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Dying for Life

Dying for Life

By Dying for Life Podcast

When you open your eyes in the morning, how do you feel? Is it just another manic Monday or a great day to be alive? In the words of Oscar Wilde “To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people exist, that is all.” Sure, we all have to survive, but I want to know what you burn for. What is your purpose in life and are you living it? I talk to people who are living their purpose and loving it too, and some, like me, who are teaching people how to do just that. Teaching people how to live, imagine that?
Welcome to Dying for Life…Start living.
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EP.5: Aoife O'Brien - Choosing your purpose, becoming happier at work and does work-life balance even exist?

Dying for LifeDec 14, 2021

EP.22: Caitriona Higgins - Yoni steaming, cacao and overcoming trauma, PTSD, and endometriosis through healing and spiritual growth
Feb 14, 202353:11
EP.21: Aaron Horan - Trauma, mindset and growth, and a little bit of dating advice
Dec 13, 202201:15:10
EP.20: Fiona Heffernan - figuring out life, from burnout in busy salons to falling in love with sound
Dec 06, 202201:10:03
EP.19: Leanne Moran - diet culture and intuitive eating, divine masculine and feminine and understanding your cycle for better health
Nov 21, 202201:28:18
EP.18: Seanie Smyth - Mind yourself, from the bags to the beach, how yoga changed his life and helped those in the community
Nov 01, 202244:01
EP.17: Sarah Richardson - Powerful women releasing ancestral trauma of rage and grief
Oct 18, 202201:08:29


Hey! After a short break, and some big changes in my life, I am so excited to be back at what I love doing best – searching for the greater purpose in life. I have a whole host of interesting people lined up that I’ll be talking to, and I can’t wait for you to hear our chats! These are people who are showing up exactly how they want to in life. If you’re someone who is always looking for the deeper meaning, searching for your purpose and wondering how you can get there, then this podcast for you. And if you haven’t listened already, tune in to my previous episodes this year to get a feel for what’s to come, and it only gets better.

Oct 14, 202201:28
EP.16: Lauren Martin - from college to entrepreneurship, finding your path and why you don't need years of experience to start a business
May 24, 202256:11
EP.15: Steven Tierney & Martin Long - From cleaning toilets to a business partnership, nearly losing it all (mentally & professionally) & becoming leaders - peace be with you
May 10, 202201:53:46
EP.14: Sarah Richardson - going with the flow, all about midwifery, mama cacao and moving to Africa
Apr 26, 202201:09:28
EP.13: Jayne Irwin - From fine art to nail art, the part-time passion turned business and the importance of a support network as a solopreneur
Apr 12, 202226:42
EP.12: Sorcha Kelly - From a candle making hobby to a owning shop, the business of witchcraft and waving at ghosts
Mar 29, 202245:28
EP.11: Alan Clabby - All things CBD and the challenges but fun that comes with being a business owner
Mar 17, 202245:38
EP.10: Solo Episode with Niamh - My entrepreneurial journey
Mar 01, 202223:28
EP.9: Jenee Owens - Creating mindful Magical Kids, writing a book and running a business while working full time and managing life

EP.9: Jenee Owens - Creating mindful Magical Kids, writing a book and running a business while working full time and managing life

Welcome to episode 9 of Dying for Life, in this episode I’m chatting to Jenee Owens from Magical Kids. Jenee came up with the idea for her business while driving in the car, where lots of our ideas are born. She saw a need for creating children’s mindfulness tools to help them cope better with the stressors of life, and so, Magical Kids was born. Jenee makes affirmation cards for children and more recently published a Magical Kids book. We talk dealing with mental health, the importance of mindfulness for children and how to run a business around working full time and doing life!

Feb 15, 202224:40
EP.8: Martha Kenny - Career building, burnout, rediscovering yourself and leading a more mindful life
Feb 01, 202201:00:06
EP.7: Mags Morgan - How women are still stereotyped in the workplace, single motherhood and working harder as a result
Jan 18, 202251:04
EP.6: Olivia Murphy - Side hustling, recognising unexpected anxiety and turning your side business into a full time reality
Jan 04, 202233:12
EP.5: Aoife O'Brien - Choosing your purpose, becoming happier at work and does work-life balance even exist?
Dec 14, 202152:23
EP.4: Dominiquea Kearns - Reiki, speaking to spirits, choosing sobriety over fitting into society and harnessing your energy to become your best self
Nov 30, 202146:25
EP.3: Mark Donnelly - Entrepreneurship, talking mental health and How's Your Head?
Nov 16, 202150:07
EP.2: Jennifer Davy - Postnatal depression, boundaries, belief systems & what having your sh*t together really looks like
Nov 02, 202153:14
EP.1: Laura Murray - Balancing life & being a well rested b*tch

EP.1: Laura Murray - Balancing life & being a well rested b*tch

Welcome to the very first episode of Dying for Life! I'm so excited to share this with you. In this episode, I’m joined by Laura Murray of Powered by Positivity. Laura is my online personal trainer for fitness, but she goes way beyond that for me and helps me with my mindset, my goals, my sleep and much much more than staying strong and healthy. I wanted to chat to Laura because much like me, she left her job a few years ago in pursuit of her dreams. We talk about how she got there, the struggles as an entrepreneur and techniques to overcome that and live an optimal life...and also be a well rested b*tch.

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Laura can be reached at @murraylola on Instagram, or 

If you want to find out more on how you too can find your purpose and bring some balance to your life, then check out my website for 1:1 coaching, group courses, classes and workshops.

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Podcast Producer: Prymal Productions, @prymalpro on Instagram.

Oct 19, 202158:03
Trailer - Welcome to Dying for Life

Trailer - Welcome to Dying for Life

Trailer for Dying for Life

Oct 08, 202101:52