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Drinking The Cool-Aid with Naïma and Lyla

Drinking The Cool-Aid with Naïma and Lyla

By Drinking The Cool-Aid

Lyla and Naïma here. We're friends on a quest to understand the human condition, ourselves, and each other by examining different frameworks and modalities each episode. From the Scientific to the New Age, we love a good personality test, but we can't really believe something until we've thought critically about it.
Join us as we take it in turns to present a topic (THESIS), raise questions and concerns (ANTITHESIS), bring in someone who knows a lot more than us (EXPERT), and ask them to educate and maybe even test it out on us. In our SYNTHESIS we ask ourselves, are we Drinking The Cool-Aid?
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Drinking The Cool-Aid with Naïma and Lyla Sep 16, 2020

Give Me A Sign!
Sep 16, 202001:26:01
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Slide Into The DSM

Slide Into The DSM

This week we're talking about the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, 5th Edition: DSM-IV

Or at least...that's what we thought we were talking about. But, we get in over their heads trying to understand the ins and outs of psychiatry, insurance, and the politics of diagnosis. Lyla wonders if we should be asking some bigger picture questions about why everyone is so anxious, and Naïma is sick and tired of the word "normal."

Then, our expert, Bria Adimora Godley gets candid about her experiences with mental health and studying to become a psychiatrist. 

In terms of testing this week's framework out, we tried to diagnose ourselves with a questionnaire...but decided to leave that on the cutting room floor. Best left to the experts on this one! 

Jul 05, 202055:24
Let's Talk Tarot
Jun 26, 202059:42