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Education Disruption

Education Disruption

By The Map Academy

Frustrated by the current state of education, Rachel Babcock and Josh Charpentier decided they would open a high school.

Education Disruption is the story of how high school can be done differently, for the benefit of the students.
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Let’s Talk About Student Agency, Power, & Phones (Our Idea for SXSW EDU)

Education DisruptionAug 14, 2023

Let’s Talk About Student Agency, Power, & Phones (Our Idea for SXSW EDU)
Aug 14, 202316:41
39. Finding the Hope and Motivation to Succeed in High School (and Life)
Jan 12, 202307:03
38. Cultivating Maturity With Patience, Support, and Understanding
Dec 22, 202204:41
37. When Creativity is Encouraged, Learners Reconnect With Their Passions & Goals
Dec 08, 202208:52
36. Overcoming Self-Doubt and Getting Back on Track
Nov 22, 202206:02
35. Once Students Feel Safe Opening Up, Real Progress Can Begin
Nov 03, 202212:23
34. Putting Students’ Needs First So They Can Meet Their Goals
Oct 20, 202209:23
33. Special Episode: Live from SXSW EDU!

33. Special Episode: Live from SXSW EDU!

As part of this year’s SXSW EDU conference, Map Academy was selected to record a live episode of Education Disruption. In this episode, you’ll hear from Map alumni Reggie and Aja about their previous school experiences, how they found their way to Map and what makes it different, and their plans for life after high school. The session also features Co-Founder and Co-Director Rachel Babcock.

Many thanks to Reggie and Aja for sharing their stories on the SXSW stage and with our Education Disruption listeners, and to SXSW EDU for giving us this platform to share how we’re doing high school differently.


Education Disruption is a podcast by Map Academy — a free, public charter high school open to all Massachusetts students.

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Mar 28, 202201:01:33
32. Establishing Boundaries to Balance Life, Work, & Academics
Jan 26, 202213:28
31. Youth Development is About Helping Students Reach Their Full Potential
Jan 12, 202216:10
30. When Student-Teacher Relationships are Prioritized, Learners Thrive
Dec 15, 202115:16
29. When Students Feel Safe at School, Academic Progress Will Follow
Dec 03, 202113:19
28. Supporting Students in Recovery With Persistence, Patience, & Understanding
Nov 17, 202119:39
27. Building a Supportive & Resilient School Culture Takes Time
Nov 03, 202114:52
26. Trauma-Informed Practice is Key to Student Growth
Oct 20, 202114:25
25. Imagining the Future of Map: Residential Programming
Apr 20, 202117:19
24. Post-Secondary Planning for Life After High School
Feb 16, 202126:39
23. What the Pandemic Is Teaching Us
Jan 22, 202117:55
22. Building the Right Team
Oct 28, 202026:58
21. Getting Back to School
Oct 08, 202020:52
20. Overcoming Tragedy to Find Success in High School
Aug 13, 202013:55
19. Supporting Older Working Students So They Can Succeed
Jul 30, 202015:29
18. This Mom Knew Her Daughter Needed a Different Kind of High School
Jul 16, 202011:33
17. From High School Drop-out to High School Graduate
Jul 02, 202013:18
16. A Different Approach to Helping High School Students Find Their Path
Jun 23, 202011:28
15. Meeting Students Needs So They Can Succeed
Jun 11, 202014:26
14. Moving Forward | Education Disruption Special Edition
May 05, 202010:17
13. Academic Progress Continues | Education Disruption Special Edition
Apr 16, 202012:51
12. Whatever They Need, Whatever It Takes | Education Disruption Special Edition
Apr 09, 202008:57
11. The Pivot | Education Disruption Special Edition
Apr 02, 202010:22
10. Remaining on Mission Even When Things Get Tough
Nov 11, 201922:17
9. Running a High School as Co-Leaders
Oct 28, 201920:38
8. No Letter Grades at This High School | A New Academic Model
Oct 21, 201924:24
7. Positive Youth Development at the Center of the High School Experience
Oct 14, 201925:50
6. Keeping Teachers Informed & Empowered Through Responsive Professional Development
Oct 07, 201922:35
5. Disrupting High School Education Requires Patience
Sep 30, 201922:58
4. Cultivating a Positive School Culture on the First Day of School
Sep 23, 201918:50
3. Finding the Right Teachers to Do High School Differently
Sep 16, 201923:33
2. Rethinking the High School Schedule
Sep 09, 201923:20
1. Opening a High School That Puts Kids First
Aug 19, 201927:35