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Online Marketing Simplified Podcast

Online Marketing Simplified Podcast

By Elenny Frometa

Elenny Frometa from reveals all of her online businesses strategies, sources of income, and how you can create your own business empire without having to lose your mind. Discover how you can launch successful online businesses while learning more and self-improving. She talks about blogging, Amazon, Shopify, affiliate marketing, ads, copywriting, building authority, social media, credibility, saving money, making money, career advice, getting things done, productivity, and all of the other things that work (and fail) to save you the headaches. :)
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Pinterest Leads Challenge: Why Your Business Needs Free Leads on Autopilot

Online Marketing Simplified PodcastSep 07, 2020

Pinterest Leads Challenge: Why Your Business Needs Free Leads on Autopilot

Pinterest Leads Challenge: Why Your Business Needs Free Leads on Autopilot

Pop the champagne and celebrate your success! Thank you for signing up for this challenge. 

You are here because you know that you should be getting free leads and sales on autopilot without having to rely on expensive ads, without having to create content 24/7, and without having to chase leads on every platform.

In this first lesson, you are going to learn WHY you SHOULD prioritize free leads and why they will help you scale your business faster than any paid ad. 

Your homework: Subscribe to this podcast and make sure you get notified when new episodes get released.


Sep 07, 202009:37
013: Managing Social Media Like a Pro with Xenia Muntean
Sep 03, 202022:41
012: Getting Consistent Traffic & Leads From Pinterest

012: Getting Consistent Traffic & Leads From Pinterest

Hey digital boss! If you are an entrepreneur who wants to get free traffic, leads, and sales consistently without having to invest in paid ads, this episode is for you.

Elenny covers how you can create a Pinterest funnel that works for you so that you can get traffic and sales consistently.

She started using Pinterest when she couldn't afford paid ads or a marketing team. Over 90% of her traffic comes from Pinterest and she monetized that traffic using the strategies mentioned in the episode.

Links mentioned [UPDATED]:

Do you want to get consistent traffic and leads from Pinterest without spending a cent on paid ads Even if you’re starting out or already making money? I've got your back! I am hooking you up with one of my best programs, Pinned Simple. Inside pinned simple, I am going to show you how to set up your Pinterest profile using the right keywords, how to nail your niche and your content, how to create irresistible lead magnets, how to create pins that stop the scroll and hook them in, how to automate your pinning strategy, how to make sales from Pinterest on autopilot, and much more. Go to to join me!

Aug 27, 202014:36
011: How to Nurture Your Email List
Aug 11, 202011:57
010: Grow Your Email List, The New Way
Aug 04, 202011:26
009: Getting Leads and Sales from Social Media with Samantha Kozuch
Apr 21, 202027:57
008: Staying Positive and Productive in Times of Crisis
Mar 30, 202009:04
007: Failing Forward & Getting Things Done with Chelle Shapiro

007: Failing Forward & Getting Things Done with Chelle Shapiro

So many entrepreneurs and professionals fail at accomplishing their goals because they don't follow through. They give up after failing and don't put their best foot forward. They don't set intentions, and when they do, they don't do what they initially planned. If you know someone like this, or if you can relate to this, then this episode is perfect for you!

Today's guest is Chelle Shapiro, a Productivity Coach, Consultant, and Activational Speaker who will make sure you set intentions, follow-through, learn from your mistakes, and pick yourself back up.

Chelle is the founder of Chellestation, where she empowers women to excel through burnout prevention through strategy and productivity coaching.

What I love about this interview is that Chelle does not hold anything back. We literally dive into it all and share some of our successes and failures at failing forward, facing burnout, being uninspired, and not getting anything done (which I'm sure most of us can relate to). We also talk about mindset shifts, setting intentions, creating vision boards, dealing with people's opinions, and choosing to take control over the things we can actually control.

We discuss the concept of failing forward and how it is crucial for entrepreneurs and professionals to take each failure as an opportunity for success. Chelle also mentions that she is her worst enemy, and we believe we all are our own obstacles!

If you're feeling like burnout is eating you alive, you are uninspired, and turning into your own enemy through your actions, then this episode is a must-listen!

Here's where you can learn more about her:

As always, visit which is where I teach entrepreneurs and strong-minded people like yourself how to create, profit from, and scale their online businesses by giving them the programs and resources they need to succeed without wasting time.

P.S. Have you grabbed your GID Planner/Morning Pages yet? Not only will your mornings get better, but you'll also become a little productivity freak just like me (just make sure you follow through). Grab it here:

Feb 27, 202040:56
006: Becoming Productive & Getting Everything Done
Feb 11, 202012:44
005: How to Manifest the Life You Want

005: How to Manifest the Life You Want

Learn how to manifest the life that you want by practicing the law of attraction correctly.

As promised, here is where you can get The Secret by Rhonda Byrne:
If you prefer the audiobook, here you go:
This book is life-changing and has allowed me to create and receive amazing opportunities.

Use the law of attraction to create the life you want!

Feb 06, 202012:18
004: Learning to Say NO and Owning It
Feb 04, 202010:53
003: Creating a Profitable Blog For 2020

003: Creating a Profitable Blog For 2020


Elenny covers why blogging is still profitable, how to monetize your blog, how to get free traffic, and how to start from scratch.

Those are the resources Elenny mentioned in the episode. Implement these ideas and see how your blog profits!

Bonus: Read about the 5 money-making books Elenny recommends for 2020 here:

Remember that leaders are readers :)

Jan 10, 202029:32
002: How I Became an Investor at 18 Years Old
Jul 17, 201908:18
001- Get More Done With The 15-Minutes Rule

001- Get More Done With The 15-Minutes Rule

Learn how to wake up earlier without losing sleep, without feeling crappy, and feeling refreshed enough to start a successful and productive day. This is a short episode to get you started on your self-improvement journey before we get into the business aspect of this podcast.

Visit for more productivity tips and get ahead of your life, for real!

Don’t forget to check out

Jun 05, 201908:53
Trailer- Empowered Affluence Podcast

Trailer- Empowered Affluence Podcast

Hi, boss! Do you want to launch a successful business? Do you want to build authority and make that money? Let me give you a tour of my online empire as you learn what it takes to become business savvy. And of course, you’ll become a badass at nearly everything.
Jun 02, 201900:39