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Navigating Power

Navigating Power

By Kevin Williams

"How in the world did they pull that off?!" Those who do not navigate complex personalities, the crosswinds around different groups of people, and their own ego, cannot drive results. But there are those, who despite significant opposition, were able to pull off amazing wins. Understanding the nature of power and influence without authority is a superpower. Kevin Williams helps fill a void in today’s leadership conversation through guest David vs Goliath stories, best practices and lessons on getting s__t done.
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Episode 2: Navigating Power with Michael Wenderoth

Navigating PowerApr 30, 2022

Episode 2: Navigating Power with Michael Wenderoth
Apr 30, 202201:17:28
Episode 1: Navigating Power with Inbal Demri, Phd

Episode 1: Navigating Power with Inbal Demri, Phd

Dr. Demri is the CEO of Q Factor Consulting, a boutique Consulting and Executive Development firm, serving leaders and organizations around the globe.

Inbal utilizes a Scholar-Practitioner model to develop and apply custom solutions for complex problems, advancing personal and organizational growth for clients ranging from CEOs and entrepreneurs to graduate students.

Working with Stanford’s Graduate School of Business since 2008, Inbal provides program development, Group Facilitation and Executive Coaching for Executive Education programs, Executive MBA, and the Women in Management program. Her areas of work include power and politics in organizations, organizational change, executive leadership, and designing for diversity and inclusion. An advocate for JEDI, Inbal’s research focuses on success strategies of entrepreneurial women in Silicon Valley. Her practice in this arena includes creating systems and programs that promote women’s advancement, including Women in Management groups, and Leadership Development groups at the Stanford School of Medicine.

Inbal holds a BA in Psychology and Education, an MSc in Organizational Behavior and a PhD in Human and Organizational Systems. She is a Certified Coach with CTI.

Apr 29, 202201:14:35