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EDM Commute is a 30 minute podcast featuring different subgenres of electronic music every week, all produced by BLIND. There is one gem track per week, as well as one video game cover to give you your weekly dose of fresh EDM.
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EP018 - Swing Batta (Electro Swing)

EDM CommuteAug 09, 2021

EP018 - Swing Batta (Electro Swing)

EP018 - Swing Batta (Electro Swing)

EDM Commute Episode 18 Tracklist (Electro Swing)

00:00:30 - BLIND - Update / Announcement

00:02:13 - BLIND - Swing Batta Batta *GEM Track*

00:07:51 - BLIND - Extra, Extra

00:11:05 - BLIND - Dapper

00:14:20 - BLIND - Charleston Mistress

00:17:34 - BLIND - So Jazz

00:20:48 - BLIND - Seasons

00:23:36 - BLIND - Dizzy With a Dame

00:26:36 - BLIND - It's Alright

00:29:35 - BLIND - That's All Folks

00:33:03 - Kyle Allen Music ft bLiNd - Bendy and the Electro Swing

Season 2 Episode 7 (EP018) is all about that swing!  Electro Swing is a huge genre, as it revives an old style that was extremely popular in the 1920s but with a new spin.  Every track has a unique feel and vibe with sampled bits from old music (all are in the public domain now) The show ends with a remix of the first track featuring Kyle Allen Music singing his Bendy and the Ink Machine song over "Swing Batta"

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Aug 09, 202136:10
EP017 - Submerged (Deep Dark Dubstep)

EP017 - Submerged (Deep Dark Dubstep)

EDM Commute Episode 17 Tracklist (Deep Dark Dubstep / UK Dubstep)

00:00:30 - BLIND - To the Depths

00:04:07 - BLIND - Hammerhead *GEM TRACK*

00:06:24 - BLIND - Floodgate

00:09:09 - BLIND - Jellyfish Jive

00:11:53 -  BLIND - Sonar

00:14:52 - BLIND - Submerged

00:17:39 - BLIND - Undertow

00:20:05 - BLIND - Sea Devils

00:21:52 - BLIND - Feeding Time

00:25:34 - BLIND - 45 Knots

00:29:00 - Jet Force Gemini - Goldwood Glimmerstep (bLiNd ReMix)

Season 2 Episode 6 (EP017) features his album Submerged which is a journey into UK Dubstep, also known as Deep Dark Dubstep.  This is a much mellower version of dubstep compared to the dubstep sound that as better known as brostep.  This style was popular in the UK before Skrillex ever got big and had a great underground movement.  Instead of explaining which each track sounds like I will say just let yourself go and listen to the whole thing like a journey in the deep.  The episode ends with a remix from Jet Force Gemini using Jungle like drums and the 2nd half of the track features a similar style of dubstep to Submerged.

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Aug 02, 202132:57
EP016 - Americana Exotica (Electro House)

EP016 - Americana Exotica (Electro House)

EDM Commute Episode 16 Tracklist (Electro House (World and Ethnic)

00:00:30 - BLIND - Charles Darwin 2 *GEM TRACK*

00:04:27 - BLIND - Charles Darwin

00:09:00 - BLIND - Luigi Bomber 

00:13:00 - BLIND - Luigi Bomber 2

00:16:25 - BLIND - Red Bandit

00:20:30 - BLIND - Red Bandit 2

00:24:25 - BLIND - The African

00:29:26 - BLIND - The African 2

00:33:39 - BLIND - Arabian Knight

00:38:52 - BLIND - Arabian Knight 2

00:41:54 - Undertale - Uwa!! Mega Temperate♫ (Uwa!! So Temperate♫) 

Season 2 Episode 5 (EP016) features some of BLIND's best Electro House tunes from his Americana Exotica EP series.  The show starts off with one of the most played and strongest tracks - Charles Darwin 2, much like a Wolfgang Gartner electro house tune.  Then goes into the original Charles Darwin, which is more of a disco house electro house mashup.  Luigi Bomber 1 and 2 play after featuring some heavy basslines and big chords.  Red Bandit 1 and 2 also feature an electro house spin on flamenco guitar riffs and mariachia yells.  Then The African 1 and 2 play back to back, with the first track being more electro house oriented and the second having more of a psytrance flair while both feature tribal chants.  Arabian Knight features middle eastern instruments and vocals in an electro house format while Arabian Knight 2 is more of a trap take on the same middle eastern vibe.  The show ends with Uwa!! Mega Temperate, which is BLIND's 2nd remix of Uwa!! So Temperate from Undertale.  Both can be found on 101% on bandcamp

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Jul 24, 202145:49
EP015 - 88mph (Synthwave & Filterhouse)

EP015 - 88mph (Synthwave & Filterhouse)

EDM Commute Episode 15 Tracklist (Synthwave & Filterhouse)

00:00:30 - Doc Marty - Flux *GEM TRACK*

00:04:00 - Doc Marty - Take Me There 

00:08:32 - Doc Marty - Come Alive

00:11:35 - Doc Marty - 80s Child

00:15:07 - Doc Marty - Not Over

00:18:42 - Doc Marty - Woah, Yeah!

00:22:41 - Doc Marty - Jiggawatt

00:25:51 - Doc Marty - Future

00:28:31 - Doc Marty - Lonely Vice

00:34:17 - Doc Marty - Night Drive

00:38:00 - Top Gear 2 - Auckland (BLIND ReMix)

Season 2 Episode 4 (EP015) is a Synthwave and Filterhouse episode with a lot of nostalgia.  The episode starts with Flux, an 80s montage inspired track with whaling guitars, then fuses into "Take Me There" which is a dreamy vocal hit.  Flux has more plays in general so it is also this weeks Gem Track but Take Me There is a close contender.  Next up is "Come Alive" which messes with the listener a little by going into filter house, similar to the old sound of Daft Punk.  Since both genres are inspired by the 80s and even the 70s it seems to fuse well, especially with the upbeat energy.  80s Child continues this energy with a nice filter house breakdown and 80s guitar solo.    After, "Not Over" rounds out the segment with a high energy house tune with a pitched vocal hook.  More guitar riffs round out this area of the set.  "Woah, Yea!" comes in with a talkbox bass similar also to Daft Punk.  Remember, this episode is all about Nostalgia.  Jiggawatt and Future start to settle the energy down a bit with Lonely Vice and Night Drive taking over a melancholic vibe.  The episode ends with BLIND's Auckland Remix from Top Gear 2, made in 2009.  

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Jul 19, 202143:37
EP014 - Rave Revival (Ravey Breaks)

EP014 - Rave Revival (Ravey Breaks)

EDM Commute Episode 14 Tracklist (Ravey Breaks)

00:00:30 - BLIND - Warehouse Basses 

00:04:08 - BLIND - Code Red *GEM TRACK*

00:06:45 - BLIND - Pump it Up

00:09:43 - BLIND - Broke

00:12:01 - BLIND - Ravey Vibes

00:14:59 - BLIND - Rock this Place

00:18:24 - BLIND - Blown Speaker

00:21:06 - BLIND - Flow Thru the Rhythm

00:23:36 - BLIND - Raving for Ages

00:26:36 - BLIND - Just Go (Mentalism Mix)

00:29:25 - Joshua Morse - Ridge Racer - Gear Shift (BLIND Breaks Remix)

Season 2 Episode 3 (EP014) is a Ravey Breaks episode with a lot of club energy.  I originally started this album as a tribute to Keith Flint of The Prodigy who unfortunately took his own life of March 2019.  The Prodigy has been a huge influence on me as they were very first CD purchase ever (Fat of the Land).  I of course checked out their other albums and Rave Revival was heavily inspired by "The Prodigy: Experience"

The episode starts with Warehouse Basses which sets the tone for the rest of the tracks.  Code Red is the GEM Track for the week as it was the most purchased on Beatport when I released it.  The rest of the tunes follow a similar flow and feel and then when it gets to "Flow Thru The Rhythm" we slow it down a bit and go 4 on the floor.  Then I round out with a couple more breaks and my Joshua Morse Remix.

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Jul 03, 202133:38
EP013 - Select, Start (Future Bass)

EP013 - Select, Start (Future Bass)

EDM Commute Episode 13 Tracklist (Future Bass)

00:00:30 - Steven Silo - Chain Chomp Stomp *GEM TRACK*

00:04:38 - Steven Silo - Dream Land

00:07:50 - Steven Silo - Select, Start

00:10:33 - Steven Silo - Fire Power

00:13:32 - Steven Silo - Another Castle

00:16:31 - Steven Silo - Pause Music

00:19:55 - Steven Silo - Troopa

00:22:42 - Steven Silo - Question Block

00:25:41 - Steven Silo - Super Mushroom

00:28:16 - Steven Silo - Starman

00:31:28 - Steven Silo - Best Ending

00:34:28 - Steven Silo - Super Mario Kart - So High (Rainbow Road Remix)

Season 2 Episode 2 (EP013) is a Future Bass episode with a lot of positive energy integrated into the emotional feel.  This is one of the most inspired albums I ever made as a producer.  So much so that I needed to create a new alias for the style.  Steven Silo means this...Steven means Victory and is my middle name.  Silo is short for Siloam (the pool of Siloam is the pool the man born blind in the bible was healed at)  So Steven Silo represents bLiNd becoming full of vision/sight.  The story goes on and on ;)

Select, Start means to Start a 2 player game since select on the old NES games would go down to the 2 player mode.  It represents the fun we had growing up with friends playing games.  First we start with Chain Chomp Stomp which is the most popular track by far, about a girl and her bow wow.  Dream land comes up next which is a tribute to the little pink puff.  Then we go on to Fire Power and Another Castle representing Mario's struggle with Bowser.  Pause Music resets the ears and feelings a bit and then goes into the bop "Troopa".  Question Block rounds out that arc of tracks using a coin sound as the melody.   Super Mushroom was actually the first track i made for the album and has a very high energy sound to it.  Starman comes after that, and has a victory theme, and then Best Ending would be appropriate for a credit roll.  We tie off the episode with my first remix of Rainbow Road from Super Mario Kart (I have more than 1 remix of this track, in fact 3)  

Hope you look forward to more Future bass and Steven Silo!

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Jun 26, 202138:25
EP012 - Ethnic Psy (Ethnic Psytrance)

EP012 - Ethnic Psy (Ethnic Psytrance)

EDM Commute Episode 12 Tracklist (Ethnic Psytrance)

00:00:30 - BLIND - Start the Sun *GEM TRACK*

00:05:21 - BLIND - Third Eye

00:08:00 - BLIND - Sheelam

00:11:28 - BLIND - Cashmere

00:15:10 - BLIND - When the Sun Goes Down

00:20:48 - BLIND - Frost & Fire

00:25:45 - BLIND - Om Shanti Om

00:29:11 - BLIND - Sri Ram

00:32:18 - BLIND - Psykick

00:35:08 - BLIND - Chozo Legacy - Jade Catacombs (Gamechops Mix)

Season 1 Ended well and now we are on Episode 12 of BLIND's podcast featuring all of his music under various aliases and genres.  Episode 12 is an episode featuring all of the ethnic Psytrance I have produced, mostly in the collection "Psykick" which is an album that has a lot of energy.  I hope that translates to you as well and that this episode can be your morning audio coffee

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Jun 20, 202141:51
EP011 - Remix Episode 01 (Remix Episode)

EP011 - Remix Episode 01 (Remix Episode)

EDM Commute Episode 11 Tracklist (Remix Episode)

00:00:30 - Michael Jackson & Janet Jackson - Scream (BLIND Bootleg Remix)

00:05:30 - BLIND - Killer Instinct - Orchid's Theme (Remix)

00:08:56 - BLIND - Club King Bowser (Super Mario RPG / Mario 3 Bowser Theme)

00:14:40 - BLIND - Castle Creep (Super Mario World)

00:17:58 - BLIND - Bleach - On the Precipice of Defeat (Remix)

00:23:39 - BLIND - Schala's Dream (Chrono Trigger)

00:27:24 - BLIND - White Skies Club Mix  (Final Fantasy X)

00:33:20 - BLIND - Nayru's Hymn (Zelda 3 Ending / Zelda Theme)

00:36:25 - BLIND - Unmuted City 2017 (F-zero Mute City Theme)

Episode 11 of BLIND's podcast featuring all of his music under various aliases and genres is now out.  Episode 11 is a Remix Episode featuring all of the Remix Tracks from the previous 9 episodes.  Think of this episode as a best of and review episode, but of the remixes.   These Remixes are one of the reasons many of you are listening!  You may want to repeat this one!

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Jun 12, 202139:35
EP010 - Gem Episode 01 (Gem Episode)

EP010 - Gem Episode 01 (Gem Episode)

EDM Commute Episode 10 Tracklist (Gem Episode)

00:00:30 - BLIND - Wolf Inside

00:04:46 - BLIND - Take a JOYRYDE

00:08:19 - BLIND - On My Way

00:10:53 - BLIND - Coolaid

00:16:20 - BLIND - Endless

00:19:20 - BLIND - Epica

00:23:31 - BLIND - Invis

00:26:41 - BLIND - Real Warrior

00:28:53 - BLIND - Dark Float

Episode 10 of BLIND's podcast featuring all of his music under various aliases and genres is now out.  Episode 10 is a Gem Episode featuring all of the Gem Tracks from the previous 9 episodes.  Think of this episode as a best of and review episode.   Gem tracks are the most played tracks on bandcamp by BLIND's fans, as well as the release radar tracks he chooses for Spotify.  You may end up wanting to repeat this one!

Jun 05, 202132:00
EP009 - Bass Heavy (Bass Music)

EP009 - Bass Heavy (Bass Music)

EDM Commute Episode 9 Tracklist

00:00:30 - BLIND - Just Go

00:04:30 - BLIND - Real Warrior *GEM TRACK*

00:06:30 - BLIND - All My

00:09:44 - BLIND - Bust It Up

00:13:50 - BLIND - Heart On A Sleeve

00:16:39 - MCHNWRLD - Million Dollar Play

00:19:12 - MCHNWRLD - Basschine Gun

00:23:54 - MCHNWRLD - Beam Me Down

00:26:40 - Michael Jackson & Janet Jackson - Scream (BLIND BOOTLEG)

Episode 9 of BLIND's podcast featuring all of his music under various aliases and genres is now out.  To begin we start with his opener from  "Bass Sanctuary" which tells a story about raving since being a small child.  The drop has a heavy kick that drives most of the song.  BLIND then goes on to play a few tracks from his album "Raggasubology" featuring some of the most played tracks on Spotify.  Then he goes into a few favorites from MCHNWRLD to round out the set and ends with his bootleg mashup remix of Michael and Janets Scream.

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May 29, 202131:25
EP008 - Epica (Epic Trance)

EP008 - Epica (Epic Trance)

EDM Commute Episode 8 Tracklist

00:00:30 - BLIND - Epica *GEM TRACK*

00:04:38 - BLIND - Halo

00:08:06 - BLIND - Seven Trumpets

00:11:48 - BLIND - Kingdom Come

00:15:15 - BLIND - Holy Rise

00:19:31 - BLIND - Angel Tears

00:23:58 - BLIND - Fallen

00:27:38 - BLIND - Risen

00:30:03 - BLIND - Throne of Thrones

00:32:22 - BLIND - The Light Has Won

00:36:30 - BLIND - Final Fantasy X - White Skies (Club Mix)

Episode 8 of BLIND's podcast featuring all of his music under various aliases and genres is now out.  To begin we start with his opener from  "Epica" which is the title track as well as this weeks GEM TRACK.  This one sets the tone for the album.  BLIND then goes on to play a few major tracks from Epica including Halo and Seven Trumpets.  Holy Rise then builds the emotions and then they drop suddenly with Angel Tears.  Even Darker is Fallen, but it comes back to the light in Risen and Throne of Thrones.  The final track is The Light Has Won featuring quotes from the Archangel Michael.   To finish the podcast BLIND plays White Skies (Club Mix) which is one of his most favorited tracks hes ever remixed.  This is an epic episode you will most likely want to repeat and it's long clocking in at 44:28

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May 22, 202144:28
EP007 - Prisms (Future House)

EP007 - Prisms (Future House)

EDM Commute Episode 7 Tracklist

00:00:30 - BLIND - From Me

00:03:48 - BLIND - On My Way *GEM TRACK*

00:06:36 - BLIND - Never Break Me

00:10:09 - BLIND - Retal Poses

00:13:11 - BLIND - Prisms

00:15:44 - BLIND - Show Me How

00:20:32 - BLIND - Need U

00:23:04 - BLIND - Glare

00:25:36 - BLIND - As Long As

00:28:18 - BLIND - Killer Instinct - Orchid's Theme (BLIND Remix)

Episode 7 of BLIND's podcast featuring all of his music under various aliases and genres is now out.  To begin we start with his opener from  "Prisms" titled From Me with a dope horn riff and bassline.  BLIND then goes on to play a few major tracks from Prisms including the GEM track On My Way.  The rest of the album has a few vocal tracks and a few other instrumental bangers.  To round off the show BLIND plays his remix of Orchids Theme from Killer Instinct.

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May 15, 202132:04
EP006 - Spirals & Portals (Progressive House & Melodic Techno)

EP006 - Spirals & Portals (Progressive House & Melodic Techno)

EDM Commute Episode 6 Tracklist

00:00:30 - BLIND - Antispiral

00:03:38 - BLIND - Wolf Inside *GEM TRACK*

00:07:32 - BLIND - Spirals

00:11:52 - BLIND - Tiger's Blood

00:14:51 - BLIND - Iguana

00:18:00 - Matty Phoog - Otherside

00:21:28 - Matty Phoog - Planet Rings

00:25:22 - BLIND - Bleach - This War Within (On The Precipice of Defeat Remix)

Episode 6 of BLIND's new podcast featuring all of his music under various aliases and genres.  To begin we start with his opener from  "Spirals" titled Antispiral with a very analog sounding riff to kick off the show.  BLIND goes through all 5 tracks on the Spirals EP then drops 2 more tracks from his "Portals" EP under the alias Matty Phoog.  These tracks are more considered "Melodic Techno" but still fall in the same feel and style as early progressive house.  Either way it's dreamy and moody from beginning to end and to round out the show BLIND drops his Bleach Remix!

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May 08, 202131:31
EP005 - The Dark Float (Neurofunk Drum and Bass)

EP005 - The Dark Float (Neurofunk Drum and Bass)

EDM Commute Episode 5 Tracklist

00:00:30 - BLIND - Dark Float *GEM TRACK*

00:03:30 - BLIND - Lost

00:06:37 - BLIND - Tombs

00:09:05 - BLIND - Castaway

00:13:00 - BLIND - Rum Buzz

00:15:31 - BLIND - Nightfall

00:18:42 - BLIND - Nightcrawler

00:21:55 - BLIND - Red Moon

00:24:18 - BLIND - Blood Dawn

00:26:06 - BLIND - Unmuted City (F-zero)

Episode 5 of BLIND's new podcast featuring all of his music under various aliases and genres.  To begin we start with his opener from  "Dark Float" titled after the album which is also the Gem Track for the week.  We go thru most of the tracks on the album (minus the last track which is being saved for a different episode) and then finish off the podcast with a Drum n Bass remix of Mute City from F-zero.  Neurofunk is the subgenre used throughout most of the episode which is a harder and grittier form of Drum and Bass.

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May 01, 202130:00
EP004 - Bass House Frenzy (Bass House)

EP004 - Bass House Frenzy (Bass House)

EDM Commute Episode 4 Tracklist

  • 00:00:30 - BLIND - Goin' Nowhere
  • 00:03:13 - BLIND - Take a JOYRYDE  *GEM TRACK*
  • 00:05:15 - BLIND - Fury
  • 00:07:31 - BLIND - Dimension Rift
  • 00:11:10 - BLIND - Bump up the Bass
  • 00:14:20 - BLIND - My Style
  • 00:16:33 - BLIND - Lead Foot
  • 00:19:07 - BLIND - Ghost Ride It
  • 00:22:30 - BLIND - Now I'm SWRVN
  • 00:26:06 - BLIND - Club King Bowser (Mario 3 / Super Mario RPG)

Episode 4 of BLIND's new podcast featuring all of his music under various aliases and genres.  To begin we start with his Official Spotify Editorial track "Goin Nowhere".  We visit various bass house tunes from the "Furious" EP series as well as BLIND's album Fury.  Dimension Rift, from the game Klang, is also a banger to look for. To round it off we have a Super Mario RPG/Mario 3 remix featuring a bass house take on Bowsers Theme.

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Apr 24, 202131:54
EP003 - Psylo Vocal Psy (Vocal Psytrance)
Apr 17, 202130:50
EP002 - Skyline and Airglider (Uplifting Trance)
Apr 10, 202126:46
EP001 - First Aid Kit EP (Progressive House, Electro House, Trance)
Apr 03, 202128:00