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Educated Guess :: A Liberal Arts School for the Future

Educated Guess :: A Liberal Arts School for the Future

By Educated Guess

Educated Guess (EG) is a research and design organization concerned with humanity's relationship to machines, images, and cities.
Conceived in 2018 as a "liberal arts school for everyday people", Educated Guess garnered attention initially through this public lecture series. Serving over 45,000 humans across 18 countries, the series (archived in 2022) covers topics of personal growth, design practice, and art history. These lectures have been consumed virtually and collectively–resulting in collaborations with Adidas, School, Research + Development, Soho House, A Ma Maniere, SVA, ADF, et al.
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The Power of Asking Better Questions (ft. Warren Berger) | Ep. 44

Educated Guess :: A Liberal Arts School for the FutureFeb 08, 2019

Leaning Into the Mundane (ft. Lütjens Padmanabhan) | Ep. 221

Leaning Into the Mundane (ft. Lütjens Padmanabhan) | Ep. 221

Lütjens Padmanabhan Architekten was established by Oliver Lütjens and Thomas Padmanabhan in 2007. The recent work of the practice focuses on housing in the residential districts surrounding the cities of Zürich, Basel and Munich. 

Despite their love for a more refined, urbane architecture, Oliver Lütjens and Thomas Padmanabhan have light-heartedly embraced the fact that most of their commissions are set in the mundane anonymity of suburbia. Their interest in complex architectural expression has distanced the practice from the craft-oriented mainstream of Swiss architecture. 

The current projects explore the impossible task of reconciling the autonomy of the exterior facade with the typological uncertainty of interior spaces and loose urban contexts.
After teaching assignments at ETH Zürich and TU Munich Oliver Lütjens and Thomas Padmanabhan are currently teaching as guest professors at EPF Lausanne.

Jan 24, 202258:37
A New Model for Design Studios (ft. UnderConsideration, LLC.) | Ep. 220
Nov 05, 202101:06:11
When the Message is Beyond the Medium (ft. Robert Newman) | Ep. 219
Oct 29, 202101:05:52
How to Re-contextualize Your Upbringing (ft. Curry Hackett) | Ep. 218
Oct 08, 202154:44
All We Have are 5 Seconds | Ep. 217
Sep 03, 202113:00
How to Make & Keep Promises in Your Creative Life | Ep. 216
Jul 19, 202110:12
A Conversation with No-Plans (ft. Daniel Baer) | Ep. 215
Jul 16, 202101:17:50
The Delusion of Passion | Ep. 214
Jul 15, 202110:54
How to Create a World for Others (ft. Bodega Ltd.) | Ep. 213
Jun 11, 202101:09:26
How to Use Your Pain for Good | Ep. 212
Jun 07, 202124:05
30 Minutes to Change Your Life | Ep. 211

30 Minutes to Change Your Life | Ep. 211

Most people think that the life they want to live will magically appear in their future. The truth is a bit different...Tune in for one of the most candid lectures ever published on this platform.
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May 31, 202130:13
How to Find Joy in Learning (ft. John Maeda) | Ep. 210
May 28, 202153:08
Where Will You Be in 5 Years? | Ep. 209
May 26, 202121:57
Skills v. Attributes | Ep. 208
May 17, 202122:10
Dreams, Realities, and In-Betweens (ft. Andy Pressman) | Ep. 207

Dreams, Realities, and In-Betweens (ft. Andy Pressman) | Ep. 207

Andy Pressman is currently a resident of Portland, Oregon. And, according to his Instagram, he is very clearly NOT an Art Director. Yet, I think you might find it interesting that he is the former head/founder of the design studio Rumors. While running the studio, they had the joy of taking on clients like Sci-Arc, Microsoft, Clif Bar, and more. Andy is now a Creative Director at Upstatement and just so happens to run an incredibly insightful Twitter page.

Some of the topics covered in this episode include, but aren’t limited to:

  • The realities of starting, running, and closing a design practice
  • Finding a through-line from time as a Cooper Union Student to now
  • Selling to clients without doing work for spec
  • Reflecting on the dreams and realities of running a New York design studio

You can find out more about Andy’s body of work and story at

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May 14, 202101:25:20
Introducing the "Learning to Live" Lecture Series | Ep. 206

Introducing the "Learning to Live" Lecture Series | Ep. 206

All summer long, we're bringing you the brightest minds in design, philosophy, and life. The bedrock of Educated Guess is the eternal pursuit of an integrated life--where life and art become one. So, this summer is dedicated to this exact aspiration. This episode gives more background on the purpose of the lecture series and what you stand to gain from sticking with us throughout the summer.

One more thing, we've partnered with multidisciplinary design studio Bodega, LTD (based in Minneapolis, MN). to bring you exclusive access to their new trend & philosophy experience--Salonnière. If you're a small business owner, creative director, or even freelancer, then you'll for sure love what they're bringing to the table. 

Unlike other research tools, Salonnière brings you the exact methods, frameworks, and insights Bodega has used for clients like Nike, HighSnobiety, and Business of Fashion. The same insights that marketing directors pay lump sums for are being brought to you for a fraction of the price.

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May 12, 202113:55
Misery Loves Company | Ep. 205
Mar 29, 202110:37
How to Free Yourself from the Game | Ep. 204
Mar 22, 202119:57
Like Making T-Shirts from Wood (ft. James "RONG" Williams III) | Ep. 203
Feb 19, 202101:14:24
How to Learn from Things You Hate | Ep. 202
Feb 17, 202113:27
How to Recognize Your Season of Life | Ep. 201
Feb 15, 202116:49
A Return to the Future (ft. Arlander Taylor) | Ep. 200
Feb 12, 202101:28:39
From Water to Water | Ep. 199
Feb 08, 202110:45
How to Avoid Copying the Work You Love | Ep. 198
Feb 03, 202113:28
Notes on Living a Meaningless Life | Ep. 197
Feb 01, 202120:50
Valerio Olgiati | Ep. 196
Jan 29, 202119:37
How to Use Avoidance to Your Advantage | Ep. 195
Jan 27, 202116:48
How to Create Your Personal Code of Conduct | Ep. 194
Jan 25, 202123:07
Navigating Life as a Creative Director (ft. Yancy Wilkinson) | Ep. 193
Jan 22, 202101:20:50
The Power of Whimsical Constraints | Ep. 192
Jan 20, 202123:44
Dealing with Rejection | Ep. 191
Jan 18, 202120:29
How to Log Project Ideas in Your Studio | Ep. 190
Jan 14, 202119:47
A Simple Way to Keep the New Year Momentum | Ep. 189
Jan 13, 202123:39
Post-Rationalized Confidence | Ep. 188
Dec 23, 202039:11
Bringing Happiness to the "Grind" | Ep. 187
Dec 21, 202022:21
Dealing with Fear, Frustration, and Failure | Ep. 186
Dec 18, 202022:44
How to Separate Yourself | Ep. 185
Dec 14, 202021:55
David Chipperfield | Ep. 184
Dec 11, 202021:52
How to Make Projects Happen Faster | Ep. 183
Dec 09, 202022:10
The Importance of Asking Worthwhile Questions | Ep. 182
Dec 07, 202020:42
Vertner Woodson Tandy | Ep. 181
Dec 04, 202018:05
The Utility of Suffering | Ep. 180
Nov 18, 202016:00
The Fear of Transdisciplinary Work | Ep. 179
Nov 16, 202016:00
Realigning with Your Purpose (ft. Marcus Hollinger) | Ep. 178
Nov 13, 202001:04:21
Understanding the Gift of Curation | Ep. 177
Nov 11, 202018:13
Achieving a Full-Body Yes | Ep. 176
Nov 10, 202022:39
Alighiero Boetti | Ep. 175
Nov 06, 202021:48
Skepticism as a Downfall | Ep. 174
Nov 05, 202017:26
Where Does Art Education Belong | Ep. 173
Nov 03, 202018:21
The Neuroscience of Belief | Ep. 168
Sep 21, 202016:19