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Taboo Talks

Taboo Talks

By Drenda Thomas Richards


Taboo Talks is a place to learn and to grow, and maybe even find freedom from some limiting BS (beliefs/stories) that are keeping you trapped.
Let’s start talking and stop the BS!
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Behind the Pole: Sober Dancer

Taboo TalksJun 21, 2021

My Abortion Story

My Abortion Story

Today, 6/24/2022, the Supreme Court overthrew Roe vs Wade & set back women's rights 50 years. 

Abortion is a moral and personal issue and should not be a criminal or legal issue. 

A woman should have the right to do with her body what she wants. Whatever choice she makes will have consequences, and she will have to live with those consequences.

In this episode, I tell my abortion story. I had the right to get one. 

If you've had an abortion and have never talked about it or are feeling guilt and shame, please reach out to someone. If you don't have anyone, please reach out to me. I'm on FB and IG @drendathomasrichards

Jun 24, 202221:48
If money was your lover .....

If money was your lover .....

If money was your lover, would you treat it differently?

Are you living out your grandparents' beliefs about money?

Where did your money beliefs come from?

Around the 31 minute mark, Heather explains Akashic Records.

Near the 40 minute mark, Heather gets fired up about women who feel guilty for taking a day for themselves but no one says anything about men taking the weekend off to hunt, golf, or watch football.

Debt is discussed starting at 46 minutes in.

Heather's thoughts on Dave Ramsey start at 58 minutes.

Bottom line, if you want to change your beliefs around money and debt, do it from a place of love & compassion instead of judgment and shame.

You can find Heather on IG @the_heather_doran or catch her podcast "Unblock Your Money Sh!t".

Feb 04, 202201:07:10
Hypnosis & Religion

Hypnosis & Religion

Is Hypnosis mind control?
Are you allowing evil spirits in when you are being hypnotized?
Maybe you have life-controlling issues that the church has been unable to help you deal with or overcome. Could hypnosis help you?

Drenda Thomas Richards offers 1:1 coaching and/or hypnosis sessions. Book a free call with her to see if you're a good fit. DM her on IG @drendathomasrichards if you're interested.
Dec 01, 202108:54
Behind the Pole: Sober Dancer

Behind the Pole: Sober Dancer

Go behind the pole with me and meet Brianna, a sober dancer, who shares her story of drugs, rehab, redemption, dancing, and faith. 

It took 8 stints in rehab for it to finally "click" for Brianna. She shares encouraging words for people who are struggling or who are addicts and for people with shaky faith:  There's always hope.

We discuss her first time on stage, the various types of strip clubs, her move to Vegas, becoming a feature entertainer, what it's like dancing sober, and how her faith has evolved throughout the different chapters in her life.

Fun interview!


If you’re a disillusioned and/or doubting Christian, join me in my new Facebook Group called "Burned Out On Religion." It’s a safe place to explore and question what life (&/or faith) would be like without the dogma.

Jun 21, 202152:36
Sex Therapy to Energy Medicine - Padma Ali

Sex Therapy to Energy Medicine - Padma Ali

Padma Ali is a former couples/sex therapist who transitioned to energy medicine. She's all about helping people unlock their highest potential using Neuropsychology, Energy Healing and Wisdom.

We discuss everything from sexless marriages, why we marry the people we do, & how she moved from family therapy to energy healing. Fascinating discussion.

Nuggets from Padma:

It's never the other person's fault. It's a button pushed within you. Work on yourself first.

There's a reason why you were attracted to a person in the first place. We find partners to fill the void.

You can find Padma at the following places:

IG: @padmaali

Podcast: Create Your Vibrant Life

Apr 29, 202141:36
Married Mom of 3 Goes to Prison Part 2: Life In and Out of Prison

Married Mom of 3 Goes to Prison Part 2: Life In and Out of Prison

We pick up part 2 with Candace's arrest.

She talks about prison life and praying for just one picture of her family while she's incarcerated. What is what like to spend Mother's Day in prison, and the surprise visit from her family.

With brutal honesty, Candace talks about life after prison and repairing the relationships with her husband and daughters.

She's also built a business that society wouldn't think would be possible given her background, but God ....

Apr 15, 202101:07:51
Married Mom of 3 during the day, Drug Dealer at Night - Part 1

Married Mom of 3 during the day, Drug Dealer at Night - Part 1

Meet Candace: Married mom of three little girls who overcame cancer twice (2 different forms of cancer at that).! She also became a IV drug addict, then drug dealer, and finally a prison inmate.

In Part 1 you get to know Candace and hear about her spiral into addiction and how she became a drug dealer. You'll hear about her being mom by day and drug dealer by night and how she ended up walking away from her family to deal drugs "full time." We end part one before her last arrest and charge that sent her to prison for 16 months.

Part 2 tells her arrest story, her time in prison, and her REDEMPTION story.

I hope you love and appreciate Candace's transparency in telling her story. She's a beautiful soul.

Mar 19, 202136:25
Nobody Wants to Talk About Dead Babies

Nobody Wants to Talk About Dead Babies

Jennifer discusses losing her child at birth and years later becoming part of an unique organization that honors the life of recently deceased newborns. Her grief birthed a desire to help other grieving mothers and families. She turns a painful reality in to a beautiful memory. She has a gift.

You can reach Jen at or see her photography at Jen Starlynn on Facebook.

Mar 04, 202125:56
Raising Bailey

Raising Bailey

Listen as Bailey's mom describes what it was like raising Bailey -- a kid who couldn't have been more opposite from her. She gives advice for parents with gay children and some suggestions for pastors on how to handle gay parishioners.

Kim also provides some great life advice in general. 

Feb 17, 202101:09:39
The Drag Queen Pastor - Part 2

The Drag Queen Pastor - Part 2

In Part 2, Bailey discusses how he came out to his small group leader and parents and the first time he felt accepted as a gay Christian by his peers.

Drenda & Bailey discuss what the Bible says about homosexuality.

Bailey discusses how he became a drag queen, his drag name, and his drag character.

Then there's the whole name change thing.....

Feb 03, 202145:41
The Drag Queen Pastor - Part 1

The Drag Queen Pastor - Part 1

In part 1, Bailey discusses his drag queen ministry, his journey growing up in the church, realizing and acknowledging he's a gay Christian, and deciding to confide his secret with his small group leader.

Lots of laughter as we discuss "bouncing the eye", Appendix B, and the hot tub Bible study...

Part 2 will continue Bailey's story. 

Jan 27, 202125:03
Intro - What is Taboo Talks?

Intro - What is Taboo Talks?

Drenda explains what Taboo Talks is about. 

Jan 26, 202105:55
January 20, 2021

January 20, 2021

This podcast doesn't have a description yet. Stay tuned!
Jan 20, 202100:55