they aren’t necessarily iconic like bunny girls and toughies and even fez-wearing merchants.

Even the story that drives DQ7 is pretty much all about NPCs. The player characters don't have nearly as much going on as the various people in towns and villages that you're exploring.

Iconic DQ NPCs Puff-puff girlsToughies - “Cor blimey!”Nuns and priestsMerchants (fez hat, vest, usually fat) SHAMELESS SELF PROMOTION

Austin’s Screen Rant post about DQ 10:

Ryan’s Dragon Quest 10 review trailer:

Austin's DQ NPC article on GtG:

The Weird DQ NPCs

We also talk about the weird ones. Because DQ has some really weird NPCs doing really weird stuff. Some real oddballs.

The puff-puff girl and her puff-puff daddy in DQ 11 (callback to DQ3)The guy who’s chasing his maids around the house in DQ 7Dr. Agon in DQ 5 (But not in Your Story!)The Platypunk King guy who give mini-medals to in DQ Heroes 2. “Whaddya want? Whaddya want?” What about Our Favorites?

You will just have to listen and find out! Hah!

Be sure to give us a yell on Twitter at @dragonquestfm, @professorbeej, or @dragonquaustin and tell us your favorite Dragon Quest NPC!

Sep 11, 202036:21
S2 E34 - Dragon Quest Music Is Awesome (Koichi Sugiyama...Not So Much.)

S2 E34 - Dragon Quest Music Is Awesome (Koichi Sugiyama...Not So Much.)

This week, we’re talking about the music in Dragon Quest!

It’s a special Patreon patron-request episode. Our newest patron, Abigail, belongs to the tier that lets you choose your own episode topic, and she chose music. Which is great. We haven’t really done a full episode on music before, so it’s the perfect time to do that!

The music of DQ has always been done by Koichi Sugiyama, who is kind of a turd.

Who is Koichi Sugiyama?

Should’ve mentioned him in the Old Man episode, because he’s the oldest of them all. He’s officially the oldest video game composer ever. He's approaching 90.

He’s worked on a Godzilla film and at least one Gatchaman movie, which kinda ties him indirectly to another famous artist in the video game world beside Akira Toriyama: Amano, who started in the animation department working on Gatchaman anime in the 1970s.

Dragon Quest Music: The Beginning 

According to legend, Koichi Sugiyama wrote the theme for DQ on his first try in less than five minutes. Although, Sugiyama says…”54"

He would get frustrated with Koichi Nakamura (Chunsoft dude) about the music in the earliest Famicom entries because he had high aspirations for the music that just technically couldn’t be done yet.

People LOVE “A Lonely Youth” from DQ 2. To me, it seems to be an unofficial favorite. I see so many people loving that song. And I think it’s a good one, but it’s not my favorite.

Austin's favorite DQ soundtrack is from 1.0 of DQ X. It’s by far the most eclectic mix of music in a DQ game, and I really love the Eleven stuff, especially in the capital city. The Weddie stuff ain’t bad neither.

Beej...doesn't know any particular tracks because he's just about music illiterate. But he loves the fanfare! It makes him feel like going on an adventure!

Theatrhythm Dragon Quest

People criticize the music of DQ as being too similar, and while that’s fair, I don’t think Sugiyama really cares. I mean, he’s got the DQ Ballet that’s an ode to his music, and an entire video game dedicated to his songs. He’s the only composer in the WORLD who has a video game just for his songs. Even the Theatrhythm Final Fantasy games has music from different composers.

The game is cool, and you can download a demo for it onto your 3DS. It’s in Japanese, but it plays like Theatrhythm FF and Guitar Hero, so it’s not super hard to figure out. If you like rhythm games and have played a few, then I don’t think you’ll have a hard time understanding it.


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RPGamer's interview with Sylvando (Shai Matheson)

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S2 E33 - No Country For Old Dragons: The Old Man Archetype in Dragon Quest

S2 E33 - No Country For Old Dragons: The Old Man Archetype in Dragon Quest

After our Twitter poll on Old Men in Dragon Quest, we had to do an episode on it. Not just because the results were fun to see, but also because of how adamant the DQ community was about what age one has to be to be an old man, how we did Borya dirty, and just some general Mervyn love/hate.
Over the course of our discussion, we touch on Borya, Ragnar McRyan, King Trode, Morrie, Mervyn (Melvin?), and Rab.
In the end, we talk a lot about the archetype of the wizened old man, as well as how much actual age plays into that role. We ended up having one of the most fun episodes we've recorded because of this, so we thank you for the responses to the poll and the discussion you sparked -- both in the comments and between us.
We're sure you'll have more to say after you listen, so make sure to hit us up on Twitter at @dragonquestfm or individually at @dragonquaustin and @professorbeej.
In another fun note, all of our Patreon subscribers will also get a new perk: through the end of the year, all DQFM patrons will receive a copy of the new Geek to Geek digital magazine PRESS START as a part of their membership. It just launched this week, and patrons can read the first issue RIGHT NOW!
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S2 E32 - Dragon Quest: The Adventure of Dai Manga (#SpitefulManga 2: The Sequel)

S2 E32 - Dragon Quest: The Adventure of Dai Manga (#SpitefulManga 2: The Sequel)

It's been a year since we did a specifically manga episode, so this week...we're talking about manga! And anime! Particularly, about The Adventures of Dai, or Dai no Daibouken.

Dai no Daibouken ran in Weekly Shonen Jump from 1989 to 1996, in what became one of their most popular manga ever. WSJ didn't originally intend to be more than the first volume, then it was incredibly popular. So they did a second. Then they did it for real and made a continuous story...for, like, 330 chapters.

In English, however, we only have access to fan translations done by a team of students known as Square Ocean. has those up (as of this recording) for you to read.

Eventually, Dai no Daiboken was adapted into an anime in 1991, and once again, it does not have English translations. I am pretty sure there are fan subs out there, but I am really terrible at finding those sorts of things. There are new Blu-Rays in Japan that were just released a few months ago that collect all 46 episodes of the show. Which, once again, have no English.

But, luckily for us, a new Adventures of Dai anime is launching this fall in Japan in October. No idea yet if it's based on the old stories, or if they're all new content. We can hope it's new content, but let's be honest: if we got the old stuff retold, we'd not know the difference. Because, you know, none of the original Dai is in English.

Same for the games coming out this year: Infinity Strash and the Dai no Daibouken action RPG. They haven't released any kind of information as to whether or not they're original content or retelling the story from the manga or anime from the 90s. And once again, we'll be playing it either way. And since we don't speak Japanese, we won't know from this one, either! Hah!

Also, Dai is a character in Jump Force, and Beej bought the game just for him. It was a steam sale and totally worth it. I can Avan Strash Goku. And that's pretty awesome.

You can find Austin on Twitter as @dragonquaustin and Beej at @professorbeej. And hey, remember that Austin has that other podcast, JRPGs and Me, that he never talks about and forgets to mention. Just don't, like, forget to listen, though.

Aug 21, 202035:39
S2 E31 - Dragon Quest and Religion: "Hey, God, Wanna Join My Animal Farm?"