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Inner Peace w/ Dr. Reese

Inner Peace w/ Dr. Reese

By Kevin W. Reese, PhD

A podcast that can help you become liberated in the modern world featuring such guests as Rupert Spira, Don Miguel Ruiz Jr, Rabbi Manis Friedman, Gangaji, Dr. Bernie Siegel, Mabel Katz & more! Even though Dr. Reese has guided & inspired thousands to reclaim their health, it's his own spiritual journey, including a chance meeting with a mystic in 2012, that has inspired these recordings. With a calming style of speaking, Dr. Reese's intention is to bring the listener to a state of relaxation while exploring such topics as self-realization, near death experiences, mindfulness & GOD.
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The Inner Work w/ Mark Pelter

Inner Peace w/ Dr. ReeseMar 19, 2023

The Inner Work w/ Mark Pelter

The Inner Work w/ Mark Pelter

In episode # 165, Dr. Reese sits down with veteran mindfulness teacher and life coach, Mark Pelter. In this discussion, they talk about the inner child, the inner critic and personal integration. They also dive into the dark night of the soul and how Kevin made it through and evolved. 

Mar 19, 202301:05:55
The Secret Behind the Secret w/ Dr. John DeMartini

The Secret Behind the Secret w/ Dr. John DeMartini

In episode # 164, Dr. Reese sits down with behavior specialist, author and public speaker Dr. John DeMartini. In this discussion, they get to the secret behind the famous documentary, the Secret. Dr. Demartini explains how to live by your values, master your moments and make your goals happen. They also talk about death, grief and why Dr. DeMartini has been living on a cruise ship for 21 years. Plus - Find out why he's been documenting his life since 1972!

Mar 12, 202357:05
Wrestling Ego w/ Rob Van Dam

Wrestling Ego w/ Rob Van Dam

In episode # 163, Dr. Reese sits down with WWE hall of famer, Rob Van Dam. In this discussion, they talk about the unique business of pro wrestling and how Rob uses mindfulness to manage his ego and emotions. They also talk about death, approval seeking, guilt and more. Plus - we find out what sets RVD off to the point of confrontation. 

Mar 05, 202301:08:35
The Diamond Sutra w/ James Gattuso & Joe LaChance

The Diamond Sutra w/ James Gattuso & Joe LaChance

In episode # 162, Dr. Reese is joined by James Gattuso & Joe LaChance to read one of the most famous teachings of the Buddha called, the Diamond Sutra. At the end, they provide some commentary as to what Gotama the Buddha was saying to his student, a monk named Subhuti. 

Feb 26, 202350:60
Science of Getting Rich w/ Max Ryan

Science of Getting Rich w/ Max Ryan

In episode # 161, Dr. Reese sits down with spiritual teacher, Max Ryan to talk about the classic law of attraction book, the Science of Getting Rich. In this discussion, they go over how author, Wallach Waddles breaks down the certain way to do things, the formless substance, the power of gratitude and much more. Plus - what are the blockages that stop manifestation? 

Feb 19, 202350:60
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Feb 12, 202359:41
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Feb 05, 202343:10
Don't Sweat the Small Stuff w/ Kristine Carlson
Jan 29, 202349:00
Process Way of Life w/ Faust Ruggiero
Jan 15, 202354:45
Peaceful Living w/ Roberta Hughes
Jan 01, 202349:49
Clinical Nutrition - Peace Over Pain LIVE
Dec 18, 202259:60
Courageous Truth w/ Sheila Vijeyarasa
Nov 27, 202246:05
Legacy of Jack LaLanne w/ Elaine LaLanne
Nov 13, 202258:44
Being Deathless w/ Vishrant
Oct 30, 202257:56
Hidden Treasure w/ Dr. Antoinette Allen
Oct 16, 202251:07
Postural Therapy - Peace Over Pain LIVE
Oct 02, 202201:00:31
Coming to Know Yourself w/ Shawn Sombret
Sep 18, 202201:16:48
Open Relationships w/ Dr. Joli Hamilton
Sep 04, 202251:31
Winning at Life w/ Leigh Steinberg
Aug 28, 202247:19
Mold: The Hidden Enemy w/ Michael Rubino
Aug 14, 202247:33
The Medical Monopoly - Peace Over Pain LIVE
Jul 31, 202201:00:02
Psychic Investigation w/ Richard Jackson
Jul 17, 202201:09:40
Enlightened Living w/ Dr. Rosie Kuhn
Jul 03, 202201:01:34
The Christ Within w/ Santos Bonacci
Jun 19, 202248:34
Post Traumatic Healing w/ Pauline Nguyen
Jun 05, 202201:01:19
Don't Look Up: A Spiritual Movie Review
May 29, 202211:55
Watching Death Slowly w/ Keysha Rowe
May 15, 202251:26
Posture Matters w/ Brian Bradley
Apr 17, 202255:18
Manifesting Health & Wealth w/ Dr. Alison Kay
Apr 10, 202201:02:19
Pain is a Teacher w/ James Gattuso
Mar 27, 202201:19:36
Ho'oponopono Prayer
Mar 13, 202205:04
A Cancer Journey w/ Ryan Luelf
Mar 06, 202256:43
NOFAP w/ Alex Shailer
Feb 20, 202201:07:27
Bliss Out w/ Francesco Gatti
Feb 13, 202259:55
Electrical Pollution w/ Mike Butler
Jan 30, 202252:42
Peace or Pain?
Jan 23, 202223:47
Everyday Can Be a Good Day w/ June Archer
Jan 16, 202254:58
Religion Outside The Box w/ Rabbi Brian Zachary Mayer
Jan 09, 202255:02
Spiritual Mechanics w/ Vishrant
Jan 02, 202201:11:04
Puppy Mind w/ Andrew Jordan Nance
Dec 19, 202157:47
Soul: A Spiritual Movie Review
Dec 12, 202124:09
Fake Diseases w/ Ryan Aleckszander
Dec 05, 202101:07:29
Accelerated Expansion w/ Pleiiiades
Nov 28, 202101:12:16
Ho'oponopono w/ Mabel Katz
Nov 21, 202101:03:24
The Dark Side of Enlightenment w/ Will Donnelly
Nov 14, 202156:20
Headed in the Right Direction
Nov 07, 202112:38
The Vomit Box w/ Andy Schoenfeld
Oct 31, 202101:14:17
Chakra Health w/ Lydia McClain
Oct 24, 202151:44
God is Needy w/ Rabbi Manis Friedman
Oct 17, 202101:03:53
Body Wisdom w/ Dr. Lisa Nezneski
Oct 10, 202155:17