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Elite Marketing Tips Podcast

Elite Marketing Tips Podcast

By Michael Fritzius

This podcast gets with marketing pros all over the world to learn what they and their company do, and to learn one cool marketing tip that they want to share. With enough tips, marketers across the globe will have some powerful knowledge at their fingertips.

Marketers: get ready to learn some cool stuff 💥

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Jon Hinderliter - Content is Dead! Long Live Data!

Elite Marketing Tips PodcastDec 01, 2020

Kathryn Bennett - Paid to Audit a Marketing Degree

Kathryn Bennett - Paid to Audit a Marketing Degree

Kathryn's got quite the interesting story in this episode, about how she got into marketing. In her words, she 'stole her way in' by basically getting paid to do the work that would result in her learning just as much about marketing, as she would have had she gotten a Marketing degree. We talked about the disciplines between marketing and proposal writing, which is what she does today at Loopio as Director of Proposals. Turns out there are 3 ways to win a proposal: comply, price and satisfy. We discussed new trends that she sees with marketing, especially how government sectors make buying decisions. What is it she wishes she'd learned 5 years ago? She's got some really helpful things to share. Listen in for the Elite Marketing Tip at the end. And after listening, find her under the username 'kathrynbennettwrites' on LinkedIn if you'd like to set up an appointment. Or find her at @kaybeelifts on Instagram to follow her powerlifting career. Let's get started. 

Oct 18, 202128:51
Brian Ondrako - How What You Say Makes People Feel
May 18, 202126:04
Terry McDougall - Why Marketing Is So Stressful
May 11, 202126:03
Christina Noel - Turned Into A Marketing Nerd Accidentally
May 11, 202125:06
Mickie Kennedy - How to Be Newsworthy
May 03, 202131:42
Mark Morris - What is 'Character Branding'? This.

Mark Morris - What is 'Character Branding'? This.

Mark Morris is one solid dude. We've known each other for a little over a year and keep crossing paths, catching up and following each others' businesses. He's an established author but helps people figure out how to author their OWN books, along with launching blogs, coaching, character branding, storytelling, and everything else that goes into creating your unique branding DNA. Find him anywhere online by searching for 'Mark R. Morris Jr', and set up a free 30-minute consultation with him. Enjoy the listen. 

Apr 01, 202132:47
Dr. Denise Dennis - Sell the Sizzle AND the Steak
Apr 01, 202125:39
Sidd Masand - Monetizing a Youtube Channel for Fun and Profit

Sidd Masand - Monetizing a Youtube Channel for Fun and Profit

Previous guest, fellow podcast host and marketing expert Sidd Masand joined me to talk about how he's applied marketing to his YouTube channel called Rock n Roll True Stories. Last time on By Podcasters, For Podcasters, we alked about the mechanics of how he built his channel but this time we talk about the marketing behind the message. He had worked for seven years as a project manager but realized he was kinda marketing by way of his normal everyday work. Channeling those skills into building Youtube channels gave him a huge edge over other content creators. Looking back on his history, he shares what tactics he's picked up about marketing on YouTube, and how the platform itself has modified itself to look omre like the other social media platforms. Sidd knows his stuff about monetizing a Youtube channel, and has tips about how to market and monetize your channel. Find Sidd at Rock and Roll True Stories on Youtube, and if you've got questions, reach out. He's one of the good guys and he'll respond. Let's jump into the show now. 

Apr 01, 202129:13
Caelan Huntress - Micro Actions, Macro Results
Mar 01, 202125:60
Paul Gassett - Go Against the Flow
Mar 01, 202133:45
Keith Monaghan - On Finding Your Tribe During the Crucible Times
Mar 01, 202129:28
Jennie Wright - Hurry Up! But Be Authentic
Feb 01, 202131:31
Monique Idemudia - The Future of Social Media
Feb 01, 202124:00
Tracy Lamourie - Life's a Pitch
Feb 01, 202128:52
Swire Ho - Stuff We All Get
Feb 01, 202117:26
Bharat Kanodia - A Half-Million Dollar Lesson in Marketing
Feb 01, 202123:59
Matt Sodnicar - Staying Small but Staying Warm
Feb 01, 202132:38
Jenn Donovan - Make Marketing Great Again

Jenn Donovan - Make Marketing Great Again

Let's face it: there's a lot of boring marketing out there. Sometimes it's just a bunch of buzzword soup. But marketing can actually be fun! And enjoyable! And today's guest helps you figure out how to tap your potential and do just that. Jenn Donovan started off her career in law, but one night over way too much wine, she and a friend decided to start a retail business. A short time later, it was successful enough that it sold. The rest, as they say, is history. She realized she could impact a lot of people by teaching them how to market their own businesses to become a lot more profitable. She's not only doing that, but also manages a Facebook group boasting over 300,000 members. Every day she's getting a chance to apply her skills to impact peoples' lives at scale. You can too. Find her on LinkedIn or on Instagram under the name @smallbusinessmadesimple. Let's hop into the talk now. 

Feb 01, 202122:44
Dustin Miller - PolyInnovator - How to Be Omnipresent on Social Media
Feb 01, 202122:29
Bob Musial - On Fostering Credibility, Trust and Value

Bob Musial - On Fostering Credibility, Trust and Value

Ever work with someone who's just kinda... I don't know. They talk a lot, they don't listen, they're always self-focused and overbearing? Annoying. Yeah that's the word. And in a corporate environment, these kind of people can lead to the culture of an entire company going that direction too. Unless you've got a guy like today's guest helping out. Bob Musial is the founder of Street Smart Biz Dev, and on this episode of Elite Marketing Tips we talk about his journey in marketing and how things have changed over the years. Social media of course has had a huge impact in how we communicate, but more than that, it's basically changed our brain structure. Now that we live in a world of people with the scientifically proven attention spans of less than a goldfish, we have a choice: be reactive, or be proactive. When it comes to building credibility, trust and value, there are some tactics that help you stand out when everybody else is running around trying to stay relevant. Bob's a solid guy, and if you want to reach out to him after the episode, find him on LinkedIn. Open networker, easy to contact. Keep listening and let's learn together. 

Feb 01, 202131:39
Kathleen Celmins - Throw the Metrics Out the Window!
Feb 01, 202124:18
Sameer Somal - Controlling Your Image Online
Feb 01, 202126:33
Raj Goodman Anand - Influence Marketing Has Been Around Forever
Feb 01, 202120:10
Lisa Mothersille - Are You an Influencer?

Lisa Mothersille - Are You an Influencer?

The company Innovative Minds Marketing has only been around for five years but in that short time they've figured out that taking an Agile approach to marketing makes them a distinct choice. 

Lisa Mothersille has been with them for part of that journey and has learned that balancing the left-brained hard data work with the right-brained creative work is what makes marketing really work. Among her wisdom in this episode, she talks about the idea of 'planting your seeds'--which seems to fly in the face of today's instant gratification culture. 

But also, we talked about the advent of Influencer Marketing. What even is an influencer? How do they affect the market? How can you form partnerships with them to help boost your brand? And hey, maybe even ask yourself if you're an influencer already? You might be. 

But at the end, the Elite Marketing Tip has to do with a much deeper bit of wisdom that will help you, regardless of your background, and even if you're not in marketing at all. After listening, if you'd like to connect with Lisa, find her on LinkedIn and also check out her work on Instagram in the travel and hospitality space. Let's listen into the last episode of the season.

Dec 01, 202020:54
Dorit Sasson - Hey Authors: SEO Isn't That Scary
Dec 01, 202028:45
Rachel Noall - Think Global, Act Local
Dec 01, 202032:12
Brenden Kumarasamy - Finding Your Niche by Seeing the White Space

Brenden Kumarasamy - Finding Your Niche by Seeing the White Space

Brenden Kumarasamy was a featured guest on another of our podcasts a few months back, and he's still killing it today. He started up Master Talk to get content out on YouTube specifically for helping people get better at public speaking. And he's learned a ton of marketing tricks along the way. One of the biggest is: don't waste time on focusing on one channel if it's not working. Branch out. Try a bunch of things. THEN see what's working and focus there. We have a high-energy conversation here where we talk about how to keep yourself relevant for the next 10 years, and a strategy for making that happen, along with how to build a following quickly. It's hard work but the tactics are a lot easier than you think! Find Brenden at the Master Talk Youtube Channel. Let's get into the conversation now and hear the Elite Marketing Tip.

Dec 01, 202030:04
Bruce Kellerman - Staying Cool in Marketing

Bruce Kellerman - Staying Cool in Marketing

Well it's kinda chilly this time of year, but during the summer months, not so much. Especially here in St. Louis! Got the chance to talk with Bruce Kellerman of Power Breezer about a unique product that they've put together, to help with evaporative cooling on a big scale. Installed at stadiums for the Superbowl, used by the military, and many other applications, it's helping keep folks cool in the hottest environments. We actually talked about the science and psychology behind marketing and selling, and what he wished he knew five years ago. This may be the 'coolest' episode you'll hear! If you'd like to contact Bruce, find him at Let's jump into the chat now.

Dec 01, 202030:20
Alvaro Sandoval - Beep, Boop, I'm a Bot

Alvaro Sandoval - Beep, Boop, I'm a Bot

Companies still seem to focus on generating likes on social media. But does it equate to revenue? Unless you're working with a guy like today's guest, it might not be. Alvaro Sandoval got his start in marketing awhile back, but after some key pivots he's gotten into an interesting and cutting edge area of marketing: chat bots. Writing a robust chat bot is a great way to build rapport with your target audience, and have presence with your people even when you technically can't be there. Plus, it provides a great way for people to opt in or out, while still being completely honest about being a bot. It was hard not to go down a geeky rabbit trail with this guy, but if you get to know him, you'll probably learn a thing or twelve. If you'd like to get in touch with him, find him on LinkedIn, or email him directly: Beep, boop, let's get in the loop.

Dec 01, 202027:35
Jon Hinderliter - Content is Dead! Long Live Data!
Dec 01, 202048:41
Kenny Pordon - How to Win Fans and Influence People

Kenny Pordon - How to Win Fans and Influence People

Talking with Kenny Pordon today, and got some really great insights about the sports industry. When he got his start in marketing for the NFL it was a temporary position, but once it was wrapped up they gave him a suggestion. 'You should sign up for this junior marketing program over here, you'd be perfect for it!' And wonder of wonders: they were right. This set him on an interesting path that he's enjoying sprinting down every day. Over the years he's learned what it means to make a fan out of someone. And he's learned the importance of building that fanbase for your whole team, not just a single player. There are some lessons here that can tie back to marketing as a whole, and even into company brand and employee loyalty. This, along with his Elite Marketing Tip have some neat applications that can help you starting today. LinkedIn is a self-proclaimed LinkedIn junkie so find him on there anytime and reach out. Let's jump in.

Dec 01, 202030:02
Kate Adams - How's Tofu and Bouillon Apply to Marketing? Like This.
Dec 01, 202027:25
Brandon Gabay - The Squishy Side of Marketing
Dec 01, 202024:15
Jeremy Boudinet - Do Epic Sh!t
Dec 01, 202026:25
Matt Schneiderman - How's Your Content Making People Feel, Fam?

Matt Schneiderman - How's Your Content Making People Feel, Fam?

Things are really hopping in the Bay Area these days! Matt Schneiderman and I got the chance to talk about what it was like doing content marketing for a tech startup in the area. The challenges he faced go beyond just content marketing itself, or helping tech startups. It's more social. It's long been said that people will never remember what you said, but they'll always remember how you made them feel. So can you content connect with people on an emotional level? Can it resonate with them in a way that will last for weeks, months or even years? There's a way to write like that, and he knows how to do it. Find Matt Schneiderman on LinkedIn as a content writer in the San Francisco Bay Area. Now let's hop into the conversation already in progress.

Dec 01, 202027:13
Gary Phipps - Keep on Truckin'
Dec 01, 202031:48
Daniel Ybarra - It's Our Time Down Here
Dec 01, 202021:36
Christopher Foust - Just Do The Thing!
Dec 01, 202029:33
Andrew Maffettone - Heinz 57 Blend of Experience
Dec 01, 202025:57
Jeremi Griggs - Don't Put the Cart Before the Horse
Dec 01, 202028:24
Mark Fletcher - Removing Fear of Experimenting
Dec 01, 202041:07
Gregory Elfrink - Where's Content Fit Into Marketing?

Gregory Elfrink - Where's Content Fit Into Marketing?

Gregory Elfrink's job is to kill entrepreneurs. Well, not actually. More accurately it's to help prep them to sell their businesses. Or buy another one! The company he works at is Empire Flippers, and on today's episode we talk about the importance of content marketing, how it's meant to work all through the funnel, and some slight tweaks to your process can reap enormous benefits. Find out what Gregory's killer tip is in this episode--it's one that I've stolen for myself too. Let's jump into the conversation now. 

Dec 01, 202030:01
Keshanna Sterling - Try Some Crazy Sometimes

Keshanna Sterling - Try Some Crazy Sometimes

Today's guest, Keshanna Sterling, got started in marketing pretty recently at around 5 years ago. But during that time, she's learned a ton. We talked about social media and the impact it has on marketing, and how strong it can be for positioning your company. She has not just one, but two killer marketing tips for people just starting out, and ones that have been in the game for awhile. So I guess you could say this episode has a two-for-one deal. If you'd like to reach out to Keshanna, find her on LinkedIn, or email her at Let's get started. 

Dec 01, 202022:58
Scot Safon - Market Mastery and Wielding Data

Scot Safon - Market Mastery and Wielding Data

From an early age, today's guest realized he had a desire to do marketing. But not just a particular kind. It was more about mastering the craft of marketing. Different companies, different media and wildly different products, Scot Safon has learned marketing at a high level in a way that helps him help ANY company. We talk about how technology has changed the overall look and feel of marketing, and how the ever-elusive Word of Mouth is more attainable now than ever... as long as you can wield today's data properly. What's the Elite Marketing Tip that Scot has for you today? Find out in this episode. Here we go. 

Dec 01, 202031:58