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Marketing Education Cloud

Marketing Education Cloud

By Get Growth TV - by Squirrly

Whether you’re a beginner, need to brush up on your skills, or want to learn about advanced strategies, Education Cloud is where you become a Digital Marketing Superstar.

With the Marketing Education Cloud, co-hosts Paul and Florin, walk you through a series of topics that help you learn why paying close attention to your marketing is actually vital. Vital for the growth of your business, that is.

Keep a close eye on the lessons, because in each episode you will get some special bonuses for Education Cloud.
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Marketing, Budgets and the Downturn

Marketing Education CloudNov 17, 2022

Marketing, Budgets and the Downturn

Marketing, Budgets and the Downturn

Hi, everyone. In this podcast episode, we're going to talk about marketing, budgets and the downturn. We'll discuss how the current economic climate is affecting businesses, and what marketing strategies you can use to stay afloat during these tough times. Thanks for listening!

The downturn has been hard on businesses all around the world. But one of the silver linings has been the way that it has forced businesses to be more creative with their marketing. In this episode, we're going to take a look at some of the most innovative marketing campaigns of the downturn, and how they helped businesses stay afloat.

The economic downturn has hit businesses hard, and marketing budgets are one of the first areas to be cut. In this video, we'll discuss how to make the most of your marketing budget during a downturn, and how to adjust your strategies to survive and even thrive during tough times.

Marketing budgets are being slashed in the downturn, but smart marketers know that now is the time to get creative and find new ways to reach their target audiences.

Paul and Florin are going to help you out and you will even get a brand new code you can use for Lifetime access to a premium course that will directly help you implement one of the ideas from this podcast.

Nov 17, 202222:47
The 4 Types of Duplicate Content that Hurt SEO and How to Avoid Them

The 4 Types of Duplicate Content that Hurt SEO and How to Avoid Them

Paul and Florin will walk you through the 4 Types of Duplicate Content and give you codes for: that will help you get access to the solutions for avoiding Duplicate Content.

You'll hear the great news, on today's episode of the Marketing Education Cloud Podcast, that these 4 types can be avoided even automatically if you're using the right set of tools.

1. Duplicate content on a small scale- this includes posts or articles that are duplicated on different pages, but not the entire site.

Duplicate content on a small scale- this includes posts or articles that are duplicated on different blogs. This is a common issue for bloggers and site owners because they are not sure how to get rid of it.

The search engines want to provide the best results for their users - which means that they need to rank websites with original, fresh content. If the same article or post is published multiple times on different sites, it can be hard to tell which one is the original and which ones are duplicates.

One way to avoid these problems is by using structured data markup (e.g., schema). Sites can use schema by adding a few lines of code that tell Google what information should be taken as important in the post - such as date created, author name, headline.

2. Duplicate content on a large scale- this would be the case of the same article being indexed more than once in a search engine's index.

The same article being indexed more is not a problem in the digital age. This wouldn't matter because each source would have its own ranking on Google and it would rank based on the quality of the website. Google's algorithm has gotten so advanced that duplicate content is not a huge issue anymore.

Duplicate content, in this context, is when someone writes an article with the intention to post it to more than one website or blog at once.

Some people, for example, will post their articles to more than one blog site that they subscribe to or have some connection with, such as posting an article written for Blog A on Blog B and vice versa. Duplicates are also present when someone will copy and paste content from one article to another or basically any other form of copy and past

3. Exact duplicate content- where all the words, phrases, formatting and metadata is copied from one page to another without any change or variation at all.

Duplicate content is a big issue for SEO and a strategy that can lead to serious consequences.

Plagiarism, copyright infringement, and heavy penalties from Google are just some of the risks that you might encounter when copying content from one site to another.

If you ever do find yourself in a situation where you need to duplicate content, always be sure to change it up by adding your own content into the mix. This will help avoid any potential problems with Google or other search engines.

4. Partial duplicate content- this would be when only parts of an article are copied and pasted onto a new page with no other changes made to it at all.

Duplicate content is when the same content is published on different sites. Google sees this as spam and it penalizes the site. There are three types of duplicate content- complete, partial, and inbound.

Complete duplicate content is when an article is copied in its entirety and published on another site, such as a rewriting of a news article or blog post without any additional original commentary.

And more... all in today's marketing education cloud podcast from your favorite co-hosts.

Jul 19, 202116:05
Calendly: How to e-Meet, Schedule Calls, Manage Online Bookings and Calendars. Episode 7.

Calendly: How to e-Meet, Schedule Calls, Manage Online Bookings and Calendars. Episode 7.

Calendly (now on is the best way to schedule meeting with people in the real world and also in the virtual space.

If you want to interview people, collaborate with partners, or you want to give advice as an expert, Calendly will definitely help you organize your life and your business.

We are using Calendly not just for scheduling studio time to record the Marketing Education Cloud Podcast, but we're also using it for a customer who needs their clients to book time in a schedule for different automotive inspections.

There are many other use cases and reasons why you should use Calendly. And we have just the right MasterClass on Education Cloud that shows you how to set everything up. Even how to integrate it inside a WordPress site.

While this is not a typical WordPress Podcast, you can still learn a lot about WordPress itself, not just about general online marketing podcast episodes.

Hope you'll enjoy listening to this new episode.

Sep 17, 202009:32
The Next Episode: 3 Best Online Classes to Teach You Marketing in 2020

The Next Episode: 3 Best Online Classes to Teach You Marketing in 2020

We've been slow cooking some juicy new Premium Online Classes on (Education Cloud 2020) and in this episode we talk about how they can help you:

- look at exact steps that a Content Marketing team has taken to reach Page 1 of Google for most of their keywords. Exactly what they did and how they came up with their plans.

- check your site to see if you are successful at making web visitors trust your business.

- read a daily recipe, every single day, for 14 days. Apply it. Then rank in TOP 10 on search engines and get people to your site.

If you were looking for amazing training materials that you can really apply to your business: here they are and we present the best in this next episode of Marketing Education Cloud Podcast.

There's a lot you can learn online, but few things compare to what you'll hear about in the episode, which is why you should subscribe to this podcast and also give it a good listen.

Jul 23, 202017:36
What is Conversion Rate Optimization - Marketing Podcast Episode 5

What is Conversion Rate Optimization - Marketing Podcast Episode 5

Listen to the code in the first few minutes and then go to to redeem your code and get Lifetime access for this premium course (for free).  

In today's episode we discuss about a very important Facebook story, from the time when Mark, the CEO of Facebook, was having troubles with his team, because they came up with many ideas all over the place.  

What did he do to make them focus? What can you learn and apply to your business?  

All in a day's episode... in today's episode. Enjoy!

Once you work in a marketing team, do marketing yourself, or you're the boss and other people pitch ideas to you ... things can become insane! So many ideas thrown around, all of them good-looking and sounding sweet; How do you choose which ones to do? How do you keep a clear focus?

First of all, you need to know what to focus on. This Marketing Podcast for the Education Cloud will teach you more about maintaining an awesome focus.

So people go one step ahead and say that their focus is to grow. Well, I say to them: you and all the other businesses out there, right? Everybody wants to grow. That's why they listen to a marketing podcast like this one. However: what brings growth? What does growth look like? - it's different from business to business.

That's why you need to know what you need to focus on in order to get growth.

This is one of the most important parts of today's episode. Find out what you will want to focus on, in order to be able to drive more results.

Jun 26, 202011:15
How to Clean a Website Before Allowing Google to Index It - Marketing Podcast Episode 4

How to Clean a Website Before Allowing Google to Index It - Marketing Podcast Episode 4

Listen and get your code in the first few minutes, then and go to Profile to redeem the code and get your lifetime access only for this course.  

In this episode, the co-hosts discuss the dangers of allowing Google to index all of your website, before making sure your website actually makes sense in the first place.  When building on WordPress there are many things you're not aware of. 

Listen to this episode and find out.

A premium course for free. For you. Listen now.  

On our marketing podcast you can get some of the best resources to help you grow your marketing skills.

You will hear how you can end up selling products on your e-commerce store, that you didn't even were there... all because sometimes Google will index things you didn't even know you had on your site to begin with.

This example is an eye-opener for many of our students.

Jun 18, 202011:24
Continuous Blogging - Marketing Education Cloud Podcast Episode 3

Continuous Blogging - Marketing Education Cloud Podcast Episode 3

Listen to get the code, then go to: and redeem it from Profile.  

It requires a free account.  In today's episode, Paul and Florin talk about coming up with new blog post ideas.  

You will get to hear something that people don't usually talk about, but it's absolutely key if you want to start getting fresh content for your website. And... you will get to hear what even super big personalities in blogging do.... they make their traffic completely go down if they don't keep creating and publishing new content.  

All in a day's episode.

This 3rd Episode of the Marketing Education Cloud Podcast will get you thinking about the time you spend creating new posts. Then, it will get you thinking about how much time you've been wasting until now, by not following the methods explained on the show.

Jun 11, 202008:60
Learn how to get 10,000 Visits from Social Media

Learn how to get 10,000 Visits from Social Media

Use the code DM10k on and redeem your free course about how you can get 10,000 Visits from Social Media.

Get a free account, then go to Profile -> Redeem code.

This is the episode where Paul and Florin discuss about actually getting traffic to a site. A lot of people have a very limited view regarding the possibilities of social media, and here I'm talking especially about B2B marketers who don't "really enjoy this social media thing" (their words, not mine).

The co-hosts present a pretty clear plan for using Quora in order to get more visits to the blog posts and the pages that you publish to your website. We also talk a lot about new technologies that can help you step up your social media game. I've seen first-hand how many people struggle to keep their profiles updated, or even worse: they post a ground-breaking research article today, share it on social media for a couple of day, and then completely forget all about it, as they divert their attention to other digital marketing hacks.

Good marketing is not about hacks, it's about clear processes and making sure that you are in control of publishing. It's way too easy to lose your head in all of this, and it's probably the reason why you've never received 10,000 visits from social media until now.

Listen to this episode, and get this exclusive, Premium Course, for free, for lifetime by using the code in the episode.

Jun 05, 202008:30
SEO for Humans

SEO for Humans

SEO For Humans is the first episode on Marketing Education Cloud podcast.

Use the code DMHUMANS on and redeem your free course about SEO for Humans. Usually this course is only available as part of Premium Pass, but with this code you will get lifetime access to it for free.

Paul and Florin discuss the importance of creating content for Humans, instead of creating content solely for SEO Purposes and are probably the first in the world to explain how it can impact your rankings.

Most consultants will tell you to only write for the search engines, because your purpose is to get the site to the front page of Google search results. However, such an approach is short-sighted; even if you would manage to trick search engine algorithms for a day or so, it won't last forever. And the reason for that is what we teach you in this episode.

There are more interesting insights about digital marketing inside this first episode and it's well worth a listen.

Jun 05, 202007:01