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Elemental Mirror

Elemental Mirror

By Xana

Shadow work streams of consciousness.

You float through the stars to meet your body, but who are you?

Delving into all things spirituality, shadow work, emotional regulation, relationships, manifestation, energy work, conscious entrepreneurship and more.
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A message to anyone struggling with life

Elemental MirrorSep 03, 2023

A message to anyone struggling with life
Sep 03, 202317:32
Birth... Why though? ... Death.
Jul 02, 202323:30
My wild pregnancy and free birth experience | unassisted pregnancy & birth outside of the system UK
Jun 04, 202310:03
Cultivating safety around being who you are, being where you’re at, feeling low emotions, authenticity over chasing perfectionism
May 07, 202325:48
Feeling like life and the universe are against you when trying to leave toxic situations and manifest what you want
Apr 02, 202329:07
The capitalism chokehold: survival mode, lack mentality, burnout, neglecting your needs, overworking, forcing & rushing
Mar 05, 202329:24
Podcast name and format change plus a major life update - from Solar Tripp to Elemental Mirror
Feb 05, 202312:60
the ego mind is a preference mind and it will always have something to say
Jul 14, 202208:29
the struggle of ending relationships, cutting people off and outgrowing relationships
Jun 30, 202212:09
Being a highly sensitive soul in a cruel and difficult world
Jun 16, 202213:53
How to work through the trigger of fearing the future and why we even fear it
May 31, 202211:55
how to reprogram our subconscious mind using mainstream media manipulation tactics
Apr 05, 202211:02
when our opposing internal beliefs make us feel stuck
Mar 22, 202210:53
how to actually heal yourself and what shadow work looks like step by step
Mar 08, 202209:05
life update & stepping into authenticity
Feb 22, 202210:24
we hold infinite power to create the lives and relationships that we want
Aug 24, 202112:54
stop being so hard on yourself!
Jul 20, 202107:59
intuitive message for the collective during difficult times
Jul 06, 202110:18
we sign up for death but we also sign up for life!
Jun 22, 202106:51
how to stop getting triggered by people and things in your life
Jun 08, 202107:41
how to forgive yourself and stop feeling guilty
May 11, 202110:20
the trap of conspiracy theories, energy ciphering & powerlessness
Apr 27, 202112:03
plastic surgery and the kardashians are damaging us!
Apr 13, 202113:42
self care practices & habits shouldn’t feel like a punishment
Mar 16, 202107:41
hollywoods manipulation of our free will
Mar 02, 202112:20
feeling lost - we don’t need to have it all figured out
Feb 23, 202105:02
how to change your daily habits
Feb 16, 202111:09
escaping your reality through ascension
Feb 09, 202106:04
why you feel depressed, unhappy, miserable and lost
Feb 02, 202109:35
how to stop over thinking & why we over think
Jan 26, 202107:28
insecurities & how to build your self esteem / confidence
Jan 19, 202113:16
the truth about worthiness when it comes to manifestation & receiving your abundance
Jan 12, 202110:34
what is shadow work and how to do it
Jan 05, 202111:41
Xana Interview with University of West England (UWE) Sexpression for Domestic Violence Awareness

Xana Interview with University of West England (UWE) Sexpression for Domestic Violence Awareness

Hey Kings & Queens, it was such an honour to be asked to speak at the University of West England's Sexpression event where they held a 16 day campaign dedicated to raising awareness of domestic violence and abuse. As many of you know, I was in an abusive relationship only a few years ago and and I'm extremely passionate about raising awareness about the types of things that unfortunately many of us have experienced. I really hope in sharing my story it helps those of you being abused, to understand that it IS abuse and to ask for help, and those of you supporting someone you love through this type of trauma, you're able to help them through the process of finding their inner strength to leave.  you are not alone! I know it's so difficult, so draining and so isolating. but you are not alone, and there really is a way out.  

UK National Domestic Abuse Hotline: 0808 2000 247

USA National Domestic Violence Hotline: 1−800−799−7233

AUS National Domestic Violence Helpline: 1800 737 732

Thank you so much for all of your support, it means the world ❤️ 

Love Xana

Dec 15, 202026:53
how to decode your dreams (with an example of my own dream)
Dec 13, 202009:32
how to focus on yourself
Dec 01, 202012:03
escapism & addictive behaviour through drugs, porn, crime, co-dependent relationships & more
Nov 24, 202012:27
stop comparing yourself to influencers & celebs
Nov 22, 202009:18
how to be organised & healthy when feeling numb, sad & depressed
Nov 10, 202010:51
a practical tool for healing trauma connecting with your inner child & past versions of you
Nov 08, 202008:46
process of loving yourself & your body
Oct 27, 202011:02
the universal law of gender: divine masculine & feminine energies
Oct 20, 202008:52
how to transition to an alkaline vegan Dr Sebi approved diet & lifestyle
Oct 13, 202014:28
how to step into your power & what does it mean
Oct 06, 202010:53
the universal law of rhythm & how it plays a role in our lives
Sep 29, 202011:14
decoding santa clause & the subliminal programming of children

decoding santa clause & the subliminal programming of children

Hey Kings & Queens, I had a revelation when I was trying to sleep a few nights ago about santa clause & the subliminal programming of children. So lets talk about it...