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The Dream Biz Podcast

The Dream Biz Podcast

By Christi Johnson

Are you a business owner or creative entrepreneur? Do you want to walk away each week with step-by-step, actionable tips to help you quit the comparison & crush your goals? Do you want to build your dream life without overwhelm? This podcast is for you! Join me each week as I share simple and actionable marketing, business, goal setting, and productivity tips for small business owners & creative entrepreneurs. I believe that you can have a life & business that you love and you shouldn't have to waste time and money on strategies that don't work or aren't aligned with your values. Listen in!
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112 | How I Went from Wanting to Quit My Business to Tripling My Income in A Few Months

The Dream Biz PodcastNov 08, 2023

112 | How I Went from Wanting to Quit My Business to Tripling My Income in A Few Months

112 | How I Went from Wanting to Quit My Business to Tripling My Income in A Few Months

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Nov 08, 202330:35
111 | How to Build a Long Form Sales Page

111 | How to Build a Long Form Sales Page

I've got all the steps you need to build a long form sales page right here!

Nov 01, 202318:14
110 | Integrate Your CRM with Other Tools for Efficiency

110 | Integrate Your CRM with Other Tools for Efficiency

If you're a business owner looking to work smarter, not harder, this episode is a must-watch. Learn how to harness the full potential of your CRM, email marketing software, project management tools, and more to make your dream business a reality. Don't miss out on this valuable information—hit that play button now and take your business to the next level!

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Oct 25, 202315:20
109 | Project Plans and Teams

109 | Project Plans and Teams

In this episode, we delve into a topic close to my heart - Project Plans and Teams. As an online business manager, I've seen projects succeed and falter, all hinging on the project plan and team management.

Most plans fall short due to information overload, vagueness, or lack of actionable steps. I'll guide you through creating an effective project plan: Define the goal, break down milestones, prioritize, assign roles, and delegate tasks.

Team management is key. Establish a task management SOP, maintain regular status reviews, offer gentle nudges, and celebrate accomplishments. Your team is the backbone of success.

Join us to learn the art of turning ideas into action. Project plans and teams are your path to making your dream business a reality. Listen now to empower your business journey! 🚀📈

Don't forget to subscribe and leave a comment below to share your insights and connect with our vibrant community of creative entrepreneurs. Stay tuned for more valuable episodes!"

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Oct 18, 202323:15
108 | Why Airtable is My New Favorite Business App
Oct 11, 202312:01
107 | Creating a Launch Plan

107 | Creating a Launch Plan

Discover the key to a successful launch. I’ll walk you through tips for creating your launch timeline, creating all of the pieces of your launch, and how to avoid common launch mistakes. We’re talking email list building strategies and marketing to make your next launch stress-free. Listen now to transform your launch game! 🚀

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Oct 04, 202325:46
106 | Leveraging Zapier in Your Business

106 | Leveraging Zapier in Your Business

Today's episode is all about leveraging Zapier in your business. Get the full show notes and transcript at


What is Zapier?

What is a Zap?

Why would you use Zapier?

Cross-Platform Integration:

  • Connect various tools and apps to ensure seamless data flow across the organization.

  • Build multi-step workflows that perform complex actions based on specific triggers.

Custom Workflows:

  • Create custom workflows tailored to the unique needs of the business, automating any repetitive tasks.

Here are 10 ways you can use Zapier in Your Business:

  1. Lead Generation and Management:

    • Automatically add new leads from website forms, emails, or social media to a CRM system.

    • Notify sales representatives via Slack or email when a high-potential lead is identified.

  2. Email Marketing:

    • Sync contact data between email marketing platforms and CRM systems.

      • Example: Move a lead from CRM (17Hats) into Email Platform (FloDesk)

      • Example: Add someone who purchases a product (Thrivecart) to your Email Platform (FloDesk) to send workflows

    • Send follow-up emails based on user interactions with previous emails.

      • Example: Add and remove from segments

  3. Social Media / Content Management:

    • Monitor brand mentions on social media and receive notifications when mentioned.

    • Schedule and publish blog posts or social media updates at specific times.

    • Automatically share new content with subscribers via email.

  4. Customer Support:

    • Create support tickets in helpdesk software from customer emails.

    • Send automated follow-up emails to customers after resolving their support requests.

  5. E-commerce:

    • Notify the team when a new order is placed in an online store.

    • Update inventory levels in real-time across multiple platforms.

  6. Data Backup and Management:

    • Automatically save email attachments to cloud storage.

    • Back up important business data to a secure location.

  7. Employee or Client Onboarding

    • Send welcome emails with onboarding information to new hires or clients

  8. Project Management:

    • Create tasks in project management tools based on new email requests.

    • Send project status updates to relevant team members.

  9. Event Management:

    • Automatically register attendees for events and send confirmation emails.

    • Create calendar events and reminders for upcoming webinars or meetings.

  10. Survey and Feedback:

    • Automatically send surveys to customers after a purchase or support interaction.

    • Record survey responses in a database for analysis.

Sep 27, 202311:48
105 | Creating SOPs for Your Business

105 | Creating SOPs for Your Business

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What is an SOP?

  • Standard Operating Procedure

  • Document that orients team members to a task or project

  • Includes all the steps needed to accomplish a task or complete a project

Why do you need SOPs?

  • To get all team members on the same page

  • To save time when hiring

  • To streamline your process

  • To give clear instructions on a task if you aren’t able to complete it yourself

What do you need in an SOP?

  • Goal: What is the purpose of this task or project in your business?

  • Related Documents: Are there any folders or other documents need to link to?

  • Clear instructions: What is the exact process you use to complete this task or project?

  • Include all information: Are there any insider definitions or processes you need to include?

How do you write an SOP?

  • Complete the task yourself and write down every single step you do, even the small ones

  • Consider recording your self go through the process and then write down everything you do

  • Go back through the SOP and organize the steps

  • Re-write the steps as if you were telling someone who has no experience with a business at all

  • Have someone proofread the SOP and tell you if they understand the process

SOP Dos and Don’ts

  • DON’T overthink it

  • DO write down every step

  • DON’T use insider or industry-specific jargon

  • DO write clearly and succinctly

  • DON’T use weird naming conventions

  • DO use consistent naming for your documents

Sep 20, 202312:48
104 | Why I Like 17Hats Better than HoneyBook

104 | Why I Like 17Hats Better than HoneyBook

Read the show notes and download a transcript at

Today's episode is all about why 17Hats is my favorite CRM for creative entrepreneurs. I like it even better than HoneyBook. There are so many crucial features that 17Hats has that I absolutely LOVE! And I'm sharing them all in today's episode. Listen in! Want help setting up your 17Hats account?

Get 50% off your First Year of 17Hats HERE.

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Sep 13, 202315:59
103 | How to Get Started with a CRM
Sep 06, 202312:25
102 | My Favorite Email Marketing Platforms
Aug 30, 202311:21
101 | How to Consistently Improve Your Business

101 | How to Consistently Improve Your Business

Wondering how to take your business to the next level? Today I'm sharing my best tips for consistently improving your business! We'll chat about taking care of yourself, implementing no-meeting days, staying on top of your CEO tasks, and bringing in coaches, VAs, and consultants to help you create the business of your dreams!

Book a consultation with me FREE at

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Aug 23, 202313:20
100 | Unlocking Your Zone of Genius

100 | Unlocking Your Zone of Genius

WELCOME TO EPISODE 100! We've got a new name for the podcast! Introducing, the Dream Biz Podcast! Today's episode is all about Unlocking Your Zone of Genius in your business. We'll chat about why it's important to work in your Genius Zone, how to discover your Genius Zone, and how to make sure you're doing work that only you do best! Follow me on Instagram @christijohnsoncreative

Aug 16, 202315:59
99 | How to Know It's Time to Grow Your Team

99 | How to Know It's Time to Grow Your Team

Do you constantly have things left on your to do list? Or are you only doing client work and don't have time to level up your business? Then it may be time to grow your team! In today's episode, I'm sharing about some key ways you may know it's time to grow your team. Listen in for more!

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Aug 09, 202309:52
98 | Reducing Areas of Friction in Your Business
Aug 02, 202320:13
97 | How to Know What to Prioritize in Your Business
Jul 26, 202307:37
96 | Overcoming Procrastination: Tips & Tricks for Getting Stuff Done

96 | Overcoming Procrastination: Tips & Tricks for Getting Stuff Done

Let's face it, we all struggle with procrastination! As an entrepreneur, we start our businesses hoping to find freedom but sometimes that freedom can be daunting and we don't know where to start. Today's episode is all about helping you overcome your roadblocks to procrastination! We'll talk about why you might be procrastinating in the first place and how to get stuff done.

Join me every Monday for a Mindset Boost at noon eastern for free at

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Jul 19, 202315:25
95 | How to Build a Sales Funnel

95 | How to Build a Sales Funnel

Does the thought of a sales funnel make you want to run away? It used to do that to me too! But once I realized that a sales funnel is just the series of steps that it takes for someone to purchase from you, I wasn’t so afraid of them anymore. Today, I want to demhstiy sales funnels. We’re going to break it down so that it’s easy! Let’s dive in. 

Jul 12, 202324:12
94 | Mindset Shifts to Fuel Momentum: How to Keep Going When the Going Gets Gouth
Jun 28, 202318:13
93 | How to DIY a High-Converting Website with Alyssa Brooke Studios

93 | How to DIY a High-Converting Website with Alyssa Brooke Studios

In 2023, there is NO EXCUSE for not having an absolutely stellar website. Alyssa Brooke joins me today to talk about how to DIY a high-converting website. She's sharing the 3 things you absolutely must have on your website for it to be successful. Want help with your website? I offer template customization - just reach out! Ready for a complete brand strategy and professional web design? Reach out to Alyssa!

Follow me on Instagram: @christijohnsoncreative

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Jun 14, 202327:41
92 | Managing Your Calendar: Strategies for Time Management & Productivity
May 31, 202314:30
91 | How to Start Your Creative Business
May 24, 202318:45
90 | 5 Tips for New Business Owners
May 17, 202309:27
89 | Top 5 Business Mistakes People Make when Starting Their Business
May 10, 202313:24
88 | Increasing Your Productivity with Sarah Ziesler
May 03, 202324:60
87 | Top 5 Apps I Use Every Day in My Service Based Business
Apr 26, 202312:19
86 | How a Virtual Assistant Differs from an Online Business Manager

86 | How a Virtual Assistant Differs from an Online Business Manager

If you're a business owner seeking additional help or are considering transitioning from a VA to an OBM, this episode is for you. We'll start with the basics about what differentiates a Virtual Assistant from an Online Business Manager.

A VA assists with specific tasks in your business. They're great for repeatable tasks and processes that you don't have time for anymore as you grow. A VA is an implementer, meaning they'll take your existing content and instructions and implement them. Some examples of tasks a VA can do include graphics creation, scheduling social media posts, sending invoices, and keeping records.

On the other hand, an OBM is a higher-level strategizer who works closely with you to manage and grow your business. OBMs are not just implementers but also provide strategic thinking, planning, and project management. They can help you streamline your processes, create systems, and improve your team's productivity. If you're a business owner who wants to focus more on your zone of genius and let someone else take care of the day-to-day operations, an OBM may be a great fit for you. They can help you manage your team, delegate tasks, and free up your time to focus on the big picture.

So, which one should you hire for your business, or which one should you become if you're looking to enter this field? If you're just starting out and need help with some basic tasks, a VA may be a good place to start. However, if you're looking for someone to manage your business and help you grow it, an OBM may be the better choice.

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Apr 19, 202313:04
85 | How an Online Business Manager can Help Your Business
Apr 12, 202314:22
84 | Creating a White Glove Client Experience

84 | Creating a White Glove Client Experience

If you want to give your clients a white glove experience, it means you're going above and beyond to meet their needs and take care of them. By offering this kind of service, you can charge a higher price for your services. But how do you actuallly accomplish that? Today's episode talks about all of it! Not sure what a White Glove experience is? HubSpot has a great definition for this: "White-glove customer service is the process of surpassing clients' expectations by prioritizing their needs, genuinely caring about their success, personalizing their experience, and solving for issues before they arise." Let's talk about how to create that in your business!

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Apr 05, 202310:46
83 | How Canva Can Revolutionize Your Business
Mar 29, 202312:52
82 | Common Website Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

82 | Common Website Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Did you know that you have less than 10 seconds to capture someone's attention on your website before they will decide to click off or keep reading?

That's why having a clear customer journey for your website should be a TOP priority. People could be clicking off of your website simply because it's too confusing.

Every person who visits your website should be able to answer these 3 questions within 10 seconds of visitng your site:

  1. What do you do?
  2. Is it for me?
  3. How do I buy/book/contact?

Today on the podcast, I'm sharing all about the most common website mistakes that could be losing you money. We'll talk about simple solutions to fix them.

Plus, I'm sharing 5 things every website should have and 5 ways to elevate your website from DIY Disaster to Elevated Masterpiece.

Tune in now!

Mar 22, 202311:20
81 | Getting the most out of your CRM
Mar 15, 202315:58
80 | Understanding Your Clients
Mar 09, 202318:14
79 | Level Up Your Client Communication to Land More Sales & Retain More Clients
Feb 28, 202316:56
78 | Mastering the Client Onboarding Process
Feb 21, 202307:01
77 | Demistifying Coffee Chats with Other Business Owners

77 | Demistifying Coffee Chats with Other Business Owners

Coffee chats are a great way to connect with other business owners, learn from their experience, and build meaningful relationships. But it can be intimidating and controversial. On the Crush Your Goals with Christi podcast, we're demystifying coffee chats and giving you the confidence to connect with other entrepreneurs.  

We start by discussing why it's important to understand that not everyone is open to meeting for coffee. That doesn't mean it's anything against you, it's simply their personal preference. If someone does say no, don't take it personally.  

Then, we go into the tips and advice for asking someone for coffee. Make sure you respect their time and don't take advantage of it. Don't expect them to give you free advice or keep asking over and over. It's okay to be curious, but it's important to have a humble attitude and be open to rejection.  

We also discuss how to connect with other business owners, whether it's through messaging them on social media, looking for local groups, networking events, or mentioning it to friends and colleagues. We talk about the importance of community over competition, and why it's important to be humble and courteous when asking for coffee.  

Finally, we discuss why it's okay to take in advice from multiple people, but not to take everything they say as gospel truth. Everyone has different ways of doing business, so don't feel like you have to follow their lead.  Tune in to the Crush Your Goals with Christi podcast to learn more about demystifying coffee chats and connecting with other business owners.

Feb 15, 202313:14
76 | Sales Funnels Made Simple
Feb 07, 202314:02
75 | Guide to Email Marketing for Creative Entrepreneurs

75 | Guide to Email Marketing for Creative Entrepreneurs

Hey friend! Are you a creative entrepreneur who wants to make more money from their business? If so, have I got a podcast episode for you! On this episode of Crush Your Goals with Christi, we're talking about why email marketing is an essential tool for creative entrepreneurs and how to get started - step by step! Plus, I'll show you how to start making money from your email list right away. So, if you're ready to start building an email list and becoming a master of email marketing, this episode is for you! Tune in to Crush Your Goals with Christi now and let's get started!

Follow me on Instagram: @christijohnsoncreative

Jan 31, 202325:32
74 | Delegating Tasks in Your Business

74 | Delegating Tasks in Your Business

Do you struggle to delegate tasks in your business? Does outsourcing seem complicated? Or do you just not want to give up control over things in your business? Or maybe you're drowning in work you know you need to give to someone else but you just aren't sure where to start! This episode is for you! I'm busting the most common delegation myths and telling you how to make delegating SUPER easy. Listen in to today's episode to find out how! 

Jan 24, 202318:37
73 | Goal Setting for the New Year
Jan 17, 202319:53
72 | Making Your Offer Irresistible to Your Clients

72 | Making Your Offer Irresistible to Your Clients

Hi First name / friend!

Have you ever put a ton of effort into launching a product or service only to have it fall flat?

You put it out there ready for the world to see and then… crickets.

It's discouraging!!

As business owners, we face failure a lot. We have to pivot quickly & see the failure as a part of the process of learning rather than a setback.

So how do you make sure a product or a service actually sells?

First, you have to do market research, which we covered a couiple of weeks ago.

But you also need to spend some time making your offer irresistible to your potential customers.

You know when you read some sales copy and you think they are talking directly to you? And you want to buy that thing immediately?

That's what you want! But how do you do that?!

It's all in today's podcast episode!

We'll talk about how to understand your client's deepest desires so that you can talk about your product in a way that is irresistible.

They'll be knocking down your door to buy your product or service!

Ready to dive in? Click the button below to give it a listen!

Dec 19, 202221:60
71 | Steps to Legalize Your Business
Dec 12, 202217:50
70 | Casting a Vision For Your Business

70 | Casting a Vision For Your Business

Have you ever wondered if you're doing exactly what you're supposed to be doing? 

Do you second guess yourself a lot? You're not alone.

Get help casting a vision at

To help me refresh my goals and understand what I want to focus on, I periodically cast a vision for my business. 

Casting a vision will help you make sure your business is aligned with the life you want to create for yourself. 

It's the guiding light that you can use to make sure you're on the right track. 

It provides inspiration and motivation to get going. 

What is a vision statement anyways? It's an ideal picture of the world that wouldn't exist without your business. What problem does your business exist to solve? That's your vision statement. 

What about your mission statement? Your mission is how you will practically achieve your vision. 

If you want to know how to create a vision statement and mission statement for yourself and your business, then you don't want to miss today's episode! 

It's inspirational and is sure to help you get unstuck and make progress on building a life that you love! 

Listen in now! 

Dec 05, 202219:09
69 | An Easy Way to Do Market Research
Nov 28, 202210:38
68 | What to Do When You Want to Quit Your Business
Nov 21, 202216:14
67 | Streamlining Your Booking Process to Save You Time & Make You Money

67 | Streamlining Your Booking Process to Save You Time & Make You Money

You know the feeling when you get a new inquiry in your inbox? It’s exciting, right?! Landing a new inquiry means your marketing efforts are working! Woohoo!

But getting a new inquiry is also a little bit stressful.

Now you have to close the sale!

I used to drop everything when I got a new inquiry and take time to respond to it right away. Even if it was 11pm or I was on vacation, responding quickly was my first priority.

I was so afraid of people ghosting me. In fact it happened a lot and I wasn't sure why.

Now? I don’t worry about responding asap anymore!

Because I have a booking workflow that responds automatically to inquiries, tells potential clients the next steps and makes me look good too!

I also know that whoever lands in my inbox is really interested in working with me and is really likely to convert into a paying client because I qualify the leads so that I'm only spending time responding to clients that actually want to work with me.

In today's podcast episode, I'm talking all about how to streamline your booking process to save you time, make you more money, and reduce your stress too!

We'll talk about things like:

  • What to put in your contact form so people are more likely to inquire
  • What to include in your inquiry reply so people are more likely to respond
  • What to put in follow up emails so people are more likely to book

Ready? Let’s do this!

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Nov 14, 202220:29
66 | Top 3 Mistakes You're Making that Leave You Overwhelmed, Insecure, and Lonely

66 | Top 3 Mistakes You're Making that Leave You Overwhelmed, Insecure, and Lonely

Nov 07, 202219:38
65 | How to Slow Down as a Business Owner
Oct 31, 202229:38
64 | Lessons from a Failed Launch
Oct 24, 202231:12
63 | Preventing Burnout in Entrepreneurship with Katrina Widener

63 | Preventing Burnout in Entrepreneurship with Katrina Widener

Busy season is here whether we like it or not!

I don't know about you, but I am BUSY. In fact, busy season came EARLY for me this year. I wasn't fully prepared for it.

I told my husband the other day I feel a low grade sense of anxiety like... all the time.

Can you relate?!

I think it's especially important to guard ourselves against burnout in this season.

Every year I tell myself I'm going to put things in place that will make me not hate my life when October rolls around. While I still feel that busyness and anxiety right now, I do have to say I am closer to my dream reality this year than I've ever been.

Why? Because I've seriously been working on showing up how I want to show up and setting boundaries that make that possible.

Today on the podcast, Katrina Widener is telling us how to do just that and more

She's sharing exactly how to prevent burnout as an entrepreneur and what to do when you start to feel it coming.

Listen in to this episode for some much needed relief!

About Katrina

Katrina Widener is a business coach, podcast host, and community leader. Simply put, she helps established entrepreneurs make more by doing less — reaching full alignment in their business through Human Design, business strategy, and mindset. Say ‘see you never’ to draining compromises, and elevate your empire in a way that feels joyful and builds wealth.


Burnout and overwhelm are some of the most common struggles amongst all entrepreneurs. By approaching our businesses from a proactive — not reactive — place, we can strategically build them to prevent burnout from the beginning. 

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Oct 17, 202236:28