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Ebony Femdom Phone Sex With The Duchess

Ebony Femdom Phone Sex With The Duchess

By Willow Munroe

The Duchess, otherwise known as Willow, is an Ebony Femdom, with a sultry voice and a coquettish stare. She can wrap you around her finger with a single word, and keep you coming back for more. Ebony femdom phone sex takes you into the world of an Ebony D/s switch. Find out what makes her tick, what excites and delights her, and discuss all manner of black girl magic. See what else the nubian Queen has to offer, by checking her out on
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Ebony Femdom Phone Sex 7th Anniversary

Ebony Femdom Phone Sex With The DuchessDec 07, 2023

Ebony Femdom Phone Sex 7th Anniversary
Dec 07, 202302:24
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Nov 11, 202307:20
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Oct 27, 202325:16
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Oct 14, 202322:60
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Sep 27, 202313:37
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Sep 14, 202314:29
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Aug 19, 202316:48
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Jul 19, 202312:07
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Jun 26, 202328:52
Ebony Femdom Juneteenth
Jun 18, 202314:15
Pride Month And Diversity In Phone Sex
Jun 17, 202317:35
Ebony Femdom Real Cock Control Vs. Fantasy Vs. Just Wanting Conversation
May 15, 202320:22
Ebony Femdom Jerk Off Karaoke - Masturbation May
May 03, 202311:48
Ebony Femdom Creampies - Cuckolding With A Cum Slut
May 01, 202304:56
Ebony Femdom CFNM - Prove It To Me In The Nude
Apr 10, 202331:28
Ebony Femdom Mistress Of The Day April 12th - Free Phone Sex For Return Callers
Apr 01, 202323:15
The Ebony Femdom Talks Polyamory And Polyandry
Mar 12, 202327:12
Ebony Femdom Himbo House Husband Training
Feb 24, 202310:10
Ebony Femdom Joystick Controller - Edge For The Duchess
Feb 20, 202308:21
Ebony Femdom Talks About House Husbands And What Turns Women On
Jan 25, 202319:33
Ebony Femdom Edging - Stroke It For Me
Jan 11, 202306:26
Sissy Training For Slutty Sissies
Jan 05, 202313:52
Ebony Femdom Sissy Trainer – Sissy Dick And Dash

Ebony Femdom Sissy Trainer – Sissy Dick And Dash

Like most men, Patrick was looking for something new, different, and exciting. He was one of those guys that would call a phone sex line and utter the words, “I’m into anything.” As a matter of fact, as soon as The Duchess looked up from her tablet behind the counter, and saw him looking around curiously, she knew the type. - The sissy dick and dash is a rather dark science fiction tale of sissification, and is geared towards slutty sissies who have a coercion kink in addition to feminization. If this is you, have a listen, and then head to the above link to read the blog and leave me a comment. Make sure you subscribe to the podcast and the blog so you never miss a post. You can also follow me on Twitter @DuchessWillow_

Dec 17, 202217:43
Ebony Femdom Phone Sex Anniversary - 6 Years Of Kink And Erotica

Ebony Femdom Phone Sex Anniversary - 6 Years Of Kink And Erotica

Just a reminder that if you call me this month, you have an opportunity to get free phone sex on the house, from me. Go to this blog and then call me to get your free minutes. Click play and find out what else I'm offering this month, including erotic audios and ebony erotica custom made for you. Follow me on Twitter @DuchessWillow_  and if you see this on December 6th before 11:59pm, call me and a 2nd Mistress for Two Mistress Tuesday BOGO. It's 6:44pm Eastern now... you have just over 5 hours left. EbonyFemdomPhoneSex (dot com) is my blog. 

Dec 06, 202208:13
The Ebony Femdom's 6 Year Anniversary And The December Phone Sex Advent Calendar
Dec 01, 202215:52
Ebony Femdom - Mistress Days And LDW's 20th Phone Sex Anniversary
Nov 03, 202209:42
Things To Do During An Ignore Line Session With The Ebony Femdom
Oct 31, 202209:14
Ebony Femdom Horror Story - Monster's Ball Halloween Blog Train
Oct 22, 202226:42
Ebony Femdom Mad Scientist - Shrinking Potion A Monster's Ball Halloween Story
Oct 11, 202217:56
Limp Penis CBT And How To Have Great Phone Sex
Sep 27, 202222:31
Training Black Sissies As An Ebony Femdom
Sep 13, 202217:18
Ebony Femdom Texting And Lovense Chat
Aug 10, 202213:23
Semen Retention Is For Betas - Why Duchess Willow Loves Money Shots
Jul 30, 202215:50
Ebony Femdom Male Chastity Phone Sex - The Chronic Masturbator

Ebony Femdom Male Chastity Phone Sex - The Chronic Masturbator

Remember that chronic masturbator who couldn't please his wife? Things just got worse, for him. Male chastity phone sex might help a denied gooner or increase his pain. But hey at least his wife is happy. Click the above link to read the story, and as always subscribe to my main blog malechastityphonesex DominationBootcamp EbonyFemdom @DuchessWillow_ on twitter.

Jul 21, 202209:08
What It Means To Serve A Black Queen - White Boi Submission
Jul 16, 202204:08
Outdoor Sex - Duchess Willow Talks To Hustler Magazine
May 25, 202207:17
The Chronic Masturbator - Masturbation May Blog Train
May 21, 202212:28
Couples Phone Sex - Guided Pegging With The Ebony Femdom
Apr 23, 202209:20
Duchess' Secret - April Fools Cum Eating Fetish
Apr 02, 202208:24
Ethical Tattoos For Sissies - That Won't Offend Black People
Mar 15, 202238:41
Praise Kink - Let's Talk About It
Feb 17, 202208:41
Sissy Slumber Party
Feb 02, 202206:55
Ebony Leather Mistress - Sissies In Leather

Ebony Leather Mistress - Sissies In Leather

What would serving the Ebony leather Mistress look like, for a leather fetish sissy? Read my newest blog all about sissies in leather, and one very seductive black mistress who loves the look and feel of leather, and feminizing her sissies, in leather. Subscribe so you never miss a podcast. Follow me on Twitter @DuchessWillow_

Jan 08, 202205:21
Duchess Willow - Mystery Mistress Of The Day And Free Phone Sex
Dec 19, 202109:09
Ebony Femdom Sissy Humiliation
Dec 06, 202107:12
History Of Dick Ratings - Two Mistress Tuesday Dick Reviews
Nov 06, 202123:31
Rubber Queen - Ebony Femdom Latex Escape Room
Oct 21, 202117:22
Ebony Femdom Gooning Guardian
Sep 08, 202105:06
Strokeathon 2021 Sex Toys And Lovense Remotes
Sep 02, 202111:30
Guided Masturbation Strokeathon 2021 - Join The Ebony Femdom For An Exclusive Access Online Party
Aug 20, 202110:47