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Life and Health Matters with Dr Shakib

Life and Health Matters with Dr Shakib

By Dr Shakib

A non-PC discussion of common sense health, posture and life matters that the “Big Guys” don’t want you to think or talk about!
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Postural Neurology and its role on chronic pain

Life and Health Matters with Dr ShakibNov 28, 2019

The most ignored joint in the body
Sep 16, 202119:07
Spray away anxiety in your pet
Sep 09, 202122:38
Useless Body Parts? Really?
Sep 02, 202130:27
Sciatica and how it is mostly misdiagnosed
Aug 26, 202119:01
Meniere's Disease
Aug 19, 202120:25
Biohack your brain for more energy and happiness
Aug 12, 202121:40
Simple checklist to improve at-home device use
Aug 05, 202117:13
What you don't know about Olive Oil can be damaging
Jul 29, 202121:45
Best Weight loss food with a kick
Jul 22, 202127:39
You are at risk: Pelvic Floor and Ergonomics
Jul 15, 202123:42
The truth about braces, supports and taping
Jul 08, 202115:57
Natural Remedy for Nausea
Jul 01, 202113:43
Teeth Grinding, TMJ and Head Tilt are Related
Jun 24, 202122:07
How unknown trauma can affect your life

How unknown trauma can affect your life

How is it possible to have a trauma in life and not know it? How can this get passed on from generation to generation to make the source of trauma multi-generational? What is the starting point to resolve the impact to have a more balanced and happy life? These are all questions that are discussed in this episode with Sepi Bai.

Please forward your questions, comments and suggestions to and don't forget to rate and subscribe to the show.

After receiving her BA in Business, Sepi chose a path of personal growth and human mind as her mission. She studied with teachers such as Deepak Chopra, Jean Huston, and Tibetan Buddhist organizations and became a mediation guide.
Being a Reiki master, she considers herself a conduit to help with the flow of energy and bringing awareness to the interconnectivity between people and everything else. This also has led her to study the human mind further and under the training of Melissa Tier, she is a hypnotherapist.

With interest in healing from trauma, she expanded her training even further to include the work influenced by Europe's famous Dr. Franz Ruppert and his "Identity Oriented Psychodrama Therapy" method. Today, Sepi helps many in her private and biweekly group sessions to overcome the impact of trauma that they may or may not be aware of.

Contact Info:
phone: 949-478-1588
Jun 17, 202152:36
How to live with anxiety or do you have to?
Jun 10, 202150:15
The magical lotion with medicinal properties

The magical lotion with medicinal properties

Jun 03, 202120:45
Fentapills: One Pill Can Kill
May 27, 202142:34
The Myth of Brain Chemical Imbalance
May 20, 202136:56
The Truth About Constipation
May 13, 202125:15
Economic cost of vaccination Vs. No vaccination
May 06, 202125:43
Arterial clogging: You probably have it but don't know yet!
Apr 29, 202130:39
Dogs, Vaccines and What is Missed
Apr 22, 202133:16
The do's and don'ts of Niacinamide
Apr 15, 202118:56
Manganese Deficiency and what that means for your health
Apr 08, 202128:16
Diabetes Medicine that Harbor Genital Eating Bacteria!
Apr 01, 202128:54
The truth about incontinence
Mar 25, 202126:40
How to tell if you are deficient in Vit D without any blood work up?
Mar 18, 202134:26
Neuro Fast-kinesiology: What it is and can it be a part of your journey to health: Interview with Dr. Mary Wolken

Neuro Fast-kinesiology: What it is and can it be a part of your journey to health: Interview with Dr. Mary Wolken

This interview certainly topped my exposure to the opposite end of the spectrum of health and its paradigm. Dr. Wolken explains how energy and intuition combined with homeopathy, epi-genetics and chakra/meridians knowledge assist her to get to the core of health issues, trauma specifically and help those seeking her treatments overcome their adversities.

Mary Wolken, PhD:

Neuro Fast-Kinesiologist



Pain/Trauma Relief Specialist

Mar 11, 202158:50
The Magical Weed In Your Backyard
Mar 04, 202119:37
How to get fit physically and mentally: Q&A session
Feb 25, 202129:02
If Your Feet Could Talk: Interview with Dr. Andrew Yang, Podiatrist

If Your Feet Could Talk: Interview with Dr. Andrew Yang, Podiatrist

On this episode, I interviewed Dr Yang on some of the common feet problems, what our feet and their 'issues' tell us about is. We discussed the best supportive shoes, how to practice balancing on your feet and how your feet go hand in hand with the rest of your posture and balance. Please direct your questions, comments and suggestions to and don't forget to rate the podcast.
Dr. Andrew Yang Bio:
Dr. Andrew Yang is a board eligible American Board Foot and Ankle Surgeon, who was born and raised in Southern California. He attended University of California, Irvine where he earned his Bachelors in Biology and then earned his Doctor of Podiatric Medicine at Western University of Health Sciences. Dr. Yang graduated near the top of his class with honors and was inducted into the Pi Delta honor society.
Dr. Yang is on staff at Hoag Hospital and multiple surgery centers throughout Orange County. Dr. Yang has clinics in Irvine, Huntington Beach, and Newport Beach. Dr. Yang has received extensive training in all aspects of the foot and ankle including bunion surgery, limb salvage, trauma, and forefoot/rearfoot reconstruction.
He can be reached at:
IG: @the.foot.facts
Feb 18, 202144:33
Pelvic Floor Surgery: Interview with Dr. Sam Siddighi

Pelvic Floor Surgery: Interview with Dr. Sam Siddighi

Unfortunately, pelvic floor dysfunction is on the rise and it has bypassed the old, the woman, and the obese. In this interview with Dr. Siddighi, you will understand the surgical protocol and reconstruction of the pelvic floor. In this interview, you will learn what to look for in a surgeon if you wait to get to that level. I briefly mention how some of the preventative intervention and mild-moderate case therapy should involve biological breathing ( and how important it is to attend to the structures supporting the actual pelvic floor vs focusing just on the pelvic floor. A blog I write on pelvic floor vs pelvic diaphragm is here:

Please direct your questions, comments and suggestions to and don’t forget to subscribe, rate and share this podcast. Until next time, stay safe and remember, you are in charge of your life’s decisions so be smart about them! Dr. Sam Siddighi Bio: Dr. Siddighi is the Chief of Female Pelvic Medicine and Reconstructive Surgery (FPMRS) at Loma Linda University Health. Dr. Siddighi has been an invited speaker for numerous events around the country and has authored over 40 chapters, four books, and peer review scientific articles. He has been on multiple radio shows and television and his passion and excellence have landed him a handful of awards for teaching, research, and laparoscopic surgery.  Before returning to Loma Linda, Dr. Siddighi lived in the San Francisco Bay area and received a degree in Psychology and Molecular Biology from UC Berkeley, then moved to New York City for medical school.  Dr. Siddighi is a pioneer robotic surgeon and has expertise in the management of complications of pelvic surgery and treatment of prolapse by vaginal and robotic approaches.

Feb 11, 202149:52
Serene: 10-year-old entrepreneur

Serene: 10-year-old entrepreneur

What if our children learned the skills that were relevant to living life, and finances? Skills that were valuable after graduation? On this episode, you will hear a 10 year-old young lady, Serene, who started her second business at the end of 2020 and has been making profit from the get go!! 

You can find her on Instagram: 

and visit her website at: 

Please forward me your questions, comments and suggestions to and don’t forget to rate the show. 

Feb 04, 202120:48
Living and Working Green for the newbie

Living and Working Green for the newbie

We live on this planet but how well are we playing our role to give back? In this interview with Sandrine Cassidy from California Green Business Network, you will learn how to use their recommendations in your personal life, what logos to look for to play your role in minimizing the amount of damage we make to the environment and I hope you encourage your employer and your own company to assess the FREE assessment they provide to put you on the right track. The company even jump start you on your first few hundred dollar purchases for your business so you can see it is easier than you think.

Please forward your questions, comments and suggestions to and don't forget to subscribe and share the podcast.

Sandrine Cassidy Bio:

Sandrine Cassidy is a Sustainability Specialist working directly with cities, businesses, non-profits and schools to create and implement programs in waste reduction, recycling maximization, energy and water conservation, pollution control and green purchasing. She created a sustainable reusable bag company and advocated for the plastic bag ban in Los Angeles County. She is an active board member of Ballona Creek Renaissance, responsible for the regular creek clean up events and community outreach. Helping improve our functional relationship with our environment is not just a professional mission for Sandrine, it is a personal passion.


California Green Business Network:

Ballona Creek Renaissance

Jan 28, 202150:56
Early Mortality Prediction

Early Mortality Prediction

Our blood workup is based on acute diseases when chronic diseases are what people die from. 60% of Americans have 1 chronic disease and 40% have more than 2 chronic diseases. Chronic diseases exist in most people and by the time become symptomatic, too much damage is done. Find out the easy way- yes it is available- to find out where on the spectrum of Health-Disease you stand. A great interview with Dr. Thomas Lewis with great links seen below.
Thomas Lewis, PhD
Dr. Lewis is the leading medical scientist in neurodegeneration and causes of systemic chronic diseases. He earned his Ph.D. in Chemistry from MIT and continuing education from the Harvard School of Public Health and U. Mass, Amherst. Importantly, he studied under two Harvard Medical School professor experts in neurodegeneration and disease mechanisms.
Dr. Lewis, and his primary Harvard colleague, Dr. Clement Trempe, published the first comprehensive textbook on the causes and solutions for Alzheimer’s and other neurodegenerative diseases titled, The End of Alzheimer’s – The Brain and Beyond. He also owns a patent on the details of a treatment process he and his colleagues have applied clinically with great success in even severe cases of neurodegeneration (example case: He has also published 2 other books and numerous papers explaining root-cause chronic and neurodegenerative disease mechanism (
Chronic health:
Eye / Brain health:
Chronic Disease support:
Jan 21, 202157:54
If your lower spine could talk
Jan 14, 202119:28
You WILL get Covid-19, it’s vaccine and what to do: translated interview with Dr. Nasab

You WILL get Covid-19, it’s vaccine and what to do: translated interview with Dr. Nasab

This is a translated interview with Dr Mousavi-Nasab, a Virologist,  microbiologist, geneticist researcher with emphasis in Medical  Informatics. His recommendation is to take: 160mcg Selenium twice a day,  1000mg Vitamin C twice a day, zinc, vitamin D, carrot and Apple juice. I  recommend eating well and sleeping well on top of that. By the way, I get my meat from Henson Heritage Farm found at Check it out!

Please direct your questions, comments and suggestions to

Jan 07, 202139:36
Prevent Alzheimer’s Now

Prevent Alzheimer’s Now

With Alzheimer’s being the 5th leading cause of death in the US with no cure as of now, why not learn how to prevent it today. The prevention is much easier than you might have thought and makes sense. Please share your questions, comments and suggestions via email to and don’t forget to rate the podcast.

Dec 31, 202034:24
What your annual blood work MUST include
Dec 24, 202038:04
Is it a Cold or is it Covid?
Dec 17, 202032:19
AMA Conspiracy- What’s new!: Interview with Howard Wolinsky
Dec 10, 202057:34
Covid sniffing dog in the making!
Dec 03, 202024:43
Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving

Nothing but to wish you, my listeners, a Happy Thanksgiving. So many things to be grateful for with health being the top of the list. Make sure to subscribe and rate the podcast and let me know what you wish to hear.
Nov 26, 202002:20
Snoring and the alternatives to cPap

Snoring and the alternatives to cPap

Snoring not only impacts the snorer but also the partner. Find out the different current solutions and their pros and cons. Alternatives to devices and surgery? Please send your emails, suggestions and questions to and don’t forget to rate the podcast.

Nov 19, 202042:26
The in’s and out’s on Anxiety

The in’s and out’s on Anxiety

Anxiety is one of the few diagnosis that is actually a symptom and not a diagnosis! Learn what it is all about and how the traditional approach may not be the best answer. Please direct your questions, comments and suggestions to and don’t forget to rate the podcast.

Nov 12, 202045:50
What are skin tags and how to get rid of them
Nov 05, 202022:12
Gluten: what it is and why so much sensitivity
Oct 29, 202032:36
Why Raw Milk!
Oct 22, 202039:20
Medicinal Herbs: Sow Thistle

Medicinal Herbs: Sow Thistle

It is fascinating to discover that the ‘ordinary’ weed growing along the roads and in our backyard actually has a medicinal effect. Sow Thistle is the one that I looked into and even have a receipt for where. Please make sure to direct your questions, comments and suggestions to and don’t forget to rate the show. Here is a pic. of Sow Thistle followed by a recipe for salsa!

Pic. from the website: dancing with horses:

Smooth Sow Thistle salsa


  • 2 garlic cloves
  • (2 ounces) sow thistle leaves
  • (3 1/2 ounces) soaked hazelnuts
  • (1/2 ounce) parsley
  • 1/4 teaspoon Himalayan salt
  • 2 teaspoons Korean red chili flakes
  • 4 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil
  • 10 cherry tomatoes, chopped


  • Soak the hazelnuts in boiling water for one hour. Strain and rinse afterward.
  • at the same time soak the sow thistle leaves in cold water for one hour. Remove the leaf blades from the larger leaves and throw away the stalks.
  • Crush the garlic cloves and let sit for 15 minutes.
  • Add the hazelnuts, sow thistle, parsley, garlic, salt, olive oil and chili flakes in a food processor. Run the processor until all ingredients are chopped and mixed up. Don’t let the food become runny.
  • Chop the tomatoes and place the sow thistle mixture in a bowl. Fork the tomatoes through the processed sow thistle.
  • ready to be served.
Oct 15, 202025:28
Why you should be eating beets this season
Oct 08, 202027:14