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Reset Button

By Dylan Tweney

Mindfulness, creativity, technology, and more with writer and Silicon Valley communicator Dylan Tweney
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Waterline Ep.2: First swim

Reset ButtonNov 10, 2022

Waterline Ep.2: First swim

Waterline Ep.2: First swim

When I first started to swim in the ocean, it was in a shallow, protected cove halfway up the southern reach of San Francisco Bay. Still, when I first contemplated getting into that water, it seemed as wild and daunting as the English Channel.

Nov 10, 202209:25
Waterline Ep.1: Jumping into writing like jumping into the sea

Waterline Ep.1: Jumping into writing like jumping into the sea

Welcome to a new season of the Reset Button. Over the next few months, I'll be sharing the story of how I became an open-water swimmer and the effect it’s had on my life over the past decade. There will be some stories about actual swims, some of the lore and science of the ocean, and some meditations on swimming. Along the way, I will share some secrets of storytelling, writing, and journalism.

Nov 04, 202211:20
Ep. 5: Chase Bossart

Ep. 5: Chase Bossart

Chase Bossart is a teacher and practitioner of Viniyoga, a holistic approach to yoga, and the founder of Yoga Well Institute, at We speak about balancing your system (mental and physical), coming alive, and Chase shares a breathing technique for calming your system and reducing anxiety.

Aug 29, 202026:28
Ep. 4: Sara Campbell

Ep. 4: Sara Campbell

Tiny Revolutions newsletter author Sara Campbell talks about meditation and the importance of in-person interactions.
Jul 02, 202014:39
Ep. 3: Eliza Shin

Ep. 3: Eliza Shin

Actor Eliza Shin talks with Dylan about self monitoring and the importance of maintaining connections with humanity: How we can infect each other with attention, caring, and support.
May 31, 202018:00
One minute of poetry for May 21
May 21, 202001:04
Ep. 2: Holly Wood
May 18, 202012:23
Ep. 1: Self regulation
May 04, 202013:27
One minute of poetry for April 28
Apr 29, 202000:35
One-minute Poem for April 27
Apr 28, 202000:50