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Dreaming In The Dark

Dreaming In The Dark

By Bezi Yohannes & Ravynn K. Stringfield

Dreaming in the Dark is a podcast created by Black fantasy scholars Bezi Yohannes and Ravynn K. Stringfield that brings the stories we wished we had as children to the forefront. Named after Toni Morrison’s Playing in the Dark, our podcast celebrates the creations that center those usually written in the margins of the fantastic.
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Critiquing & Celebrating Fantasy Fandom

Dreaming In The DarkApr 01, 2022

Critiquing & Celebrating Fantasy Fandom

Critiquing & Celebrating Fantasy Fandom

How do we critically engage with complicated, even toxic, fantasy fandoms? In our longest episode yet, we talk to Stitch, a Black fan, writer, and critic, about their history with fandom, writing & working in different spaces, and their advice for those who are new to fandom.

Apr 01, 202248:52
Revamping the Comics Canon

Revamping the Comics Canon

How does reimagining the stories of marginalized superheroes reshape the canon itself? In this episode we talk to Stephanie Williams, comic historian, pop culture critic, and author of several webcomics such as Living Heroes as well as the DC Comics Nubia & the Amazons and the upcoming Nubia: Queen of the Amazons series, about the critical process of choosing a creative medium, playing with longstanding comic characters, and the visibility of Black characters in adaptation. [NOTE: This episode was recorded in 2021 before the launch of the first issue of Nubia & the Amazons.]

Apr 01, 202239:13
Comics and the Power of Ordinary Blackness

Comics and the Power of Ordinary Blackness

What does it mean to illustrate an extraordinary Black girl's ordinary coming-of-age? In this episode we talk to Robyn Smith, the Jamaican cartoonist & illustrator of DC Comics' Nubia: Real One, Black Josei Press' Wash Day, and her own mini-comic The Saddest Angriest Black Girl in Town, about her journey to working on comics and the power of showing the everyday moments of growing up Black.

Apr 01, 202234:54
Reimagining Myths & Publishing Abolitionist Fantasies
Oct 01, 202139:24
Black Futures in Academia & Public Scholarship
Sep 16, 202142:52
Catching Up on All Things Messy & Magical
Sep 02, 202123:18
Visibility, Historicity, and Looking Ahead

Visibility, Historicity, and Looking Ahead

What have we learned about Black fantasy after our first season, and what are we looking forward to in 2021? In our season finale, we discuss lingering questions about representation and speculative historicity, and share thoughts on new and upcoming Black fantasy media. 

Dec 09, 202035:21
Navigating Academia, Fandom, and the Dark Fantastic
Nov 18, 202039:10
Claiming Legends & Legacies
Oct 28, 202042:49
Publishing Dream Manuscripts
Oct 14, 202034:24
The Inherent Magic of Diasporic Blackness
Sep 30, 202040:00
Is The Magic “Black Enough”?
Sep 16, 202029:30
We Dream In The Dark For The Most Part
Sep 06, 202038:56