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EdTech PodSquad

EdTech PodSquad

By 5 MO EdTech Coaches

EdTech coaches sharing and discussing EdTech content within our schools and districts.

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Best Practices for Learning at Conferences - ETPS 22

EdTech PodSquadFeb 01, 2020

Best Practices for Learning at Conferences - ETPS 22
Feb 01, 202038:53
The 12 Days of Tech-mas - ETPS 22

The 12 Days of Tech-mas - ETPS 22

12 Days of Tech-mas

Day 1: Stop, Breathe, Think (@erin_lawson3)

Day 2: Audio for all in Google Slides - @joshchoward

Day 3: Screencastify - Guest Contributor @jwalterteach

Day 4: Canva - @JPPrezz Bonus: NEW Canva for Education

Day 5: Flipgrid - @jleetechpercent

Day 6: 3D Printing - Guest Contributor @awall777

Day 7: Scrible - @techknoll

Day 8: - @erin_lawson3

Day 9: SlidesGo - Guest Contributor - @taylortholen

Day 10: Google Earth creation tools - @techknoll

Day 11: Markup in Photos - @jpprezz

Day 12: Video recording in SeeSaw - Guest Contributor - @steinbrinkLaura

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Samantha Hardesty-Knoll

Josh Howard

Erin Lawson

Jonathon Lee

JP Prezzavento

Dec 19, 201940:05
Starting a School Grant Program - ETPS 21
Nov 23, 201935:59
Teaching Digital Citizenship - ETPS 20
Oct 27, 201926:42
Teacher Praise - ETPS 19

Teacher Praise - ETPS 19

On episode 19 of The Edtech PodSquad, the Squad talks about why, when, and how to praise the amazing work teachers are doing. The Squad discusses Flipgrid, SeeSaw for Schools, and we find out what Jonathon's favorite emoji is. 

Sep 23, 201930:10
Edtech Podsquad Episode 18 - Education Twitter Chats

Edtech Podsquad Episode 18 - Education Twitter Chats

Within this episode of the Edtech Podsquad we discuss the value of Educational Twitter chats. Check out our website at and be sure to follow us on Twitter @edtechpodsquad.

Aug 27, 201931:34
Edtech PodSquad LIVE at ISTE Part 2 - ETPS 17
Jul 27, 201934:09
Activating Change - LIVE at #ISTE19

Activating Change - LIVE at #ISTE19

On episode 16, the PodSquad records live from #ISTE19 in Philadelphia, PA. The conversation revolves around the conference them of "Bold educators activating change". In the conversation we discuss creating tech leaders, identifying change agents, getting investment from school leaders, and MORE! 

Jun 26, 201922:02
Polishing that Conference Proposal
May 16, 201942:52
Planning a District Tech Conference - ETPS 14
Apr 25, 201949:51
What we would change with what we know now

What we would change with what we know now

In this episode of the EdTech PodSquad, we discuss how we would change what we did as educators within the classroom with all of the information we have now. Be sure to checkout the show notes at Thank you for listening!

Mar 27, 201935:37
Mar 07, 201925:54
Episode 11

Episode 11

In this episode of the EdTech Podsquad we discuss the value of EdTech Certifications.  Are they really worth the free advertisement we give to these companies? Find out our thoughts within the show. Catch up on some new tips and be sure to come see our next episode recorded LIVE at #METC19!  You should also come to Philly in June to see us at #ISTE19! We are presenting a panel and a poster session.  We hope to see you at any of these sessions!  Stickers will be available at all!

Show notes are found at

Follow the #EdTechPodsquad on Twitter to keep the conversation going!

Jan 31, 201934:01
Episode 10 - Do I Really Hate My Future Self?
Dec 18, 201841:41
What would you say it is you do here? - ETPS 009
Nov 17, 201842:40
Planning and Delivering Tech PD - ETPS 008
Oct 09, 201841:56
Episode 7 - Motivating Teachers
Sep 01, 201841:54
Episode 6 - August Episode
Aug 11, 201843:53
Episode 5 - July 2018 - ISTE18

Episode 5 - July 2018 - ISTE18

Thank you for checking out our 5th episode! This is a special episode as Erin, Sam, JP and I were at ISTE18 when we recorded it. Josh was unable to attend, but was able to join us and moderate the episode. Finding a quiet place to record at ISTE is no small task, so we apologize as the sound quality is not the best. We share a bunch of take-aways from our ISTE experience. Be sure to check out the show notes at for information! Also be sure to follow these hashtags: #ISTE18, #NotAtISTE18, #METCpd

Not able to make it to ISTE? METC is a premier affiliate of ISTE. Our annual regional conference every February attempts to provide our participants with the ISTE conference feel at a MUCH smaller scale! This wouldn't be possible without our presenters! If you are interested in presenting at #METC19, go to and click on the proposal submission link! Deadline is fast approaching! Don't miss your opportunity to share your knowledge with 2,000+ educators.
Jul 03, 201838:10
Episode 4
Jun 01, 201845:30
Episode 3 - A Coach for Every Teacher
May 01, 201841:13
Episode 2 - Innovation Class
Apr 02, 201835:14
Episode 1 - METC Rewind
Mar 21, 201832:02